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David McClain

David McClain
Doniphan, Missouri, USA
February 08
I am a simple man who has lived a simple life for sixty years. I have not dined with movie stars nor Kings and Queens. I have not walked the halls of power, nor have I been a mover and a shaker. I have, however, been a soldier, a tinker, a jack of all trades. I have raised five children....I have been loved and I have loved. I do not see grand designs nor do I chase afer them. Instead, I listen to the heartbeat of the land and I rejoice in a bird's song in the morning. Do not come here seeking answers for I have none. I do have questions which I will ask you constantly though. I do not believe in aruging so Politics will not be discussed in my blog. I do not care what your personal beliefs are for you are free to believe as you will...please allow me to do likewise. I have never been rich, but I have always been poor. Being poor however has never stopped me from feeling rich. I feel rich because I have the love of a good woman. Melinda completes me. She gives me the peace of mind and soul required to write about life without regrets and without envy of those who might have more. She is my world. Almosta Ranch is our heaven and we are happiy. This is what I want to share with you in this blog.


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MARCH 14, 2013 12:04PM

A Trip to Solitude

Back in the dim past...about 1980....I did what I always do when the world closes in on me and "stuff" threatens to overwhelm me...I got away.

The sorid events leading up to my personal withdrawal from the modern world are, at this late date, rather unimportant. Suffice it to say...I had
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MARCH 13, 2013 9:32AM

Mr. Jack and the Deer that Got Away

As I have said before I consider myself a storyteller first and a writer second. I learned the art of storytelling from my uncle Frank who wove his tales around the campfires throughout my childhood and beyond.

Since beginning this blog I have felt that this is as close to telling
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MARCH 9, 2013 10:59AM

A Conversation: An Experiment

My last entry I wrote a entry about my fourth anniversary here on Open Salon which a few of you may have read so today I thought it would be interesting to do something completely different. Today I want to write an entry in my own voice. I am so damnRead full post »

MARCH 4, 2013 12:56PM

Four Years....How Time Flies

Four years ago I wandered into the big city streets of searching for yet another place to set up shop with my simple little blog. I was still doing my blog on Writing.Com but I was looking for a wider audience for my words.

It didn’t take meRead full post »

MARCH 2, 2013 3:34PM

Horses For Sale?

Seven thirty on a Saturday morning is normally a time of gathering one’s thoughts, planning the day, and relaxing over that first aromatic cup of coffee. Or at least that was the plan and I was well into it right up until the moment that Mel came out of the bedRead full post »

FEBRUARY 23, 2013 9:57AM

After the Storm....

It has been my experience in life that if you ride out the bad times, sooner or later, something good comes along. This holds especally true with storms...real the ice storm we had the other day.

The good thing about ice is that it will melt. The sun will… Read full post »

Editor’s Pick
FEBRUARY 21, 2013 5:24PM

Too Damn Old...

I have never retreated from age, or given in to the failings of an aging body. I have always insisted that I could still do what I did when I was twenty or even thirty. My theory has always been that if you once admit your age, then from that timeRead full post »

FEBRUARY 18, 2013 10:25AM

It was but a dream.

I had a dream last night. Now that, in and of itself, is not that unusual. In fact, back in the day, when I wrote primarily fiction, the majority of my stories had their origins in my dreams that are often quite vivid.

Last night I dreamed I was atRead full post »

FEBRUARY 8, 2013 9:51AM

Sixty-Four Trips Around the Sun

So this is what you get with sixty-four trips around the sun….not bad. I find, after all this time on the planet, that while I don’t have all I ever wanted, I have all I will ever need and what more can any man ask for.

I was lucky enough,Read full post »

FEBRUARY 4, 2013 10:49AM

My Favorite Superbowl Commerical

This year's crop of Commericals were nothing to write home about but there was a few gems among the drivel. The Dodge Ram commerical featuring Paul Harvey was by far my favorite. If you missed it, here it is:

And yes, I am a bit biased on this one. Not only… Read full post »

Those of you who have read my blog for any length of time know that when we started Almosta Ranch we were strictly doing horse breeding. But, for the last two years the horse market has tanked like a Bernie Maddoff investment plan and we have been forced to downsize.Read full post »

JANUARY 25, 2013 5:04PM

The Winter of my Own Discontent

I have been online very sparingly over the last couple of weeks. It seems that this blanket of malaise has covered me of late, like a faceless discontent or an itch I can not scratch and has left me with little desire to enter the online circus.

