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February 29
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JULY 6, 2010 9:08PM

Behold the Kiwi!

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Behold the Kiwi,
A curiously, mysterious fruit.
Its drab olive outside
Belies its vibrant inside.

If this were the roaring twenties,
The Kiwi would be a popular speakeasy: A
Non-descript dull exterior
With a wickedly wonderful interior.

This curious fruit does not need
A sly snake to promote it.
It is the party all attended
Yet, no one admits to it.

Hold one close to your ear
And you will hear
A sound so inviting
That even Odysseus
Would find it useless to resist it.

The Kiwi is the fruit that begs to be
Its insides want to be

this fruit’s soft, fuzzy flesh open and
You will reveal
A green so real
it cannot be imagined.

Into this fruit
And you will be seduced
By a taste so tart
You will declare …

Behold the Kiwi! 

"Behold the Kiwi!" a poem  by Trudge164 © 2010


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I know,
I'm not a poet,
And I show it,
And I know it.
You are a poet, and you most definitely show it. R-

You're a muse
don't confuse.

What yer doin'
aint refuse.

If ya choose
to refuse
yer muse

No poet here , I tried but I failed, but I remember when kiwi's first came to the central valley. Roadside $2.00 a bag we being poor were in heaven. NOW I serve them to my school students. Washed, cut in half, they love them! Well done!
This could be a sign of an intracranial bleed. Call 911.
Behold Trudge, poet laureate of all things sweet and hairy!
Also a flightless bird.
It's like a mammal egg turned crazy.
Did you post this before or am I having a weird Déjà vu? I hate when these happen, never had one reading online before. Kiwi is the only food I'm allergic to.
Dave, ty, you are too kind.

Irania, that was a-muse-ing. : )

Brianna, ty for the kind words.

Lunchlady 2, I'm glad that you are serving them at school.
Steve, but I used protection!

littlewillie, and a shoe polish too.

Oryoki, okay.

Bonnie, klever

l'Heure Bleue, I wrote this and posted it last night. It's a Trudge Original. Sorry, to hear about your allergy.
Drew-silla, thank you furry much.
In Australia, you know, they eat the outside and discard the inside of a gooseberry.
Leon, is this how they being goosed down under?
The kiwi is so yummy. An ugly duckling on the outside, a swan on the inside.

Xavi para siempre...
Catch-22, that's what I love about that fruit. Ole!
brown and fuzzy but what a lovely surprise inside...a good day for the Creator.
Love the fruit and your poetry.
It's a hairy fruit.
They grow 'em up North.
Somethin' sexual about them things.
A little tangy, too.
Christine Bollerud, yes it was one of his best accomplishments.

Kris T Parker, Thank you.

Xeonlit, that about sums it up!
I loved this--especially this: "If this were the roaring twenties,
The Kiwi would be a popular speakeasy: A
Non-descript dull exterior
With a wickedly wonderful interior."
Caroline, thank you. Coming from you, it means a lot.
Who would ever think of holding one close to their ear but a poet.
That you surely are.
Genie O'Malley, thank you.
Poetry is one feat,
for which I'm beat.
There isn't one line
I write that's fine.
Well now,
I know how.

Smalltownwriter, thank you, and you sure learn fast.
Great Poem Trudge, Sorry I missed it, but your avatar and name change must have slipped by me!
Scanner, ty 4 dropping by. The avatar and name change is a World Cup thing. It's temporary. Go Spain!
That was awesome Trudge. I'll never look at a kiwi the same way again (although I do love the things)
Boomer, ty. It's been a long time; where have you been?