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JUNE 5, 2012 6:55AM

Strange Days: Left, Right, Who gives a F*ck!

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Strange Days 
These are strange days we are living in.


We have been living in them since day one but they seem to get stranger as we move down the line.


It is okay to hate.


All your best religions are doing it.


It is okay to tell a lie as long as you believe it is the truth.


What is truth anyways?


Is it just a lie made into reality by belief of the masses?


Both sides seem to lie, to make false accusations against the others, in hopes that enough people will march with their signs.


Both sides seem to hate, fist raised in rage, shouts going out to those on that other side, the wrong side.


We all give up. 


“Strange days a-coming…”


Whispers on the wind, change, another of those words that can be either way, bad change, good change, change in your pocket, change in the wind, change on the floor.


“Change your socks, they got holes in them!”


“We demand change!”


Good change?


Bad change?


The leaders stand at the podium, they did not even write the speech, but they stand there, smiling, nodding, they speak and the sheep baa in unison to their leader.


“Hate your next door neighbor but don’t forget to say grace!”


Isn’t that how the song goes?


Let us rewrite what the prophets said.


“Do not love thy neighbor, nay, for they are different! They do not wear the latest fashion as you do, and their beliefs are different from yours.  They shall burn in Hell for these atrocities!”


Strange days have been here since the first time we could point and grunt.


Wake up; it is time to go to sleep. 


The House that is not a home, filled with angry people, speaking just to hear themselves speak, to be a clip on some morning television news show.  




Beat to death your fellow man for they are wrong and deserve to die!


The madness creeps even into those who begin out sane, with a dream, a brilliant dream, actual good change but soon, they are standing at the pulpit spewing out words of insanity, speaking their lies in hope that they become truths.


I am guilty of these charges, fearing those who are different from me, believing the lies spread by the leaders, pointing fingers and declaring them unclean, following behind these leaders with their signs.


The other side doing the same, pointing fingers at their opponents, screaming words in hope that enough followers will hear and will follow blindly into the burning, scorching light.


It is okay to kill and steal as long as it is from the other side, the wrong side, those who do not follow my leader.  


It is all good, how do I know?


My Leaders tell me so!


They say ‘God is on our side! We cannot lose! Fight! Shackle yourself for freedom! If you do not, THEY will win’


And we believe, we go forward, because we are right, the other side is wrong.


We do not want THEM to win.


If they win, it means we have lost and that would be wrong for we are right.


These are strange days indeed…


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I see Jesus in that picture. Is that a good thing???
Amy, sure is!! You've got maybe MONTHS to live!! Oops, I mean, PRAISE BE JESUS!! ;)
ooooh! purdy css
but I don't see Jesus, I see a dude playing hockey
I thought this was going to be about toilet paper...
Julie, oh my!! Get thee to a doctor!! You only have days to live!! :( :D

(Every so often, I like to CSS my butt!!! :D)

heron, nah, I'm saving that for tomorrow!! EP!! EP!! :D
My religious leaders tell me that those who write in the yellow box are wicked, and must be shunned, for only those who write in the white box will sit at the right hand of the Ed. I. Tor.
reading and nodding...
Frank, Ed I Tor hates me whether I write in crayon or the approved neon markers!! WAAAA!! :D

Jeanette, I was nodding while writing it!! Just came out!!! Thanks!!

trudie, ah thanks!! Just stopping by and reading is enough for me!!!

Hey man, you're wrong, the Beatles proved it:

No-one can tell me if I'm wrong or right
Where I belong I'm right
Where I belong.
You see a line of people standing at my door...

Say, ain't that them Gardens at Giverny er sump'n? I see flowers, pretty flowers, twin towers, leafy bowers, a time of hours, the holy powers and Tinks golden showers!

Which way did he go? He went

Honestly, Tink, this is quite possibly your best work yet. Is it any wonder Ed I Tor has it in for you? He can't even format a damn story on a page correctly three times in a row. You, on the other hand?

Gen I Us.

You gotta know how that hurts Ed I Tor.

well tink, you have outdone yourself. as much as i love all your writing, i especially enjoy when you write seriously. you have an awesome righteousness about you.
Wow I get to quote Morrison twice in a row:

“Strange days have found us
Strange days have tracked us down
They're going to destroy
Our casual joys
We shall go on playing
Or find a new town

Strange eyes fill strange rooms
Voices will signal their tired end
The hostess is grinning
Her guests sleep from sinning
{ From: http://www.elyrics.net/read/d/doors-lyrics/strange-days-lyrics.html }
Hear me talk of sin
And you know this is it

Strange days have found us
And through their strange hours
We linger alone
Bodies confused
Memories misused
As we run from the day
To a strange night of stone”
But.....but...... id our glorious leaders don't tell us comforting lies, we'd have to face the truth! Reality!!!

No, no! The only reality we want is "Reality TV". Anything else might make us want to actually DO something. We're far too exceptional for that........

Strange Days Indeed~Yes, I believe you are right (except during the hippy days. The acid was wicked)
Well done, and very true.
Youz one deep thinkin cat!

This truly says it all, and its all that needs to be said.

Rated, and I'd rate it more than one but I don't have any alters. pfft!
Owl, I know! I should send the Ed I Tor Kent Pittman's article from years back on how to make post pretty!!! --- I knows this but my brain goes pffft sometimes....


