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FEBRUARY 9, 2012 4:31PM

how many times did it take before you got high?

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The first comment I saw at OS this morning was (paraphrasing as the post is now down), "Neil, do you really think it's wise to state right here on your blog that you purchased illegal drugs sometime in your past?  Really??"
Next thing that caught my eye was a post by zanelle titled "smoking a bowl" and thought, HA... alrighty then, that kind of a day!!
zanelle opens thusly:
"The first time I smoked Pot I loved it.  We were all in the basement apartment of my college friend.  We had purchased a half full baggie of primo weed on the University Avenue for twelve dollars.  Someone passed me a joint as I was sitting in front of the fire place and within moments I was in the fire.  Not literally, but my imagination was like a spider crawling on one of the logs.  It was hot."
It's a must read (so go do it... peer pressure ya know)!
My comment-- "Far out z..
A joy to read this and so much I want to say
but think I'll go get my bit of groceries, then come
back here, take a couple of hits and read again.
(god forbid I get high and go to the grocery store-
I would never get out of there)"
.... later in the thread: 
Linda~ "Only smoked pot twice in my life and did LSD twice. It just never did anything for me..." 
Just Thinking, replies to Linda-
 @ Linda: "...Pot notoriously takes three to five tries for most people before they 'feel' anything..." It was try #4 for me, all those years ago.
Oh my! 
No, don't mind admitting; I once, in the seventies, purchased 'illegal drugs.' Guess I was born to question 'authority.' The laws against pot, to my (our) mind(s), were somewhere between discriminatory.. and just plain stupid and wrong.
So, I-we endeavored to ignore them!
My personal memory, to answer my title question of "how many times did it take" goes like this.
First time- a friend from school (was like 28, greasy, and hung out by the back fence... KIDDING!) gave or sold me 'a joint.' Prior to that day I would have sworn on a stack that I would NEVER "do drugs" I still can't recall exactly what was going through my mind that day- why I took it.
Curious? Yeah, I suppose!
Smoked it... with another, already 'initiated' friend, who became stoned, but I did not. I felt cheated! In a conversation to that effect, that day, my bud-dee told me, looking at me like Johny Depp might today, "it takes a few times before you feel it, man."
So I didn't give up! And yes, I believe it was the fourth, or maybe fifth time, before "I was in the fire" zanelle.
So to re-cap... zanelle, first time (and I've known many that way... no rule as such)... LOADED! 
Linda... two times but gave it up, maybe in frustration.. no matter. It's not for everyone.
Just Thinking-- with the great memory, lol.. the fourth time.
Me, about the same as JT. We would put on "the tape," on a huge reel to reel-- a recording of Paul McCartney's "RAM," drink iced tea, and... philosophize! 
Your experiences... or thoughts?

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Smokin' don't get it, but brownies do.
I wrote it down. There's some old notes on a's right around here somewhere...hold it is right under this little box over by...........

what ?
How many times did you have to ingest the damned brownies Tom?
Sheeittt I have brownie stories too... thanks for the reminder.
I'd take part in your questionaire but I've never gotten high. Drugs are bad, mm-kay?
Never have smoked pot. But, see this, I got this shingles thing going on, and the doctor gave me these pain pills that are, for me anyway, pretty strong (but I understand talking to some of my friends and family they are actually very mild - go figure), but I've been having these really neato dreams, since i only take the puilss at night. And most of the dreams are sort of naughty, which is even funnier cause that stuff's been out of my league for a while now, hehe.
Quick true story apropos of the topic:

A buddy of mine and I invited a third friend, John, out to go partying. He had just broken up with a long-time sweetheart and was in need of some out-with-the-guys time. He knew Al and I use to party a lot…and decided this was a good time to see what it was all about. We drove in my car.

On the way to the party we decided to get st0ned. Back in those days, we use to do that…get stoned while driving. (Bad idea, but I never did get in any accidents.)

Anyway, our friend John mentioned that he had tried pot only once and it did absolutely nothing for him…he was not interested. But Al and I light up a dube anyway…and just passed between the two of us. At some point, John decided he would take a puff…but it was a paltry try…just trying to “be one of the guys” kinda thing.

But he was in a closed car, so he was getting plenty of smoke just by being there.

It was a long drive (made longer by the pot)…and Al and I were laughing and enjoying the hell out of the trip. My car was a Chrysler Newport, with a stereo system that was world class at the time (8 track back then). Great music…good conversation, but John mentioned several times about how pot just did not do anything for him.

