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Sheba Marx

Sheba Marx
Near Bennington, Vermont, USA
February 10
Sheba Marx has been employed as a writer, budget analyst, dishwasher, executive director, telephone operator, chief innovations officer, development director, swim teacher, custodian, assistant director, sales clerk, grants officer, transcript typist, facility planning coordinator, research assistant and consultant. She has been unemployed since October 26, 2009. Find all of Sheba Marx's Good Things about Unemployment at unemployedmarx.blogspot.com


MARCH 25, 2011 12:35PM

8 New Good Things about Unemployment

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snow squalls

 235. You are home to enjoy the lovely spring

weather of snow squalls.  No wonder I’m under the




 234. You are President of your Human Resources.



233. You get up so late, your first meal is lunch,

thereby practicing a new weight-loss method.

Yesterday, I ate everything in sight. It seems once a

month or more, this happens. Today, I just slept and

slept so I could skip a meal. I feel slimmer already.



232. You have access to porn websites. Can you

believe I couldn’t find any decent clip art for this

one? Okay, I didn’t try too hard.



231. The corporate lobotomy wears off.



230. You are no longer inspired by your company’s

mission and vision. You are on a mission from god.

 It's dark and you are wearing sunglasses, but

you've got a full tank of gas (metaphorically) and

somebody's gotta hire you.



229. You miss your sick co-workers who come in

coughing with dripping noses, in order to save sick

days to use when they are well.  NOT!



228. You don’t have to smell what your

cubicle-mate is eating for lunch or the discharge

during digestion either.   


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Always enjoyable unemployment info from you. I was just thinking of these today when I started thinking of one myself: If you're in Michigan, you don't have to worry about collecting unemployment for 26 weeks (they only cover 20 weeks now)."

I will trade you some rain..:) You should have asked tink for some porn clipart hahaha
#231 is an especially good outcome.
Apparently I lack some particular perversion which today's employer is seeking
— John Kennedy Toole (A Confederacy of Dunces)

most time it's them and not you
All things the unemployed should know, but were afraid to ask!
especially like number 228-I administer chemotherapy and someone who works here had the gall to heat up fish and eat it in our clinic this week...WTF?
I come back to be marveled at your great creativity and sense of humor.

230 & 231 hit my truth and funny bone today.

Spent two days at at a continuing education event for hospital accountants. I survived the days of the living dead!
235. is happening to you too???
It's bloody cold and rainy/snowy here....and it's Spring Break??
What the.....!!!!???
That means that everything I do in my home committs me to a quasi job of sorts. Not that it means too much while family consumes my lovely meals, and enjoys knowing that I have special dishes I have secretly trained to walk into the dishwasher. I've been working on it for years, but finally I figured if I just washed the damn dish, and was thankful for which I am for the food that is on it that would be it. Not to mention a host of animals that we have glued our selves to, a trip to the groomer when we find a magical 50.00 bucks unglues all the crap thats been pileing up both ephermatically, what ever that means. It isn't easy being empolyed, or being the corcorporate wife sponsor of 1,000 coupons to browse before shoping. It is a great way to cut down on shopping time, since it will take at least an hour to check them all, then go home inbetween to take a nap. The little dates on them kill me, but yes life at home as many remind me is a luxury.
This clever and funny. R
This is clever and funny. R
Very clever and funny. R
Nice post. R

@ Drew-Silla
Good girl! Follow the master, what better than to follow Thoth around and copy his masterful comments. Get a life.
365th should be - You can publish a manual called 365 Good Things about Unemployment every Unemployed Person Should Know. And it should sell thousands of copies to have made it worthwhile for you.