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Tracy Brown

Tracy Brown
The Netherlands
October 24
Tracy Brown is an editor and writer and soon-to-be mother living in the Netherlands. She shares her experiences at


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JULY 9, 2012 11:32AM

What to expect in your 39th year

As I get older, I’m constantly amazed by how long ago things that seem recent actually hapenned. The event itself doesn’t matter: my mind is equally blown when I consider Bill Clinton became president twenty years ago as it is when I realize Rage Against the Machine released their first aRead full post »
Editor’s Pick
JUNE 23, 2011 8:23AM

Hell on Wheels

In movies, when someone takes a pregnancy test, it is a scene of excruciating waiting, of squinting at the stick, struggling to decipher the result. In reality, the bright blue “+” sign appears while you are still midstream. It could be made clearer only if a small mallet was released toRead full post »

OCTOBER 28, 2010 6:30AM

An American Werewolf in Labor

There are few absolutes when it comes to labor. There's no way to know just when it will start, how long it will last, or how it will feel. But one thing that I think applies universally is a quote from midwife Suzanne Stalls: labor is hard work, it hurts

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Editor’s Pick
SEPTEMBER 23, 2010 7:33AM

Define "prepared" ...

The Irish fella tells me to not always believe what I think. What he means is, when we are seeking the expert opinion of, say, a realtor, we should not spend half the meeting hearing what I believe is going to happen with the housing market. Ditto for consultations with plumbers,Read full post »

Editor’s Pick
SEPTEMBER 9, 2010 4:22AM

Circumcision: Willy or Won’t He?

The night I learned I was pregnant, my unsuspecting Irish fella was out with a friend of his whose wife had just learned she was expecting. They toasted this news into the wee hours, and my Irish fella spent that night dreaming about babies, specifically that he… Read full post »