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APRIL 3, 2012 10:03PM

bon voyage and a bit of KC culture

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Text just in:

Dad, San Diego is absofuckinglutely stunning.

My reply: Son, I toad ya. 

Dropped him at the airpote today and hardly even cried! I'm getting used to all this I guess.

He said his time here couldn't have been any more wonderful, and ya know, that makes me feel really good because after all, it is all about me now isn't it. 

His grandma Carolyn (HI MOM!) requested a last visit with him dressed in his "Navy Blues," which are black by the way- go figure, so we went by there this morning for a brief last visit.





Priceless, or not? I say priceless and if your opinion is NOT then your comment will be dealt with harshly.

He still had to finish packing and all dat but we had time for 'the last supper' and discussed the options for same while we took the slow road home through Mission Kansas, winding our way through 'the Plaza' in Kansas City, Mo..

He loves the Plaza and I do have to admit it's fabulous, although the people there, the BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE, get on my nerves because they are in fact beautiful. 

Money can buy some beautiful dontchaknow. Rich men don't marry ugly; a sad fact. The pretty genes are passed to their lovely vacuous children who merrily shop the Plaza and the circle continues. Yeah, I'm just jealous probably. Or not. We are pretty, yet poor. Go figure..

But, I was speaking of the last supper! Our discussion-  after several options tossed about, money not being an issue since Mr. Navy Federal debit card was buying, ended up landing us at GATES BBQ.

"HI MAY I HELP YOU!" That's the second you walk in the door at Gates, before you've had a chance to even peruse the menu board. 


 hella sandwich!

Been a long while since I ate there because it is slightly pricy but OH MY GOD what a treat and I thank you kiddo!

He got the burnt end on bun and me the fat beef and a half, on white bread of course (in the foreground). Tonight, I will eat the other half. 

Yes, KC barbecue is really ALL THAT. Texas? Carolina style? All wonderful too, maybe. But we have Gates, and Arthur Bryants, etc..

There's a song about Gates (Ollie Gates.. or OG) by Kansas City hip hop star Tech N9ne that celebrates the place and our town. You should take the time to check out below. Eli and Holly made it to his concert here at The Midland during his visit, and even I think Tech is awesome.

New Orleans has Li'l Wayne representing for the 504. . . we have this guy rapping about KC, which I think is pretty cool as I'm sick of our town being thought of as the FLYOVER ZONE.




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You get no argument from me about KC BBQ, or for that matter Memphis either... damn fine eats!! Good lookin young man bet you two made your Mom's day!
Can't say a thing to add to that! Muhaaa!
Glad he's liking SD. On Spring Break week, no less. Is he stationed there or shipping out? Does he get to live at the unbelievable Pacific Beacon?

My son is at MEPS right now. Hoping for a good job assignment & boot soon.
What a cute looking boy. What a lovely looking mama. But, the sandwich almost steals their thunder.
In AD? Have them come by for a visit. Jet in and bring along your brother and asia rein too. Partayyy?
A fine strapping young man you got there Trig, you should be proud. I grew up in SD north coast, so I'm glad he agrees it's very nice. You done good. Best wishes to you both.

That hella sammich expression he has is priceless.
"Dad, San Diego is absofuckinglutely stunning"

I guess Bonnie moved...
jmac I forgot to mention Memphis. Believe me when I say that it can not be any better than what we ate today (and tonight). Yes he absolutely made my Mom's day.

asia, enough said then!

keri h. 3 months training at Oceanside/Camp Pendleton before two years in Okinawa. Navy Hospital Corpsman attached to a Marine division/battalion/platoon- whatever! Hope your son gets a good gig..

fernsy- asia and I have talked of a little trip out that way. Could maybe happen. I have a lot of OS friends in the vicinity (as we all do) -- would love to hang out with you and Hennya.

Thx to Sirenita Lake who sent a Japanese language book to Eli (besides being a great special friend in all regards). It arrived today and he packed it with all his other worldly things, carried upon his back.
bbd thx much my friend. Southern Cali is a paradise still in spite of "civilization" isn't it. His expression caught there is pretty good, I agree!

leepin, last I heard from an OSer who rarely post any more and lives in Del Mar, Bonnie Russell is alive and well living the next block over, doing her evil still to this day. Poor lady.
Speaking of beautiful people, those two in the photograph look mighty beautiful to me.
Tr,a beautiful son..a beautiful family..wishes for him to go great!!!!Sounds to me like a great supper..Although I tried to hear your video the message said that the insight view is not allowd in my country..Thank you for sharing Tr,me too a KC BBQ eater here,a beer drinker...Beautiful story..wishes for the best..Rated..
Eli is getting all of the fun assignments! And your Mom is so tiny... Glad you had a good visit.
Damn Navy is color blind!! That's off orange uniform(yes, I do need a new monitor, how'd ya know? :D) if I ever seen one!!!

