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MARCH 5, 2012 7:41AM


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If you see a homosexual, run away, they're trying to abduct you, take you to a Techno club, and possibly braid your hair!

That's what homosexuals do!

How do I know?

The AFA(American Family Association --- AFA.NET) has been telling me that for years.

(And well, YouTube showed me this PSA awhile back as a 'suggested turd' and boy,were they right! I never had a 'homosexual' approach me and offer me a ride! IS THERE SOMETHING WRONG WITH ME? AIN'T I SEXY ENOUGH? ~boohoohoo~)

But this month, they have their panties in a bunch over a Hardee's/Carl JR ad featuring a woman at a drivein getting hot and heavy with a hamburger. (http://www.afa.net/Detail.aspx?id=2147518171 Seriously, they are wanting me to call up the CEO of Hardees and tell him to stop putting masturbation material on the TV!! The hell?? AND I WANT A GOD DAMN HAMBURGER TOO!!!!)

I'm so confused, it's bad to thumb a ride with a gay person but it's also wrong to lust after a hamburger holding female at the drive-in!

By the way, what's a drive-in?



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LT. Williams? Ooo that could be a relations! Or not.

Who knows anymore....

~wanders off for more sexy commercials aired during Dora the Explorer~
The music on that video sounds like the same music they used on "Leave it to Beaver"...Hey, you don't suppose "Ward" was secretly gay?
Frank, shhhhh, don't ask, don't tell still in effect for TV shows from the 1950s till 1983!!! ~:D
(But I'm going to say, YES, YES HE WAS!! :D)
I am meeting a homosexual this afternoon for coffee, but I'm the one who's driving, so we will be okay.
Boy! What I miss not living in the MidWest! r.
Creepy is the word for it. Jeesh.
California is still fairly creepy.
This short almost put Chevrolet out of business.
Hardee's is Carl's out west and all my gay guy friends drive massive GM convertibles from the 60's and 70's. The lesbians drive Jeeps and pickup trucks.
You drove this one my friend with a side of fries.
I was taught never to talk to strange men walking the beach wearing a suit and wingtips. (or a bathing suit and wingtips)
No offense Tinkerer, but I'd have to pass you by because I'm allergic to cats. OK, maybe I could put you in the back seat. Anyone with 69 at the end of their name can't be all bad!
OMG! I just watched it! OMG! These people have very active imaginations! Watch out for the drum rolls! There may be a homosexual about to pounce on you!
Hey! I know Sid Lewis. The last time I saw him, he was in a leather bar stuffing a Carls Jr. hamburger in his glory hole!
Sid's an old queen -- a really old queen.
heron, remember, be careful!! They tricky!! ~:D

Jonathan, I know!!! EEK!! ~:D

toritto, and the 60s!! ~:D

phyllis, remember, don't look directly into their eyes, or they'll charge!! ~:D

Peter, so I've been told!! ~:D

Jim, damn!!!

JMac, Hardees in my town is closed!! ~:D The Lesbians up in Indianapolis will knife you for a $1.95!! ~:D

Linda, I love fries!! ~:D And a milkshake too!!!!

Larry, me too!! ~:D

SpiritMan, ahhh, thanks!!!! I'd only make ya sneeze and such for a bit!! I'm cool like that, can hold my fur in for a long time!! ~;D

And exactly!! When I seen this video, I thought of you!!! ;D (Seriously, I was like, EEK!! SPIRITMAN OFFERED ME A RIDE ONCE BUT THEN WAS LIKE ACHOOOO....:D)

lefty, mmmmm.....hamburgers!! ~Drool~ :D

Queens are awesome, especially old ones, they have the best stories!! ~:D
Oh, so that is who is trying to abduct me. I thought it was Aliens....
Huh? I followed good open `old new lefty