A song came on…one by Elton John that John especially liked. He mentioned how much he liked it…in fact, he mentioned several times how much he liked it. He complimented me on the sound…and asked when I had gotten the new stereo system installed. He mentioned how much better the new system sounded than the old.

“John,” says I, “you are stoned. That is why the song sounds so good.”

“No, no,” replies John, “I have always loved this song…and the stereo system is exceptional. That’s all it is; the pot is not affecting me.”

“John,” says I back, “this is the first fucking time you’ve ever ridden in my car. The stereo system came with it when I bought it….and was not installed between the time you got in and now. The pot is kicking your stoned ass.”

Needless to say, John almost shit his pants. He not only was stoned…he was discovering what it was like to be stoned.
So when did daisy jane stop doing cocaine ?

I don't know. It's really hard to tell.

My first ( hash in a petrie dish through a pippette, shoved into a closet & told to hold my breath ) was fairly uneventful, so I became a strictly lsd man. mikonos, shiva. 100 to a sheet of blotting paper which lasted about a week from memory, & involved driving onto an airport tarmac & letting the dogs out to say goodbye to a friend who needed to be at work in the morning & lengthy conversations with the police.
shit I miss those guys.
aka... huh?

nanatehay you stoned lying weasel. Or wolverine.. whatever

daisy (such a sweet rendition of YOU... ha) NO I CANNOT IMAGINE YOU ON COCAINE... ok, I can. Not a nice mind image. Then again the image/memory of ME on 'coke' is no better. Fuck...
Thank you for your enthusiasm here...
Surely more will be along :D
Too young to remember; my mother laced my formula with PCP. She says shaken baby syndrome could be avoided if everyone did that.
daisy jane I didn't say that !

I didn't say it's still horror to be in earshot of you I said it's still an honour to be an earwig in your pillow !

Keep writing the eulogy !
57 - but it was worth the wait.
Exclamation points Rule !
WTF Margaret's mother was right !
Joo Joo eyeballs !
And some of us just have ne head for drugs. Going through the evening with your eyes swollen closed and your mouth hanging open convinced that you are the hottest thing on the planet (there were pictures) is really enough to convince a person to not do that again.
I have never understood this phenomenon. Before reading your post, I always believed that people just said that because they bought oregano two or three times before they figured out not to trust white dealers.

However, you pointed out one flaw in my theory...or did you?

When I first read that you didn't feel anything but the experienced stoner did, I thought it was a refutation of my theory because it demonstrably worked on somebody else . But, it occurs to me that the stoner might just have gotten "high" because his brain chemistry already knew symptoms to produce.

The first time I smoked weed, I was 18 I think and it was incredible and intense. I still say if you didn't get high, it wasn't weed.
You might think I was baked when I wrote that comment.
A slack jawed kisser? I don't remember the day of my first kiss, but it was in the AV room at the high school. That boy could KISS. During the school day and stone sober. Ah.
Heh. Loved RAM. Was just thinking about "Backseat of My Car" earlier today. "We may end up in Mexico City."
Does 'pot' help or hinder the creative process?
Answering comments now...
might be a minute
Goddess forbid I should have anymore "help" with my creative processes
DH if you ever feel the pain pills are too much to handle ask your doctor for stronger ones, then send them to me. Right! Thanks

Frank, your comment is a blog in itself, and a good one. Rated!

Kim.. hash in a closet din't do it for ya? Straight to the lsd then.. yeah me too, except the pot (Colombian, and hash like Nepalese Temple Balls, and real Thai and every other southeast Asian variety, not to mention Panama Red and Acapulco Gold... oh, and hash oil).. we kept smoking, even on acid.
Nobody told me the brownies were laced, and I love me some brownies, so ... I don't remember much after that
Margaret, I can see a bottle or two of benadryl and vodka to keep baby quiet, but think your mom might have gone overboard, although I applaud her concern for preventing 'shaken baby syndrome.'
Harry's... kudos for counting and it worked out.. see!

Phyll- " eyes swollen closed and your mouth hanging open?" Me? How did you kn......oh!
Second time ... and last time
(of course I DO like to write fiction
now and then)
What we used to say back in the day, was:

If you have a friend who smokes weed, but does not try to get you to smoke some with him...

