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APRIL 30, 2012 7:50PM

nuclear onions die!

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They survived harvest last year because I'd lost all interest in gardening after 30 days straight of 105f. They were covered then anyway in the dead midget red corn remnants, purple swiss chard that I never even ate, wild-crazed arugula gone to seed- not to mention weeds of a hundred varieties.

There they lived the unusually mild winter, possibly because insulated by all that .  .  . crap. 

This spring they sprung anew into life, to the point where the neighbors called me 'the guy who grows onions.'

Going to seed with the tops reminding me of the Moscow skyline, I pulled them, so as to start the garden again, just because. Turn the soil my Grandpa told me and it stuck although I fully realize that in two months it'll look like it did last year again, or maybe not! Yeah it will. 

So I plowed by shovel and started tomatoes and peppers, setting the onions on the back porch, pondering possible French soup recipes yesterday.









Then, this morning, THIS!

Even the four that we had cut the flesh and roots from and threw on the grill with the yellow squash and zuchini last night.... the Moscow tops were reaching for the sun!

They're still out there too... and I'm left to contemplate..

... how to deal with them humanely. Damn 

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I like fresh onions but I particularly admire your taste in Armagnac... excellent choice!!
The onions aren't at all bitter as you might expect. Hell, they're a year in the ground... or were jmac, and until yesterday I didn't know there was such a thing as Armagnac so can't take credit for good taste. Brought by a guest and expensive yet subtle.. ha. Yeah I had a taste.
I've been surprised by what can survive the winter if it's buried under enough leaves. Onions, definitely. There's always one that died off and I missed picking it. Your crop, however, is fantastic. I'd leave 'em go and only pick as needed.
Stick a few back in and let them go to flower. Space agey.
Phyll should I just replant them? That though occurred to me too.
Looks like Day of the Triffids. That was a great old cheesy science fiction monster flick from my formative years.
let them liiiiiiiiiiive, trig. i'm with phyllis: pull them up as you need them. in the meantime, they have beautiful flowers. you would need the equivalent of six or seven baseball-size onions (yellow or white) to make one big pot of onion soup. it would take you all day to chop enough of the white part of what you pulled up. grilling them is your best idea yet.
I really don't know if you can replant them. Worth a try, I guess. At this point, though, I'd probably just buy new sets and start over. And plant too many, so you can leave them in the ground for next year.
They're onions for gawd's sake. They don't know where they've been. Put them back in. Spritz them a bit with some H2O, throw a towel over them and get to it in the daylight. Five minutes work total.
"I'd lost all interest in gardening after 30 days straight of 105f."

~nodding~ Yeah, once it hits the Hot/Humid phase here, I lose interest in a lot of things except sitting in front of the A/C!!!

You cannot deal with them humanely!!!

RUN NOW!! :(

What a problem! You can also blanch them and freeze them, in small batches so that they are recipe ready at any time. Come January, you'll be wishing you had some on hand!
Cut them and put them in a vase...the flowers are pretty, you can give them to your sweetie. And make her a one beast of an onion omlette!

I'll send ya some of my mint the previous owners planted, man, I hit that stuff with the lawn mower, mmmmm, minty!!!


(The neighbor's dog only pees on them on days that end in Ys!!! :D)
I'm not sure about how you feel about mussels, but a soft stew of onions with a little sherry or cognac, and then steam the mussels open on them, eaten with some crusty bread is heavenly to me. I guess you could probably eat the onions with anything, that's just my fave. They look super.
I think you cut the bulbs off, put them in one of your old nylon stockings, hang it in the garage and let them dry out and re-plant them in the spring or, not sure...
Are those the jumbo variety or something? They sure are bigger than the instant minced I buy in the jar.
Who's got a brand new camera, innit ?

Chop up the bulbs & marinate them ; dry the stalks & smoke them.
Trig, you gotta try Axel Gay Grand Champagne cognac, you being such a connoisseur of fine alcohol. Shit goes down smooth. Good with onions, too.
Today's Tuesday, innit.
Dang. Those onions and that have the makings for an incredible stewed chicken or beef...I agree...replant or braise and eat not waste those fellows! Crusty french bread...some basalmic and extra virgine olive onion tartlet...oh oh oh! Then there's piling them on the grill...soo many little time.

& what zuma said
Well, you can also use them to keep away the vampires and werewolves. Hang 'em around your neck, and they'll keep away wimmen, too, tho maybe that's not what you had in mind.

On a related vegetable, I once say Iggy Pop -- I think on Letterman -- shirtless and shoeless, but with a bundle of broccoli worn like a necklace or a Lakota chest plate. After his goofy performance of some goofy song, he proceeded to throw the broccoli to the audience.

Say, maybe you could pull an Iggy!
Too funny! Zombie onions!
This might seem heartless you have a barbque grill?
This might seem heartless you have a barbque grill?
I do have some Iggy in me I do believe : )

sliced thinly and served in a salad with sliced oranges.

hamburgers. salad. the usual.

but quiche is the best...saute them in butter with lots of salt and pepper...some of that cognac...throw them in a raw decent pie crust and pour beaten eggs and cream over them and bake until the whole mess stops jiggling.
ps. they have to age a little...have to dry out first.

also if theyre still a bit bitter, add a little sugar with the salt while and watch them slowly break down in the butter.
Hilarious post. I don't know what I liked more. Your post, or all of the comments! :) ... Do you have a good Southwestern slaw recipe? I do, and it calls for green onions. Let me know if you need it. Maybe I'll blog it on one of these summer foodie Tuesdays?
Hearty somnabeeches!

I say gasoline is the answer. Not sure if it's safe or even remotely legal, but fire + onions =

Nice pics, btw!
awe the garden.. Good luck this year!