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February 10
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MAY 9, 2011 8:15AM

Spring in the woods: Photos

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Ironwood tree blooms. It is so exciting to walk in the woods daily and discover a new bloom or leaf. Here is the latest growth in our woods in the Berkshire Mountains. I love bringing these to you because I enjoy them so much. 

blue cohosh

Blue Cohosh. This flower is hard to photo. It is smaller than a dime. 

toothwort Cardamine dyiphylla or Crinkleroot Toothwort with a visiting bee

anemone Hepatica


I'm sorry I don't know what this is called. It must be a type of moss that covers rocks and never really dies in winter. It is soft and glorious to touch.

beech leaf Beech tree leaf unfurls

  squirrel feast

Squirrel fast food bar



birch  Birch tree seed pod

jack in the pulpit

Jack in the Pulpit

moose maple leaves

Moose Maple tree leaves


Trout Lily bondage. This Trout Lily must have grown up bound.

  Ash tree

White Ash tree 

dwarf ginseng Dwarf Ginseng

Foam Flower

Foam Flower


Sheba as wood planing assistant on Mother's Day

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Wow! what a great collection of photos!! Loved the moss and the last one! Thank you.
These are such a lovely reminder that summer is coming and winter is gone. Thanks for sharing these flowers that remind me of my youth in Maine.
That "moss" picture looks like a intricate work of art that should be framed and hung prominently on a wall somewhere. Great shots.

I loved the Blue Cohosh. As a matter of fact, they are all wonderful photos. Is that your part-time job?
Love the fiddleheads and miss seeing them
That hat is to die for..:)
Bet you get cover!!!
Congrats in advance..:)
I'm sooooooo jealousing!

We have green grass now but the trees haven't even started to bud yet. 3C (37F) here today. Bitter wind. I need some sunshine!! (Not getting any 'til next Sunday)
Beautiful~ I have never seen moss like that!
Sheba, a lovely display of Mother Nature's work up in your area! I have a few of those native plants around here but have not spotted all that you have presented here.
Great collection of color and texture Sheba, all the best to you!
oh this was simple splendid. gorgeous photos. it's true...much of this is so small, it needs to be close up because spring is so late this year!

this week...a l m o s t...scared me with frost but it turned out okay. it's still nippy, but okay. we're in spring.

congrats sheba on the weather and on the EP! you folks up there finally thawed! big hug.
That mystery fern looks so downy, like feathers. These are wonderful, I'm grateful you share them with us.
These are beautiful, the moss is visually exciting. What kind of camera do you use?
These are great photographs! I love the fiddlehead fern.~r
EP and cover! very fine work my friend! I'm thrilled for you.
these are all great, but I really love that shot of the foam flower! Spring has finally arrived in the North!
(what Lezlie said)
and I was also going to ask about the camera, but I'm betting it has to do a lot with the photographer

amazing photos that become artwork
It must be so heartwarming, to find this beauty where only a while ago a thick blanket of white covered everything
the jolt of the turning of the seasons, it's been so long I don't remember it anymore
Beautiful sheba. Congrats on the front page.
Enjoy the pictures. I miss the spring time in Ohio, which I would spend in my aunt's and uncle's woods. One thing I do miss the most, is mushroom hunting in April and May. You started to learn what nature was all about.
Hi everyone, Thanks! I was gone all yesterday working. Wish I could do without income. ;-) Scanner, the job is communications and development (raising money) for a Land Trust. So, I'm hoping I'll be able to use some of the photos on the website and newsletters. Miss you all.
Beautiful images! That moss is gorgeous.

Looks like you were having *lots* of fun on Mother's Day. ;)
I am entranced by your knowledge of all these plants! I want to go walking in the woods with you : )
These are glorious shots of the familiar and not....I LOVE discovering treasures like these on woods walks, thanks for this!
You are wearing more protective gear than the workers at Fukushima.
"Jaya taba bichitra anando hey jaya tabo karuna" Life is so very beautiful sometimes it makes you want to cry - no? R~
Er if you showed that pic here they wd think its me! :) Do you have hair like tht or is it the gear on both sides?