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APRIL 20, 2012 6:14PM

Feng Shui outdoor living . . .

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Qi rides the wind and scatters, but is retained when encountering water.[5]

-that, from wiki... 

Really, I don't know much about feng shui, not at all-- but when designing this deck with the customer... on the spot (on your feet engineering I sometimes call it), we began joking a little about making it . . well, feng shui. 

To me I guess that meant, at the time- once again kind of joking around, that it would be balanced. 

It was Chris's idea (roughly based on a picture of one we did last year) to measure from left (east) at the door to the center of the fireplace, then to carry that measurement doubled, to the right. . or west as it were. He wanted the decking at opposing forty-five degree biases, a sort of herring bone pattern. From there we did some tweeks, such as switching from a full wrap-around step to having rails at each side with a partial wrapped step.

Bottom line; it was fun to work for someone with a little bit of imagination and a not so tight pocketbook, so we endeavored to take it to the limit. 


The guys that did most of the work . . .



 Happy guy. I would be too if I had this outdoor space!



 From the tip of those pointed center boards to each edge is exactly 138 and 3/4 inches. Note: the two sides are mirrors of each other.



 I learned from Harry's Ghost while visiting in Texas that the Japanese build pagodas and such using always, odd numbers (feng shui being Chinese!), so I decided on extending the step from two boards to three which makes it much more user friendly anyway. Also, three newel post per rail side, spaced perfectly.








Grandview, Missouri, USA 

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Always enjoyed the pleasure of a job well done. Good work.
What a beautiful deck, well done.
"that it would be balanced."

That when you stood on the deck, you no fall off and smash your head into ground and die!!

Feng Shui is about not falling off a deck and dying, balance, focus, take the pebble from my....I WON'T SAY WHERE!!! ;D

That looks a great deal like my old back yard, though I had a ranch. (Wheelchairs.)

It wouldn't surprise me to see the Japanese copy the Chinese in an idea like this one. The Japanese have a history of being improvers more than originators.

It is a gorgeous deck.
Wow, you do beautiful work! ~r
Trig, the deck looks beautiful and shows wonderful craftsmanship. By comparison, the back of the house needs a 'makeover' to match the attractive quality of your deck!
Gorgeous and peaceful space you have created. (or party central!) Love the detail and geometry.
that's an excellent design, all of it - the side railings stopping/meeting the wrapped step, the elongated step, the mirrored halves, pointed center boards. herringbone is a fav of mine - we set the pavers in the main room of our house that way with a double stacked border. joan got it right - you guys do gorgeous finish work.
It's just beautiful, and really complements the style of the house. Nice work!
Hate to show off, but, then again I don't.. hate it, that much. Totally American in that regard!

Going out, y'all have fun out there in cyber land!!
Very impressed by the arrow piece and the corner joins. I made my own decks, and, um, they don't look anything like this.
Looks good to me. All it needs is now is plants, water and fire elements and good vibes!

That BBQ pit is screaming for a side of beef. ;)
I like that your nails are back from the board ends. I always used 16DG spiral finish nail set back like yours, with about a 3 degree tilt cross grain. End nails were always turned upside down by the fistful and the tips were blunted with a few hammer taps before using. The last hammer swing on each nail would punch the nail sub-surface and the tilt would prevent the board from lifting.They almost looked to be without nails. That was Western Red Cedar and it adapted to that technique. What's the decking wood? Don't recognize it out here.

P.S. Very nice work...
Beautiful Trig, absolutely beautiful.
This is definitely 'all-decked out' out. Nice work.

I think people that work outside with their hands are the envy of many/most white collar office folk.
Ok, seriously.. leaving NOW to give my Asia gf some requested pool instruction.

But.. the frame is nail gunned together with 3 1/4 galvanized ring shank nails. Try pulling one out once embedded! Those little rings grip well and can stand up to (aka's question). . . treated southern yellow pine. (Yellawood and Prowood... new gen treated). The decking fasteners are 3 inch coated deck specialty screws with star drives, although sometimes we get #2 square drive screws.

Funny thing too about 'fire and water.' Chris has this top class Weber gas grill (cooked us brats yesterday), and happened to have a gas line stubbed off extending out of his house to the left side of the deck. He went and got custom cut and threaded black gas piping and ran it under the deck to the center so he could hook up the grill direct, only to figure out that his grill runs on liquid LP pressurized ONLY... so I told him maybe he could get a statue of liberty replica, or something oriental even :) and mount it by the fireplace with a non-extinguishing flame. Still needs the water feature though.

Thanks one and all. Please excuse for not responding to comments well. This isn't one of those type of blogs that needs responses anyway, so I'll just say thank you one and all for the compliments. Once again, I do less work than the other guys.
Chinese system of geomancy believed to use the laws of both Heaven (Chinese astronomy) and Earth to help one improve life by receiving positive qi..
Qi is chi, man.
geomancy? a method of divination that interprets markings on the ground or the patterns formed by tossed handfuls of soil, rocks, or sand. …

this is holy endeavor.

I know it’s a joke to us americans, but listen, Zen aint, is it? a joke? So go along to get along, get the energy right. My advice.
That's really beautiful!
Should someone make a comment about the "V" in the wood, like you did about a certain tree in the background of a pictured couple a while back?

Good work. I would've gone with vinyl/composite decking though.
You do some really fine work!
Feng shui? I've been ordering that for years at my favorite Chinese restaurant. I wonder what I've been eating.
Came across an interesting tid-bit today.

In England it is no longer chic to say "chic" about something. Guess what the new "in word" is?

Yup, its "trig"....... seems fittin' some how. Very "trig" deck work there tr ig!

You do good work dear.
I looked at your website here a while back.
anyone should be proud to have one.
I hope you stay working and having fun doing so forever.
Good luck with this.
I love it. But why don't you have a deck? Is it like the cobbler's children go barefoot?
Very nice! I do not have an abode of my own at this moment but when I do, it MUST have a gorgeous deck out back!