...get a new friend, because he ain't a true friend.
Never have, I'm fucked up enough without drugs. ~nod~ Seriously! Not a smoke, though, Tylenol PMs are awesome to take and as they hit, trying to bring you into dreamland, just write!! ~nodding~

But don't drink and do that, you die, according to the label.

And hell, if the Feds haven't showed up yet for half the crap I've written, they sure aren't going to show up if I wrote, "I bought some acid off a friend from school, when I took it two hours ago, he said, 'make sure you don't go outside, the lawn gnomes will getcha...' but I didn't listen and soon I was running away from the lawn gnomes...."

Hold on, some folks in mirrorshade sunglasses are at my door!!! Teehee!!
elegant mistake, elegant as you are.. you are mistaken. It was not O-REG-A-NO. Do think I smoked some basil once tho. Go figure... physiologically speaking, certain among us take a while. Google it!
Mark.. cool how things you were thinking about happen.. That album (and yes, still say ablum.. ALBUM) is embedded in my psyche from those times.

Scarlett: nice disclaimer but.. you know, who cares? Really.. oh well.
Amazing to me that our government greed factor peoples don't figure the tax benefits... other benefits, a lot of them. All I can guess is that it's more profitable to take big pharma and alcohol money. I'm thinking, room for all!
"philosophize!" That is so wonderful to do stoned. You get the whole universe figured out but then you forget how you did it. Thanks Trig.
Tink it's all good if you don't STEAL the lawn gnomes. Running away from them is seen as harmless which might explain why, I too, still live on the OUTSIDE!
~nodding~ Never ever steal a lawn gnome, especially from the front lawn of the White House. ~nodding even more~ :D

I usually just tell the nice Feds what they want to know like, "Yes, I do realize writing about the President's penis is kind of kinky!" :D

No drugs involved with that post!! ~teehee~ I LUBS U!! ~SMOOCH~
I was kidding tr-ig. Gee, time for you to stoke up a bowl or something?
I would've like to have read Neil's blog that was taken down. Beyond that, I'm getting really tired of people overusing the "Really??" no matter what subject.

It smells funny in here. Really ... :)
Didn't mean it like THAT Scarlett.. may I message you privately? Yes.. cool

zanelle glad you got your stoned self over here!! Yeah, me too!
cheers tom! mmmmmmmmmmmm brownies..............special brownies.................... match made in heaven - chocolate & weed - lmao
Worked for me from the first puff. It was and is a miracle drug-a cheap intoxicant with no side effects, other than craving sweets.
nderez.. edibles are always nice.. readily available in progressive states to the afflicted : )

Spuds... vote, qualification, for FIRST PUFF.

Tink I LUBS U 222!
I can't remember the first time I got high. Drugs have ruined my brain. I can remember a few special highs, though. But those didn't tend to be on weed. I remember the freaky ones, too. Like once, when we were kids, my sister and her boyfriend invited me to go with them to a Led Zeppelin concert. They are huge fans, and I liked 'em ok. Someone passed us a joint laced with PCP. I had to carry my sister, who had a huge attack of paranoia, out of the ballroom just as Led Zeppelin began to play. When I say ballroom, I mean, no chairs, just people on the floor who suddenly stood up. We were engulfed. People were columns of light. Finally we found the door. There was an army of big blue security guards in the lobby between us and the girl's bathroom. They loomed, menacing, but didn't stop us. We spent the concert in the bathroom.

Another time, I went to a party and there was LSD in the punch. I didn't know it. I went home and couldn't sleep. Woke up my mom, told her I was too high to sleep. She said, you know what you need to do? Take a sleeping bag out to the backyard and look at the stars. So I did. Mom was a sport.
Chrisenita.. damn the pcp! Have some stories too, stories of feeling about as high as... the trim on the wall, like 2 and 3/4 inches!! THAT is something to live thru .Yeah have some stories too, but yours' is classic. Poor sister! And your mom, so instinctually right on!
And we are still alive... freaks. Or... better adjusted?
Police concert, Tallahassee, 1984. I held Mary Tom's hair while she vomited in a Pizza Hut bathroom, right after we visited my Nannie's house, a car full of drunken teens trying to be sober. I took a few tokes and then -- The Police T-shirt stand where I had to figure cash and change for my t-shirt and everyone else's and corral my brother and Mary Tom and .....Hey!..Don't wander off!!

