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JANUARY 23, 2011 2:50PM

Tiny Wonder

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Sweet Baby Liam
WARNING: The following is a completely self-serving and deeply personal post comprised of nothing more than gushing and ooohing-and-ahhhing about my newest grandson. Reading this post will serve no higher purpose, such as making you smarter, better-informed, or mentally stimulated. It will, however, fulfill my promise to post pictures of the aforementioned newest grandchild, and it is guaranteed to make me puff my chest out with pride even more so than I've already done. **
 There is nothing more thrilling in life than the birth of a baby. Having birthed four of my own, I lived with relative certainty for a good number of years that no experience could ever surpass the birth of one's own child or children. I was wrong. The beautiful babe you see above is my fifth grandchild, that brood consisting of four grandsons and one very prissy granddaughter. Each one of them, in turn, proved to me yet again, that the joy inherent in giving birth to one's child increases exponentially when one of those children produces offspring of their own. There is no explaining this phenomenon; it just is
Tiny toes
As I sat in the room with my daughter, who is once again a new mother after six years (Baby Liam is her third child, she also has a six-year-old daughter and an eight-year-old son), I marveled at the sense of renewed hope I experienced when this tiny being made his entrance into the world. Looking around the room, I couldn't help but notice that everyone there fairly glowed with anticipation and unfettered happiness. Every challenge, every problem, every complication that had come into that room on the backs of various members of my family simply faded away and was forgotten in the presence of this tiny miracle who is the embodiment of promise.
Mimi's newest
 No matter the travails of the past years, the mere presence of this brand new life buoys the spirit and lightens the load of each one of us as we stare endlessly at his sweet, trusting face, as we marvel at tiny fingers and toes. 

 The gift of life. 




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introducing the newest member of the family...
This made me weep. I want to be a grandmother so badly.
Maybe some day if they remember..
I hope to see more posts.:)
rated with hugs
First of all, let me just say this is a magnificent baby! Oh, that face! Those toes! That lucky grandma! There is *nothing* like a baby. Congratulations, and enjoy.~r
Theres no better site than a brand new baby. Second to that is, theres no better site than a proud Grandma holding the baby. You should be proud!
Linda - Oh, Linda, I hope with you that you will experience this someday soon... Thank you for the hugs and the congrats - much, much appreciated!

Joan - Isn't that picture of his little toes just the sweetest thing you ever saw?
Scanner - aww, thanks, Kenny. I am definitely one proud grandmother! xoxo
Congratulations, Kim. The baby is beautiful and you look so happy. If I didn't know, I'd say what a pretty mother! Must be such a joy to be a grandmom when you are so young.
Hugs ♥
The ultimate "Good News Sunday" read. He's beautiful!
He is so handsome and you Grandma that smile is the smile of a happy woman. I never thought Grandchildren could be so amazing but when my only, so far, puts her little hands up for me to pick her up my heart melts.
Congratulations Grandma, I love seeing you so happy..
WOW! the tiny feet, the little hat, the sleepy face just AWWWWWW. OK pure gush this one. You look glowing and beautiful Kim, what a great picture. Congratulations and please celebrate to the fullest. So glad to read a nice post today. Thanks for sharing this.
I don't need to get gushy, I am gushy UB.
This is wonderful. You are one lucky grandmother.
I am envious too.
Sending a big hug to you and yours.
Outstanding news for Sunday afternoon.
Fusun - you are too kind! Thank you

mginmn - thank you! I got my pictures uploaded onto my computer just in time for GNS!

LL2 - they do melt your heart, don't they? Amazing little creatures, those grandchildren!

rita - thanks so much, you're so kind! So nice to see you here. Thanks for coming by! Love ya, girl. xoxo

rj - thank you - he is the cutest, isn't he??
Mission - thank you, my dear friend. Thanks for gushing along with me! xoxo
Ahhhhhhhhh....I love this post so much I could eat it up. What a beautiful baby. My favorite part is the graf about the problems leaving the room and the joy in everyone. I should read this post every morning. I'm so happy for you and your family. RRRR
Oh, soooo beautiful. And the baby's cute, too! He has a hot Grandma, Unbreakable. Congratulations.

Congratulations!!!!!! He is perfect! xox
Awww! Brand new baby and baby smells and those fat, tiny cheeks. Congratulations!
Bea - That was my favorite part, too. Babies are such little miracle workers!

Flower Child - thank you - I think he's pretty darn cute. :)

Lezlie - It's easy to look good up next to that beautiful baby! xoxo

Robin - thank you! Yes he is - perfect, that is. :)
Love the pout! Congrats to you! Now this makes it a Good News Sunday for sure...:)
"The following is a completely self-serving and deeply personal post " So you didn't learn anything this weekend, Kim? Ha ha.
Congratulations!!! There's is nothing like the miracele of life, is there? You look so proud and beautiful. Andthe baby - awwwwww!!
xenon - oh, yes, those sweet little fat cheeks - heaven!

Susan - Yes, definitely a GNS!

tril - sure I did - hence the tongue-in-cheek disclaimer! Loved your comment "over there" BTW! xo
now, that is one handsome un-newbornish-looking boy there, that master liam. i can see why you would be more proud than maybe you could even describe. and that other face, the beautiful beaming one that is his glorious grandmother? well, i know that happy woman, and it's you, dear friend, looking mahr-vell-us.
Oh, how I want to smell his sweet little baby head!
Why is it that the tiny digits are always such a draw? Which brings me to the gush....look at those teeny tiny toes!! Such cute little piggies!! Congratulations to all the Unbreakables, and welcome Baby Grandson Unbreakable.
Sniffle...a lovely tribute to your new grandchild and such a lot of truth in your wise words.

