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July 16
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Smell my Paws! Does that smell like poo to you? Writer? No way! I'm a guy with a cat who knows my passwords and likes to blog!! What? Oops, I mean, I'm a cat who likes to blog. Smell my paws!!! French prostitutes? Only on Tuesdays!! Lets cuddle!!


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APRIL 30, 2012 8:53AM

I have something to admit --- I'm really...

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I am really ASDFGH HGFDSA and all the rest of the spammers on here.


Because, I just felt the need to promote free live feeds of sporting events for years on here.

I thought at first that the management team of the Open.Salon would lock me out quickly and my little experiment in Internet marketing would be over.

Welp, I'm still going strong.

I should probably apologize but that'd be no fun!

Okay, I'll apologize. I sorry.


Except to Ed I Tor.

Without me, why would they need Ed I Tor?


Good night and have a better tomorrow...


Remember, there's only about 12 real people on here, the rest are alters or experiments gone wrong.


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we are all spammers.
i thought i was real, but maybe not.
Do you wear boxers or briefs?

Who ARE you? Who am _I_? Sob, it's all so confusing. Talking cats and dogs, occasional flowers....I seem to have morphed into a smoking drink...we are all part of some strange study and will never get to read the thesis...
If I only knew how to create a computer virus! That would take care of em! Yeah!
Okay, while we're confessing, I have been having a little fun with y'all posing as Diary. And Gordon on my grumpy days. I tried BJ-in-Moscow for a while, but couldn't maintain it, always fighting with myself...
i just felt the need to promote live sporting events! that made me lauh till i wheezed and huffed, tink.

thats quite a calling you have! but now that you have told us? we will all favorite your avatars, and find your posts much more readily!
I've often wondered if I was an experiment gone wrong.....
I'm a dog breeder from New Hampshire. There. I said it.

Now that there are only 10 people here, and you opened the gates, I can finally say it! I've never even BEEN to Chicago! Thank you! I feel so much CLEANER now!
So where are the Airy Joedams fo $19.99 you promised me?
yup, you got me. well, us. chicago guy and i have been posing as two brothers from kansas city, but we're really girls from the same san fernando valley neighborhood who attend middle school and are in lurve with justin beiber. or bieber. one of us is a better speller. seacrest out.
Maybe nobody is real and we are all talking heads echoing from the galleys.

Or something.

I do have feet. They are twitching. I am off to see the Chinese lady here soon for some relief.

At least Dr Amy has not chimed in with her credentials. Or maybe she did.

I'm lost. Is there a map for guidance in this minefield we are all walking??

Can I get a refund?? Oh wait.
None of us get paid.

Okay. Carry on....
Need more grog after this...
I KNEW it all along
I am Mark Trost, Ceril the Gnome and Larry too..
And I have no reflection in a mirror!
@rita: i have long suspected that you were leepin' rita.
I'M THOTH! Oh god, it feels so naked revealing myself like this. Where's my leather thong?
Lots of poseurs to go around, Tink. You are not alone. meow, hiss, growl . . .
I am a wikipedia computer construct fund raising software.
Tink. Without You there's be no leepin' Mission, Saloon bars, kindhearted folk:
Rita, Mimetalker,
Jnathan Wolfman,
Myriad, Kenny1948,
daiseyjane, jlsathre,
femme forte aka kadace Etc., and Catfish to fry lobster for large bowls of chowder.
Chicago Chowders,
Trudge64 Sneakers,
I am just checking in.
I am way far behinds.
I'm a polecat in a tree.

You smell like a kitty.
You a cute porcupine.
You no preposterous.
You one paradisal cat.
You need one cow lick.

eat cat fish chowder soup.
it's lunch time in Canada.

'Clyde's Ice Cream Bar '
This may be off-topic?
Life seem preposterous.
If you act like a polecat?
You begin to smell cat.
Cat act like loon duck.
A dollar is one loon
Two bucks is a tune
A editor is a third.
Damn! Candace spilled the beans!

At long last we all have ONE true confession here on OS now! At least you are doing the right thing. :)


P.S. Please send my best regards to your lovely wife.
I think that is why I left for a while, Tinky.
I am who I am--xuyzzglbtz Ed Hardy t-shirts.

Although I am a real person I am an experiment gone wrong. I am also a great desert topping.
LOOK!!! ART JAMES IS BACK!!! (mwah, art.)
Can I be one of your 12 real people please? Wait, ... I like soccer, does that mean I'm, ..., that I'm, ... (pfft!)
Okay, okay. I'm Johnny Fever, so sue me!

as one of the few truly real people on OS, I think we cats should do something about the impostors.
Lezlie, I'm shocked.

I on the other hand am repenting: I'm not Thoth. (Fooled you, didn't I.)
No avatar for me. I thought the movie sucked. I am who am, but still an experiment gone wrong.R
If you start confessing you're not really a cat, I just will not believe in *anything* any more....
(...stifling sob...)
@ Gerald: the more comments of yours I see, the more I like you.
I thought 'Avatar' sucked too.
What a bunch of hooey.
God's honest truth...I knew all along you were XPTFFAM XPTFFAM....uhm.....right????
Corrections....real people would not even be on this site....so those 12 are probably cats...or wooden stakes....or maybe zombie gnats!
That wasn't Art James, candace. That was me, playing Art James. (Art is really Spike the Chicken)
Some call me Kerry and Zerry, but I'm really Larry!
Tink - thank God you're here! Who are the rest of these people?!
only a handful of us know, @larry lauerman, that zerry, larry *and* kerry are all alters for rupert murdoch's reclusive (and unknown) much younger and actually handsome brother whose left-leanings and aversion to scandals had to be given an anonymous outlet (voila Salon). sssssssh. don't tell.
Art came back!!!