I'd really like to one day experience pot when I wasn't in charge of one person or another. Except I don't like the idea of smoke in my lungs because my dad had lung cancer. I guess I'm stuck with beer.
I'm feeling kind of out of it in this conversation. But if anyone needs a designated driver tonight, I'm your girl.
Ha! Nice post, tr ig : )

"Prior to that day I would have sworn on a stack that I would NEVER "do drugs" " ~ funny, it was the same for me ~

I remember it was the new girl from Chicago that stole pot from her Dad that we smoked those four times, while cutting tennis team, no less. That was completely shocking, every part: I was cutting class with the new girl!, her Dad had pot, she stole, she stole pot!, she had divorced parents!
...she was the first girl I knew who wore black eye liner...
Ah, those pivotal moments in life : )
Thanks, tr ig, thanks zanelle, fun memories ~
Shhh... never touch the stuff....

wandering off to find Tink...
@ Mr. Gamble,
strictly an lsd man, you say? *files away*
You and my husband then, back in the day : )
He misses his guys too.
....only special creatures take the strictly lsd route, in my humble experience...that might be a compliment,
I'm not quite sure though....
Despite not enjoying it the first several times, I still tried it now and then. I even tried to be a stoner, when I lived in Santa Fe where everyone was high just about all the time. After two days, I took a "break" for over a year, before my friends found the leftover weed because they were out.
If you don't try it, you just don't know what it's about. Now, I don't smoke it because it does nothing for me (too bad) and medical marijuana is legal! Meh. The acid and shrooms were a load of fun.
Did it a lot in high school and college and then quit when I had kids. 20 years later after that little storm that took out my city I was in my 5th or 6th week of evacuation (or as I called it hell) I realized that not only was I drinking waayyyy too much but also taking 10-20 xanax a day. I took some pot from my teenager and haven't looked back. I have found that after 20 years of non usage I get REALLY high now. Yes I still enjoy a drink or two, ok three, but I haven't needed xanax since I picked it up again. I wanna move to Cali.

was in 1967. People had heard about funny things taking place in San Francisco, but we didn't know quite what was going on. Life magazine had a cover story about dope, so my roommate Cooper went out, and for $5 we got about half a lunch bag of Illinois dirt weed harvested from along the Foxboro Road, where I imagine it still grows to this day.

Anyway, we started in on smoking the stuff. And we kept on smoking, rolling one bomber after another to no effect. And halfway down the bag, we started laughing hysterically as we figured that the guy who sold this shit to us had substituted parsley or something for dope.

Then we went to KFC and we each had a bucket of chicken, but I still hadn't been laid yet.

But that's another story.
BTW, if you do LSD more than three times, you have to ask God how the wife and kids are.
I'm sure the statute of limitations has run out on this so I can be quite candid.

It took three times for me. But then again, my dad was the one who first introduced me to pot -- at 13. I had just gone to live with my dad after the divorce and was living with my mom up to that point. It was the summer of 1974.

My dad, he sat me and my next oldest brother at the counter top bar in our apartment and said, "Boys, you're going to be exposed to this stuff at some point, no matter what I do. I'd be a hypocrite if I told you not to do it, because I have."

My brother and I looked at each in double take fashion while making a quick eyeline back to dad. Was this a trick? Is this some sort of test? We weren't sure what the hell my dad was playing at and we knew he could be a pretty sneaky son-of-a-bitch, so we just sat there, impersonating statues.

A few seconds later, my dad sighs and then says, "Well, I just want you to know that if you decide to try it, I want you here in the house, not out at some park somewhere around people you don't know. I don't want you out there buying it from people you don't know or from people you just met -- you could be being set up and end up in jail." He waited a few more seconds and then asked, "So, have either of you ever tried smoking pot?"

My brother and I repeated our double takes, trying to get a clue from each other how to respond. We both shook our heads.

"Would you like to try some? I have some upstairs in my dresser. It's pretty old and I don't know if it's any good anymore, but if you want to try it, I'd feel a whole lot better if you did here with me, instead of out and about someplace where you don't know anyone."

More doubletakes. I wasn't ever stoned in my whole small life up to this point, but the entire lead in was a complete mind trip all by itself! After a moment's hesitation, I said, "Uhh, okay, sure, dad." Then my older brother nodded and said, "Yah, me too."

My dad was horrible at rolling a joint and the thing looked like it had been injured in a bar fight. This limp, wasp waisted pinner looking thing (I didn't know the terminology then, but I have always been able to spot a quality job -- that joint wasn't it) was what we smoked the first time.

