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MARCH 1, 2012 7:58PM

my rather painful piercing

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I know some of you think it's silly, but I like fishing, so each year around this time I start getting prepared, a ritual that involves cleaning and oiling reels, then re-stringing with fresh line (yes, fishing line can become un-fresh)... cleaning out and re-arranging/re-stocking the tackle box.

This includes buying and admiring shiny new lures and reading the boxes they come in, much like some of you read your cereal boxes at breakfast. Did you know Rapala brand lures ('the original Finnish minnow') are assembled in Estonia? Well you do now! Cereal boxes are boring.

I've had a pile of new lures sitting on one of the couches for days, enjoying them each time I walk by, but today was the day to add them to the tackle box, for the weather is good and IT IS MARCH after all! 

Amongst those new ones were two or three of last years' that I had cut off the poles when I was re-stringing, and well, one of those, a 'crankbait' (my favorite type) had become hooked into the fabric. 

My girlfriend took note yesterday of the hooked crankbait situation and informed me. Yes, I already knew but am slow sometimes... to resolve such situations.

She fancies herself rather a McGyver type so I challenged her to get it free to which she informed me "you're gonna need some needlenose pliers" which I couldn't find because I am unorganized, hence part of the reason that it remained attached there for several days.

Well today I found those damned pliers!

-- Grabbed the treble hook using the proper tool held in my right hand (two of the three were embedded) and gave a good yank. 

They popped out much easier than I expected, yes, the couch was free... or the lure was free. OK, both were free!

But not me.

The rear treble pierced into the palm of my left hand, and it hurt. One of those panic moments when you realize you've done something dumb that causes pain signals in the brain.

Brain to tr ig: "YOU DUMB ASS. Ouch! Now what you going to do genius? You do realize that hooks have what are known as barbs, right, and the only way they can be removed from human flesh is to push the barb on through, then cut the hook and pull the remains of it out, barb first."

To brain: "YES, yes I do. Shut up!"


 So I tried doing the opposite. Backing it out. NO WAY NO HOW! But then, took what seemed the appropriate action in such an asinine situation- snapped a picture.

Great blogging opportunity!! 


Another pic... gotta include doggie. Right.

Then, totally focused, I did what brain had told me... pulled the hook through to the other side.

THAT took, I'm guessing twenty minutes. I pushed and pulled, like really hard, trying to get it through, my hand skin distended until turning arctic white.

Not only was that painful, to say the least... I was afraid that if I push-pulled TOO hard that the whole thing would just rip out, involving MUCH MORE pain, and probably a hideous scar, but finally the point of the dull hook appeared.


Only ten or so more minutes later, much pressure applied, the barb itself finally popped out.

At that point I was having tunnel-vision.


Then, just another five or ten to get those same needlenosed pliers in a position where I could get the wire cutting portion onto the hook to cut it, without chopping my own flesh.

You may think I'm exaggerating. 

No... not. Good timing though, as I was fresh out of blog topics.


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One reason I don't do fishing anymore...the dang hooks!
The things some people do for a blogging opportunity. Ouch! Hope you've had a tetanus shot recently.
three of my fav os girls :)
oh that's right, penicillin for gonorrhea, tetanus shot for rusty hooks, etc.
So I take it you're not left-handed? I was hoping this was going to explain that thing in your lip.
I hate when that happens.
You caught your hand!!! Did you take it out for dinner? What?

Phyllis I already 'splained that in a previous blog! For that piercing I was under anesthesia.

Larry.. ME TOO. Hate it. Hope not to repeat it. Actually, no small miracle that this was a first... that way
Ow. That made my feet ache. My feet always ache when a really bad real wound shows up. ow.
You'll do anything to get a rating, hah! Man, that's gotta hurt. My dad took me fishing when I was like 6, and I jerked when I shouldn't have and buried a hook in his hand. He had to cut it out and I almost passed out watching him. I wrote a poem about it. Anything for material!:-)
Tink where you been?!?!
Yes I took my left to dinner after I snagged her!
Tr ig,
I swear, my friend, sometimes I think you're dumb as a rock. Why on earth didn't you cut that prong off BEFORE pushing it through?!!!!
And where the heck were your wire cutters? (Sometimes called side-cutters).

Remind me one day to tell you how to safely withdraw a barbed hook without ripping hell out of your flesh; but then, now that you've done it the painful way, you've probably already figured it out - after the fact - as I did right AFTER the first time I 'unhooked' myself by pushing the prong through.
Oh that hurt me...yes tetanus shot is in your immediate future... I'll drive ya.
Ouccchh! We both had things happen in our hands (mine was a parrot's theft of my bracelet) --and thought "Blog!" Oh well, heal well.
I just had a pissing contest with my cousin over contraception, so this may not be polite. Too bad you're no longer on FB or you could read it.

