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NOVEMBER 27, 2011 5:04PM

OS Authors & Their Books

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Thought it was about time to update the "OS Bookstore & Art Gallery" for the Holiday Season.  There have been a few additions since last year.

***Please let me know of active OS'ers who have Books or Art for sale and I will include them here****

 Happy Holidays to All.


Amy McVay Abbott                          The Luxury Of Daydreams ***    New

ASH                                                      Amazon Kindle Editions


Fusun Atalay                                    Will Of My Own


Steven Axelrod                                Just Like In the Movies

Big Fat Trauma Queen                    The Dumpsters Daughter

John Blumenthal                             Millard Fillmore, Mon Amour:  A Novel

Kim Brittingham                                Read My Hips

Brown Eyed Girl                            Toepicks, Cadaver Dogs and Sports
                                                    With No Balls


Zoe FitzGerald Carter                     Imperfect Endings     

Cartouche                                       In Pursuit Of Excellence *** New

Con Chapman                                Con Chapman –

Tom Cordle                                      The Disappearing Cemetery
                                                        + Music CD's 

Dave Cullen                                     Columbine

BarryDoyle (bbd)                              Dallas Iconography

dirndl skirt  (Sharon Watts)               Miss You, Pat

Kate Easley                                      Supermom Breaks A Nail  

Bob Eckstein                                    History Of the Snowman

Elijah Rising                                       Elijah Rising                                          
                                                               The Beatitudes ***    New

PatrickFrank                                     On The Blue Ridge Line

FrogTownDiva             They Just Be Killing Whie Folks:  Vampires With Fangs

Kim Gamble                                     Books Illustrated by Kim

Gary Gladstone                      

Duane Gundrum                              Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Lee Harrington                                  Rex and the City
Jeremiah Horrigan                          Woodstock Revisted (an essay within)

Seth James                                    The Parnell Affair


Caitlin Kelly                                       Blown Away ***    New 

Lea Lane                                        Solo Traveler

Luminous Muse                              Original Music Etc.                             

Grace Hwang Lynch                Lavanderia: A Mixed Load of Women, Wash and Word       

DavidMcLain (Torman)                  Keeper Of The Word


Natalie Munden                             DVD – Barrow Alaska-Our Tales to Tell 

Wendy Orange                             Coming Home to Jerusalem 
PM to buy direct

Gordon Osmond                           So You Think You Know English
                                                Wet Firecrackers:  The Unauthorized Biography

Matt Paust                                     If The Woodsman Is Late***    New 
                                                      Executive Pink

Kent Pitman                                   Kent’s Publications

Ingrid Ricks                                   Hippie Boy: A Girl’s Story ***    New

Holly Robinson                             The Gerbil Farmer’s Daughter

Hawley Roddick                            Hawley Roddick on Amazon/Various

Hayley Rose                                     I Know Why They Call a Shell a Shell

Vanessa Seijo                              Nicolas la abuela Margot el hechicero

Maria Scrivan                               Dogi the Yogi

Sgt. Mom                                    Truckee’s Trail & The Adelsverein Trilogy

Julie Shanti                                 Along the Winding Path                                            
Robin Sneed                              Flowergirls, A Mirroir

Mary Ann Sorrentino                  ABORTION: The A Word

Mike Stanfill                               Farleftside

Nikki Stern                                 Because I Say So

Surazeus                                   Angeliad Epic Poems

Tinkertink69                               Shame Of The Father

Nick Van Valkenburgh                Meeting In The Stew

Writer Mom                                Confessions of a Southern-Fried Yankee



bikespsychobabble                    Photograpahy

BarryDoyle (bbd)                        Photography

Anne Cutri                                  Fine Art

CoyoteOldStyle                         CafePress Store

dianaani                                    Painted Gourds

Gary Justis                                 Sculpture

Elizabeth Priddy                         Ceramics

Romantic Poetess                      Cloisonné & Poetry

Patricia Smith (Cartouche)         Fine Art

The_Traveler                               Photo Gallery***    New

Zanelle                                           Art


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And may they be an inspiration to the rest of us!
What a wonderful thing to post, and I love your comment at the end!
Let me add a few:
Sherry Bosley (aka Brown Eyed Girl): "Toepicks, Cadaver Dogs and Sports With No Balls"
Kim Brittingham: "Read My Hips"
Jason Giecek (aka Tink): "Shame of the Father"
PJ White (aka Big Fat Trauma Queen): "The Dumpster's Daughter"

