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JULY 16, 2010 9:10PM

July 16: Keywords

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Sorry for not posting the morning list. Busy at the office. 


  •  nj parking garage collapse
  • mummified body found
  • mel gibson transcript
  • 2204355
  • trump plaza (closing or shutting) ac
  • glenn beck
  • caster semenya
  • kathy griffin levi
  • turtle plane back to gate
  • levi johnston's mom
  • steve jobs
  • mel gibson
  • so you think you can dance
  • miley cyrus upskirt
  • mel gibson rant transcript
  • mia farrow short hair
  • ann kirsten kennis
  • beavis and butthead
  • ask the pilot
  • mark williams letter
  • top chef love
  • dc earthquake
  • so you think you can dance 2010
  • mel gibson transcripts
  • iphone 4
  • aimee louise sword
  • upskirt
  • mel gibson tapes transcript
  • tucker carlson
  • mel gibson tapes
  • broadsheet
  • miley cyrus lap dance
  • listen to mel gibson tapes
  • inception explained
  • se
  • iran
  • iphone
  • mel gibson tape transcripts
  • the real l word
  • chupacabra texas
  • mel gibson blow me
  • inception
  • ron paul
  • sarah palin
  • bristol palin
  • apple apology
  • 12 horses nevada roundup
  • texas mayor suicide note
  • lebron pendant stolen
  • sytycd
  • tea party letter
  • kevin smith   books two seats on airplane
  • anne lamott
  • youtube old spice
  • mark williams tea party
  • financial reform bill
  • mark williams
  • aaron schock
  • cary tennis
  • camille paglia
  • george carlin
  • since you asked
  • restrepo
  • miley cyrus perez hilton photo
  • israel iran
  • strippers
  • mel gibson racist
  • latin tridentine church
  • shiloh jolie pitt
  • kyron horman
  • mel gibson tapes transcripts
  • aaron schock gay
  • up skirt
  • inception ending
  • gay marriage
  • kirsten kennis
  • the l word
  • apple
  • iran israel
  • mel gibson restraining order
  • real l word
  • miley cyrus lap dance video
  • black panthers
  • nudity
  • valhalla rising
  • immigration
  • philscandal
  • glenn beck jews
  • semenya
  • mel gibson jacuzzi
  • grilled peaches
  • so you think you can dance results
  • stephanie zacharek
  • banking reform
  • abu ghraib
  • mel gibson tape transcript
  • mel gibson scandal
  • ryan gosling
  • skinny bitch
  • transcript of mel gibson tapes
  • gulf oil spill
  • bill clinton
  • palin
  • bank reform
  • male nudity
  • apple iphone
  • youtube tv
  • olivia munn
  • bp lockerbie
  • obama approval rating
  • mulholland drive explanation
  • mel gibson phone call transcript
  • i hate summer
  • best movies 2004
  • perez hilton miley cyrus photo
  • emergency committee for israel
  • best graphic novels
  • alexander zaitchik
  • kindra arnesen
  • d.c. earthquake
  • twitter
  • french women
  • gibson transcript
  • griffin levi
  • best movies of 2004
  • so you think you can dance elimination
  • sunny dae movies
  • best movies of 2003
  • charles krauthammer
  • tom cruise as john edwards
  • mel gibson tapes fake
  • jeff greene
  • letter to abraham lincoln
  • joe manchin
  • jay bybee
  • frederica sagor maas
  • cake balls
  • steve job
  • captain phil harris
  • 01 places not to see before you die
  • joan walsh
  • transcript of mel gibson rant
  • mel gibson message
  • wall street reform bill
  • tea party letter lincoln
  • mel gibson rant
  • hillary clinton
  • mach-iv test
  • stamp prices
  • who killed biggie smalls
  • advice columns
  • i hate the french vanilla
  • top chef season 5
  • arizona
  • guacamole recipe
  • mel gibson rant transcripts
  • mel gibson phone transcript
  • mel gibson bipolar
  • mel gibson anger
  • tiger woods divorce settlement
  • immigration reform
  • mark williams racist
  • mary roach
  • peach salsa
  • lebron james mother
  • tea party letter to lincoln
  • donnie darko explanation
  • transcript mel gibson
  • thomas kinkade
  • perez hilton photo of miley cyrus
  • bristol palin wedding dress
  • voyeurweb
  • rand paul
  • best movies 2003
  • inception explanation
  • memento movie explanation
  • tedwomen
  • listen to mel gibson
  • miami heat roster
  • jannika
  • jannika playboy
  • damon evans
  • sytycd elimination
  • letter to lincoln
  • new finance bill
  • carolyn maloney
  • fat women
  • gigolo
  • warren beatty
  • dana priest
  • tea party letter to naacp
  • show me your panties
  • apple press conference
  • mark williams tea party letter
  • arizona immigration law
  • transcript mel gibson tapes
  • sharron angle
  • miley upskirt