In Alice's adventures in Wonderland thee:
queen always scream:
"off with that cat's head!"
Thankfully, she never did!
She just said she'd chop it!
She no did wore Rolodex!
Tink? Bum a catnip smoke.
the ninety year-old
bumming 'Camel' cigarettes
from his great-grabdson
huh . . .
Cats smoke catnip, and nap
Cat search blogs for beers
and hops help car snooze
Good news Monday . . .
My download is slow . . .
I go for one beer run`gin.
Pet store opened @ 10AM.
Cat not do nap in fish-tank.
If you nap - nap in dog-hut.
Cat and poodle hop poodle.
I saw a beagle hop a puddle.
Puppy hump harpie puddle.
Poodle nap. Cat hop bathes:
In shallow muddy 'ole puddle
Who knows . . .
No show porn
Photo to Core
Member Core
Core be cranky
Cats behave too
People cats steal
castle in fish tank
ay look miserable
Tink writes . . .
"Who knows anymore?"
I know I'll buy (not but)`
a six-pack of 'Fat Tire'
a New Belgium Beer
Cats lap toilet water
GOP lick poodle too
Pup hump silly cat
Lard ay has mercy!
Sheila, easy enough confusion to make!! ~:D
Ok. Here's my story. When I was growing up in Danville, Illinois, the scary homosexual story was that they were lurking in the men's bathrooms, waiting to cut off the penises of little boys. I thought to myself, "is that what I'm supposed to do when I grow up?" I decided right then and there, that they were lying. It wasn't that hard to figure out. All the PSA spots were just as ridiculous as this one. Remember Hygiene class? Code for sex disinformation.
Oh Sheila, I'd like to abduct you and take you to lunch one day! Now there's a true sign of homosexuality!
Art, I'll buy some beer too! !Or drink my whiskey from an old glass jar!! ~:D

Cat nip too!! :D
Spiritman, why would they want to cut off little boys' penises for? To wear as a necklace during their 'War Dances' at the Clubs??

What? :D
These are the types of questions PSAs should address!!! Like, why would a gay man be driving around in a police car looking for little boys hitch hiking?

Wouldn't it be easier just to go to their school to snag them up by the 100s, instead of maybe, hoping, that one will move out from the herd?

What the country needs is a remedial math program for all homosexuals. Your typical homosexual seems to think that a sex partner with 2 apertures is equivalent to one with 3 apertures. Homosexuals are INTEGER challenged! They must be taught, by ole fashioned school marms, the difference between TWO and THREE...and which is better. (This PSA paid for by the Amerikan 2/3 Committee)....wink
I like my partners to have at least 20 or so apertures and possibly a few friends to make it a real party!! ~:D
You gonna change your avatar to the one with your braided hair?
...from my vantage point, there are so many A-holes out there in the world, I can't count that high. So many A-holes, so little time!

I've only read your title so far, and I must correct you already.

The only people trying to abduct me these days are the suppliers and those guys from the cartels. Go figure. Somehow they think I'm all up in their business. Fortunately I'm one step ahead of them now and will stay that way. :)



P.S. Please send my best regards to your lovely wife.
Wow, that first guy was arrested? For giving the kid a ride and taking him fishing and showing him some dirty pictures? What an insidious bastard, hey, he was driving a Ford not like officer dudes chevy. That second kid got murdered? That guy had a Ford too, does that mean that if you see a guy driving along in a Ford and he offers you a ride and a soda that he is a homosexual? That last one puzzled me, they never showed his face but he was driving the same car as the cop, WTF? Thank God you posted this movie Tink, think of all the young boys you've saved from the sick, demented murderers.
Don't drop the soap!

Is that anything like cat napping?
I was abducted by homosexuals who tried to brainwash me into their lifestyle, then they ... wait. No, that was the local PTA. Sorry.
That film must have been made by the same people who brought us "Reefer Madness".

They used to show us things like this when I was in the Boy Scouts. It was all just a trick, of course. It was all supposed to convince our parents that weird ol' Mr. Turvy, the assistant scoutmaster, didn't drive a Ford.

And in those days the cops ALWAYS drove Fords with big flathead V-8 engines! They wouldn't be caught dead in a 59 Chevy.
Back again to buy you a coke.......

