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February 29
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JULY 1, 2009 10:07PM

What Was the #1 Song on the Day that You were Born?

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Take a break from Iraq, Iran, the Economy, Obama, and all those dearly departed celebrities and enjoy a little trivia.

Can you name the song that was number one on the Bill Board Charts on the day that you were born?

Most of us can't because we were too busy squeezing ourselves through our mother's birth canal.

But, thanks to the magic of the Internet and a very meticulous database guy, now we can.

Mine is All I Have to Do is Dream, by The Everly Brothers.

To figure your birth song, click here, Josh Hosler.

Here is theURL, in case the linky thingy don't workey,

It's FREE! Josh will walk you through the process and in seconds you'll know the name of that tune.

Someone sent this link via e-mail to me today and I thought you might all enjoy it. We need a break. I have nothing to do with Josh Hosler and anything that appears on his site.

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CindyRoss, wow! That was one blast from the past. Thanks for the history lesson, seriously.
I won't tell. No no.
This is cool. My guess was something by the Beatles, and I looked and sure enough, it was "Money Can't Buy Me Love."
Money can't buy me love; that's a theory I'd love to put to the test sometime.
Heartbreak Hotel by the King!
Purple People Eater.

Now I know I'm older than Nana and apparently about 135 years younger than Cindy! ;)
Let Me Go, Lover... By Joan Weber I never heard of her?
"You Call Everybody Darlin" by Al Trace

I either! But the metaphor for my life, not bad. (I listened to it on iTunes.)

This was a lot of fun and a well needed break from the stressful things going on.. Thank you
Mine was "I'm Henry VII, I Am- by Herman's Hermit.
I wouldn't have guesses that one by a long shot.
Zuma, come on, you know you want to tell us.
Nanatehay, money can buy you love and if you're really lucky you'll get an STD as a FREE bonus.

CoyoteOldStyle, a true classic for a class act.

HighLonesome, I'm sure Cindy was not beign honest.

Brie, I never heard of her either, but I have heard the song.

Buffy, there are no coincidences.

Fireeyes, see my reply to Buffy. lol
I should get a Public Service EP for this post. Maybe I should re-title it "Michael Jackson never sang the song that was #1 on the day you were born to Farrah, David, Ed, Billie, Osama, Obama, Iraq, Iran, Aliens, Gays, Lesbians and Transgendered People."

I'm glad you enjoyed this refreshing break from all the craziness. Happy Fourth of July. I hope it's a blast.
Island Girl by Elton John.

Cindy "Eagle Eyes" Ross, that was not a typo. "Henry VII" was the B-side of "Henry VIII". lol

Jodi, that was a great song.
Let's Go Crazy, by Prince & the Revolution. Hmm. Never heard of it before.
Paper Doll by the Mills Brothers. I'm old.
When I was born, this was the most popular song

Actually it was Sailor Beware by Virginia Mayo. Apparently the message was 9 months too late for my parents (my father was even in the Navy and still ignored the message)
"Everything is beautiful" by Ray Stevens.
AshKW, interesting.

BoomerBob, words of wisdom fall on deaf ears.

dharmabummer, everything is beautiful indeed.
Cindy Ross just made me snerfle coffee out of my nose. I won't even try to top that. My song was "Teen Angel". Happy 4th!
Cartouche, you live up to your name-song. Happy 4th!
Mozart's Jupiter Symphony. It topped the charts for a year, till Beethoven came along.
Lea, you mean to tell me you are older than Cindy Ross?
No way, you are too cute! ; )