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  1. tiger woods   2. steve jobs   3. new york yankees   4. medicare fraud   5. iphone press conference   6. goldman sachs   7. bristol palin   8. tea party   9. penny hardaway 10. old spice

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1. nick schuyler 2. ayla brown 3. miralax recall 4. ann kirsten kennis 5. david mann 6. penny hardaway 7. ronnie brewer 8. amanda logue 9. jason andrews 10. carte goodwin 11. the jensen project 12. bite of seattle 13. jordan todosey 14. rashad mccants 15. i write like 16. oc fair 17. nick jr 18. orange county fair 19. dayton air show 20. anfernee hardaway

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  • CLR: An Indonesian game show, the finale is tonight.
  • VMB: The nominees for MTV Brazil's Video Music Brasil Awards were announced today.
  • Mel Gibson: Actor who is going through a nasty breakup. More and more tapes keep surfacing of him yelling at and threatening his ex and making racist comments towards various ethnic groups.
  • #urnotalone: Don't worry, you aren't the only one to feel this way--you are not alone.
  • Pretty Boy Swag: Has NOTHING to do with Justin -__- did he come up woth the lame ass song? No. SouljaBoy did.
  • #ZodiacFacts: #TeamScorpio all the way b*tche$z !. " October's Very Own " - Drake !
  • Inception: Inception is a 2010 sci-fi action thriller film written, produced and directed by Christopher Nolan. The film stars Leonardo DiCaprio. Inception is scheduled to be released in both conventional and IMAX theaters on July 16, 2010.
  • Penny Hardaway: fucc penny hardaway.
  • Antenna: Apple C.E.O Steve Jobs said today that the iPhone 4 has no problems with the phone's antenna design.
  • Celtic: Ross County beat the Glasgow Celtic Football Club in a Scottish Cup upset.
  • Meech: "I think I'm big meech....larry hoover!" Line from Rick Ross song Blowing money fast aka BMF.
  • BMF: People are tweeting about a song by Miami rapper Rick Ross.
  • Deodora: They made the coolest trainers in the 80s, Borg elite.
  • #agoodrelationship: People are tweeting what makes for a good relationship.
  • Jonathan Ross: has signed a deal with ITV for a new chat show beginning in 2011. Last show just aired on BBC1.
  • #mijnex: Dutch for 'my ex.'
  • Roxy Music: A vintage British music band who performed on the last Jonathan Ross show tonight in the UK.
  • Wossy: Wossy is a nickname for Jonathan Ross.
  • Beckham: David Beckham got interviewed on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross, which was the final show tonight and people are talking about it.
  • Papai Papudo: Died today (July 16th) Gilberto Fernandes, a brazilian actor and writer, best known as Gibe, died. He was 75 years and was famous in the 1980s as Papai Papudo of the children's program "Bozo".
  • #ss4: Fourth Season of the French TV reality show Secret Story.
  • IFE: On July16 Ife became the fifth housemate to be evicted from the UK's 11th series of Big Brother.
  • #bb11: "Big Brother" is now on its11th season and airs on channel 4 UK.
  • Old Spice: The deodorant Old Spice has a viral marketing campaign where actor Isiah Mustafa responds directly to tweets and questions with custom YouTube videos.
  • Corin: Corin is a housemate in big brother 11 uk.
  • Goldsmith: Appeared in a Channel 4 News interview on national UK television on 16 July 2010 to discuss allegations of electoral fraud. The interview was unconventional in that the interviewee spent the majority of the interview discussing the interview process itself. He did admit to electoral fraud but subsequently threatened the interviewer.
  • Syed: Asian character on the British programme Eastenders. But it looks like spammers are including him in Trending Topic spam Tweets.
  • Bumpers: Apple agreed to give out FREE Bumpers or selected third party cases, for any iPhone 4 purchases through to September 30th. If you already purchased a bumper, Apple will refund you your money.
  • Oil Spill: Tweets referring to the BP Oil Spill in the Gulf, which was capped (allegedly) on 7/15/10.
  • Zac Goldsmith: Tory MP Zac Goldsmith clashes with Channel 4 News over general election campaign spending.
  • IGO: Igo is Indonesian Idol Contestant who's entered the big three.
  • Proximity Sensor: The Apple Iphone4 proximity sensor is the next of many issues on the list for the iphone. An update is supposed to be out for it soon.
  • Antennagate: Steve Jobs has said that there is no problem with the iPhone 4's antenna, and called the claims "bull$=*%."
