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APRIL 24, 2012 11:40AM

correspondence from the left coast . . . via text w pics

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    He's out there in California, not even nineteen years logged . .  yet. I miss him, and so it seems- likewise on his part. But we talk. Yes, actually talk, sometimes, by phone, but more often it's the texts. The technology, yeah, could be said to be rather 'impersonal' but it kind of works doesn't it. I'm doing stuff, and he's doing stuff. We send these little messages back and forth as we live, and it does my heart good.
I'm at this roof top bar with loud ass music
smoking a cigar and eating a burrito. Life ain't bad.
Beats eating a cigar and smoking a burrito,
in say, south central.
Memorial Day, I might take a train to San Fran
and hang with lickatitty.
(Note: Lickity is the kid's real name. Met at A school
in San Antonio.)
Hell, that sounds fun. The coastal train.

Delicious taco bought at a street fair.
Holy something! Looks great!

Art from the little fair. I ditched two friends
because they just haaaad to go eat at some
touristy ass place. Ended up finding this street
fair and a badass coffee shop.
Wow. Proud of ya for skipping the corporate
and finding the real people.
Daddy raised me right.
Aw thanks-
The streetcorner I'm at.
Nice. San Diego?
Naw, Oceanside.
I see. How far to San Diego?
36 dollar train ride.
Oh, thought it was closer.
It ain't that far. People with cars drive
down there all the time. I have become
the public transportation master.
Thirty six seems steep for a damned train ride.
That's round trip.
Could be fun. Guess the price ain't so bad.
Yeah. Wish I had some cooler people
down here with me though. The dudes here
are Disney channelish pussies with
bad tastes.
Damn... lol
Such is life. Brandt gets in Wed though.
I'm pretty happy about that. Dude's a
character. He'll be in my platoon too.
Oh yeah? He's your bud from boot camp right.
Very cool. Happy for ya.
 Listening to full Beatles albums on youtube.
"Only Sleeping" from Revolver is playing. 
That's one of my favorites. John Lennon
wrote the coolest songs about sleep. I'm listening
to "We All Belong" by Dr. Dog. 
Right on.
O-Side pier.
Living la vida loca, loco!
View from the pier. The structures in the distance
are where I'll be living after Friday.
Could be worse ya know. Beautiful.
Brown Pelicans = cool.
Ocean creature pole insurance.
HA! Sorry... was out running to Westport
and RoPo.
You ain't gotta apologize. You've gotta life too.
Yeah sometimes. A little bit at least :^)
You've got it way better than some asshole
out in the burbs that might as well be dead.
I admire the hell out of you for that.
My life is simple and I'm happy. Yeah, but thanks.
I'll turn nineteen in Japan and can save a
humans' life if need be. I've got it pretty good
for a WYCO hoodlum.
At the fish joint.
 Some Camp Pendleton flora.
Looks, eh, succulent.
You're looking like that dude that voices the
AFLAC duck commercials. What's his name?
Oh yeah . . . Gilbert Godfrey!
Shut up Dad.

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A different kind of photo essay. Love it.
Love it!! I love the back-and-forth between you and your son. Love how he stays in touch with his Pop, and just love the tenor of your relationship. Sending lots of positive energy your way, and your son's way. I am not a religious woman, but I hope with all my heart that he stays safe, happy and healthy. That's just how we moms roll. ♥
Way cool. Eli is completely awesome. "Ocean creature pole insurance" makes sense 'cause stuff in the ocean will yank your rig right in if you look away for a second.
He's so damned alive!!! Hope that young man never has to set foot in a war zone! Hope none of them do.
Great shit! A 21st century scrapbook.
Very sweet and real.
This was just great and should get an EP and cover. Made me cry.
Because I know you're a plant geek, you might like to know the succulent is a dudleya. A CA native plant.

