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MAY 6, 2012 5:45PM

out-fished by a GIRL on Cinco de Super Luna (pics and vid)

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    At sunset yesterday, the fifth of May, already feeling twice baked after a day on the lake (and having snared a snake but eating no cake...), we intrepid campers endeavored to go... drum roll... NIGHT FISHING, after a well needed nap in the wind-blown ninety farenheit tent.

    Really must say, my girl is a sport! Wasn't even that bothered that she'd kicked my butt forwards, backwards and sideways in the fish catching department over the past thirty hours. It was Cinco de Mayo and we didn't even know upon leaving home, the night of the SUPER MOON! 



    Van Gogh like ain't it- in a horridly pixelated phased the iPhone up to full fueled fade in way!

    Usually the stars are the spectacles of the night down there but most were invisible to the human eye the last two evenings. Friday was waxing gibbous, Saturday, if not full, well, damned close. Can never recall seeing a moon so stupendous, and by pure chance we were 90 miles from city lights under a clear sky, primitive (ok, fairly primitively) camping.


    She was using my lucky pole... yeah, that's it! That pretty fish is a smallmouth bass- for those who are scratching their heads wondering, wow, what kind of fish is that? Didn't matter the species though, she dominated  in all.



     Note, Asia's black crappie, caught simultaneously to nanatehay's white crappie, is slightly larger. BITCH! I mean I love you baby!


    We, meaning mostly- SHE, caught several channel catfish which have a tendency to  "slime your line." Don't know how they manage to barf the most viscous hideous substance imaginable a foot up the string from where hooked, but they do indeed. EWWWW!!
    Found a baby alligator snapping turtle on some sort of hajj, on the pavement way up by the bathrooms. Maybe two inches head to tail, but anyone who has seen the adult versions will join with me in a double EWWW! They get HUGE and I thought about stomping it, but then remembered THE PRIME DIRECTIVE from Star Trek.
    Then nanataJeff caught a serpent - had planned to befriend and train it, which is still a possibility assuming he can re-catch it after it got free in his vehicle last night! EWWW.. (he wasn't buying the prime directive shit I was babbling and flapping about)
    Camped underneath this tree, embedded in hard rock near the lake...
    Camp Weasel . . . a bit frazzled but still with one eye on the perimeter.
    Sunset captured by Asia...
     Another fantastic capture by her, in addition to all the fish... damnet
    One more shot of super luna rising last night... Really, truly, I'm alright with being out-fished too. Was a super good time. 

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Pfffffft. You wanker.
"Girl"????? What? Are you dating a 12 y.o. Or sumthin, you pig?

Don't you mean, "Woman"? Or better yet, "Almighty Provider of Fish That I Am Incapable of Carching Myself, Great Opnipitent Keeper of All Things Feminine and Great One Who Has Chick Boobs!"

Got all that, "boy"?

Asia, You are not only equestrian rider and real estate maven but now fisher woman divine too. I hope those 'boys' from KC took a few lesson from you this weekend. Hope you were well-served at the fish fry. :)

Trig: "slimed the line" ... I'm stealing that one to use in any myriad of occasions.
She should carry you around like a lucky Rabbit's Foot. Vegas here we come, Baby~
Are you sure the snake is out of nana's vehicle and not up inside of a seat, waiting to slither out and up a pant leg at a most inopportune moment? Stick a mongoose in there or something. Yech.

Sounds like a really fun weekend!
Glad you didn't hide this
Glad you didn't hide this
Amy's got a point there babycakes. And I do have nice boobage.

Scarlett, after carefully observing my techniques, they made a few feeble attempts to emulate, but being manly men... (I think you can finish that sentence.)

Trig did the honors and boinked them on the head, filleted and fried them up. The weekend was a blast, the weather and the incredible moon... It was all pretty perfect.
Only thing missing was a smoker to make the fishes and snakes and turtle even more delicious. Glad you had some fun.
Trig what's the saying, "The worst day fishin' is better than any day at work?"
B1.. why I gottabe wanker?!

Amy: GIRL is giving the benefit of the doubt, age-wise. Would be interested in your opinion- cute ain't she. Yes of course she is all those things you said, even the ones you mis-spelled girl!

Scarlett- you can use slimed the line whenever you please if you give me due credit, after my patent kicks in.

Scans~ yeah man, Vegas!

Phyllis I'm not at all sure about anything regarding the snakes' whereabouts in nana's vehicle.. but yes it was a fun time for reals

Kosher, I am, if anything, an over-sharer, even when I fall into a bad light.. just reporting the life man.

Kosher, I am, if anything, an over-sharer, even when I fall into a bad light.. just reporting the life man.

BABY! You fish charmer.. and me charmer!

Dr. Bowl.. The danged ol' smoker is just too gnarly and rust fallin' all off it and shit to drag around the continent, but that turtle would have been a nice morsel properly smoked, no doubt.

jmac.. worst day fishing beats the best day working.. is my version, and true that is

Nick.. no doubt. T'anks man!
Heeeeeere fishy, fishy, fishy, fishy,,,,,,,,,!