I don't stalk your posts and comments and memorize every letter so I seem to have missed that story. I did go back to check and still can't find it. So sorry.
Oh yeah. Done that one to my self also. It just plain hurts.
Told Cup Cake once about the Rooster Tail that got stuck in the top of Mrs.' head. We were two hours away from town. What a trooper. She wouldn't let me take her back because the bite was on. My buddy who had hooked her turned green, jumped out of the boat and decorated the ferns. I told her I'd count to three and take it out. One...two....yank ! (She would have been too tense if I got all the way to three. )Success!! and full stringers. Good times that fishin' stuff.
I thought this post was going to be about a frenum ladder and now I'm disappointed, but I'm glad you're okay!
Not for the squeamish. ~r
Oh. And if you really, really MUST push it through, do so then cut the BARBED END off......NOT THE PRONG! Then withdraw the barbless prong.

Don't see palm rings too often. Maybe you can get one to match your lip!
Ha! Well done, doctor tr ig. Make sure to drink lots of alcohol. As an internal antiseptic, of course. I'm sure that works. ;)
Don't tell anyone, but that's why so many fly fishermen practice catch and release: barbless hooks.

I do that about once a year, but I make a point of always hooking someone else rather than myself.

Now you know how the poor fishies feel.
have yet to find out about the lip thingy..
When I was young (6 maybe) I was practicing my casting on the lake pier and my little brother walked up behind me. Yep, hooked him right in the roof of his mouth. Oh the screaming that ensued. His AND mine. But looking at your photos made me woozy.
The lip thingy.. I have claimed it's a piercing that goes from lip to chin, pure gold, paid heavily for... but truth is it's a piece of grass from that African grass behind me. Big grass. Big African grass in Missouri.
Hmmm, I'd been wondering about that! Mystery solved.
Ack. Thanks for step by step surgical instructions. One time when I was attempting to push fabric through my sewing machine faster than it wanted to receive it, I found my thumb sewn clear through the nail, out the back and into the fabric, while I stared dumbly at my work. I'll save the rest, cuz I can see that you already know. Slather that thing up in some bacitracin!
Lots of questions about that grass. Might have been not wanting to admit I was chewing a piece of grass, because that is hick-like. Maybe it is! It was at a job site, and I was resting... which was most of my job at that job.

aka you... ripped it out of her head... then? Well played!

Sky what up with the 'prong?' It's not in my fishing vernacular, more in my sex vernacular.. although that may be - - an exaggeration, in that regard, in my case

Seeing the sense of barbless hooks today!

And for what it's worth, today, is the first day I've hooked myself or, to my best memory, anyone else... though there is that time our brother that don't blog here caught one in the earlobe on a windy as hell Kansas lake, when I was nine or so.... most of the memory is blocked
I was waiting to hear that you peed on it, you know, testosterone antiseptic thing. Glad I didn't since the rest was bad enough. Whoa.
Goes without saying that I pee'''d on it. Then perozide to kill the piss, then best choices' version of mycatracin. I'm golden now... hopefully!
Yeow. I've had my share of cuts and other mishaps but never where the barb penetrated the skin more than superficially. Those Rapalas have been around for ages. I used my first when i was about 8 and still use them today. If the water ever vanished from out lake I expect I'd find a tackle-box full of them off our shore.
I would have been trebling too much to get that thing out of my own flesh. Why didn't you just cut off your hand?
Rapala is to my mind the industry standard, which irks me... the damned Finn's, outsourcing to Estonia, but I don't care because their lures rock. If I'd been hooked by a newer Rapala, it wouldn't have taken me twenty to thirty to get it pushed through because they use STATE OF THE ART HOOKS!

Glad to say I only briefly considered cutting off my own hand with the two pound cleaver... that I found on a haunted property.. and still keep. I call it the Bill the butcher... from 'Gangs of New York' but it's more likely Polish because those are the immigrants that 'settled' the area. The house I mentioned was built by, in 1900, what we call now 'Indians' later Slavic, now Hispanic and Cracker mostly.
Am I high?
Seriously, time for that tetanus shot. I know you like to get attention for your photography on here, but the graphics are a little over the top this time. As to the lure, I think I probably got snagged by one or two of those when I was a wee lass learning to fish, owwwww.
I would assume that any os'er would take pics and report. Swear I didn't stage this. Fucked up it is, true, that after I was hooked, I thought of blogging. Yeah I'm sick that way but HOPE to be consumed with other things very soon. Might quit os til fall.
"This includes buying and admiring shiny new *lures* and reading the boxes they come in..."

