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Sheba Marx

Sheba Marx
Near Bennington, Vermont, USA
February 10
Sheba Marx has been employed as a writer, budget analyst, dishwasher, executive director, telephone operator, chief innovations officer, development director, swim teacher, custodian, assistant director, sales clerk, grants officer, transcript typist, facility planning coordinator, research assistant and consultant. She has been unemployed since October 26, 2009. Find all of Sheba Marx's Good Things about Unemployment at unemployedmarx.blogspot.com


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JULY 18, 2011 1:52PM

27 Mushroom Photos

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 Chicken Mushroom

 Chicken Mushroom because it tastes like chicken ;-).

Hi Friends,

It has been too long since I posted. No longer unemployed but underemployed, I work most of the time to earn less than half the money I used to make. But I'm not here to complain... Over the last several weeks, we've had plenty of rain but now the sun blazes. Here are mushrooms that popped up in the moist forest, which now is drying.

Oh, if you have a grant application that needs writing, you can find me at http://www.facebook.com/GrantTrix











Silver Dollar Tan









Chocolate Chip






 And a bonus shot of a slug in action...


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These are great, Sheba!
Nice to see you here again, glad you're employed, but I feel your pain. The underemployed-is-better-than-unemployed reality is at our house as well, a strange mix of relief and torture...
My Dad loved to photograph mushrooms, so I have a soft spot for them... I'm thrilled to see all your varieties!
Sheba, these were incredible, what a great job! (does chicken mushrooms really taste like chicken?)
One of the Marx brothers could have opined there's a fungus among us.
Wow what a collection. Some of these look delicious too. Thanks for showing us the smallest room in the world. The Mushroom.
very cool!! (well, not the bit about the job, though I am glad you got one)
Thanks for these great images! I'm a huge fungophile myself and appreciate the diversity of species you present here.
Wow! Your photos are really great!

Are all those different kinds edible?

Y'know what I'd buy in a minute? A book about mushrooms that specifically compared the edible mushrooms of each broad area of North America with the look-alike inedible 'shrooms of the same area, and gave the means of testing them or telling them apart. The only mushroom I'm certain of is the "Shaggy Mane" - it has no look-alike!

Yes, the Chicken Mushroom is edible according to various sources and is supposed to taste like chicken when cooked and seasoned like chicken. After I figured that out, I returned to this mushroom but it had dried. You are supposed to eat these when they are young. I have a book on mushrooms but identifying them is not easy. For every edible one, there appears to be a poisonous look-alike. A few years ago, a woman died out here after eating the wrong mushroom, so I think it is best to be sure what you are eating.
Beautifully done Sheba. Congrats on this and the job as well.
Sheba, our area, and likely every area, has had now-dead kids eating the poisonous kind, thinking it was the hallucinogenic kind... I'm not sure I'd trust a guidebook either, too many similarities twixt the living and killing kinds of mushrooms....
Congratulations on your job, but sorry it's not what you'd ideally like in terms of salary. These pictures were great! I'm going to send the link to my mother-in-law, who loves looking for (edible) mushrooms in the forests near where she lives.
Glad you found a job and glad you are still posting your pics.
I cooked and ate a newly found chicken mushroom last night. Not bad. It has been so long since I've eaten chicken, I can't tell you if it tasted like that. It looked like crab meat. So far, nobody has died.
Wow, a comment after all these months. Thanks Good Daughter!