  • Antenna Song: The viral YouTube video was played during Apple's press conference. The song's subject matter is the iPhone 4 antenna issue.
  • Omaha Mall: Justin Bieber made a rap about Omaha Mall and his fans are tweeting the rap. There is also a video, but only those part of the BieberFever fan club can watch it.
  • CANTV: CANTV, one of Venezuela's main ISPs (Internet Service Provider), suffered a critical server malfunction. A substantial amount of the country was without Internet. The problem is still afecting every internet user from Venezuela who uses CANTV internet service (like 85% of the country).
  • SHINEE TEASER: At 8PM (Korean Time), 16/07/2010, SHINee, a South Korean boy band (Onew,Jonghyun,Key,Minho,Taemin), released their new MV teaser for Lucifer. It's a teaser that shows a new and daring side of SHINee with extremely vogue hairstyle.
  • #tdf: TDF is the hashtag for Tour de France. Today, the 13th stage was won by Mark Cavendish. The yellow jersey was retained by Andy Schleck.
  • #ss501forever: Celebration of Korean boyband SS501, winning a Platinum Award for their new song "Let Me Be The One", made by Triple S (fans of SS501).
  • iOS: Short for iPhone Operating System. Apple is releasing version 4.0.1 to address a problem with the iPhone 4's antenna which some users have been reporting.
  • Libertador: This morning the remains of Simon Bolivar, known as "the Liberator" were exhumed.
  • #sheliedtoyou: People are explaining excuses that girls use to their boyfriends.
  • Taeyang won: Member of Big Bang , Tae Yang got his first win on Mubank with his "I Need a Girl." And VIP are celebrating it.
  • #masterchef: MasterChef: where you shouldnt redefine the hash tag definition if you're not funny. #true.
  • Nolan: Director Christopher Nolan's new movie "Inception," starring Leonardo DiCaprio opens today, July 16, 2010.
  • PAOK: Its a soccer team from Greek, will be competing against ajax amsterdam in UEFA champion league pre round.
  • Narsha: Member of South Korean group Brown Eyed Girls just debuted as a solo artist and fans are cheering for her.
  • Gaithersburg: It was the epicenter of an 3.7 mag Earthquake this morning around 5:05am..
  • RMK: Airport weather information in METAR format. RMK is shorthand for "remarks," and is part of the format.
  • Music Bank: Music Bank is a music show from South Korea.
  • Katie Price: British model and reality-TV star Katie Price – aka Jordan – performed today on GMTV with her new single. It is available on YouTube...and everyone is 'enjoying' the performance
  • Despicable: Despicable Me is a popular, new animated movie about a Dad (voiced by Steve Carell) who is a super villan.
  • AB형들: RTs of @Heedictator: AB형들.... (Super Junior)
  • #thistweetisdedicated2: People are dedicating their tweets to people, objects, ideas, whatever they think deserves a dedication.
  • Gulf: People are tweeting about the ongoing situation regarding the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Dulce Maria: dulce maria is a singer, actor, and songwritter who today performed in pj's for the first time as a solo artist.
  • Premios Juventud: people are tweeting about the award show premios juventud. that were clearly a flop. @Anahi deserved every award she was nominated for and won none.
  • Evaristo: Famous brazilian journalist, died tonight at the age of 33.
  • Bueller: Ferris Bueller's Day Off is currently airing on TCM.
  • Wipeout: A TV show similar to the Japanese MXC in which contestants complete crazy obstacle courses for money.
  • Diego Torres: music career began with a band called "La Marca."
  • EsseAmorEmMim: People are retweeting "EsseAmorEmMim."
  • Felipão: Today Luiz Felipe Scolari was presented as the new coach of Brazilian football club Palmeiras.
  • Chayanne: Chayanne won 2 awards tonight on "Premios Juventud", latin american music awards.
  • Alejate: Music group Camila will make an appearance on July 15 at the Premios Juventud on Univision, singing their new song 'Aléjate de mí'.
  • Prince Royce: Latino music sensation Prince Royce just began a summer tour that will include South America and Europe.
  • William Levy: actor en premios juventud vestido por Carla y Cesar.
  • Tinga: Tinga is a brazilian soccer player. Tonight he debut for Palmeiras and scored the winning goal.
  • Ivy Queen: The best reggatonera.
  • Juanes: an aaaamazing colombian singer!