Also, Caitlin Kelly has a newer book, "Malled"

I've written about Amy's and Matt's books, Matt has written about Con's, and Alysa has written about Ingrid Ricks' book. All highly recommended.
Wow. Had no idea there were so many of us. Thanks for including me, Tril.
Marlene, thanks for posting this; its so encouraging to see so many OS names ~R~
Look at all the names! I wish I was on the list. Alas. Zanelle is also an artist.
Also, Nancy Marshall (aka Gardenia Jasmin) has "Rosie's Gold".
Wow, very nice. And great of you to do this. Here's a heads up for an upcoming one:

Hayley Rose, "I Know Why They Call a Shell a Shell: Tales of Love Lost at Sea." Pub. date: Feb. 14, 2012.

Thanks for posting this. It's inspiring!
As always, let me remind me about my books, written under the pen name J.K. Rowling.
What an inspiring list!

While I don't have a book by me published this year, two books that include my work will be published in 2012.

The essay called “Try Holding Your Pencil Like This” will be published in a scholarly Brit journal called “Visual Inquiry: Learning and Teaching Art” available January 2012.

ABSTRACT (I like how they spell all Britty)
Artists train the next generation of artists. To the uninitiated, this system might seem mysterious, even bizarre. Communities of idiosyncratic creative individuals pass on a lineage that stretches back to some French caves, further perhaps. A life spent as an artist is remarkable enough. A life spent as artist and as an educator of
future artists is extraordinary. This essay is a tender reflection of the joy and honour of being one link in the chain.,id=201/

The other is a gallery style book about artists books,“1000 Artist Books”, by Sandra Salamony and consulting editors Peter and Donna Thomas, to be published by Rockport Publishers/Quarry Press in July 2012. Book artists from Australia, New Zealand, South America, South Africa, Japan, the UK, Europe, and the United States are represented. Just me and 997 other artists! Two are former students though, so I'm proudest of that.
Wow, Kimble Gamble has 72 entries!!
I had no idea.
It is lovely of you to do this.
Nice thing to post indeed.
What a great service, I am so flattered that you put my website up.
thank you so much
rated with love
Wow, trilogy, I had no idea about any of these fine productive authors and artists...until Matt and Alysa's reviews...
Thanks for the list! How cool of you to do this!

The guy is older than Moses.
You are lovely to share all of this with us once more. Lovely to see so many things.
What a talented bunch! Thank you for doing this! ~r
What a talented bunch! Thank you for doing this! ~r
You are a generous ambassador, Trilogy.
So cool of you to do this.
@Leapin Larry-- Methusella calls him, "pops."
Gads. I had no idea. If they can we all can?
How to find time? No memoirs for us all?

I remember a author being interviewed say to the question `
How long did it take you to write this book?
The author was elderly. "It took ninety years."
I'll have to get into a reading mood. Amazing.
Thanks for doing this. I gotta learn to spiels;
use better grammar, and stop commenting.
Thanks for including me in Marlene. You should see my UNpublished works. . . .
Thanks for this, trilogy.
& all the extra links in comments ~ it grows & grows.
@ Fernsy & Larry : O, you laugh.
Try changing your 912 year-old mother's diaper & get back to me.
This is, again, so kind of you, Marlene. And not at all unexpected. :)
fernsy, I had to google after reading your 72 entries comment....
Mr. Gamble, oh, to read Arabella, although I'm not sure what it's about. The cover entranced me. I imaginarily sailed the seven seas so often as a child, when I wasn't the not-so-imaginary sylkie who found her skin and quickly jumped in the sea and frolicked in the waves, happy to be home again...

