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AUGUST 6, 2010 1:19AM


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Dandelion Seeds Greyscale
Seeds of the Dandelion

appear intertwined;

Tightly woven tendrils

weave and hold

in close bond;

Stretched fingers

offer anchor for each other,

though hesitant.

When the time is right

and the slightest wind blows,

seeds of the dandelion


Parachutes of white snow.

A moment in time

stalk stands naked in the wind,

having lost everything;

Though the taproot runs deep

and in reality,

millions more will seek

a new birth.

We may think it a waste,

unwanted seeds being placed

hither and yon.

But what about the Dandelion?

Some call this weed a ruderal

this “lion’s tooth” with the long taproot

feeding bees and butterflies.

With detoxifying properties,

this plant has seen atrocities

of prejudice, bigotry and intolerance;

But it just goes on to do it’s job

holding on as long as it can

til the parachutes of snow


and the cycle of life repeats.

© Trilogy 2010

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Beautiful. (And their leaves are delicious in a salad.) From a fellow who has placed a few unwanted seeds. ;)
Wrote this when I was 8:
In all persistent glory
in screaming gold and green
I'd sooner be a dandelion
than any flower I've seen. Heart this poem! Thanks!!!
so peaceful "parachutes of snow" "go"
The dandelion can be fragile, delicious and wickedly powerful - kind of cool.
A beautiful poem, are you a botanical medicine devotee. I just studied the dens leonis and was amazed at the wonders it could work. It really makes me wonder why we are not growing fields of this magnificent plant, flower to root a valuable healing, eating and drinking miracle.
Their cycle really is quite amazing. They can certainly grow like crazy. I am not convinced I like them totally but I loved this poem, Trilogy....
I really like the imagery of "the parachutes of snow"!

There's a lot in this, tril ... beautiful poetry, glorious pictures, history and lessons. I enjoyed this ... a lot!
Stretched fingers
offer anchor for each other,
though hesitant

Lovely poem and turns of phrases, and educational too.
Hey tril. You stopped me in my tracks with the stem "having lost everything." And I really, really like these lines:

We may think it a waste,
unwanted seeds being placed
hither and yon.

I'm not sure why, really. Something about the way "hither and yon" punctuates the thought. I'm going to sleep on it.

Oh, man look what time it is. Man oh man.
"Though the taproot runs deep

and in reality,

millions more will seek

a new birth." uplifting. The beauty of something natural as it stands against the backdrop of life, holding true and steady. Thank you for this reminder.
A lovely appreciation. I like the hand holding at the beginning, ending with "hesitant," which presages the letting go. "Parachutes of snow"--yes! And your admiration for the taproot: you don't extoll the virtues of the flower but of the plant itself, getting to the source of its power, root and seed, making the cycle. Very nice.
Tis not an attractive plant , but you have made it royal.
Rated in hugs
You gave a great plant (weed) its due. Beautiful words for a beautiful poem. R-
As early as I can remember, we called the dandelion seeds "little parachutes." We brushed the yellow blossoms under our noses and called the yellow pollen left behind "butter." My grandma made dandelion wine. I was too young to know if it was any good, but I remember the sense of adventure when my folks let me sip a little. It was sweet, probly comparable to a sherry.
I dreamt of dandelions and had to return...I do so enjoy this, trilogy!!! xo (can only rate once, drat!)
This was so good. Some see them as weeds, others think they are beautiful, like this poem!
What a beautiful poem about the fleeting nature of things. rated.
I loved this poem almost as much as I love dandelions. I actually find them an excellent meditation focus.
lovely imagery and metaphor. unwanted seeds... parachutes of white snow. i like that.
This is just beautiful.....I have the urge to close my eyes, wish, and Blow!
Man Talk: Thanks..funny about the seeds!
PM: Cute poem - then I'll dedicate this to you! And you dreamt about it and came back. Wow. Thank you so much for your kindness.
Amanda: Thanks - yes a complicated little weed!
RP: thank you, no I am not a botonical medicine devotee, just did a little research while writing this - but perhaps i should research a little more!
Dr. Spud - thanks so much! I don't really care if you like dandelions, as long as you like my poem.
Little Kate: Thank you, dear, I can always count on you!
Too: Thank you, nice to make your acquaintance.
DB: thank you, perhaps "hither & yon sounds Shakesperean??
I know its not iambic.
Sparking: so glad you found it uplifting - we shall photograph some together in a few weeks - hows that?
AHP: Your comments are always so wonderful - the "source of its power" I like that. thank you for stopping by.
Linda & Dave: thank you, yes indeed the "weed" but very complicated it is.
Matt: Ohh Dandelion wine - now there is a good medicinal use!
Scanner: Thank you so much for your sweet compliment.
Caroline: Thank you - I always love seeing your "face"
Redstocking: Good to see you thank you for coming by & reading. Meditation Focus - I am going to think about that. makes sense.
Chuck: Thanks, my friend. Yes, next time I see a dandelion I will wish and blow for YOU.
Mark: thanks for stopping and commenting. Always love to see your face.
Brilliant. The final stanza is captivating. I'll never pre-judge a dandelion again.
That's a beautiful poem, M. I love the image of "parachutes of white snow" . ~R
fine photography and poetry too, nicely done, trilogy!
Dr Steve: i would never have pegged you as a "dandelion Pre-judger" Guess you never know. thanks!
dian.ani & Fusun - glad you enjoyed it. thanks