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APRIL 23, 2012 2:40PM


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Today, Salon decided to change its outfit.

"Everyone knows black is much more slimming and red lipstick says, I'm ready to be whored out." said Kerry Lauzamint or something like that to press reporter and career slacker Tinkerer R. Tink.

The world was agasped when the press release stated that Salon was up to 7.7 unique viewers, up from 2011.

"We meant 7.7 million viewers you daft cat!! We've already changed it since you read it!" a source in Salon.com was quoted as saying.

I believe the 7.7 is closer to the actual real number. 

"Shaddup Tink!"

In inspiration to Salon.com's newest workover, I have been inspired to "REVAMP" myself in a similar fashion.

I will still write shit and call people cocksuckers to their face.

I will still piddle on the rose bushes and blame the dog.

And when all else fails, I'll slip back into TINK AFTER DARK at  1:45 PM.


And yes, while invoking the brassy urgency of a news tabloid, the new design also conveys the elegance of the House of Chanel

Good afternoon and have a better evening!!

Your friend 4-ever,


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i have no idea who that gal is, but still, despite her obvious haughtiness,
wouldnt mind seeing her nude.

I've never made it up past 10 pm ever since this after dark thing
started, cuz i am a man raised on the commandment,
"early to bed, early to rise". Half of that i follow.

Megan is a nice name.Tis: a
"diminutive form of Margaret, from Greek 'margaron', "pearl", and thus means "little pearl".

It is an all american name, that is for sure!
twas the name of Hester Prynne's daughter in Hawthorne's
"Scarlet letter", which is still an accurate portrait of America...

"Let men tremble to win the hand of woman, unless they win along with it the utmost passion of her heart."
Chapter XV: Hester and Pearl....

revamping whilst staying true to yr principles, sir,
will do you well in the world of women.
That's a tad too drastic a change for my taste, you cockamamie feline. Tone down the lipstick, okay?

Very nice! What exactly are these changes supposed to do? Um, hmmm... Oh look!
If it wasn't for people commenting about it, I wouldn't know it had been changed. I stopped going to Big Salon a long time ago - around the time they started splitting stories up so you had to go through more pages to read them.
Less wind resistance than the old one.
Tinker,What Sarah and Toritto and Jmac said!!!You always make me smile..Rated...Wishes...
Tink, it's remarkable how different you look after a facial.
I double-checked the URL just to see if it was a Jakob Nielsen joint run amok. I think fancy formatting went passé around 2007. What's so funny 'bout crisp, bold and easy across all platforms and connections?

(Elvis wanders away from the building...)
Well, as long as YOU still write shit & all that other-
we're good.
So, can I borrow your new vagina? Strictly for, um, research purposes.
So that's what you look like after you shave your face. Who'd'a thunk.
jmac, exactly!! ~:D

toritto, EP!! EP!! Teehee!! ~:D

James, I think I'll do well! (The lady in the photo is Megan Fox! :) )

L, but, the Salon Media, INC, LTD says it makes them look more media!! ~:D

mical, beats me!! Change for change sake I guess!! ~:D

Sarah, that toritto is one smart fella! ~:D

Mark, I use to go over to Salon every so often for the comments. They had some mean over there. Now it seems, I can't read comments so I won't go over there anymore!!!~:(

Larry, EXACTLY!! Has that new car smell!! AWESOME!! :D

STATHI, thank you my friend!!! Always glad to make the people laugh!! ~nodding~

Stim, ~nodding~ Isn't it though?? :D

Stacey, all I want is a jukebox and unlimited free drinks till 2am!! Is that too much to ask? :D

AJ, I will, trust me!! ~:D

lefty, woot!! Now you're talking!! SPAM! SPAM! SPAM! :D

nana, you sure can! Anytime!! ~:D People open the door for me and say, "Hello!" it's awesome. :D
Reading you is like tossing back a double shot of tequila, licking the salt and then ramming a lime slice into me mouth. Then, after sucking some of the juice and spitting out the lime, going ahhhhhhhhhhh.
I wuvs the new wook!!!!
phyllis, I know, ain't I pretty!!??? :D

Matt, ahhh thanks!! ~blush~ ~:D
Sheila, ahhhh thanks!! PURRRRRRR!! ;)
It's just Salon 2.0. Or is it 3.0? Hell, they're probably up to double-digit versions by now.
Cranky, it's Salon 99.95!! Here's your nickel!! :D
no red lipstick for me, you career slacker. that girl megan looks like she's about to bite somebody.

oh, and everybody knows what nana wants to borrow that for. pfffft.
Are you now moonlighting as a whore at the House of Colorblind Gerbils?
femme, so he can get free drinks down at the Hungry Pelican on Ladies Night?? :D
You're gorgeous either way, puss.
Scarlett, ahhh thank you very much!! :)
So catnip CAN be smoked...
Natalie, yes, yes it can!! ~nods~ :D
What hath you done with Drew-Silla???!!!
She's all.....................

I just saw the new look. It is very retro. It looks a lot like LOOK magazine from the seventies. Now if they made it look like Ms. Fox, I would become a premium member. R
EP! EP! EP! cough EP! Ep!

what what? wait. "brassy urgency of a news tabloid?"

Tinkertink writes! Everybody...he's a cat!
As far as my blog is concerned, it's 7.7.
I have to admit those red lips are real cockSuckers. Sorry Megan but know they are Gal. God help me if that's really you Jason in drag n undercover?