Again trilogy, how fun to see what a broad spectrum we have here on OS, I'm thrilled you've compiled this list and more are coming in. Keep re-posting so more can find! : )
Most certainly!!! Wonderful list.
I'll try and keep this updated as you send me more links. I started this last year at this time - and since I don't have anything really intelligent to write - thought I'd do a good deed instead. Maybe it will rub off.
This is so wonderful of you to do, and so inspiring.

I wonder if there is a way that we could further feature these...maybe a review club like the fiction club?
Impressive list, thank you. Wish them all success.
Thanks for the list..Just goes to show and marvelous talent here..
So inspiring! thank you for letting us know..looking at my local bookstore.
Wow. What a talented and inspirational bunch of writers there are here.

Thanks for posting the information.
I had no idea there were so many OS published authors -- though I'm not surprised. Thanks for curating!
@Kim G- That sounds fierce and anachronistic.
Justthinking- He's an australian OS demigod. Off to read his post about your comment.
There have been a number of book Reviews - I know for Matt Pust, Ingrid Ricks, Tink, Nikki, Robin Sneed, Fusun. Maybe we should try and corale them all together with links too.
Did you miss Lee Harrington? She's a wonderful writer. Who wouldn't want to read, Rex and the City?
fernsy: an Australian OS demigod?? Oh dear, have I not been fawning enough??
I loved reading about Arabella!
Thanks for the initial curiousity, trilogy and fernsy : )
Poor Matt Pust? Matt Proust?
I heard a octopus if plural is `
Octopuses. One is Octopi. 2?
two-Octopodes. It's -'i' podi.
If it's one Matt. Two is`Pust.
That's from Trilogy @ 12:06.
Poor Matt Proust. He's nice.
He will hold no mean grudge.
Matt may hug Trilogy tights.
That's appropriate. Huh? Hug.
I need a hug. I visited Neighbor.
They make new-wine-beverages.

I bit of nice-hugging is appropriate.
Never pickpocket - no hug too long.
I am still very far - behind. Behave.
& Mu gadget seems to malfunction!
2nd try. It's not commenting today.
& Mu 3rd try make me sip goat milk!
What a noble deed! Highly rated.

I have a new published book to add to your list:
Wet Firecrackers--the Unauthorized Autobiography of Gordon Osmond.
It's available on all the usual online bookstores, e.g. Amazon

I also review books for and

This is a wonderful thing for you to do. I hope someday in some way, you'll be amply rewarded.
This is a great service to the OS community.
a born facilitator. i should have known.
Now I feel like a real loser. This is so impressive, and so nice of you to do .
Spike - I shall go add Lee Harrington
ASH - your list sounds quite impressive, it shall soon be added to the list.
Christine - we're not supposed to feel like losers, we're supposed to get inspired and write a book of our own :)

Nick van Valkenburgh has a volume of poetry under his pen name Jon Carter van Valkenburgh called "Meeting in the Stew".
C.Clark's memoir "A Cherry Burn" is coming out in February, I think.
FrogTownDiva has a book "They Just Be Killing White Folks". Chillerpop has a great post on it.

Thanks for putting this up! :)
Very cool that you made this list. I hope to be on it someday soon~
Thank you so much for sharing!
This is a really great list- I am glad to be a part of it :) Thank-you
Thanks Trilogy for taking the time and making the effort to post this. Very inspiring and congratulations to all. Hopefully by next year, you can add my name!
I'm looking forward to adding your name Gerri
Thank you so much for posting this, Trilogy. Ok...ready to do my holiday shopping!
Thanks so much for the prompt addition of my latest book. You're a treasure!
Peter Winkler has a new book:

Dennis Hopper: The Wild Ride of a Hollywood Rebel

(check his latest posts)
Thank you, Marlene, for doing this. It's so nice to see the list of authors has grown. Happy holidays and all the best to you and yours.

Hi trilogy,

Just found C.L. Gillmore ~ Uncommon Bond.

Her OS blog is Sassy 2.
Goodness ! Also a poetry book and CD entitled "Of Roots, Shoes and Rhymes" that won the 2011 Arizona Authors Association Literary Contest for Published Non-Fiction. ( C. L. Gillmore )