Thank you!! I think it's a pretty good post myself!!!
jane, ahh thanks!! ~grope~ Now I feel better!! :D I try to be a little bit serious every so often just to confuse the Ed I Tors!! :D

Jack, if you can quote Jim at least twice, then, this post has done its job!! :D

sky, exactly!! And even Reality-TV isn't reality!! What the hell man??? :D

scanner, damn them hippy days and I not having the ability to time travel....yet....:D

islandtime, thank you! ~takes a bow~

asia, ahhh thanks but durn it, if you're going to be Trig's GF(Gator Fondler???) youse haz to have at least 12 different personas!!! :D
I see a grilled cheese sandwich.
it's the end of the world as we know it
and I feeeellll finnne.
aka, now, I'm hungry!! ~:D

actually, this seems kinda status quo compared to the 60's....but whatta i no, i live in fiction....
"vote for me and i'll set you free!"
So you say humanity
Is suffering from insanity
Say no more
'Cause you know the score.
Steel, I live in fiction too!! Keeps me young and free!! :)

Mission, ~nodding~ Exactly!!!
Strange days, indeed, Tink. By the way, there is a cat named Quincy lurking at my blog who wants to meet you. He wrote a post last night.
I knew this kitty
would like my little
Randy Newman said it too:
Strange things are happening to me
Ain't no doubt about it

You got someone you think you know well
It turns out a stranger
The minute you turn your back
You're in it all by yourself

They laugh at your jokes
You think you're doing quite well
But you're in danger, boy
You end up alone, forgotten, way up on the shelf

strange things are happening to me

But hey, not nothin' new neither! /R
All I saw was an inkblot. You realize, after reading this, that I no longer know who to placate to keep myself on the good side of all living beings.
Tink, if they've got a club, I don't want to be a member.
PS I see lovely bare tree branches anointed with pure white heapings of snow.
Whoa, what got into your kibble? Or was it something that crawled out of the litter box??? Both Amy & Julie are right Jesus is watching the dude playing hockey... wait is Jesus from LA? New Jersey? Or God forbid, Canada!!!
"Wake up it's time to go to sleep" best line ever.
"It is okay to hate." Yes! Brutalize people you don't like if they're different, have a different opinion, or are stupid, gay, poor, illiterate, brown, black, mentally ill, or have an illness. Yay!!! Draw blood, make 'em sorry, beat them down and when they're down keep kicking them. Yes, rage, rage and then rage on them more! They are wrong and deserve to suffer at the very least. Speak just to hear others repeat what lies you speak. You can be popular! Admired! Entertaining! A leader of your very own tribe! Subjugate the meek and if they fight back and you beat them down, the rest will follow you!

And if you really want to franchise, don't forget to supersize!

Rated though I have no leader... sigh, and I can't sleep.
I agree with what I think you are saying. But are you saying what I think?

Write on you strange little cat!
PS sharing to FB - an excellent piece of writing!
"The House that is not a home", filled with angry people, speaking just to hear themselves speak, to be a clip on some morning television news show.

That's right and Glee could not even make a decent cover like they did with the original because its an angry home these days.
I've been thinking this for a long while. It's good to read it and know I'm not alone.
Big nod!
Strange format, too. I see Hot Shoe in that picture. Is that a bad thing?
Tink this was absolutely brilliant. Everyone should read this. Truly a work of art. Rated over and over.
Goddammit Tink!! Stop taking those damned serious drugs, this shit depresses me; I just can't handle conflict like I used to; before I killed all the different folks around.
Erica, I LUV Quincy!!!! :)

Mission, very much!! :)

nile, EXACTLY!!!!!

phyllis, it's okay, I don't know either! ~shaking his head~ ~:D

cc, YAY!! I'm a big fan of trees and nature!! :D And exactly, I wouldn't join any club that would accept me as a member!! ~:D

jmac, Jesus is from Quebec!! He told me so!! ~:D

Orange, thank you! For some reason, that line just came to me awhile back and I love it!!! It's like, huh? :D

Bleue, I had a leader once. He called me a dinosaur and had me leave the Cult!! WAAAA!! ~:D

Aunty, I'm not sure what I'm writing!! ~:D

But thanks for the words!! I lub Aunty!!! :)

lorianne, me too!! :D Some people don't!! :( Why them Commies!! ~:D

ccdarling, ahhh!! Thanks!!!


Linda, I can't watch Glee! I say if Cop Rock couldn't make it, why should Glee!! ~:D What? ;D

~huge hug~

Liz, lots of people are thinking this way!! ~nodding~ :)

Chicken Maaan, means you got 8 minutes to live!! OH NOZE!! :D

Miguela, ~nodding~ I am that too!! :D

mical, ahhh thank you my friend!!! I felt the same way when I read your lastest piece!!!!

Boomer, sorry!! Next piece I'll write about......ahhh...who knows!! ~:D
I worship at the First Church of the Reverend Tink.
Dammmnnnn. Fabulous post. You just keep setting the bar, Tink.
You may recall that even Jesus didn't answer the question "What is truth?" when Pilate posed it to him. Still, I think most of us know the difference between a lie and the truth. I'd even include Romney in that most of us, but the truth is he doesn't give a shit if he's caught in a lie -- he just repeats it. Apparently, in addition to his Harvard MBA, he has a degree from the Joseph Goebbels School of Mass Marketing.
lefty, hallow be his name!! Teehee!! :D

Firechick, ahhh thanks!! Sometimes I set it low though!! ;)

Tom, Mitt's the one who inspired me to write this post. He tells outright lies and still people follow him, which scares me more than some of these fanatics who run around with bombs strapped to their chests!!

At least with the ones with the bombs, you can see them and go, LOOK, HERE COMES A BOMBER....:D
It's funny that your piece mentioned "neighbors" so much. I really dislike mine and constantly have some inner Catholic conflict that I'm doing something morally reprehensible by not embracing them more, as all the writings claim I should be doing. But then I get over it and get back to not liking them because they're highly considerate and I don't like highly inconsiderate people. Sorry, Jesus. She does the best she can!
Beth, same here!! I try too but most days, well....the hissing is uncontrolled sometimes!! ~:D