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FEBRUARY 22, 2012 11:42PM

Holy Crap (It's already been 2 years?)

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Holy Crap!! It’s been two years since I first posted this!!!!

I lived through the sixties, I can live through the 60’s.

(Just past) 60
 So what?
It’s only
a lonely
A digit,
a widget,
a speck.

At 60
some are happy,
some alone
without a home.
Others widowed,
or forced
into Invisibility.
We are who we are.
some think it’s a bitch.
gay, straight
love or hate.
Life is what we make it.

Growing older
has its perks.
There’s Social Security,
more maturity,
blue hair,
Sr. Discount @ McDonald’s.
Replace a hip,
Botox a lip.
The knee’s arthritic,
the stomach acidic.
Life is fragile,
And just like that,
It could be gone.

Meandering down
the road of life.
A relationship, or two.
Stopping for a beer,
having a career,
driving with the top down.

Then… SLAM….
brick wall ahead….SIXTY!
Screech of brakes.
For God’s sake.
Sixty’s the new forty?
Deal with it.
Get your head on straight.

Pete Townsend penned,
“I hope I die before I am old.”
Truth be told?
Older makes wiser.
Wiser makes sense.
Truth to dispense,
and still a lot to learn,
Growing old “gracefully"
is an art in itself.
From middle age
to Sage,
We step into our skin,
and rejoice
that our voice
is heard.

I will be thankful!
I’ll thank the Lord each day
For my three gorgeous girls,
the best friends in the world,
a job that pays the bills.
Wealth, my health,
To love myself
 at 60.  (two)


If I lived through the sixties, I can live through the 60’s.
(maybe a toke or two would help though)
© 2010 Marlene Dunham


Dunham Girls2010

Now, of course my grandbabies, too!

I guess, the older you get the lazier you get!
Thanks for reading my "recycled" crap

I love you all.

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You've seen the grandbabies - these are my babies. The two on the outside are the twins.
Marlene ~ best wishes for a wonderful birthday! I can certainly see the family resemblance amongst yourself and your three attractive daughters and for my mouse pad I'll probably stick with "30 and holding!"
That's a whole family-ful of beautiful women, of course including you and the two tiniest ones! Happy b-day, Marlene!
You see well on the way to that greatest success that life can offer - contentment. I heartily congratulate you!

(*10 years ahead of you...*)
Wonderful post, grand photographs. Happy Birthday!
I heading there fast, but if 60 is the new forty, then I will feel like 80 at 60. Forgive my saying so, but you do not look anywhere near 60 and you have some very beautiful daughters. Happy Birthday my friend!
Happy birthday!! 62 is seems like a good age, still physically running fine with all that experience to draw from.
Beautiful girls! It's been exciting, this decade. As filled with possibility as any other...
Beautiful girls! It's been exciting, this decade. As filled with possibility as any other...
This is a wee poem I wrote when I reached sixty-two. I offer it to you in hopes that you might like it......

As time goes by, year on year,
There is one thing I hate to hear.

‘Tis kindly meant, of this I’m sure.
Yet this brief phrase I can't endure.

You form these words with lips and tongue;
You call me, “Sixty-two years young!”

I’m sixty-two, that much is true
But I'm not half so young as you.

I've earned the right to be this bold;
I am not young - - -I'm proudly old!

I've trod for years, this earthly stage
And suffered hell to reach this age.

Don’t call me young; it is not true.
I'm old as sin - - - plus Sixty-Two !!
Lovely family
Happy Birthday
May your year be filled with joy and laughter
You are a bunch of beautiful! You, your daughters, and now your granddaughters! Wishing you another year of happiness! ~r
I just turned 62 also and it doesn't bother me one bit. It was Seniors day at Kohls today and I loved that extra 15% off. Your girls and you are beautiful. Happy Birthday, Marlene. r
For Your Birthday

Blessed be the mind that dreamed the day
The blueprint of your life
Would begin to glow on earth,
Illuminating all the faces and voices
That would arrive to invite
Your soul to growth.

Praised be your father and mother,
Who loved you before you were,
And trusted to call you here
With no idea who you would be.