Eli looks great and so does that taco.
You knew I'd love this, right? ~r
Keri's right; that taco looks delicious. Damn, I'm starvin' over here...
that's the boy i met, yes, it is, and the texts are the essence of eli. has a lot figured out, is on his way to getting the rest. solid, smart guy. i knew he'd find his way around this place and - look - he has. love this post, trig, every pic and text.

oh, that blue-ish plant that looks like a flower is a dudleya, a CA native. very cool.
Nanatehay is the one that knows the Latin names of all plants.
True though that I love flora.

My favorite message was the one where he ditched his buds
and struck out on his own. Not a follower, that kid.

True, that taco looks blue ribbon!

Hate to post and run but have to run. Fixing up this
ragged house and man does that feel great!

Jeff, need help with the driftwood piece, fokker.
Right, the driftwood; we need to make a base for that, an artful pedestal of some kind. I'm thinking walnut wrapped around a steel plate so it has enough weight to hold up the piece, which would be on a couple of plexiglas rods.
awww :D what a great kid
Technology is amazing, letting you keep up with your beloved child like this.
I think jmac said it best...

Love this sweetie.

BTW, driftwood has also been on my mind. Your interior decorator will be there later, we have window treatments, carpet shampooing and wall hangings to knock out.
It speaks volumes that you and your son communicate with each other. Loved this.
Make sure he goes and sees some of the free concerts in that little amphitheater next to the O'Side pier. They used to have some pretty good bands play there cuz they get money from the city and also do it to support the troops. Great place to watch people like Toby Keith perform while eating a fish taco.
Love it! Apple doesn't fall far know the rest.
Love it! Apple doesn't fall far know the rest.
Very cool. Growing up. Ah, good dad.
What a cool kid you've got, tr ig. Totally enjoyed the exchange between you two and the photos.
Loved this as I also enjoy similar chats with my 25 year old daughter who is an artist in NYC. I dig the new technology!
Love this. Keep connected. Skype is great too.
now that is one damn cool kid.
ha: what is this?
"Disney channelish pussies with

bad tastes."

Poor guy facing such uncoolness, whatever it is...
we got a lot to learn, metaphorically,from these youngsters,
especially the genius spawn
like your boy...
they got all of cultural history in their heads....
they say the damndest things..
This is absolutely beautiful Stephen!!
Miss that boy (man)! You really did well!! Muah!
This is too cool. Incredible dad and incredible kid! Zumapick!
Tr gg- My daughter is road trippin’ up around the coastal bend from Eli NORTH of San Fran and into Oregon. I’ve been getting some SWEET correspondence and NICE pic’s from her. It helps alleviate some of the worry, doesn’t it? Latest pic’s from McKinleyville-Where HORSES Have the Right Away. You can take the girl off the ranch…

…me & McCowboy are off the ranch, as well. We’re hanging elsewhere, (for awhile), whilst my busted wrist mends. (Can't get physical therapy on the mtn.) I can’t play with my horses anymore. Boo-Hoo-pity me. (Yes, I realize you have no idea who I am, or what I’m goin’ on about-that’s OK-no matter.)

Here’s the point: Oceanside Pier+Tomato Beach=Rotten (It’s OK, the locals call it that, too. At least, they did 100 years ago. I honestly don’t know what it’s morphed into now.) Here’s what I do know:
Pacific Beach (PB) + Mission Beach=Ocean Front Boardwalk. Miles of fun.

Crystal Pier in PB and ALL that “Grand Fun on Grand”- straight off the pier.

Belmont Park (rollercoaster/wavehouse) in Mission Beach.

Back behind all of that is Mission Bay-Sea World-all of that.

Just this past week, they opened the new bridge across Rose Creek, over to the peninsula and into Ocean Beach (OB). Since, your kid is NOT a follower, you can tell him about OB. (C’mon locals, don’t be offended You KNOW what I’m talkin’ about…) It’s cool, It’s cool. I LOVE the OB Farmer’s Market on Thursdays. Yes, you can find FM’s all over San Diego on Saturdays but they can’t block OB on Saturdays…

It’s common to see Dolphin pods off the OB pier and as is true for most pier-you don’t need a license to fish off them. LOTS of piers to fish from in San Diego.

