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DECEMBER 20, 2011 10:57AM

A Paler Shade of Holiday Blues

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This post is in response to the “My Blue Holiday” Open Call.

I’m having a triple-play holiday blues this year!

Holiday Blues #1: In which I lose my job
On Wednesday, December 15 of this year, due to restructuring, I was laid off from my job of eleven years. Sometime in the afternoon, I got called into the HR office and I met with an HR person and my boss. He briefly explained what it was about and then left. Of course, I was reeling in shock, so I had to ask the HR person three times what had just happened, even though, I had a strong feeling it was not going to be good when I was called down to HR.

Once the sound of my blood pounding in my ears quieted down, I asked the HR person two very important questions: “Am I eligible for rehire?” and “Will I be getting a severance package?”.  The HR person said yes to both questions.  

I was given until Friday to close up any loose ends and clear out my stuff. When I got back to my department, everyone was gathered around my cubicle. All the women were crying. They all gave me a hug and we talked for a few minutes. Everyone had the feeling that one of us was going to be let go, but they were all shocked to learn it was me. Needless to say, I was too. I told them that Thursday was going to be my last day in the office.

Since Thursday was the day we had scheduled our Christmas Holiday Breakfast (we all bring food and have a quick get together in the morning, eat, exchange gifts, go back to work, and graze the rest of the day), one of the girls asked if we should cancel it. I said, “NO!”

When I got home, I told my wife. Luckily, both of us live in the real world, we have known lots of close friends and family members who have gone through the same thing. We then left for my daughter’s Christmas Show. We had a great time!

On Thursday, I went to work, celebrated with my co-workers, gathered my things, said my goodbyes, and left. It was bittersweet.

But Mrs. Trudge, Little Trudgette, and the rest of the clan, will be celebrating Christmas.


Holiday Blues #2: My cousin is dying
I have a cousin who is rapidly dying of cancer. She is in at-home hospice care with her sister. She has a round-the-clock nursing staff looking after her, but she will not recover. A few months ago, she had a hysterectomy done. Sometime later, she went to the hospital for what she thought was a bladder infection. It was cancer. They removed her bladder. They probed some more and a good part of her internal organs are rotted with cancer. She elected not to have any more surgery. I saw her the day before I got laid off. It did not look good. I spoke to her sister the other day, she said her sister can no longer swallow. This means she can’t eat or take most of her meds, and because she is in at-home care, she cannot be administered an IV. So we pray and wait. But we will still celebrate Christmas.

Holiday Blues #3: My Godfather is dying
My uncle (who is also my godfather) is dying of cancer. They have given him weeks, months and possibly one more year to live. So far he has gotten past the months part.  He lives in New York so unfortunately, I will not be able to see him before he transcends. In the Eighties, he had a lung removed due to cancer. It was in remission all these years, but finally cancer won out and took over his body. There is nothing that can be done. He is in his eighties. He lived a long hard life. Luckily (?), he has Alzheimer’s so he is not really aware of what is happening. The other day my cousin posted a picture on Facebook of him sitting up and playing with his granddaughter. So we pray and wait. And yes! We will be celebrating Christmas.

 So while it will be a Blue Holiday for us, it will not be totally blue, just paler shades of blue. Why?

Christmas is not about the presents under the tree, and how much food we eat, and how we got the best deal on the latest, greatest handy, dandy doo-dad. It is not about having to get together with relatives you hardly see (or like). Christmas is about celebrating the birth of life and eternal hope.*

Merry Christmas

*At least it is to me.

