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February 29
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APRIL 18, 2012 5:08PM

My Missed Turning Points for Ande Bliss

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Today, Ms. Ande Bliss, a new blogger on Open Saloon (have mercy on her), posted I Could Have in which she discusses roads not taken. She ends her post with the question: "Do you ever think about your own turning point?"

Which got me to thinking, and that is a dangerous thing. So instead of answering her question in her comments section, I decided to make a post out of it. Don't ask, because I can't tell you.

Do you ever think about your own turning point?

Short Answer: Yes! often times (like right now). Thank you for asking.

Long Answer: 

I should have zigged instead of  zagged.

I should have  flimed instead of flamed.

I should have could have instead of would have.

I should have ying instead of yang.

I should have rocked instead of rolled.

I should have bobbed instead of weaved.

I should have hustled instead of bustled.

I should have crissed instead of crossed.

I should have fished instead of cut bait.

I should have hipped instead of hopped.

I should have rythm instead of blues.

I should have dillied instead of dallied.

I should have dived instead of shucked.

I should have leaned to instead of fro(ed).

Well, that about covers it.

And remember... 

 "When you come to a fork in the road, pick it up." - Yogi Bera

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I picked up the fork and it pricked me!! Boohoohoo!! :D

At least you're not Dick Clark. Fun piece and rated. R
Tink, that's a good fork.

Gerald, at least I'm not Ryan Seacrest either.
Love it....thanks for tagging as we call it. :)
I knew it!!
I picked up the spoon..
Lovely list Trudge...
You should have hooked with Francesca Biller..
no disrespect to you or Mrs. Trudge
Okay, I came upon your post before having read Ande's, and the decorous behavior should be to follow your link and read hers first.
I have to admit I was too engaged by your missed turning points, I just couldn't stop. Very cleverly done, Trudge.
Ande, I stand corrected on the tagging. Ty 4 dropping by.

Mission, well at least it wasn't a spork.

tr ig, you're right her stuff is hilarious. It needs more views.

FusunA, so you should have linked instead of read. :0
Shucks, if it was oysters or clams, you were right to shuck. (I'm just a dumb shuck . . . )
At Home Pilgrim, its better than being schm**k.
I should have shaked before I baked the caked.
Little Willie, true, and that's a good one.
As an aging hippie, I think I should have shit instead of getting off the pot. Cute piece thank you.
As an aging hippie, I think I should have shit instead of getting off the pot. Cute piece thank you.
Texas, ty for dropping by. Yours has meaning on so many levels.
Everyone comes to different forks in the road. You are here at this point because you are a very special person. What you have done at each moment in life was conducive to the big scheme of things. Just think there are times when you have regrets but even in those regrets most people will have periods of great growth and memories they would not give up for a life time.
Gabby, ty 4 the words of affirmation. In my life I have come to many forks in the road. The problem is they are all rusty. :)
While you were spilling yer guts, I went to the Art on Palm