  • DulceMariaLivePJ: Dulce Maria is doing her debut as a solo artist tonight at @PremiosJuventud which will air tonight in Univision #PJ2010.
  • Espinoza: Espinoza Paz a mexican regional singer. He performed on Premios Juventud.
  • Enamoro: Primer sencillo de Enrique Iglesias, performed on Premios Juventud ivan.
  • Enrique Iglesias: The singer has just appeared on Alan Carr's Chattyman show on C4 in the UK. His new album Euphoria is being released on July 5th in the UK.
  • AnahiPremiosJuventud: Anahi will be singing in PJ's awards.
  • Goldman: Goldman Sachs to Pay $550 Million in Settlement.
  • Maude: On July 15th, U.K. Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude discussed cost savings with the government's biggest suppliers as the government seeks to pare back a huge budget deficit.
  • Burnham: Andy Burnham appeared on the BBC TV show Question Time.
  • Ryan Reynolds: Ryan Reynolds is trending because he got injured on the set of his newest film "The Green Lantern."
  • #thatsaproblem: People tweet things that are a problem.
  • Gulf oil: Reports confirm that BP has completly stopped oil from spilling into the Gulf just in time for hurricane season.
  • Janice Dickinson: She was on Celebrity Come Dine With Me on Channel 4 at 8pm. And is now in Channel 4 +1. She is also gonna be on celebrity rehab with doctor drew.
  • Waterloo Road: A TV show in the UK has returned after taking a four-week break due to the most popular sport event in the world.
  • Robbie Williams: Robbie Williams is re-joining British Boyband 'Take That.'
  • Derry: Derry/Londonderry is UK City of Culture 2013.
  • Renshaw: Mark Renshaw, Australian cyclist kicked out of Tour de France for headbutting opponent on run in to finish.
  • Cavendish: He won Stage 5 of the Tour de France. Founder of a breed of banana.
  • Christian Loubuiton: Paris Hilton spelled Christian Louboutin wrong -> RT @ParisHilton: J'adore Christian Loubuiton
  • #nhlcupcakes: After the New York Islanders announced a new partnership with local cupcake shop, Cupcake Gourmet, people began tweeting cupcake descriptions to jokingly describe NHL players, teams, and broadcasters.
  • Syahrini: New Indonesian singer who's currently dating Anang, an ex-husband of Indonesian diva, Krisdayanti.
  • Insert 7th Anniversary: !nsert is an infotainment program in Indonesia which is celebrating its 7th anniversary.
  • #diadohomem: Dia do Homem means 'Day of man' in portugese. Today (July 15th) people celebrate Men's Day in Brazil.
  • Heskey: Aston Villa striker, Emile Heskey, has announced his retirement from international football with England.
  • Sexiest Male: justin bieber nick jonas and booboo stewart are the top three.
  • Yuni Shara: Yuni Shara is an Indonesian singer. She, alongside her multitalented boyfriend Raffi Ahmad, on The Best Celebrity Couple 2010 award at Insert 7th Anniversary last night.
  • Raffi Ahmad: Raffi Ahmad is an Indonesian actor, presenter, commercial model and singer. He, alongside his girlfriend Yuni Shara, won The Best Celebrity Couple 2010 at Insert 7th Anniverary last night.
  • ESPY: The annual sports award show by ESPN that shows great accomplishments from the past year in sports.
  • Emile: Aston Villa striker Emile Heskey has announced his retirement from international football with England.
  • Giring Nidji: He won "the sexiest male" from Indonesia's Insert Awards.
  • Emile Heskey: Aston Villa striker Emile Heskey has announced his retirement from international football with England.
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"mummified body found" that one is creepy, I was over at Bing last night and clicked on it, which led me to the story about the mummified baby found in Florida in 2007, which got me interested in finding whatever happened to that story, but seemingly nothing but that led to a whole new story about a family who had a mummified baby as a family heirloom and the judge ordered it buried and then later on, much later, the damn unmarked grave where this heirloom got buried was robbed and the mummy stolen...another story that had no conclusion.

Damn you Bing!! ~shakes a paw at it~ :D
Here is a technical exercise in, of course, iambic pentameter. Today's list of keywords was rather rhyme poor:

joan walsh, joe manchin, palin, cary tennis,
rand paul, mel gibson blow me, kirsten kennis,
israel iran, glenn beck, mulholland drive,
grilled peaches, 2204355.
jay bybee, donnie darko explanation,
mel gibson, racist strippers, immigration,
So you think you can dance elimination.