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June 03
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JUNE 10, 2010 3:35PM

June 10: Google

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Google, what are you doing to us?!

Oh wait. Never mind. 

 As some of you - and many, many of Google users - noticed earlier this morning - the famous home page had added a splashy background image. A Narnia-esque playground, I believe. At least that's what showed up.

Of course, shock ensued. "WTF?"

People started complaining. And what do you know? In a flash - very unlike Facebook - Google killed the homepage image. Thank God. It reminded me of Bing, Microsoft's search engine.

What is it about that Google search bar with a blank background that we have gotten so used to?

Could it be that the Web seems so intertwined that we yearn for simplicity?


 Trends as of 12:30 pm PST

Google Hot Topics (Issues people are publishing most about)

  1. lakers celtics   2. oil spill cap   3. vandersloot   4. new york city   5. nba finals   6. holloway   7. pac 10   8. gasol   9. ferdinand 10. galarraga

Google Hot Searches

1. tom otterness 2. jimmy johns 3. russell crowe died 4. pac 10 5. bastille day 6. jimmy johns customer appreciation day 2010 7. usc football 8. usc sanctions 9. remove google background 10. barbara boxer 11. dale chihuly 12. world cup schedule printable 13. blackhawks parade 14. university of colorado 15. lane kiffin 16. top chef masters 17. jeff koons 18. big 12 19. cma awards 2010 winners 20. chicago tribune