I don't think I got high that time. I'm sure the second time, a few weeks later I didn't get anything more than a mild buzzing sensation. Literally, I had this sort of buzzing sound in my inner ears, but other than that I felt totally regular. I can't say normal, because I've always been a pretty strange person.

That third time, though, with the same pot and shared with a couple of friends I'd met during summer almost as school was ready to start -- wow!

Since then, I have smoked my fair share of different varieties and grades. I've never been less than a straight A student in school, I don't really like alcohol, and I've never been inclined to do more than pot and the occasional shamanic mushroom spirit journey in all the time since (and I am not now so inclined.) I don't even smoke cigarettes.

Pot, from my perspective, is the Great Equalizer. It allows you to better connect with people and while you may not be a great listener while stoned, it does get you thinking more and about more things that normally don't cross one's mind, except in fleeting shadowy thoughts you usually can't even catch.

In school people always claimed I was stoned, because of the stuff I was always willing to talk about. At parties, when I met those same people and they were stoned, they would almost always say, "Dude, you're a trip, but I get it now. Wow, you're really weird, man, but in a good way. I get what you were talking about now. Wow."

I never ever became paranoid from smoking pot. I'm already always paranoid, but then again, it's not paranoia if you know they're really out to get you, right? Totally kidding.

I'm pretty scatterbrained in the short term memory department and when I got stoned, it was much worse. I'd start a sentence, like one of these here, and get going, get sidetracked, run off at something else, and like a kid at a park that suddenly realizes his parents are not right next to him and he doesn't really know where he is in relation to them, I'd go blank and realize I completely forgot what the hell I was trying to say in the first place.

That's when laughter usually helps.

Music is so much more awesomelier when high, no doubt about it. And if you ever get a chance to see a Laser Light Show with music, going stoned is pretty much a prerequisite for the ultimate experience.

Okay, now I've forgotten what the hell I was talking about. And I'm really hungry all of a sudden. Anyone got any of those Nutter Butter Peanut Butter Cookies? God those taste great!

Unfortunately for me, my mother didn't discover PCP until after she'd shaken the baby several times.
Try imagining a world where WTFeike's mother hadn't discovered PCP.
Me neither.
Love it how jlsathre still got out of just by being here.
I think Kim is high. Or low, maybe. Everything's the opposite in Australia.
18 inches off the floor, last I looked.
18 inches closer to thou.
Long before there was "sensi" and "lambs breath" and "BC bud" with huge amounts of TSP in them, there was "Acapulco Gold". It took 3 or 4 spliffs to get high - and it was the best available! $20 a 'lid' (ounce - the lid from a tobacco tin held about an ounce). But, of course, someone my age (70) wouldn't know anything about all that stuff.....

Ooopsie! That was 'THC', not TSP.... where was my mind?!
My high school boyfriend was much older and a hash dealer– enough said. I haven't partaken in decades though. My mind is pretty stoned in its natural state. A few years ago, I had one toke to see what would happen, and stared at the wall for a few hours until someone kindly put me to bed. Not one second of potato chip gobbing giggling fun. Oh well.
YAWNS~ Good morning!!
Hah. Wish I'd got into this last night, but I was doing Benadryl and sleeping between coughin fits. Did my own post today tho...
This was a fun read and the comments are hysterical!
Michigan passed the medical marijuana law but now they are trying to reverse it.
Having dispensaries is the best shopping trip you can take. They even have "medibles" which come in the brownie or rice krispy variety ; )
...yeah...right Nan. That is my official response.
That “kinda day” & luckily “that kinda blog”…………….

Zanelle opens with the traditional “first relocation” as I call it , of her conscious focus…
A spider on a log, good. This is mental metaphor. You can look at anything long enough and get enlightened. Anything. But you GOTTA HAVE THE PATIENCE & FORCEFUL ONEMINDEDNESS FOCUS…like when you were a child reading, ha, a graphic novel or if u an old boy like me, an ‘incredible hulk’ comic.

.... later in the thread:

Dosages are important, as is the social expectation. Gotta say, my friends told me ‘getting baked’ would be just the thing for me, a shy pale bookworm who hated people looking at him .but wanted more than anything, to see, to look back………….getting baked in that special subculture was head exploded, I spoke spontaneous poetry, I saw telepathically the doings of homo sapiens, through observed gestures. I played zeppelin and doors and then Dylan….