(*and to rate*)
"I'm J. Edgar Hoover and I approve this message."
I have homosexuals at are school they are terrible they are pretty cool!!!!!:)
oh silly Jimmy... didnt he notice Ralph had baby teeth and a creepy moustache?
Huh - I thought homosexuals all had fabulous fashion sense, so why is that guy shooting hoops wearing a jacket and bow tie?
Holy smoke, brother! I dunno what is more shocking, the damn silly website you sent me to with Kirk Cameron telling me what is “unnatural”, with odd moralistic written words, and a poster kind of for a movie with a VERY attractive lady in it (“October sky?”) then an ad for some historical drama about St Peter, the dumbest of Jesus’s disciples (and the first pope, haw), and then the ad w/ mz upton, who is making a splash with her profile in the manliest magazine in the us, sports illustrated…my god I don’t know how the poor dear keeps her shape, with such eating habits….and…yes, she is moving her hand, she is actually moving her hand in the ultimate scene..down there..holy shit..
Chicken, not yet!! ~:D

SpiritMan, so many dicks too!!!! Can't even count that high myself!!!

(Lots of pussies too!!! Sheesh, good days to be Tri-Sexual!! ~:D)

Diary, it's nice to be wanted right? :D

bobbot, I know, right? GASP!! ~:D Homosexuals are evil!! They'll murder ya if you sleep!! Or buy you presents and take ya fishing, I'm so confused!! ~:D

asia, yeah, except with cat napping, there's less kissy kissy!! ~:D

Stim, ~nodding~ The PTA are evil too!! Almost as evil as the Girl Scouts!! ~:D


I always thought the Boy Scouts were kind of gay anyways, holding hands, taking communal showers, dropping the soap, etc. etc.

Or was that gym??? :D

Cranky, Hi Mr. Hoover!!! Nice dress!! :D

courtney, do not be deceived, they are evil!! And cool too...they give me candy!!! :D

lorianne, it's the mustache that gave him away!! ~:D

cc, he's in disguise!!! ~LOL~

James, AFA likes to confuse us!! It's okay, I've been a fan of theirs for years and even I get confused!! :D
yes afa seems like a nest of hypocrite vipers.
Of the same variety as the one who tempted poor nude Eve
to eat that fruit of the tree of knowledge
and munch it good
and get the juice runnin down her legs.etc.
Being the only male lesbian I feel incapable of commenting.

"Press send FRed(tm) and let's mince outside for a cigar."
Hardee's microwaves pre-cooked, stone cold burgers to order. You know obscenity when you see it, wrote Justice Potter Stewart.
I don't have time to worry about this. I'm too busy looking for the birth control sluts. Think maybe they will kidnap me??
That PSA must have come out before my time. There wasn't anything about what to do in a situation like I had a few years ago. I was driving a cab and the passenger patted my shoulder and told me (true story!): "Honey, you need to lose some weight."

No idea what I was supposed to say about that.

I wonder if Sonic has something on the menu that would make me feel the same way as that woman.
Funny how in anti-gay circles it's made the leap from mental illness to lifestyle choice.
A tough looking group of Indiana bikers were riding when they saw a woman about to jump off a bridge, so they stopped. The leader, a big burly man, gets off his bike and says, "What are you doing?"

"I'm going to commit suicide," she says.

While he didn't want to appear insensitive, he didn't want to miss an opportunity either, so he asked... "Well, before you jump, why don't you give me a kiss?"

So she does... And it was a long, deep, lingering kiss.

After she's finished, the biker says, "Wow! That was the best kiss I've ever had! That's a real talent you are wasting. You could be famous. Why in the world would you want to commit suicide?"

"My parents don't like me dressing up like a girl........".

The authorities think she may have been pushed.
James, oh my!! ;D

CreekEnd, oh my!! ~:D

Stacey, I'd like an order of their actress though!!! She looks nummy!! What???? :D
Harry, maybe!!! :D

L.E. ~nodding~ I think that situation involves hitting the person in the face!! ~:D

Margaret, maybe!! ~:D

Subway has something that makes me feel close.....mmmm...turkey and bacon!! ~:D

Abrawang, them folks on that side of the fence equate a lot of things that are choices as mental illness!! PFFFFT!! So what if I want to look at the Weather Channel and masturbate!! PFFFFT!! :D

CreekEnd, teehee!! Oops, I mean, BAD CREEK!! BAD!! :D
I was actually waiting for the aliens to abduct me but I suppose at this time in my life I shouldn't be picky
Wendy, the aliens are pretty nice but the homosexuals are just funting awesome!! ~:D