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AUGUST 9, 2010 9:01PM

Aug. 9: Keywords

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  • 2204355
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  • Willian Bonner: Trending because his name is William Boner.
  • #annoyingquestion: superfly @sholzz started this TT. yo annoyin ahhh.
  • LUCAS CELEBRIDADE: A Brazilian blogger that now has a video blog. He is trending because his fans are making a campaign to raise money to improve his house. Brazilians decided that today is "Lucas Celebridade's Day."
  • Marques Houston: He was on BET wit a bonerrrr.
  • Fatima Bernardes: Brazilian news anchor with his husband, Willian Bonner, they interviewed the candidate for president, Dilma Rouseff.
  • TCA: TCA stands for Teen Choice Awards. They are being taped Sunday night and being aired on Monday the 9th!
  • Teen Choice Awards: The Teen Choice Awards were taped 8/8 and will air tonight on Fox in the USA. Hosted by Katy Perry and the Guys Of Glee!
  • Baixada Santista: Likes it hard.
  • Dilma Rousseff: Blah blah blah Brazil, I'd rather have all the black TT's than this!
  • Baresi: Sergio Baresi is the new coach of Brazilian's soccer Team Sao Paulo Futebol Clube.
  • #gottaloveit: People are tweeting about what they love.
  • Inception: Inception is a 2010 sci-fi action thriller film written, produced and directed by Christopher Nolan. The film stars Leonardo DiCaprio. Inception was released on July 16, 2010 and has international box office grosses of $227M after two weeks in theaters.
  • Fidel: Didn't you hear?.
  • Dilma: Dilma Vana Rouseff is the leading candidate in Brazil's October 3, 2010 presidential race. She is a member of the Worker's Party, and is supported by President Lula da Silva.
  • Sean Garret: is a body builder turned ninja turtle who writes bad songs.
  • #wordsthatleadtotrouble: Words you say or text that can lead to trouble.
  • Weezer: The band Weezer has released the cover art for their new album, 'Hurley'.
  • Flight Attendant: a flight attendant on jetblue used the PA to cuss out passengers and then used the emergency slide to make a grand exit...perfect way to quit your job.
  • True Blood: True Blood is a television series on HBO based on the Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlane Harris. It airs new episodes on Sundays in the US and is presently in its 3rd season.
  • Corin: quite possibly the funniest BB11 housemate. Will defo make the final.
  • Simon Amstell: British comedian Simon Amstell's new sitcom, Grandma's House premiered on BBC2 tonight.
  • Attendant: Jetblue flight attendant allegedly activated the plane’s inflatable emergency slide, grabbed two beers from the galley, then slid down the chute, after a passenger did not apologize for hitting him with a bag while unloading from the overhead bin...
  • Bard: Daniel Bard - MLB pitcher for the Boston Red Sox.
  • Yankees: They are playing Boston right now.
  • Balacera: Spanish for shooting, this is happening in Mexico City in Bosques de las Lomas.
  • Tamarindos: There's been a shooting in Forest Tamarindos, Mexico.
  • Dragons Den: A UK TV series.
  • Bosques: People are being warned of a shootout in Bosques de las Lomas, Mexico.
  • Phil Mitchell: Character on British soap opera EastEnders. He is a drunk and doing crack!
  • Edmonds: The former St. Louis Cardinals centerfielder, currently with the Milwaukee Brewers, has been traded to the Cincinnati Reds.
  • #missingyou: A song by @TheSaturdays which is out now. It's taken from their third 'mini' album titled "Headlines."
  • Black Ops: Activision and studio Treyarch have released the first footage of the mulitplayer mode for the November shooter Call of Duty: Black Ops.
  • Neill: Martin O'Neill has resigned as manager of Aston Villa in the Premier League.
  • Ooijer: Ooijer, a footballer, transferred to Dutch club Ajax.
  • Aston Villa: Martin O'Neill has resigned as manager of Aston Villa Football Club, five days before the start of the English Premier League!
  • Ooijer naar: Soccer player Andre Ooijer is returning to AFC AJAX.
  • Naomi Campbell: Actress Mia Farrow revealed that model Naomi Campbell knew that a "huge diamond" given to her as a gift in 1997 was from African warlord Charles Taylor.
  • Adit Fpi: A Twitter account that was sending out provocative Tweets. It claimed to be part of the FPI (Islamic Defender Front) movement of Indonesia. Reports are that it has been suspended.
  • FPI: A church in Bekasi (Indonesia) was being attacked by FPI (a radical Moslem Organization) this morning. Many Indonesian people tweet about this to state their opinion about this.
  • NDP: Singapore is celebrating its 45th birthday. NDP is the acronym for National Day Parade.
  • Patricia Neal: Oscar-winning actress Patricia Neal passed away at the age of 84 from lung cancer.
  • Mollie: A member of the singing group The Saturdays.
  • #bb11: Big Brother is currently pretty intense! Yeah m8!
  • #qanda: Q&A is an Australian politcal forum hosted on ABC1 by Tony Jones with Twitter feeds running on-screen.
  • Mia Farrow: Actress and campaigner Mia Farrow has given testimony in the war crimes trial of former-Liberian president Charles Taylor.
  • Kit Chan: Kit Chan is a singer from Singapore.
  • Last Airbender: The Last Airbender is a movie based on the famous animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender. This film has just been released in indonesia.
  • Agnes Monica: A very talented actress & singer from Indonesia.
