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MAY 26, 2012 1:26PM

Who WOULD Jesus Bomb? Life's questions and answers...

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Today, I sat here in my air-conditioned bomb shelter most people would call a third bedroom and I wondered ---

Who would Jesus bomb? 

Who WOULD Jesus bomb?

I'd go for the Super Christians who believe that EVERYTHING is wrong and naughty naughty including breathing.


I went outside for a bit to finish up the mowing I started yesterday.

"Hi Tink!" the next door neighbor said from her back porch.  "Hot enough for ya?"

"Too hot!" I said, wiping the sweat from my butt.

Somewhere in the discussion, I asked her the question.

"I think he'd bombed EVERYONE cause we all suck! We fight, we pollute, we over-populate the planet! We all need to die!!"

She made sense.

I wandered back into my house.

I thought about turning on the news just to see if the world was still as fucked up as it was last night.

By the way, it is!

I sat there on my sagging couch and wondered more, thoughts from the mind, waiting for death...


Back when I started my misadventure in working for the man, I gave over 110 percent, thinking, if I worked hard, went beyond the duties, I would be rewarded.

I was rewarded, a nervous breakdown, headaches, stomaches, and wanting to kill off the entire planet.

But the raises were 'small' or non-existing, the words, "We can't give you a raise this year cause we haz no money for it..." were used a few times.

The money went to give the GM a multi-million dollar bonus!

Yeah, he deserved the money more than I.

But I learned quickly, why give the 110 percent or more for a return on investment of a negative number?


Another of the Rules to Live By I learned from my work life.

It's easier to tell someone a lie and they wander off to be hit by a bus rather than to tell them the truth and have them stand there and scream at you for hours.day.weeks.months.years.

Trust me, nobody, no matter how much they tell you they want to hear it, wants the truth.

They can't handle the truth!

  • MR. ROBOTO!!!!

Good night and have a better tomorrow!




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You CAN handle the truth~I think, and what is the truth anyway? I don't want to know, it might be a monster under my bed, AAAAHHHHaaahhhhh~~
Pfffttt...wanders off to pee in the bushes.
Were not we lied to about the Jesus crap in the first place? I think I'll get bombed myself, you mowing grass?........LIAR CAT......o/e
I saw a bumper sticker the other day: WWJBD? What Would James Bond Do? It put everything in perspective. Blow crap up, kill the bad guy, and, erm, "get" the pretty girl! Pretty much works, I think!
Jesus wouldn't need to bomb anyone, silly. There are super volcanos for that.

I hope today is 102 percent better for you. If only you lived in Georgia, I could show you a billboard that proclaims, "GOD IS NOT A SOCIALIST." It's comforting to know that the Creator of All Things has a preferred socio-economic system, and it's America's.
Nobody wants to know the truth.
It might keep them from going shopping.
Or driving through a fast food window.
Or heaven forbid, arguing over a sports game meant for little kids...
Im pretty sure that if the inquisition still existed they would be killing us all in the fire...
Great post puss
Reality is stranger than fiction. Sometimes. Sometimes not so much. Wtf?! Now I've confused myself. ;)

Nah. Jesus would drop a few "F" bombs, though. That I'm certain of.
No bombs, just overturned tables at some dishonest baking institution or other. I'd love to se that!
Kwazy Kat!
Sorry!--out of tuna casserole at the moment!
Fire, floods, famine, stray asteroids. Who needs a bomb?

jmac, watering the plants!! ~:D

o/e, I mowed! And then I took a nap!! Damn that 15 minutes of mowing!! YUCK!! :D

ccdarling, Jesus gets the pretty girls too!! CAUSE HE'S FUXXING JESUS!!! :D

I bet God gets a lot of action too...:D

Hello, yeah, God is Republican!! ~:D

Mission, EXACTLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~nod~ I don't wanna know the truth!!! :D

Mauricio, ~nodding~ Exactly!! :)

Belinda, I bet Jesus is a cusser! Do you think he'd use his own name in an unclean way?


"Pretty dumb Jesus!!"

A little bit of Jesus helps the plutocracy go down. I wish that were more political than medicinal.
Jesus would bomb whoever the fuck we say he'd bomb...... cause we've just been makin' it up as we go along, haven't we now?

Bomb, Jesus, bomb!

See the pretty fire!
See the pretty children!
See the pretty children burn in the fire!
The children, oh lord, the children!

See the children splatter!
See the children die!
See the children shatter!
Go ask Jesus why!

Bomb, Jesus, bomb!

Isn't it obvious? He would bomb the Christians! Wait. But then he would cease to exist. Hmmm. Maybe not. My head hurts.
You would think if he was going to bomb something he has a whole lot of reasons for doing it. Great read. Rated
I kinda figure that most folks feel this way now and that is why everyone I try to talk too about anything business related are most the time too dumb to answer my question. You get who you hire, you hire those who accept less and give less. The new American way!
Good post, Tink. I'm in agreement with your neighbour. Can't tell you how often I've thought the world needs a human slate-wiper virus. And, for the record, I'd volunteer to be among the first.