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Trends on Twitter

Twitter Trends Explained by Whatthetrends 

  • Racionamiento Eléctrico: Por fin el HIJO De PUTA de chavez anuncio el fin del racionamiento.
  • Bafana Bafana: The nickname for South Africa's National Football team. They're gonna kick Mexico's ass tomorrow in the opening match.
  • Vuvuzelas: Simple plastic horn-like instrument that South Africans blow at soccer matches.
  • Casagrande:
  • Africaaa:
  • Kidjo:
  • World Cup Kickoff: The World Cup Kickoff concert being held at Orlando Stadium, South Africa with stars like BEP, Shakira, John Legend, Alicia Keys & more.
  • #cellphonenames: funny names saved in cell phones.
  • #aberturadacopa: Todo el mundo esta pendiente del show inaugural de la copa del mundo 2010 en Sudafrica.
  • #ourfriendshipendedwhen: People are tweeting reasons why they ended a friendship.
  • Eyes Peas: Because people don't know what the hell they're talking about.
  • Amadou:
  • BOCA GALVÃO: CALA BOCA GALVÃO means "shut up Galvão", referring to Galvao Bueno, brazilian soccer narrator/commentarist.
  • Kickoff Concert: The World Cup kicks off tomorrow in South Africa. Huge concert streaming live now!
  • World Cup Concert: The concert of fifa world cup 2010. 303CCB05.
  • #vevoworldcup: People are watchin the world cup concert in
  • Vuvuzela: Vuzuvela - meaning ' loud noise' in zulu - An instrument used to emit lots of noise at football matches in South Africa.
  • Galvão:
  • Inaguracion: Inauguracion de la Copa Mundial del futbol.
  • Encadeno: El presidente Chavez inicio una cadena durante la transmision de la apertura del mundial de futbol.
  • Waka Waka: Colombian singer Shakira's theme song for the 2010 FIFA World Cup competition held in South Africa from June 11 through July 11.
  • #oilspill: People are tweeting their disgust and disdain for the oil spill that BP is still not containing.
  • Abertura: Abertura=opening in BR portuguese, related to the world cup!
  • Felipão: Felipão is the coach of Bunyodkor and he is leaving this team in July and probaly he'll be returning to Brazil to manage Palmeiras.
  • Izzo: LeBron wants Tom Izzo to the Cavs so badly, he got his buddy Jay Z to spoof "H to the Izzo."
  • Namorados: Brazilians are tweeting about Valentine's Day, celebrated next Saturday.
  • Stanley Cup: The Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup, June 9th, 2010. They defeated the Philadelphia Flyers to win their fourth cup.
  • #frasesdepedo: frases que se dicen cuando tomas un poquito de mas!! #WC2010 #JonasWorldTour2010.
  • Dunia Lain: Ghost show on Trans 7, an Indonesian TV channel. Indonesian people are watching and tweeting about the show (and the ghost too!).
  • Sudáfrica: Mundial Sudafrica (Football).
  • Taecyeon: Member of Boy Band from Korea 2PM . HOTTEST (2PM's fansclub) welcoming him to twitter..confirmed by nickhun. Love that!!
  • Background Image: Google now has background image which can be changed by its users for them only.
  • Tiradentes: Please for indonesian people don't make other country think your country is weird. Stop explain something weird.--> sorry we aren't weird. You are. __> indonesian doesn't know about internet ethic because they are primitive.
  • Stupid Whale: We love whales! Except for the twitter whale grrr.
  • Twitter Over Capacity: Cape de over capacity mulu!!!!
  • Fretzie: A housemate in Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash of 2010.
  • PVV: Dutch 'Party for Freedom', led by Geert Wilders, more than doubled in size in 2010 Netherlands elections. Pemain viva vovo ah tau pokoknya ariel.
  • #sunanare: It's a japanese drama called Sunao ni Narenakute (Hard to say I love you).
  • #kusosugite_nemi: Ini nama makanan ya ??.
  • Ballena: Ballena Estupida = stupid whale. ( BEGO ).
  • Tariffs: British mobile provider O2 announced new tarriffs. Data is no longer unlimited and the crowds are roaring.
  • #yunjae3rdanni: Yunho and Jaejoong of top Korean boyband TVXQ. YunJae stands for YunhoxJaejoong, the most loveable couple in the world! Happy 3rd Anniversary, Jae-umma and Yun-appa!
  • CNBLUE: CNBLUE [Code Name Blue], is a South Korean indie rock band, made their formal debut as an indie band in Japan with their all-English tracks first mini-album, Now or Never on August 19, 2009. Member : Jung Yonghwa, Lee Jonghyun, Kang Minhyuk, Lee Jungshin.
  • YunJae: YunJae is the abbrevation for YunHo and JaeJoong, two members of the South Korean boyband TVXQ.
  • JayWalkers: JayWalkers is the name Jay Park chose for his fanclub members. Jay Park (@JAYBUMAOM) is a popular Korean-American singer, rapper, b-boy/dancer and soon to be actor. Jay Park's fans are celebrating and discussing the new fanclub name.
  • Oil Spill: At least 21,000 gallons of crude oil has spilled into the Gulf of Mexico near the United States mainland coast, about 30 miles off the shore of Galveston, Texas. The U.S. Coast Guard says that oil is still leaking at a rate of 80 to 400 gallons a day.
  • Jauch: Günther Jauch, famous German television presenter, will take over the ARD Sunday night political talk show from Anne Will.
  • Wilders: People are tweeting about Dutch Freedom Party (PVV) leader Geert Wilders. His party became the 3rd biggest party in the Dutch general elections of June 9th. He hates Islam, and changed his stance on the AOW the day after the elections. About 14% of NL likes him, the rest can't stand him at all.
  • Corden: james corden is is dr who this week, doing a load of world cup stuff and publicly rucking with sir patrick stewart.
  • #likeor: People are tweeting "like it or not..."
  • Rutte: Party-leader of VVD, a Dutch liberal political party. Mr. Rutte's party won the general elections which took place on June 9th.
  • #masterchef: Australia's Second Season of Master Chef. It currently airs at 7.30pm on Sunday through to Friday night on Channel 10.
  • #lowcosttrip: Quiz from @TuneHotelsIND & @AirAsiaId to get Free 5 Vouchers to stay in TuneHotels on August-October.
  • VVD: The liberal Dutch 'Peoples Party for Freedom and Democracy' (VVD) is currently the biggest party in the Netherlands with 20% of the votes (31 out of 150 seats in parliament).