If I substitute *cosmetics* for *lures* I can *relate.*
substitutions, like all things on os.. free!
Kim Gamble and I have a bet, what exactly is that across you lip in your latest photo, no BS..
he says it's African Grass , I say a piercing... what say you??
Say it's grass & I'll mail you $20.
Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, chihuahua. That looks painful. ... Have you had a tetanus shot?
Kim you are so naive sometimes..
And the first thing you thought to do was to photograph? You must have nerves of steel.
Currently I am $30 up on you.
Hold your avatar, right there.
Oh that brings back so many memories and this one in particular. OUCH!
That hook looks to be either a double pronged hook or a triple pronged one - it isn't too clear in the photos. Each prong has a barb near the end. I suppose you might call it a double or triple hook or even refer to the individual prongs as "tines", also.

Heck, I'd have thought you'd have been more curious as to how to remove that barbed prong from your flesh without pushing it through than in my terminology!

Glad you're OK, though.
Pixie, I want to know! How does he get the fishhook out without it going the whole route through his hand?

Trig, did you at least use anesthesia?
Opportunity for you: Invent some Barb(er) -ettes. Covers made of hard plastic to keep on the hooks while you anglers are fiddling around knotting your fresh line and such...
never knew exactry why but a three 'prong' hook is called a TREBLE, not like treble clef, like hillbilly triple I guess. I got the one 'prong' of the treble out the one and only way it was going to come out. Guess I'm confused

Kim and Rita, I'm assuming by now you read the 'story of the fucking thing in my mouth' in the earlier comments. Rita you may have to pay Kim, but that's my fault because I did say once it was a piercing... anyway, I explained up there^
I double checked to verify. From Latin, triplus, threefold, triple. But I knew this...
late 14c., "three times, triple," from O.Fr. treble (12c.), from L. triplus (see triple). The verb is recorded from early 14c. The noun meaning "highest part in music, soprano" is attested from early 14c., from O.Fr. treble; in early contrapuntal music, the chief melody was
in the tenor, and the treble was the "third" part above it (after the alto). dictionary dot com

Aren't words fascinating?
I held my breathe the whole way through this - ouch - but genius for turning it into a post
THANKS ASIA...was wondering, truly.
Thanks to all for enduring this post.
What a crappy day! Typical March. Ready to fish then it turns to shit.
I can't imagine any piercing not being painful, and yours here especially so. And you messed up your lure, too! You should take up a less dangerous hobby, like cliff diving.

I recall a painful piercing of my own - a utility knife to the calf. It was quite the crimson fountain that ensued. Luckily I had a dirty sweat sock handy to tie it off with.

Dammit, that hurts just looking at it.
You could have called this post "The Trouble With Trebles."
Count yourself lucky. I once hooked my neighbor in the cheek. Cosmetic surgery in the middle of the lake was deemed unwise, so he had to hold the line while I rowed the damned boat back to shore. I don't believe I've ever been so embarrassed.
I think I'm getting lockjaw, but my fingers are still type-capable so no worries.
I totally thought this was going to be about some sort of other piercing and thought, this might be interesting, but I must say this was indeed quite a piercing story of another kind...and with photos! Thumbs up for not passing out and taking it "out" like a man!
I no know where I've been, Duluth maybe? :D
@ Margaret, that was funny ... and very, very bad. The Trekkies will never forgive you.
Nice! I've hooked myself many times but never got the barb all the way in there. Best thing to do would've been to take some ketamine then de-rust the shank with some WD40 and kina work the hole bigger with a 1/8" countersink 'til there's enough clearance for the pointy bit to come out cleanly.
I realize this is a late comment but I just has to. Dear Tr ig, here i've been reading your stuff, writings or bloggings, call it wha choo want, and thinking...this guy is bad ass, this guy is pretty cool, and then I get to this post and damn, you're a PUSSY. When your brother got hooked by his earlobe didn't your daddy just pull it out and say "hush you'll scare the fish"? When I caught my brother's eyelid with a fish hook that's what my daddy said. The second you saw that hook go into your hand you should have immediately just grabbed it and ripped that shit out. Everyone knows the longer you look at it the more it hurts.
Pussy? That's a subject in which I have some expertise.

Huh? ME a pussy? LMAO, ok you've got me pegged in this case...
Well I know you had to be thinking it, at some point.... that this is prolly real similar to how the fish feel, only I would imagine the mouth would be much more painful....