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MAY 20, 2012 5:13PM

GNS: Babies are Spurs Fans!

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Their Daddy is a Spurs Fan...can you tell?

(I'm just a baby fan)...can you tell?

 Spurs Fans


Go Spurs

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Caption contest anyone?
Trilogy..A vivid baby fun here...I have no images of my own but your work here is great..Rated!!!!
Oh my goodness they have grown :)
They're adorable. I love how one has her hand on the other.
Adorable and obviously so very different in personality from their expressions.

They really look like they could be watching a match on TV and swapping opinions.
Ahhh! This reminds me that I didn't respond to your email!!!!

Tril, I'm so sorry! I opened it while I was waiting for a friend to arrive for coffee on Saturday morning and then she was there and I plum forgot about it!

But, nonetheless, your grandbaby girls are just so gorgeous! A child is always precious but there's something just so adorably precious about two ... side by side.

Now for a caption ... I'm not so good at this kind of thing ... but here goes:

Twin No 1 (1st photo): I know, Sis, it's not the kind of outfit I'd choose for us. But look over there. See who DID choose them?

Twin No 2 (2nd photo): Oh, yeah, it was DADDY!!! And if HE loves the Spurs, I love the Spurs! Smile, Sis, he's looking our way!"
They are jaw-dropping adorable. ~r
Photo caption #1: "Crap! We're stuck in these stupid Spurs outfits again! What if somebody sees us dressed like this?"

Photo caption #2: "YES!!! Aunt Amy is here and she brought Bull's jerseys for us! THANK GOD!!!!"

Just so darn cute..:)
Photo #1- first baby, "What is that?" Second baby, "I don't know but it needs to stay away."

Photo #2- both babies, "Oh, look a camera, pointed at us!"

Very cute girls.
Caption: "No! YOU tell dad we are Maverick fans!" Cuties :) Duke
look at those smiley-girl faces! they are getting bigger by the minute, marlene. so so cute.
I could just suck on one those toes!
I don't know anything about Spurs, but I can tell you're a baby fan. They look bright and adorable.
They're so adorable, and growing up so fast...enjoy!
So precious! Gorgeous babies!!
Baby fan as well. I can't come up with a caption because I'm too distracted by the cuteness.
Thanks all. They are 5 months old today! Time flies.
Look at those cutie-pies! Adorable. As the young ones ay ...Sweeeeeet.
Marlene, wonderful to see these recent photos and they continue to look so very cute! They are approaching the age when I witnessed pacifier rustling in my household. With the baseball season heating up I am figuring we will see Seattle Mariners shirts in the near future!
Their Daddy is a Texan, John, so I'm not sure about he Mariners. I have this precious photo of my twin girls and my friend's twin boys at about 8 months old - all 4 of them in Seahawks outfits.
That's it!
It is official!

I am jealousin' you!!!!!!
I want grandkids, dangit
I have none, so you hafta share!!!! LOL
Trilogy, not only are these girls totally, completely and wonderfully adorable but the way they touch each other is so amazing.

I'm terrible with titles but here goes
picture 1: We took a nap and someone put on these clothes and something is on our heads, can you feel it?
Picture 2: "Ya know, life is so much fun because we are together." "O girl, right on."
Oh JD. You're so funny. your time will come. My time came "much too soon" (if you know what I mean) Not that I'm not old enough....she was too young...but look at the result...stunning! can spare one...right? :)
Love your captions, Wendy.
JD: The
These darling babies are just so cute! They look like full-on girls already, such expressive faces...thanks so much for sharing these pics, I just want to squeeze those chubby little thighs.
This made my day : )