The child is already fortunate to be surrounded by a loving family and a very special grandma but I sense by his knowing face he's definitely been here before.
Congrats! Gorgeous baby, gorgeous Grandma. Enjoy and revel in the moment(s).
femme - aw, thank you, Candace, for always making me feel so darn good! You are the best, my dear friend, the absolute best!

TGD - nothing finer than staring for hours at a new baby and smelling his sweet little head...

greenheron - there's just something about those tiny feet, isn't there? so fascinating, so perfect... Love your comment about all the Unbreakables and Baby Grandson Unbreakable - I've gone back and read it several times over. :)

Linda - thank you so much. He looks awfully content and peaceful, doesn't he?

Scarlett - thanks! I plan to do just that! xo
What a smile and what a baby!
He is a handsome little guy--I love the picture of his little feet, and your beaming face.
What a wonderful gift......"embodiment of promise"

Oh I love that you shared this moment with OS. I posted a photo of my little grand daughter today and it means so much to me that she is in the world. So tiny and so full of potential. Thank you for this post.
Caroline - precious. Yep, that just about sums him up. xo

OES - Thanks - on both counts!

sophie - thank you for coming by to help me celebrate this little one.

next please - I just love the sense of everything being new and filled with promise when there is a new baby about.

zanelle - yes - so tiny and so full of potential. I just got back from visiting your post so I could see your little bundle of joy. She's amazingly beautiful.
Awww...coochie coochie coochie. And lookit the proud grammaw!
What a beautiful baby! Congratulations! I will never be a grandmother but when I hear that someone else has a new addition to their family I am so happy! I'm awaiting the birth of several babies right now. BTW, I make babies cry! I ooh and aah from afar! :-) Enjoy!
Having a grandchild allows us to experience a whole new level of love that we just would never have imagined existed. Enjoy!

And, Kim, you look radiant and stunning in that photo! Gorgeous!
awww...he's a cutie, those adorable miniature toes...and yes, you are glowing beautifully. (sorry if this is too gushy)
Kim, you have no idea how this lifts my spirits. I really needed to see this new life today....thank you for sharing your beautiful grandchild with all of us.

I have a grandson if she's interested..... (he's single and drives a Play School).
What a beautiful baby and you've a right to be proud.
Beautiful baby. Nothing prepared me for the joy I've experienced with my little grandchildren. I'm continually amazed by how much they like me and get excited when I show up. Wow. It goes without saying that I am that excited, but them. Geesh.
Gorgeous new baby. It does make everyone glow, doesn't it?
Truly a miracle. It's hard not to believe in God when you're holding a baby, isn't it? Congratulations.
Congrats. You're both beautiful!

what a joy. I love the babies. I can't keep my hands off them. You are so right in everything you say. They bring such lightness and hope to everyone.

I am so happy for you and yours. BIG HUG. and smooches to those tiny toes.
Matt - what is on your head??

ninjalady - awaiting the birth of several babies? sounds like you'll have plenty to oooh and ahhh over soon, even if only from afar. :)

Kate - you are so right about that - it is a whole new level of love. You don't even know it exists until that first grandbaby comes along. Ahhhh...
Oh, and thank you - you are so sweet.

Mimetalker - I know! those toes! As for the gushy part... this is ME - you can't get too gushy for my taste. I have no problem with gushy praise. ;-)

Torman - David, you know I'm always happy when you're happy, so knowing that this post lifted your spirits is wonderful news to me. xoxo

Murder of Crows - love your description of your grandson - what a riot!

maryway - thank you! I'm am, indeed, one proud grandma!

Janice - I know exactly what you mean about loving how happy they are to see you and how wonderful it feels to know they like you so much. I feel the same way. It's an amazing feeling. :)

Margaret - Very true. They're so perfect...

sweetfeet - awww, thanks!!

Foolish Monkey - I'll give those perfect little toes an extra kiss from you next time I see them. xoxo
Ain't nothin' rocks your world like a newborn -- even tho, as Woody Allen said, every newborn looks like Winston Churchill -- except Liam, of course
He is absolutely beautiful! Wow! Congratulations! There is only one thing I disagree with.....nothing is more fulfilling and exhilerating than giving birth to your own child. The births of my own two grandchildren were touching and beyond exciting....but it still pales in comparison to the birth of my own six babies.....
Babies are indeed the great levellers. Just one look and all melts away...And they smell so flippin' good too - Most of the time! ;)
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!!! And did I say beautiful? Whenever one of my daughters is less than tolerable for whatever reason, I envision her this little, and this gorgeously newborn, and my attitude immediately softens.

BTW, you did teach me something with this post, "Every challenge, every problem, every complication that had come into that room on the backs of various members of my family simply faded away and was forgotten in the presence of this tiny miracle who is the embodiment of promise." I love this!
Baby Liam is gorgeous. Every time a child is born, I feel a renewed sense of hope. Hope that things will be better. For us all.

Thanks for this story; it's uplifting and I think we all needed this tiny reminder of how precious life is.
Tom - Woody Allen was mostly right. Except, of course, for Liam - he has too much hair.

diana - you crack me up! :)

Patricia - thank you for your lovely comment. :)

Linnnn - "the great levellers" - great description!

junk1 - you're so sweet - thank you. And I must be even better than I thought I was, since you say you learned something from this self-serving post. LOL! Thanks, my friend! Always nice to see you here. :)
Belinda - I'm sorry - I missed you. You must have been posting at the same time I was answering... I agree that we all can use a reminder now and then of how precious life is. I think that's why God gives us babies. :)

Adorable and precious. Congrats, Grandma!