As to the other, I know fer sure that MY life is one long, ugly, socio-psychiatric experiment conceived in some evil laborat'ry on the planet Neptune.
@ Phyllis: I *knew* it!
Those bright eyes are clearly Neptune-based.
And I LOVED Avatar, but that's because I think it would be great to be someone else and fly on the back of a prehistoric looking bird.
I was hoping Lezlie was Bailey Quarters, not Johnny Fever.

And most people don't know that Kerry is the semi legitimate son of Bob Hope. Check the pictures. I speak truth! (Sometimes)
**waving welcome back @ Art James**

Checking back in to see who is who

I'm happy to be me today.

Chinese do great medicine.
My real name is Walter Egeaux.
@aka: as in "leggo my ..."?
I LOVE Avatar!!! :D

And waffles!!! :D
I'm really a spy with MI-6, but on weekends I'm Emily. I have the wardrobe and wig....
I'm really Dr. Sheldon Cooper; mwaaaah hah hah!
I'm LK Walker. Hide your animals.
But...if all of you might be me.....then....who am I?

"Oh well. Nobody's perfect."
I am he as you are he as you are me
And we are (un)together

I am the eggman
They are the eggmen
G-goo goo g' joob
It's like a fog has lifted. Confession is nine tenths of redemption.
(I'm actually David Thropelwaithe, author of New Mexico's mandatory side-saddle legislation.)

My wife tells me all about the ladies.
I am an experiment gone wrong.....
So, it's true, you had species reassignment surgery?
Nobody knows that I'm really Brittany Spears.
I am really a PHD I make tons of money and the poems I put up are all copied from my twin sister who is mentally not all there.
I have been faking my persona for three years. FU !!!
Me and my 137 alters will never darken your blog AGAIN!!!
Me and my 137 alters will never darken your blog AGAIN!!!
I'm actually Robert Crook's Mom. He's really a very good boy, and doesn't want y'all to go off and die. He was just over tired.
Bless you all. And especially you, you sweet cat.
12? Wow is it that many?
Crack me up. This reads like a Who's Who List of OS nasties. I haven't thought of Mark Trost in ages. Beer, Breasts, Buddies, and Big Swinging Bits.

Myriad, you are that guy who said your hair is ugly?!
You guys are the best!! Even for a bunch of Whosawhatsits!!!!

Oh yeah, forgot to answer the burning question of the day ---


~wanders off~
Heron, Myriad is EVERYONE!! Alpha, the Omega and the Beta!! What? :D

Jack, I think it could be higher, Maybe 15!!! :D
I thought this was where you were going to announce that you are really Scooby Doo. *sigh* At least you brought Art James out. *Hi Art!*
But we always knew this. We just thought YOU didn't realize it.
I have a confession too. Sometimes I go to Gordon Osmond's blog just to stare at his hair. I pose like him with a dreamy yet thoughtful look on my face and stare at his beautiful hair. For hours sometimes. I can't help myself! His picture's like a magnet! Is this normal?
"Tuning In Late as usual" (still looking for someone to cave the TIL headstone for my burial ?"plot"? (if "plot" isn't too conspiratorial a word).... I TOTALLY AGREE
Oh bshwasgshy -- why do I keep hitting wrong keys? so that my comments get sent midsentence or otherwise deleted in entirety? [Those if you possibly paying attention, please don't tell me the answer, o.k., cuz really I already know, o.k.?] ... any way, I wanted to say I TOTALLY AGREE WITH ALGIS, and WELCOME ?"HOME"?, Art James!!
I swear I was Matt Paust.

I swear I was Matt Paust.

No I don't.

Shut UP, you.
Hey, no, Kim; I won't shut up till I exercise my Rights of Dodderingisms. [Not the Droit de Seignieur (sp?) I'm the wrong gender and a bunch of centuries off ........] Pushing bedtime here; just did want to correct typo: for "cave" please substitute "carve" o.k.? [Should anyone care...... ;-)]
margaret: gordonO's pic *is* a magnet, girl, a superconducting extraterrestrial magnetic field, and it is horrifically dangerous to look at it - staring at it is Level 8 dangerous. whoa whoa. that means you must remove all iron filings from your person before you even click on the *link* to gordonO's blog (note: term used loosely. or inaccurately.) or you will be slammed/stuck to the screen of your mac book air (i wrote that out just to see if we can get another antiJobs rise out of nana, heeeee). besides, it just hurts your eyes. or mine.
GordO is HAWT!

His dreamy avatar makes the sexiest screensaver ever!

Just for the record, I am not really Abrawang. I'm not Barbara Joanne either in case you were wondering. And a big laugh @Scarlett.
You do this because of your past beatings and turnip-raisin casserole drama!

But your monstrous behavior is not excused.

By the way, I am really Loup De Lou and Peccadillo.
As for me, no part of my body is fake. That may, or may not, be a good thing. Oh, and if I wanted to watch sports, I would watch sports!!!!
Et tu, Tink?? *sniff sniff* By the way, is it me or is PhD research just ....slipping?
Mucho slippage, they would allow me to participate!! OH MY GOODNESS!!!


:( I sorry Zuma, I do better next time keeping my alter egos a secret!! ~nod~ :D