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Ernesto Tinajero
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July 23
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NOVEMBER 14, 2011 11:43PM

History Repeating Persistent Patterns

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History Repeating Persistent Patterns

Most of us will miss our rightful place
in the Book of History. If we do achieve its ink,
probability proclaims we merely will be

an endnote, a footnote, or a nameless allusion.
Few get a headline, let alone a chapter. Some,
fed on the illusions of exceptionalism, self-love

and been told since birth that they are
extraordinary, discover this truth as a tragedy.
Yet, to go missing from the Book of Life

tasting the acrimonious sourdough straight
out of the hundreds of degree heat or popping open
a petite syrah colored like the purple of Ceasar’s

robe, yellows or reds our green leafs in preparation
for falling. But, is distracting our future offspring
from their dreams of importance really a requiem

of suffering? I mean I remember when I started
school, age six with coke bottle glasses, I want to them all
to like me. Strange, I can’t recall any of their names.

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