  • PDS: @tweetmyjob is flooding twitter with PDS technical services..‎​‎​(¬_¬")
  • Jett Jackson: Disney is showing the movie The Famous Jett Jackson tonight.
  • Kill Bill: Uma Thurman and the late Bill Caradine star in one of Quentin Tarentino's finest films that happens to be on right now on TNT.
  • RMK: Airport weather information in METAR format. RMK is shorthand for "remarks," and is part of the format.
  • CLR: It is a weather forecast abbreviation for "Clear".
  • Boondocks: The Boondocks is a TV show on Adult Swim based on a comic strip by Aaron McGruder. A new episode premiered Sunday night.
  • #ItsAboutTime: It's About Time is trending because it's the 4th anniversary of the debut album of the Jonas Brothers.
  • Entourage: Entourage (HBO) tonight, third episode of season 7!
  • Luo: Refers to Luo Zhi Xiang.
  • Sookie: A character from the show "True Blood". Not to be confused with Snooki.
  • Montana Forever: A new episode of Miley Cyrus' TV show Hannah Montana aired tonight.
  • #trueblood: Television show on American cable network HBO about vampires in a small Louisiana town. The show is currently airing its second season.
  • Mad Men: The AMC TV series Mad Men airs on Sunday night.
  • Hannah Montana Forever: Hannah Montana Forever is the last season of Disney TV Series Hannah Montana, starring Miley Cyrus. A new episode was aired tonight.
  • Eurotrip: The film EuroTrip was on TV last night.
  • TrueBlood: True Blood is a show on HBO in which the main character, Sookie, is in love with a vampire, Bill. There's also some werewolves, some sex, and some great storylines.
  • Professional Mexican: A term from tonights episode of The Boondocks.
  • Rukus: A character on The Boondocks, the best show on earth.
  • Uncle Ruckus: TV character on show "The Boondocks," who in this week's episode tells his story of being "adopted."
  • Aint Gon Cry: A line said by Riley on tonights episode of The Boondocks.
  • #theboondocks: "The Color of Ruckus" Episode aired tonight(8/7/2010).
  • Uncle Rukus: boondocks member. show aired tonight stating ubcle rukus was born white ... yea right.
  • Jordan Shipley: Jordan Shipley is a rookie wide receiver from the University of Texas now playing for the Cincinnati Bengals. In the 1st NFL pre-season game he had a tremendous game and a 64 yd punt return to the 2 yd line.
  • #Madmen: The 3rd episode of this seasons MadMen on AMC tonight.
  • Benjamin Button: Parodied in the newest episode of the Boondocks.
  • Shipley: Jordan Shipley, bengals rookie and former TX Longhorn, is a beast!
  • Uribe: Uribe left the Colombian goverment after 8 years.
  • Lollapalooza: An annnual three-day music festival at Grant Park in Chicago. This year with headliners like The Strokes, Arcade Fire, B.o.B., Soundgarden, Green Day, MGMT, Chromeo, and Lady Gaga.
  • Guardianes: CNN en español showed today an excellent and eye-opener documentary called "Los Guardianes De Chávez" (Chavez's guardians).
  • Joba: Joba Chamberlain is a pitcher for the New York Yankees.that has pitched badly his last outings but pitched good tonight.
  • Sabu: Wrestler who returned to TNA at Hardcore Justice and had a very good showing,where he didn't blow any spots which he is prone to doing.
  • Draper: Character played by Jon Hamm on Mad Men.
  • Evandro: Evandro Santo, cast member on Brazil's Pânico na TV.
  • Beckett: Josh Beckett MLB pitcher for the Boston Red Sox.
  • Khloe Take Miami: Kourtney and Khloe are my wives!!!
  • Cleo Pires: Brazilian August 2010 Playboy's playmate.
  • Vereadores: Membro da câmara municipal.
  • Renan Grassi: Renan Grassi is the youngest member of Brazil's greatest blog, the VDG (Boy's Life) from CAPRICHO.
  • Lafayette: Character on the popular vampire TV show "True Blood" which airs every Sunday night on HBO.
  • Colírios Capricho: Colirios Capricho is the reality show on MTV.They were looking for the fourth VDG.The final was today. Renan Grassi was the 'champion' @renangrassi.
  • Dez Bryant: People are tweeting about Dez Bryant playing in the Hall of Fame game. He has previously been newsworthy because he refused to carry Roy Williams' pads as part of customary NFL rookie hazing.
  • Derek Jeter: Derek Jeter got his 2,874th hit, passing Babe Ruth on the all time hit list.
  • Roy Williams: People are tweeting about Roy Williams playing in the Hall of Fame game. He has previously been newsworthy because receiver Dez Bryant refused to carry his pads as part of customary NFL rookie hazing.
  • Antonio Nunes: People of the Brazilian show "Pânico na TV" is searching for a guy called Antonio Nunes.
  • Sterling Knight: An actor, who plays Chad Dylan Cooper, on the Disney show Sonny With A Chance. He appeared on the TCA's.
  • HOF game: NFL Hall Of Fame football game Cowboys vs. Bengals.
  • Gustavo Foshi: He tried to be the fourth VDG in the Brazilian reality TV show "Colírios Capricho".
  • Cissa Guimarães: Cissa Guimarães is a Brazilian actress and a TV show host. Her 18 years old son was killed July 20th in a hit and run while riding a skateboard.
  • Nina Dobrev: Gorgeous Vampire Diaries actress who plays Stefan and Damon's love interest, Elena/Katherine. She appeared at the TCA today wearing an amazing dress.
  • Godoy Cruz: A football player.
  • Ashley Greene: She plays Alice Cullen in the Twilight Saga. She just appeared on the Teen Choice Awards pre-show live online streaming.
  • #becauseofjustin: People tweet things that exist because of Justin Bieber.

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