  • AOW: AOW is the Dutch state pension. People are tweeting about it since right-wing PVV suddenly changed it's opinion about it after the Dutch elections yesterday.
  • Partij: Dutch for "(political) party". People are discussing last night's national elections.
  • #lasttimeihadsex: Thoughts, humor, recollections, and, in general, too much information about the last time people got busy.
  • #topliesmentell: People tweeting about the top lies that men usually tell.
  • #3millionbeliebers: justin bieber has 3 million fans now because of his awesomeness and this TT!
  • Blackhawks: Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup tonight.
  • CMT Awards: Country Music Television Awards aired tonight.
  • Blackhawks win: Chicago Blackhawks won their 4th Stanley Cup wednesday by beating the Flyers in overtime. It's their first cup since 1961.
  • Karate Kid: A remake of the original Karate Kid starring Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan.
  • CMT: The abbreviation for Country Music Television, an American cable tv channel. June 16 - CMT Awards show was held.
  • Dodgers: the dodgers have won their last 3 games on walkoffs, notably yesterday on a balk and this afternoon in the 14th with a 1-0 victory over the dbacks.
  • Janelle: Janelle Monae is amazing. She made her visit on the Monoquie Show today.
  • Stanley Cup Champions: The Chicago Blackhawks defeated the Philly Flyers 4-3 in OT to win the Stanley Cup. First Stanley Cup since 1961.
  • Blackhawks won: The Chicago Blackhawks defeated the Philadelphia Flyers 4-3 in OT to win the 2010 Stanley Cup.
  • Toews: Jonathan Toews of the Chicago Blackhawks wins Conn Smythe Trophy- Playoff MVP.
  • Hawks WIN: Chicago Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup.
  • Cup Champions: Chicago Blackhawks are the 2010 Stanley Cup champions.
  • Janelle Monae: New Album "THE ArchAndroid" available in stores/online NOW! #ftw.
  • Patrick Kane: Patrick Kane scored the overtime goal to win the NHL championship for the Chicago Blackhawks.
  • Roenick: Roenick started crying once the Hawks won the Stanley Cup in Philidelphia.
  • Stanley Cup Champs: The Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup.
  • Flyers lost: The Philadelphia Flyers lost to the Chicago Blackhawks in the National Hockey League Stanley cup finals.
  • Conn Smythe: Jonathan toews of the Chicago blackhawks won the Conn smythe trophy.
  • Jeremy Roenick: Former Blackhawk and Flyer Center. Has good hockey knowledge. Just a damn shame he's surrounded by the idiot cast at NBC.
  • Orina: a puertorican tropical punch.
  • Kenita: Chilean VIP prostitute "confesses" her love life AGAIN on a Chilean World Cup program called "La Barra del Mundial."
  • Leino: Dude who led Blackhawks to Victory!
  • Hartnell: Hartnell helped his team lose to the Chicago Blackhawks!
  • Placenta: La gente tweettea esto por el programa Tabú de Natgeo la mujer tomandose su placenta.
  • Niemi: People are referring to Antti Niemi, a Finnish professional ice hockey goaltender currently playing for the Chicago Blackhawks of the National Hockey League (NHL). -- I thought it's Niley Jemi. LOL.
  • #ONEGOAL: "One Goal" is the motto of the Chicago Blackhawks who are playing in the Stanley Cup Finals tonight (Wednesday).
  • Romeu: Brazilian Movie "O Casamento de Romeu e Julieta."
  • Baleia Maldita: Portuguese version of the "Stupid Whale" trending topic.
  • Tiaras: toddlers and tiaras is a TLC show about beauty pagents for children and their stage moms.
  • Bloqueos: After the arrest of a leader of Los Zetas in Monterrey, armed men are blocking at least 13 intersections in Monterrey and its surroundings.
  • Ladd: Andrew Ladd scored a goal in the second period of Game 6 of the Stanley Cup. That goal is the potential Stanley Cup championship Game Winning Goal.
  • Briere: Danny Briere is a player on the Philadelpia Flyers. He is playing against the Chicago Blackhawks tonight.
  • Hossa: Hossa has been to the finals for 3 years, with three different teams (Penguins, Red Wings, Blackhawks) will this be the year he raises the #StanleyCup ?. YES!!!!
  • Pronger: Chris Pronger is a player on the Philadelphia Flyers.
  • Byfuglien: A wingman for the Chicago Blackhawks. He is trending because he has one goal and a few hits so far tonight.
  • PvdA: Partij van de Arbeid (Dutch Labor Party) is trending because people are tweeting about it and about the current general elections in the Netherlands today. Both PvdA and VVD will probably end up with around 31 of 150 seats, which will make it the first or second party.
  • Ballenita: It meas little whale in spanish, people are complaining about twitter over capacity.
  • #toplieswomentell: The top lies women tell that are OBVIOUS and or STUPID lies!!
  • Slotdebat: Only one of all the Dutch party-leaders, Geert Wilders, showed up for the national television's final debate on the election results. Therefore it wasn't a debate, only an interview.
  • Job Cohen: People are tweeting about Dutch Labour Party (PvdA) leader Job Cohen with regards to the todays (June 9th) elections.


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Darn. I missed the Chihuly background image. And I'm the same way about snakes.
I actually liked it..:)
It was as though you were arriving back at your nice familiar home only to find that someone had put up flamboyant wallpaper all over the place.

I liked some of the images, but I'm glad they went back to the familiar plain white. Simplicity has always been a part of the Google page's appeal.
"What is it about that Google search bar with a blank background that we have gotten so used to?"

That's the key right there, we've gotten use to it, plus, it's simple, which sometimes, a lot of times actually, is the best way to go, doesn't need to be complicated, with bells and whistles that 99.9 percent of the population doesn't need to do a search. I mean, it's nice to have some "advanced" search things, fields, etc. but it's "hidden" for the average Joe(aka me, who just wants to search for uh, you know, 'naked women'!! :D)