As for lying, all you have to do is attend court for awhile. EVERYONE there lies -- cops, lawyers, defendants, witnesses. Not infrequently the judges. It's disgusting.

But the biggest lie of all is the one you talk about: Work hard, be diligent, and you'll reap the rewards, if not in this life, then in the next. Pah.
A gambling casino can't afford to give its employees raises? How can they tell you this with a straight face? Or did they?
Oh tink we give 110 percent cuz we fellas are damn fine athletes.
Work thru the injury, the pain. Thank God for your success. The Big Game.
Everyday is a goddamn big game, I learned in my foray with sister L and
New bro in law “Marine G” (MG) to hooters. Good food there. Point is,
10 screens of tv showing a fella sports,, if the guy can avert his eyes from the panty-
Hosed legs of the hooters gals, who say “I am here to serve u”. a respectable strip join
From a strip joint survivor like u.

Where the boys of summer come thru.

I picked up two pertinent books today, much to my atheist hedonistic sisters’ alarm”
‘WHAT JESUS MEANT’ by a professor at, uh, northwestern? Gary Willis
The Last temptation of the Christ,
By kazakas, that guy who wrote the book where that psycho wm defoe was Christ.

Happy reading to me!
I dunno who He'd bomb as it's sort of a rhetorical question and He apparently didn't see the need to create advanced weapons way back when. But if I were a money changer in one of the temples of finance, I'd be a little worried.
we all STYX!!!! Oh yes we do..
Yes we do.. said Mr Roberto.. ahhh. hhmmmm

He would sing back up and let his impure vocals fill the world.:)
I am literally going to hell
I hear you on working for the man. It's still the same. As Sweeney Todd said, "We all deserve to die, even you Mrs. Lovitt, even I." Good night and have a better tomorrow, my friend.
Praying for bombs to have some peace in your heart, Tink?
You don't really mean that.
You do not fuck to become virgin, do you?

Why don't you ask the good Lord to lift them up to heaven, and give them a good sermon (fire-and-brimstone). You know that'll take some time (Jesus went 2000 years ago, and still didn't return), so in the meantime you'll find plenty time to reorganize the whole shit.

That's the spirit, my dear.

PS Actually, I'm discussing with our good James a series on life in heaven, and I promise you, when I've finished with that, you never again will address heaven for your salvation!
If there is a Jesus, maybe he's already bombed us, only with a kind of bomb we can't conceive. My sister and I, as little kids, used to put daddy long leg spiders on the backyard grill, and watch them cook. Something like that.
spending this weekend bombed....have a good one tink....
Darn, Tink! Every time I think I should just relax and enjoy life, you write something that gives me dozens of things to worry about. Now just how are we going to come up with a missile defense system to protect against Jesus?

Stacey, I'd like more sugar with my meds!! :D

sky, EXACTLY!! If I was Jesus, I'd just get bombed with some cocktail waitresses in Las Vegas!! ~nodding~ :D

Firechick, ~nodding~ My head begins to hurt when I think of such things!! So does my tummy!! :D

Mical, EXACTLY!! Lots of stuff to bomb!! Jesus should hurry up though!! ~:D

Lunchlady, ~nod~ Yep, been asked a few times if I'd be willing to take less than what I made at my previous job. "YEP!" and they still won't hire me. Might be the tuna salad sandwiches breath I have but...:D

Boaner, ~nodding~ I want my reward NOW, while I'm alive, not when I'm dead and can't enjoy it!! ~:D

Chicken Man, they told me with a straight face. Then laughed as I said, REALLY? "No, not really!! We just don't like you!!" Fuxxers!! ~:D

James, some good reads indeed and ya gotta love the Hooter Girls!! ~nodding~ :)

Abrawang, ~nodding~ Yeah, he might bomb the banks on first strike!! ~nodding~ ~:D

Linda, it's all good, so am I, so we'll sit together by the Lake of Fire and catch fish with our bare hands!! :D Trust me, you're going to love it!! ~:D

Erica, I'm having a good something, but still cranky!! What the heck??? :D

Eljekar, nah, I'm more of a "Nuke the Planet Now, we'll get to the rest later!!" A change up to the old mining engineers adage "MINE THE PLANET NOW, WE'LL GET TO THE REST LATER!!" :D

heron, I'll save ya a spot too in Hell!! Man, so much fun!! :D (I use to scorch ants and such with a magnifying glass!! I feel a bully post coming up soon as I hit POST THIS COMMENT!!!!! :D)

Steel, that's the good kind of bombed!! ~:D

Good weekend to ya as well!!

Paul, we can't!! HIS FATHER IS GOD!!! WAAAAA!! ~:D

My real father is supposedly Satan, that's what my mom says so....:D