RATED for everything!!!!
Brought a tear to my eyes this early morning Tr ig.
But that pic of the sandwich and Eli's expression??
You are a wealthy guy. You got much to be thankful for dear.
I haven't had Kansas City BBQ for twenty years, but I still remember it. Glad you had a good time with your son. It's a little sad, but nice, to meet them as adults.
Fine looking son, lovely looking mom, and delicious looking sandwich. Good times, priceless. ~r
Son=very handsome man in uniform. Beef sandwich=not so handsome. Urp. Please don't deal harshly with my comment. I'm a vegetarian.
So handsome! Yes I did mean it is so hard to share our boys with their friends when they get to come home for so short of times. :)
So both our boys will be in Japan I guess it could be much worse my son says they are a very polite group of folks...When they fly out of the states they don't get to wear their uniform, fear and all that and tell him he can write you, once there, with just your name, general delivery and the zip code. They won't let them write there town or city! I know small stuff and I need to shut up so I wish your son the absolute best!!!!
Nice. As Mission said, there's wealth and there's wealth. (Also beauty and beauty.)
That sammich is as big as his head! He probably wears it off in no time with a young man's metabolism. The burnt end is my choice as well...
Crisp pictures.
Life in a blur.
Good stuff.
that is a sandwich and a oldest daughter and her hubby bought me a wonderful dinner for my bday...I think a parent can say they "did good" when their children grow up and buy dinner. It is a good sign of a thankful, hard working kid, right? Eli looks like he is doing well. Great post.
What a handsome boy! Love that BBQ.
I love a man in uniform...

But a fat beef and a half, I'm not so sure about. ;-)
thanks for sharing your life like this. godspeed to your dear son! best, libby
STATHI STATHI damn the international whatever laws that don't allow you to see the video! Thanks for the nice comment and cool that you made it here (from my tags? wow)

Phyllis- Eli is really lucky or blessed as far as, at least, his physical locations. Boot camp Chicago in the fall, escaping before Chicago winter-- San Antonio damn near to Mexico for winter, now San Diego, greatest summer climate in this country I do believe... then, Okinawa from what I understand is a tropical paradise. Eli is six foot and growing. Mom is a pretty normal size :)

Tink... go dumpster diving at Best Buy and get you a NEW monitor!

seer- yeah tears of course, but it's all good at this point. He's still the same kid and has opted for what will work for him as far as setting a course for controlling his own future.

Mission.. I was being, or trying to be, a little funny with all that POOR. Never missed a meal, yet, and have many blessings for sure.

jlsathre, so you KNOW Kc bbq! It is outstanding IMHO. Thank you!
Joan H.- priceless indeed :)

greenheron- it takes all kinds. Vegetarians even :D

lunchlady thanks for the tips. Thought that was you meant. He is definitely spread thin when here but does make a little time for ol' dad.

Myriad like I said.. not hungry and having great family and friends = wealthy in many ways. Gracias..

Linnn.. he is totally lean and buff, and his burnt end sandwich (the scraps I grabbed) was really really good!

aka, his life is rather a blur, but I'm a little jealous of the travels
tai- he really likes buying; actually appreciates that I bought his meals for quite a while.. lol


Jeanette, I embellished the name of the sandwich, but I do assure you that it's not what would be considered diet lean. You have bbq there?

libby- thanks for sharing? Oh, I overshare! Especially on the kid subject which I'm pretty sure has about reached the point of audience saturation by now but oh well :- thanks for looking and reading
Not that long ago when I saw your name on OS, I wondered about your son and how he was doing. Now I know. He looks great! I'm glad he's happy and that you're happy. It sounds like you adjusted to him not living with you any more. It takes time, but it happens. I'm grateful I still have two boys at home and one down the street.....but I sure miss the three that live out of town. I also miss the days when they were little and we all lived under the same roof. Trig, good post! (and good photography)
Thanks Patricia .. yeah I'm pretty well adjusted to living alone and having the house to myself. When he's here it is actually, exhausting! And with modern tech we can text or skype, or even talk on the phone, what a concept :)
The pics are thru what I affectionately call the Barry came, set on AUTO because I haven't taken the time to mess with all those settings and experiment. Loaded onto flickr-- then, the top two are medium640 I think which cuts the right side off a little when loaded onto OS. The last one is medium500 which allows the whole image to be shown here. Too bad we can't show the larger raw images.
Uh, Barry CAM- not Barry came . . lol
There is bbq here, but I'm not what you'd call a connoisseur. I don't really know the good joints from the bad. I guess Memphis is where it's at for bbq.
The goodbye's are hard - I've had a life filled with them. He will come back a new man! Great pics R
I'm so glad the book got there in time! So, are we gonna see you in California? If you go to San Diego, you must come to SF as well.
Oh, and the song makes me want KC barbecue.
love the pictures and the inside look ~ great family.
Jeannette, I've been thru Memphis a bunch of times, but the I-55 corridor must be the shitty side of town. I blow thru there as fast as possible, so have never tasted any of the legendary Memphis Q.

Marilyn-- in seven months of service, I have already seen him 4 times. Visits may be more rare in the next couple of years but that's ok :)

Sirenita-- some kind of way, we'll do lunch. You should be getting a note from him about the book. But, from me, thanks!

Heidi, glad you made it by-- now go neuter your governor!!!
Priceless. Absolutely priceless. Handsome son, proud papa, cute granny. What more could we ask for? :)
handsome fella, glad it was a wonderful time.