The fact that your first high sucked is a bit analogous to something else that transports us, I gotta say….your first lovemaking is embedded in your head….the two things have nothing to do with each other except metaphorically….if it was bad, or disappointing, or horrifying, then that colors all further judgments on the experience.

But every ‘experience’ is different..

These mild mindaltering things like cannabis and alcohol (done moderately) , if done in a warm safe place of spirit, can be uplifting…..lsd from what I hear, too..and….and..
I think a small amount might help with your creativity but, as Christopher Hitchens wrote in his autobiography, "Drugs make you less interesting, not more"

Though I would add one thing, if reefer makes people less interesting, it also makes them more tolerable.
my mom smoked pot. i can remember being a young teen & wondering how my middle aged, suburban straight-laced appearing mother managed to buy pot. at the time it seemed so surreal... the idea of her having a dope man. turns out it was one of my friends...go figure. it was good for her. she had a serious need to mellow out.

like many folks, i smoked pot... back in the day, but havent for a long time.

as you know, my dear child has been seriously ill for many years, and since we live in california, she is the proud owner of a medical marijuana card & uses it.

i have seen the medicinal properties of pot first-hand, and am a huge advocate of the herb even though i dont smoke it myself. in fact, i bought the daughter & her bf tickets to the High Times cannabis convention in LA this week-end.
Go weed! Woo hoo!

Love the black and red image.
I've never touched the stuff. I prefer prayer. I like chamomile. It gently relaxes me without any disconcerting high. I also prefer serving others as a "high." You know, just helping out. So...that's how I roll.
Just getting to this now tr0ig. It was the second time for me and one of my buddies explained that the first time usually fails because novices don't smoke enough. Nothing extraordinary about the early circumstances but maybe I'll blog about this one incident in Amsterdam.
Many for some reason. But when I did it was like some kind of a strange trip that I remember even though it was long ago. Never been that high again. Prefer a mild experience in that realm. It's a little hard to come by here right now anyway.
Great comments... whew.

Be sure to go see Myriad's and Scarlett's "how many times" posts. If there are others someone be sure to let me know!
Oh another post too. James Mark Emmerling gets to the root of the motivations and further subtleties...
This was an open call? I guess so! Far out
Whoa, I'm late to this party!

First damn time!!!
FC you pot cookie FREAK!!!
Ignoring South America entirely, the skunk began migrating from the Kush and an early but lengthy stay begat the "Big Sur Holy"- this sacred and fairly secret sacrament passed from the beats to hippies who fled the Hog Farm and the Haight for an at that point nearly deserted Wailua Valley, a remote and privately gated valley where my Uncle happened to also reside. Several "generations" as they say later and all of a sudden bricks of dirt, sativa, RC cola and god knows what else, packed with hydraulic jacks, start an immediate decline in popularity as the wowee and Humboldt areas gave us, essentially, a new outlaw prohibition era, but since they were all stoned the violence was extremely rare, as opposed to non-stop among drunks. Anyways, the "Hana Buttah" will have major impact on anyone immediately, from Mysteries Initiate to Ziggy Marley- fact is, while average marijuana isn't dangerous to the "99%", really strong herbulent can mess up first timers or lightweights really bad. I have had to talk down (like and acid trip!) or take a couple people to the ER, several who said, "somebody must have spiked that with dust or something!" And now this kind of brutally high THC mindf*&% is available nearly everywhere. The same thing happened with alcohol, % was not that high in wine and cider until along came the mountain still (sp?) and all of a sudden a whole town is so ginned up they sleep until noon.

Anyway, the best thing about stoners is the not fighting part, but better hide the Haagan-Dazz (sp 2?)

too lazy to google these right now, "I wonder why .... ?"

Juice from the Mango, Milk from the Coco-Nut, Bud of the ... :
Wow I feel higher just reading this..

.❀♥*•. ¸.•*.
.*•. ¸.•*Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
To bake or get baked, that is the question...
Wow.. more friends. Couldn't have predicted such a great reaction.

Hey, if you haven't already be sure to check out Abrawang's related post :D
Wow, this post and the comments are very entertaining... I feel SO left out because I never tried any of it. Goody-Two-She. Then I went into the military, where a positive drug test would have ruined my career. But I have always had a great time taking care of those who did partake. :) And I don't judge another man's choice of recreational pharmaceuticals.