Blessed be those who have loved you
Into becoming who you were meant to be,
Blessed be those who have crossed your life
With dark gifts of hurt and loss
That have helped to school your mind
In the art of disappointment.

When desolation surrounded you,
Blessed be those who looked for you
And found you, their kind hands
Urgent to open a blue window
In the gray wall formed around you.

Blessed be the gifts you never notice,
Your health, eyes to behold the world,
Thoughts to countenance the unknown,
Memory to harvest vanished days,
Your heart to feel the world’s waves,
Your breath to breathe the nourishment
Of distance made intimate by earth.

On this echoing-day of your birth,
May you open the gift of solitude
In order to receive your soul;
Enter the generosity of silence
To hear your hidden heart;
Know the serenity of stillness
To be enfolded anew
By the miracle of your being.

~ John O’Donohue ~

Happy Birthday Marlene!! I love the photos...hugs to all your girls, all 5 of them and a big birthday hug for you.
Love you,
Wonderful poem and such beautiful girls you have.

I hate being over sixty, but am grateful for my generally good health and the ability to still get out and about to grow old disgracefully.

I wouldn't change growing up in the Sixties and hope to still find things to enjoy in this decade, God willing.

Have a wonderful birthday.
Happy Birthday. Im coming to terms with being sixty five. It just takes a little adjustment. I still feel twenty inside.
Congratulations! What beautiful girls! They almost look like triplets!
Enjoy your day!
Happy Birthday! Still some reasons to celebrate with that beautiful family. Enjoy it all.
Hey Tril, Happy Birthday! recycle away.
Beautiful kids. Happy Birthday, Trilogy!
One question, Marlene--Exactly when does the wisdom part kick in? Happy Birthday!
Thank you John & Candce (My OS buddies)
sky: Great poem - thanks so much for sharing it.
Scyllaa: Always good to see you - thansk for the wishes
Scanner: Avitars are wonderful things aren't they? You don't look anywhere near 60 either :)
Julie: Yes, so far - so good!
Patrick: The possibilities - thanks for reminding me.
Mary & Joan - thank you so much for coming to my little party.
Christine: Sr days at Kohl's - I'll have to check that out. Ha!
Liz - What a marvelous poem by John O’Donohue. thank you so much for that.
Can't wait to give you a big hug in person. Thanks for the love.
Linda: "grow old disgracefully" just a misspell right?
Zanelle: Thanks. that's the problem our bodies and minds never feel the same age.
Fay: Thansk for coming by. The girls are only 27 months apart -sometimes the wrong two are mistaken for the twins.
jl, Janie, rita, fernsey: Thank you for coming by to send your wishes.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, indeed. The years fly by the days can be more meaningful due to the wisdom you've accumulated.

Aahhh to be 62 again. And yes for me that seems like yesterday....I see it most in my grandchildren....the oldest now ready for college....a foot taller than I am now. I carried him on my back when we went for hikes in the woods. And now I must look up to kiss him.
Your babies are beautiful. Enjoy, enjoy and enjoy.
Happiest of birthdays to you, dear Marlene. Your daughters are gorgeous. Of course they are - look at their mother!
Spud - good question!!!
Ande - Thanks so much. Now if only our children recognized that wisdom...
Kim: Thank you so much for the wishes & the OS friendship these past few years.
I hope it's been a very special day, dear friend.

Happy Birthday, Sweetpea.

Much love.

awh, how beautiful, you and the girls! Happy Birthday!!
The girls are beautiful, just like their mother.
Your poem says it all, I just hit 65, still boggles my mind.
rated with love
I missed this the first time around ~ 62 is looking good from here.
Guess i didn't know people were still commenting.
Eva: Thanks for coming by.
Kate: yes, it was a very good day and thank you again for your "other" greeting.
Michelle; Thank you
RP: Boggles the mind, yes it does - thank you
kim: Always glad to see you stop by. thanks
Trilogy, I enjoyed this the second time around. I missed this while I was away but Happy Belated Birthday. May this year be all you need and want it to be. Btw, your girls are beauties ... like their Mum.
Gorgeous girls. You are fabulous at any age. Keep on living and giving. R
So far I would rather live in the "60's" than be 60. I have yet to know as I am only 48 1/2! Who knows? I may enjoy it? I may cry for being old and alone!