Sonya Unrein

Sonya Unrein
Denver, Colorado,
April 20


DECEMBER 31, 2009 12:02PM

New Years Eve, 1957-style

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 My family's version of Baby New Year, 1957. This is my uncle. Love the sofa fabric.



This one might not be from 1957, but it's the same era, and it shows the same wacky spirit of small-town celebrations. My grandfather, with his arms in the air:


Here's one of my grandparents looking stunning by the tree:


And finally, this is what all those preparations really look like without makeup or hair:


(Note: My new banner is a series of book covers I designed back in my publishing days. Those are some of my favorites.)

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I never saw this post hit the feed. Push!
you are such a gorgeous designer (meant both ways). I think generally people don't know how much talent is needed to do a beautiful cover, and have the elements of the book distilled in such a way. It's like a haiku. Your work is first class.

I'm sure we had ferns and poinsettias around our house too in 1957.

Have a great year S.
bbd, your kind words mean so much to me. Thank you.
Fabulous! Now, they knew how to do it right! And super new banner! xox
Robin, they sure did know how to have fun. I guess they had to, since Breckenridge in the 1950s had just a few hundred people. I hope you have a really swell 2010. x0
Love the new banner, and the photos are priceless. Happy New Year!
These photos are great and I love the new banner!
I love vintage photos. these are really fun. and what a cool job to design book covers. they're beautiful.
Cheers, Ranjit, bibliofiles, and doloresflower! My grandparents are still alive and kicking 50 years later. And that's something to be happy about.
Oh, wacky fun! Cheers!
This is a wonderful post. How long has it been since I have seen the application of the "Belly Button as Mouth Trick" employed so gaily. This made me smile!