If I hadRead full post »

JANUARY 17, 2013 5:34PM

The Ride

The day dawned unusually warm with temps above freezing and by noon the thermometer read a balmy fifty-degrees. According to locals, this happens quite a lot in Southeast Missouri and, after a week of temperatures ranging from fifteen-degrees to highs of thirty degrees, it felt like Springtime to meRead full post »

JANUARY 9, 2013 2:35PM

Baby Alert From Almosta Ranch

Of all the jobs we have to do on Almosta Ranch, the most rewarding of these jobs is bringing of new life into the world. Babies, whether they be human or animal,Read full post »

A funny thing happened yesterday on the way to Open Salon. IT OPENED!

Now that might not seem like a big deal for some, but for me it was a huge deal. You see, for the past two months I had fallen into the sad habit of trying toRead full post »

JANUARY 4, 2013 12:25PM

Through a Glass, Darkly

It happened a few weeks back, before my ailing leg caused me to be housebound. I was out in the barn feeding the animals. I had just finished spreading hay beneath the run-in shed so the horses could graze out of the cold wind and I paused for a short rest.Read full post »

Orykoi Bowl issued an intriguing Open Call which I just had to try my hand at. Friday, the 21st of December is the Mayans at be the last day, the day the world will end. So how will I spend this week?

I am, by nature, not given to… Read full post »

OCTOBER 25, 2012 5:41PM

Good News, even if it isn't Sunday

I have good news, but it's not Sunday. Is there any rule that says I have to wait until "Good News Sunday" to share it?

Thought not.

 I thought about posting it on FB and I still might, but it just seems so...I don't know....PUBLIC. I mean I got folks stopping… Read full post »

OCTOBER 20, 2012 3:27PM

My One and Only Political Statement

This quite possibly may be the shortest blog I will ever write. It is inspired by the latest entry made by L in the Southeast that rightfully won an EP and her reply to my comment. So, Lezlie, this one’s for you.

I have an obligation and a responsibility,Read full post »

OCTOBER 17, 2012 11:14AM

A Moment in Time

We have all had them at one time or another haven’t we. I am speaking of one of those special moments in time. One of those rare moments when many unrelated circumstances come together to form an indescribable moment of low comedy. Today I had one of those. I’m still tryingRead full post »

SEPTEMBER 27, 2012 3:31PM

My First Winter-The Grand Adventure

My wife and I were married in 2001 and in the intervening years we have many of what my love likes to refer to as “Adventures”. One of our biggest adventures began five years ago when we took the plunge and decided to relocate to Missouri from Texas, the placeRead full post »

SEPTEMBER 21, 2012 8:45AM

A Dream Comes True


Me and Shadow Dancer, together at last.

Those of you who follow my blog may remember a few months ago when I wrote “Unrequited Love”, an entry about my beautiful, black Tennessee Walker named Shadow Dancer. In that entry I wrote about the frustration of not being able toRead full post »

SEPTEMBER 5, 2012 12:50PM

Lots of Errors

Kerry is this what you envisioned for Open Salon? Are you and the other Grand Poo-Bahs proud of such rampant mediocrity? It is time for you to either fix it or shut it down.

Lots of errors occurred!

An error occurred, then the error handler crashed while trying to handle the… Read full post »

As some of you may remember, a couple of weeks ago Almosta Ranch was blessed with the arrival of a litter of puppies. Though the pregnacy was unplanned and not something we wanted, we recognized that the fault was ours, we only had two dogs unfixed and they, of course, found… Read full post »

AUGUST 29, 2012 3:51PM

Impending Storm

Men and women who live close to the earth and to nature like farmers and ranchers do tend to develop a sixth-sense when it comes to the weather. Being one of those who has lived close to nature almost my entire life, I too have developed this warning sense.Read full post »