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Merry Christmas my friend. Sorry about the job, but you have your health, blaa, blaa, blaa. I hate the thought of your cousin, and the pain. There must be a way for people to leave this world without being in agonizing pain!
You evidently have some English blood in your veins, Mr. Trudge, to give you that stiff upper lip. My condolences where appropriate and my best wishes for a happy Christmas for you and the family.
OMG T. This is such alarming news . Losing ones job is certainly a bummer but compounded with the family members stricken with caner is another long and trying matter as well. I shall build a stone sculpture for you and yours and hope the best for you during the rough times.
You are having one hell of a tough holiday season, brother Trudge. Life's kicking you in the plonkers pretty hard now but I know you'll pull through and with style. Why? 'cause you trudge. That's all you got to do, keep on trudging. Keep the pecker hard and the powder dry, Trudge.
I admire your decision to show up that Thursday. Sorry about your cousin.
If you can celebrate Christmas in the midst of so much sadness (and unfairness - I hate that you were laid off), I can do it too. Thanks for the extra bit of inspiration, and all my best to you and your family.
Merry Christmas, trudge. I am sorry you lost your job and that your cousin and godfather are very ill. You still maintain a positive spirit, which is what really counts. Wishing you the best.
Salute, my friend, for your strength and courage. This is a terrible triple whammy.
Oh my, this is terrible news. You are a strong person who will see everyone through this, but please get rest and have a holiday anyway!
Oh shit! They say bad luck comes in threes, so maybe things will get better now.
Thoughts and prayers to you and your family.

Merry Christmas Trudge.
Poignant and melancholy, but hopeful. I so appreciate your vision of what Christmas "is" and thank you for sharing.
I am going to light a candle for you.
You are a very gracious man, reminding that "Christmas is about celebrating the birth of life and eternal hope."

I hope you will join Mrs. Trudge, Little Trudgette, and the rest of the clan, in celebrating Christmas in this spirit.

Very best wishes for the holidays and the new year. May your dearest hopes be granted.

scanner, there must be a better way. Just wait, in about 10 years, people will consider Dr. Jack a pioneer.

Matt, you may be right. I just might have some English in me. Ty 4 the well wishes and likewise.

Algs, ty for the gesture. I was very touched when I read your comment.

Seer, everythig does come and go. That is why it is important to appreciate every moment.
Seth, I do trudge the Road of Happy Destiny. Thanks for that Old GI advice. : )

Damon, thanks. Sometimes you have to suit up and show up even if it is your own funeral.

Jeanette, I'm glad I was able to inspire at least one person. Have a great holiday.

Erica, thank you. Sometimes a positive spirit is all you have, but it helps a lot.
Boanerges1, Thanks. It certainly is a terrible triple threat.

Zuma, We will try to make it a good holiday.

Little Willie, you're right. Might as well get all the bad blood out at once.

Leeping Larry, thanks, brother.
Keri, thank you for reading.

CatholicGirl, welcome back and please do light that candle.

FusunA, thank you for the good wishes. We will be together because that is what family is all about.
I am so sorry to hear about all of this, but have a very Merry Christmas friend knowing that your OS family is always here!
Just saw this. You are a good man and you've got your priorities straight. Keep trudging!!
Susie, thank you and likewise.

Grif, I learned to prioritize the hard way (and you know what I mean).
I was away from OS for a while and didn't get to read this until now. I'm so, so sorry for all your bad news, and so in awe of your attitude here. You have the true spirit of Christmas and hope in your heart. I hope your holidays with your family was a wonderful moment, and I wish you luck with the job situation. From your comment on my blog post today, I know about your cousin, and I am very sorry . Your family are in my prayers, and I'm sending prayers and healing thoughts to your godfather, as well.
Alysa, welcome back. Ty 4 your thoughts and prayers. Attitude is everything.
Trudge,I get to know you a little better this evening.
What do you people say sometimes?
It hit home?
Well,it dit now,took a while to settle.
It's all so new,only a few weeks away from christmas.I have been on some of your posts.I guess I always need have some connecting factor.
There won't be too many coming here so I might tell you that I feel with you and that I send you warmest wishes for you and your family.
Someone said it so well,and that was the point when my tears started running down my face.
The name you have given yourself has done something to me right from the start when I first read it,and there might be more to it than I realized at first but from this afternoon to now ,I come my awareness about you a bit closer.
Please allow me to recite a line which meant a lot to me and still does.
"Mache dich auf und werde Licht,denn dein Licht kommt"
- Jesaja 60 (Luther 1912) Cache
Sie geben hierfür öffentlich +1. Rückgängig machen
1 Mache dich auf, werde licht! denn dein Licht kommt, und die Herrlichkeit des HERRN geht auf über dir. 2 Denn siehe, Finsternis bedeckt das Erdreich und ...
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Here you can get freesheets of music during the christmas season.