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February 29
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OCTOBER 3, 2011 4:35PM

Help! I'm stuck in an Eye Doctor's Office

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I've been here since two this afternoon. So far after filling out a 1,001 forms in quadruplicate  and having my peepers dilated to the size of basketballs on growth steroids, I'm sitting here and waiting and waiting and waiting. Did I mention I'm  waiting to see the doctor so he can tell me how badly I can see?

This place is crowded you'd think that they were giving out free corneas or something. 

The dilation drops are kicking in and everything is taking a nice soft focus halo around it. Kinds of like those old Penthouse photos In which they put a thin film of Vaseline on the filter to give the models an airy dream like look.

God, I hope the doctor sees me soon. 
Believe it or not, this was on the inside of the door in the exam room. 
photo of eyeballs 

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I'm still here, but they told the doctor will see me soon. I guess my insurance company is not one of the better ones. I was able to post this with my cell phone and very blurry vision.
Yeah! I'm in the exam room. Now if only the doctor would come in.
Yeah, once you get into the exam room, still doesn't mean you'll see the doc for another two hours!! They really need to put some donald ducks movies in there for us to watch!! ~:D
I hope YOU see the doctor clearly by the time he gets there! I hate waiting in those offices.... Good luck!
I'm out. It looks like my sight hasn't changed much. Now to drive how in Miami rush hour. Fun!
Almost home. Picking up Little Trudgette and it's the home stretch.
I'm just impressed that you did this post with your phone.
Tink, or at least some naked eyeballs, you know "eye candy".

Patrick, ty for the fellowship.

Alysa, it's the waiting that stinks.

Major, me too.

All, ty 4 your support. This was an exercise in live blogging.
Ugh, sorry you had to be in any waiting room, hate the whole ordeal. Gruesome picture, are they eyeballs or canapes with olives? Poor vision, haven't been to the eye doctor in 5 or 6 years. Don't worry about driving and not being able to see well, I do it all the time. So far, so good.
My God - those eyes, they're looking at me!
Toritto, they scared me that's for sure.

Bleue, those are eyeballs. Driving in Miami rush hour is no fun regardless of the vision.
Drew, and they're staring at your ....
Eyed of freaked out!
Blogging by cell phone.. nicely done. I want a free cornea too T
Usually there's nothing to do cuz you can't see straight. Tho they have faster acting and going-away drops these days. (My eye-doctor office keeps to their schedule pretty well.)

Hope you finally got out of there and have some satisfaction re whatever you went in there for...
Here's some advice. NEVER go to Steak and Shake after your eyes have been dialated. It is very bright inside one of those. I learned this the hard way on a trip home from Barnes to see the eye dr. Limited choices of places to eat in Illinois, but that was a bad one.
I have one coming up fairly soon now. Usually don't hafta wait long. Comes with living in the country. I do hate to wait, for damned near anything.
They want you vulnerable so that you will be putty in their hands. And those eyes...ewwwww What's wrong with them?
Hope you made it through
scanner, those eyes were very freaky. It looked like a hunter's trophy room.

tr ig, thanks, and do you need a left or right cornea?

Myriad, I was able to get out after 3.5 hours. But I got good news, my eyes have not worsened.

Bernadine, ty for the advice. I can add "or the South Florida sun" to your list; thank God for sunglasses.
Chicken, good luck with your exam. "Eye" hope it turns out well.

xenonlit, I was putty and I was silly.

Linda, I did and thanks!
Hope you and little Trudgette got home safely. Nice way to kill time in a waiting room.
I need to go in too! I will put it off until I run out of contacts. Really contact since I only wear one.... Glaucoma is in the family...
fernsy, thanks for the well wishes. We did get home safely. I thought about tweeting it, but I figured blogging it would be a much better challenge.

Susie, I know what you mean. The last time I saw the eye doctor was five years ago.
I hope you are not still there!
Miguela, check out my earlier comments. I have been home since 6:18 p.m. Miami time.
Okay, that poster is seriously weird. I could use it for one of my Halloween posts! Hope your eyes are okay.
Walrond, that they are.

Rita, only if you give me the credit, seriously.

Algis, love is blind.
That seems like a cruel trick, especially when you are dilated.
Hope your eyes are healthy and you don't need new glasses, unless you want them of course.
rated with love
A Life, I getting new specs, but my vision stayed the same.