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July 16
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Smell my Paws! Does that smell like poo to you? Writer? No way! I'm a guy with a cat who knows my passwords and likes to blog!! What? Oops, I mean, I'm a cat who likes to blog. Smell my paws!!! French prostitutes? Only on Tuesdays!! Lets cuddle!!


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Today's blog entry was inspired by Catherine F's lovely piece called TINK NEEDS A HOBBY

The wifey and I's first movie date as a couple(ala Real Time as we met online and had many 'dates' online but none so special as this! We got to kissy kissy real time as Leo threw out… Read full post »


 I thought I would do something different, let you in to view my life as it really happens and not that shit I post in the hope I'll get laid by one of my groupies or enemies, whomever is the easiest.  Teeheehee. 

Today, I left my house and… Read full post »

I decided to expand on the whole, "Where do you write?" and add a little bit of why and how I shall become a terrorist for the United States of Fucking America's government.

Oops, I mean, a writer of shit.

Not a terrorist. That'd be wrong.


Oops I mean… Read full post »

The new year.

Two thousand and Eleven.

Two zero one one, the year before the world is suppose to end.

And another Good Spam Sunday is upon us.

A lot of folks think the spammers and Nigerians are the evil, a thing to beat up, kick in the jimmy, and then… Read full post »

They say at the darkest hour of a person's life, a light shall be shined from a highest mountain, to guide said person to a better life.

johhny1 "Do we have a job offer for you! All ya gotta do is transport a kilo of Cocaine up your butt across the border!Read full post »

Damn, what happened to 2010?  Hit us like a STD but went so quickly, we didn't care TOO much.

What will 2011 hold in promise?

Itchier rashes?

Bigger puss filled boils on our butts?

Nobody knows, and nobody cares!!

We still have 2010 raw and throbbing exposed nerves to cont… Read full post »

Editor’s Pick
DECEMBER 28, 2010 6:38PM


I woke up in the middle of a suicide, high on life but wanting something better.

Mother Earth was being fucked on the TV screen by the large corporations and the government regulators who were suppose to be her protector.

"Fuck me!" Mother Earth cried out, pentrated by o… Read full post »

Oh when the late night google searches have got me in their vise like grip, I cannot sleep, I do not drink, for days I type in search terms that mere mortal humans would be afraid to type in their bestest hour.

"Is Joan Walsh really writing a book?"

"No, she's… Read full post »

I know where the Spam Cop has gone, she went on vacation, and I hope she enjoys it, along with Ed I Tor, as neither from this day forward is ever allowed to go on vacation unless they:

  • Take the spammers with them on vacation
  • Bring Tink back lots of
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Every Christmas time it was the same thing.

Hank the dog always asked for the same thing, a nice big juicy steak for Christmas, but every year he got the same thing, wooly socks.

Hank decided to go for… Read full post »

(If you missed the 1st road trip, view it here!  It involved Detroit!)

grifdriving1 Note: very few people realize that grif is actually a dog, but a nice dog, so we get along fine.  He loves to beep the horn at dog catchers and give them the paw though!  "Give me the opeRead full post »

Dear Mr. President,


Merry Christmas!

My granny, though she's not my real granny but just some old lady we met at Walmart and started calling granny and she was just senile enough to believe she's our grandma and started showing up at family gatherings, says,

"Don't be telling… Read full post »

Yesterday I was checking out one of my posts, giggling at the thought of running my own night club and chained slave girls when an ad caught my attention.


Gasp ((OH MY!!! ARE THERead full post »

Yesterday, I stayed up way past my bed time, I didn't fall asleep until 11pm, a good 30 hours up.

Most of this time I was online, researching stuff, and making general chaos in the world of the Google(now when searching for 'The Inferno' you might discover Tinkerertink69 and Open.Salon! I know,… Read full post »

Sometime a post of some blogger becomes the stuff of dreams, this post was inspired by noah tawls' WHAT'S THIS DEAL IN KANSAS CITY? which is about a matchbook cover from a place called 'The Inferno Cocktail Lounge' in Kansas City, Missouri.

What was the 'Inferno Cocktail Lounge'?  The kind… Read full post »

A cold wind blew outside, the snow drifted up to the door.  Inside there was a party, a grand party indeed. 

A tree was standing in the corner, totally ablazed by the flames that came from the fireplace.

Some in the room said, "This is an outrage, a direct ripoff from… Read full post »

Ahhh, it must be the holidays, my favorite movies have been shown, to try and get me into the holiday spirits, spending money.

Fooled them advertisers, I don't have a dollar to my name.  Sweet, I know.

Tonight, as I laid on the couch, and pondered going outside and screaming into… Read full post »

Earlier today, I was sleeping, dreaming of electronic sheep, but then I woke up, refreshed and ready to take on a subject, an entity, and boy did I find one.

My first stop was to my own blog, where I was told there were a few comments from my most die… Read full post »

People here lately have been asking, "What good is Open.Salon for?"

The answer is of course, "To find love and that's the fact jack!!"

I opened up my copy of 'Willow Smith: I whip my hair back and forth' and popped back onto the best site since Geocities was around… Read full post »

I'm not a big watcher of the so called, "Reality" shows and to be truthful and to the point, I hates them more than anything on the planet.

The second biggest irk that shouldn't irk me is the whole '_________ with the Stars' shows that have "stars" that are


Every holiday season for a number of years, I usually try to settle myself in my comfy chair, the one I use to write serious works that get thousands if not one person reading them, and begin my Christmas letter.


This year, I don't really want anything for me… Read full post »

burning-christmas-tree-2 "Remember that time Uncle Steve caught the Christmas tree on fire and burned down our trailer back in Dalton?" my cousin Tim asked as we watched Dan Rather tell us about the meaning of Christmas on Granny's black and white TV set.

"I sure don't!"

"Thank God for repressed m… Read full post »

I am a criminal, a traitor to my country, in the modern definition of the word.

If President Obama ever found out my secret, he wouldn't send emails to me anymore requesting contributions, at least, maybe, for a month or so. 

Somewhere in Butte, Montana is a folder filled with printouts… Read full post »

Every so often, I will go outside and walk down to the local watering hole for some drinks of the kind your mother drinks when she thinks about her life and what she could have been if she hadn't had you.

There will be some discussion going on, about the local… Read full post »

Oh how Aunty Rhonda loves to drink.  She started drinking in 1932 and hasn't stopped since.

At least we think it's been since 1932. 

Though she wasn't born until 1938.

Aunty's brains have been pickled but she still gives out advice to those who don't even ask or want it.

"You… Read full post »