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OCTOBER 3, 2011 4:48PM

product roll-out TRIG deodorant roll-on

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 Yes folks TRIG  (soundbite), roll-on in a d'''do shaped applicator.



Trig Deodorant (1959) - This product did quite well with their slogan "The staying power a man needs" until its users figured out it really was just a deodorant."


OK, so I'm stealing the idea from a long ago era, but surely the patent has run out.

I can sell it to Amanda Knox who is assuredly not a man but probably has swarthy Italian man sweat all over her at this point. Ewwww!

And then I'm hitting Wall Street to sell to all the stinky protesters, at a discount of course.  



  TRIG ROLL-ON DEODORANT TIME 09/15/1958 p. 60

 TRIG won't trickle? Isn't messy? Wellll, it's advertising, and I'm stealing it.



Thanks to Barry B. Doyle for sending the link to the flickr page with the color image shown above... Barry, I'm cutting you in!!! 

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Like how I got Amanda Knox into this? Heehee

Hi Tinky!

Shalom Salaami!
It's a winner Sheila TG :)

HAHA Cathy! Worked for Amanda already

Candace, you volunteering?

Nana.. that was a tasty tidbit of marketing right there

Bea, I hoped those tags would get me on the cover.

Ha Myriad.. so all the people I've irritated were abnormal anyway! Nice catch. Yeah these ads wouldn't "small down" or at least I wasn't willing to take the time to try very hard on a shit post like this.
That's the spirit Trudge!
Why not give the product with my name some of the properties of a dick Mojo?

Drew.. sigh, yes I dragged sweet Amanda into this and I am in fact ashamed. Strange, 'psycho killer" by TTH is playing on my Pandora, not that THAT means much. I'd like to drag Amanda, and maybe her little sister, into my lab for... product testing.
greenheron.. you've obviously acquired a sample from one of my staff. Heads, or at least one, will roll!
"gone daddy gone" by Violent Femmes is possibly the best song ever recorded. How often do we get to hear a xylophone solo since Zappa passed?
HG, at least not for 27 hours
yeah yeah yeah... blah blah blah... more false advertising. Some things never change, I see the "man-size applicator" is... hahahahaha. Oh never mind, it's too easy to be fun. Thank you for the post.