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JULY 7, 2010 1:37AM

Open Salon Bookstore & Gallery - UPDATED

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(Mary T. Kelley told me this is a picture of her local Boulder Bookstore)


I’ll keep this list ongoing and resurrect it every so often to inform our new  members of the great talent here on OS.   PLEASE inform me if you would like to be added  to the list and where to link to your work.

                     Author Bookstore (Listed alphabetical – how else could I?) 



Fusun Atalay                                       Will Of My Own  

Steven Axelrod                                Just Like In the Movies

Byron Ayanoglu                                  Istanbul to Montreal

John Blumenthal                                 Millard Fillmore, Mon Amour:  A Novel

 ZoeFitzgerald Carter                        mperfect Endings  

Con Chapman                         Con Chapman – 

Gwen Cooper                                 Homer’s Odyssey

Tom Cordle                                        The Disappearing Cemetery
                                                               + Music CD's (contact direct)

Dave Cullen                                       Columbine

BarryDoyle (bbd)                               Dallas Iconography  

dirndl skirt                                           Miss You, Pat

Bob Eckstein                                    History Of the Snowman

 PatrickFrank                                   On The Blue Ridge Line

Kim Gamble                                    Books Illustrated by Kim

Gary Gladstone                     

Gwendolyn Glover                          Cast the First Stone

Caroline Hagood                          Culture Sandwich Kindle Edition
                                                        Dispatches From Inner Space

Jeremiah Horrigan                         Woodstock Revisted 
                                                         (an essay within the book)

Steve Klingaman                           Music CD’s   

Lea Lane                                       Solo Traveler

Grace Hwang Lynch                     Lavnaderia “Dirty House,  
                                                       Clean Conscience”

DavidMcLain (Torman)                Keeper Of The Word 

Natalie Munden                             DVD – Barrow Alaska-Our Tales to Tell

Wendy Orange                             Coming Home to Jerusalem 
PM to buy direct

Gordon Osmond                           So You Think You Know English

Hawley Roddick                             Hawley Roddick on Amazon/Various

Hawley Roddick                              “Business Writing Makeovers” 
PM to buy direct 

Maria Scrivan                          Dogi the Yogi

Sgt. Mom                                Truckee’s Trail & The Adelsverein Trilogy

Julie Shanti                                      Along the Winding Path
Robin Sneed                                    Flowergirls, A Mirroir

Mary Ann Sorrentino                       ABORTION: The A Word

Nikki Stern                                      Because I Say So  






Peter Bagnolo/Prof. Emeritus         Art Gallery

bikespsychobabble                         Photograpahy

BarryDoyle (bbd)                             Photography 

Buff W (Shelia)                                Post Cards, Art

Anne Cutri                                        Fine Art  

dirndl skirt                                        Illustrations 

Susan Creamer Joy                       Art/Jewelry/Poetry 
Gary Justis                                     Sculpture  

Steve Katz                                      Art Gallery

Elizabeth Priddy                            Ceramics

Romantic Poetess                        Cloisonné & Poetry  

Patricia Smith (Cartouche)            Fine Art   

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I've added a few more since the first post.
This is very kind and thoughtful of you to do this for so many wonderful talented people here on OS, trilogy! Thank you.
Sgt Mom-
several books :)
Kim Gamble- illustrator-
Wow! So much unbelievable talent! Thanks T..
Thank you for your generosity! Unfortunately, my website crashed a few days ago so it has been frustrating for me. I am told it should be up and running at full speed again by tomorrow..... Hugs.
Very neat!

There are a few writers here on OS that have made me want to stick around, they all deserve their spot at the bookstore to be sure.
What a great idea, and a lot of work. My stuff is published in the heavens. Thanks. R-
This is fabulous, trilogy. So much to read and admire..._r
Wonderful--thank you!
Thanks all and thanks to hyblaen - Julie I've just added two more and also Natali Munden. The list keeps growing. I'm inspiring myself!! I've got the title, now all i have to do is write the book.
Go to this website:\
precious items for sale:
32 inch television w/glass stand-$150-( Can't get Fox News)
12 shoes-size 10 and a half--$6.00 each ( laces extra)
two old bikes with slightly flat tires-$10 each or 2 for $15.
Washing machine with slight leak—FREE
White sofa—perfect for dog bed. $50
Old chicken coup—would look good as a rustic yard ornament-$25
Collection of six plastic decorative gnomes-A family for the lonely--$35
Dictionary-first edition—Dictionary of Legal Bullshit-a must for the educated library-$125
Archie and Jughead Comic Series-15 copies in their original plastic cover--$25 each
Original-Set It and Forget it Ronco Rotisserie (w/rib basket) $25
Thank you for your business. Look for Spud tee-shirts coming soon.
Spud, what's this? Doing your own spam now?
This is cool! Someone really has to do this--I am soooo glad you're keeping up with us this way. I can come here, now, and find even more stuff that keeps me from doing whatever I really should be doing everyday! Dang it...
What a great post.
A bump for the Bookstore while I write something else.