(and no, I don't mean any "small mouthed bass". Seems she's just as good at catching big mouthed carpenters......!!")


I had to google catfish slime. The general consensus appears to be that the line gets slimed when the catfish rolls up in the line. The slime may also repel crappie and it was suggested that the last 3' of line be cut off and hook re-tied.

Catfish slime also has healing properties. See article, kinda cool.
Love being 'out there' but damned sure glad to be home, such as it is, with all the baby ticks and chiggers washed away. Don't even have a single infestation best I can tell.. just a bit of raccoon eyed sunburn.
Constant lightning and thunder, windows open... me and dog- chillin

Sky.. yeah no kidding-- farking sigh
Okay, dickweasel... You want my opinion do ya? (misssspeltings and all?)

• She's obviously isn't squeamish, based upon the fishing (and more so by the fact that she would date you're ugly ass).

• She rates about a 6.0 in the boobage department. It might be higher, but that can't be determined without pictures of full frontal nudity (hint, hint).

• Neither you nor Nana ended up drowned, "accidently knifed" or were smothered in your sleep, so she also scores high points for tolerance and patience.

- The down side for her is that she CLEARLY knows nothing about sex (as indicated by the fact he hasn't already dumped your ass and high tailed it towards the Iowa state line *ahem*)
The closest I get to the great outdoors is to look at pictures from intrepid folks like you. I also sit in a spa from time to time. Baited. I mean, rated.
"Drug companies have made inquiries about the slime, but as part of their overall approach to developing better wound-healing products, he said. The complexity of duplicating the proteins in the proper balance might preclude synthesizing it."

So we will gather slime and sell it! Genius.. wow. Wonder if it helps sunburn? Catfish are awesome slimy creatures baby.

Amy... Dickweasel you say? OK, I'll cop ta that. How about cockwaffle? Pressed in the iron grid, presumably... damn. Ouch. Not that myself and all men don't deserve that, 'specially me though.
"Neither you nor Nana ended up drowned, "accidently knifed" or were smothered in your sleep, so she also scores high points for tolerance and patience."
Yeah no kidding...
And, nice spelling on the follow-up!
Snippy you should be out body surfing your furry self down the Salt river! (The Salt, right? Outside Phoenix to the west a bit..? I body surfed some little river there a ways back)

When we lose our bait we say we've been "bait raped" and the person closest to the bucket, male or otherwise, becomes "minnow bitch," having to catch and pass another minnow. Although Asia got a pass on that, 'til the second day :)
looks like a good time :)
Love your new profile layout ... great photos as always! How fun!
Should be said here ..

and Hi Julie THANKS

.. that I have often cleaned and eaten catfish. Fresh from a clean lake, prized flesh really. Many go after catfish exclusively, though I don't hang socially with many of them. It's a brutal process, cleaning them. Beginning with the killing. They're prehistoric and apparently highly evolved, in the healing ways with the slime, and not dying easily ways.
Brutal, struddel, you big wuss!

All it takes is a damn sharp knife, a pair of electrician's pliers and a big ass nail through the back of their heads!

See? Easy peasy! You treat them just like a man!
(well, at least how I think men should be treated anyways)
P.S. I should have said, "Similar to a man".

Catfish are, as you stated, "highly evolved" so I meant no disrespect to catfish by saying that they were like a man.
looks like a perfect cinco de whatever!
*waves* hi asia
Might as well give the fishing report from Baja here as well as anyplace else. My only time out in a boat this week was a dud. The cap'n caught three different kinds of bass of 1-2 pounds while he was trying to make bait for yellowtail. 13 boats, and only one yellowtail that day.

However, since then, the yellowtail have been picking up. The guy I had dinner with today caught a 23 pounder.
Asia is the answer.
That was really good of asia to let you guys tag along, since it sounds like she did oh, just about EVERYthing. (She didn't have to change the tire too, did she?)

I had fish this weekend too! Rally's fish bites and they tasted just like chicken nuggets.

(It's also nice to know you still found time for religion; nana's snake handling skills prove you're saved.)
There's probably a risque comment that could be stated about asia's kneeling technique from the video.
But I'm too classy an online entity to mention it
a little 100 proof in the gills, for the karma;

so thankful (those) turtles don't fly...
"Then nanataJeff caught a serpent - had planned to befriend and train it, which is still a possibility assuming he can re-catch it after it got free in his vehicle last night! "

oooo, good plan!! I've been training the snake in my back yard who lives under the shed to say, "Ola!!!" to everyone who passes!! What?

You train your snake how you want it, and I'll train mine how you want it!!!

And you got outfished by a girl!!!! TURN IN YOUR MAN CARD!!! Yes, yes, I know, you let her outfish ya, still...:D
Dude, your gurl has a nice rack. Next time I'll be glad to lend her my special pole.
Y'all have ALL the fun! (Except for the slime thing...)
I "babble and flap" about The Prime Directive often. Points given for the Star Trek reference and the homage to my behavior when stressed. Muah!
Wow. Looks like a good catch!

If I had to walk barefoot for hundreds of miles...I would not set foot in your brother's vehicle if he offered me a ride. The whole snake thing, just cracked me up!