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Sheba Marx
Near Bennington, Vermont, USA
February 10
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DECEMBER 8, 2010 12:34PM

Snapshots of the First Snow

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 Snow face


 Stone fence




 Wood harvest

butterfly bush

 Butterfly bush


 Three dogs


 Snow boots

john deere

 Not going anywhere

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boots, dogs, forest, woods, photography, snow

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Out on the plains, the wind whips the snow up into a fury, and strange, malformed shapes emerge out of the flatness. Alien shapes. Monster shapes.
I've been living without snow for about 30 years now. It's pretty, but I don't miss it. Nice photos though.
Sheba, a beautiful photo essay! One of these days we'll be getting snow here, too. I had almost forgotten what it looks like :-)
I dont miss this.. no not at all.. BUT I do love the pictures.. and those doggies.. sigh.. I love them
rated with hugs
Brrrr. Of course here it gets cold, the clouds roll in and.....nothing. Send some of that my way.
You have a gift with that camera. Great Stuff!
Too little snow here on our side o the mountain this fall-turning-to-winter. Mind sending some of that white stuff my way?
Your 2nd and 3rd photos would make excellent holiday greeting cards.
It was snowing today. I really hate the snow, not because I hate snow but because it means the air is cold. I hate the cold. A lot. I live for the summer.
sheer beauty
thank you!
Oh, the beauty of the fallen snow in a winter wonderland... Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...
Oh I love snow, especially the first. This year when the first snow fell I locked myself indoors and refused to socialize with the rest of the world. I just felt that was right. Rated!
This is so beautiful ! Especially the first (i see two other separate ones). The first snow of the season is certainly lovely. r
Somehow it seems warmer with snow that just damn cold without it.
Living in Arizona I tend to idealize snow so I love those glorious pictures! Especially the ones where the snow is untouched and looks like glistening crystals. I know it's cold; I know I don't have to live in it (it was 75 degrees here today) but it is beautiful.
Say it ain't so! After last year, I'm not looking forward to this year's first snow, but to the last.
These are just gorgeous (to look at, not to live in).
I loved looking at these. I love snow.