Just south of OB is Sunset Cliffs. Yep, nice sunsets.

South of that-The Lighthouse & tidepools.

Shelter Island (really a isthmus)on harbor side of the peninsula. Then there’s Harbor Island and back over to the whole Embarcadero Experience: Midway Museum, Fisherman’s Wharf, The Fish Market, Seapointe Village (They have Royo Masterpieces at the little art gallery in Seapointe Village-I can’t remember the name of the place right this second but if he goes there-Sarah’s the go to girl for Royo viewing cause he really shouldn’t miss seeing Royo’s Maria if he’s down that way.)

And from there, he’s gotta hit up the GasLamp Quarter…

I might as well mention Balboa Park (Cabrillo Bridge) Countless World Class Museums, more art galleries and right next door-literally-The Zoo, where the baby tigers are the big thing right now.

He can get a “day pass” to ride the bus, train & trolley for waaay less than 36 bucks…I think 36 dollars buys a regional pass for a month. I think.

Oh, and Balboa Park has RFT-Resident Free Tuesdays. I’m fairly certain that includes military ID’s.

And that concludes the touristy tour-and I didn't even mention 30th St.-- Craft Beer Capitol OF THE WORLD. It's true. But Eli's only 18, so nevermind...
Oh my-that was TMI, huh? Sorry.
After reading this & Seer's comment, I may have to head to Cali someday. What a neat place for a young man of independent mien to be.
I forgot the mention the Timken Museum of Art in Balboa Park is ALWAYS free. They have a Rembrandt...
yes, this is a ton of WAY COOL stuff he really ought to see while he's here...don't need to be a rich man.
I've never been a fan of text, but you guys seem to make it work.
It's a nautilus shell. A naturally occurring petrified fractal and a very ancient life form...And, yes, pelicans DO bite stupid people. The stupid people are consistent from west coast to east coast as demonstrated by the derps here in Florida who prove that fact every day.

And yes, Eli will save lives and sometimes lose them in spite of his best skilled (heroic) efforts. I hope if anything happens to me, I can look up and see the face of Eli.
Eli is so cool! I can't believe he is only near-19. Texting is the method of choice for communication between my son and me. It is just more efficient. And, I hear from him far more often because of it.

Even sweeter was reading between the lines.
Life? Was that? Hello? :D
That was great.

Now I know another advantage of texting - it's harder to blog a phone conversation and phone conversations don't typically have visual aids.

And you're right, in that picture he does look like Gilbert Godfrey.

Or a little like Senator Lugar, who also looks like Gilbert Godfrey, but older.
He does bear an amazing resemblance! Oy!

Great father/son dialogue. I could listen all day.
from an ole cpl...semper fi and thank you...
To whom it may concern: the AFLAC duck's original voice belonged to Gilbert GOTTFRIED. He was fired for some politically incorrect joke he told or something.
Correction: I MISSPOKE about the NEW pedestrian bridge crossing into OB. I went down to check it out and couldn’t find it where I THOUGHT it was and that’s because it wasn’t anywhere near there. LOL

I WANTED it to cross into OB but it’s actually up on the other end of Mission Bay…

So-I'm probably not the BEST tour guide for a young kid...but I know the OLD places OK-LOL
I'm diggin the pics. Maybe it's best that parents text back and forth within a confined medium. They get to edit what they tell us, and we get to type a measured response.
I've been remiss..

Thanks to all.

Eli lurks my blog and has read your comments I'm sure, as have I.
Not unappreciated believe me.
Wow, more good stuff. Love the Brown Pelican sign. The kid looks pretty healthy, take care.- sl
COOL!!! Glad I stopped by to read it this on my lunch break.
Miss Him.... Send my hugs and love..