Sonya Unrein

Sonya Unrein
Denver, Colorado,
April 20


JANUARY 28, 2010 4:50PM

Seymour Glass prepared me for life

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My mom had a copy of Salinger's Nine Stories, a mass market paperback of short stories, sitting among her small collection of tomes about reincarnation and the UFO spirituality of The Chariots of the Gods and hypnosis and hypnosis combined with reincarnation in Seth Speaks and John Fowler's The Collector. We were never forbidden to read any book, and that little library, which followed us from place to place in our unending search to find home, was beguiling. For months in sixth grade, I read their back covers, trying to be convinced that anything from the adult realm was ready to nudge its way into my Laura Ingalls and Judy Blume universe. Finally, the Salinger prevailed, and I read A Perfect Day for Bananafish. When I got to the ending, bam! Never had I considered the finality of suicide, or of death, and Seymour had, and did. I hadn't gotten that far on the life experience scale, though a lot of life's biggest disappointments were just around the corner.

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My favorites were Franny and Zooey and A Perfect Day for Bananafish...I can see we lived similarly growing up in the literary The Collector, Chariots of The Gods, and Seth Speaks. It's no wonder....just no wonder...xox
Robin, my mom was really interested in all things supernatural. A very interesting time to be a kid. I read The Collector back then too but probably didn't understand it as I might now.
So you'll be taking off to attend the services? Wish I could get away. I'm thinking the damned coffin's probly empty. Just Salinger's way of keeping sycophantic interviewers from trying to get him drunk at Snookie's. It's been done before...
Clark, I should wear black all weekend, or get a black armband tattoo.
I was not a "Catcher in the Rye" fan yet I respected the honesty of his would Salinger have played a 90210 Brandon, to Holden.
In retrospect, I might have been modeling my childrearing on the Glass Family with better results.