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JANUARY 18, 2012 1:55PM

North Dakota Tourism Ad too racy? You decide

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North Dakota has a night life?

Who knew!

I received the following from one of my long time readers and good friend to the House of Tink and Underwear Store, Trig Da Thunder(and his other butt cheek, he calls Lightning! See? Thunder and .... yeah, I thought it was an awesome tattoo idea too!)

Seemingly, this ad...


...has been declared, "Too racy, obscene even!!!" by Facebook Friends of North Dakota Tourism Board.

Source: Stolen from --- http://news.yahoo.com/nd-tourism-director-ad-wasnt-meant-racy-000559311.html

BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) — The advertisement was meant to showcase North Dakota's nightlife: Two young men and three women flirt through the window of a downtown Fargo motel bar. Printed next to them is the message: "Drinks, dinner, decisions. Arrive a guest. Leave a legend."

It was meant to be "a little flirty, a little fun," said Pat Finken, president of Odney Advertising, the agency that created the ad.

Instead, some found it a tawdry come-on, prompting the state's tourism division to yank it from its Facebook page late Thursday after it drew dozens of complaints and comments.

One commenter called the ad "sickening," while another speculated about what the people in the photo needed to do to "leave a legend."

Finken and Sara Otte Coleman, director of North Dakota's tourism division, said Friday they were surprised by the reaction.

"It wasn't my favorite ad. I thought, 'Oh, this is a little cheesy.' I certainly didn't think it was over the line, or seductive, or in any way in poor taste," Coleman said. "It really just takes one or two (negative comments), and then people jump on the bandwagon."

A little flirty?

My god man, you can see them girls' knees!

You know what it means when a girl shows her knees, don't you?

She wants sex. 

Of course, according to the article, the five models in the ad know each other, two of them are even boyfriend/girlfriend.

The shame those two must feel.

Katherine Paynter, who is standing in the middle of the three women in the ad, said the five young people know each other well. One of the men in the ad is her boyfriend, Gavin Rehder, 27, of Fargo, who is shown seated at a bar table holding a half-empty glass of beer.

"When they posted it on Facebook for the public to view I thought nothing of it, nothing at all," Paynter said. "They're trying to get a certain age group to look into the nightlife in North Dakota .... It wasn't supposed to be some sleazy, racy photo."

Gavin, you drunking man-whore!

Half-empty?  I say it's time for another beer, pronto!

And nightlife in North Dakota?

Who knew!

If you look at the picture closely, you will note it's not a very busy nightlife, as they are seemingly the only people on the street.

Paynter, 24, a Fargo resident, is a model and actress who teaches public speaking at North Dakota State University. She said she was disgusted by personal insults directed at the models, some of which described the women as overweight and ugly and the men as gay.

"We were quite excited for this ad to come out, so for it to blow up like this is almost embarrassing," she said.

Well, I wasn't going to mention it, but your boyfriend looks quite happy.

Have you thought about getting him into some programs?

Michele Bachmann's husband has one you might check into, pray the gay away and there's another program called pray the alcoholic away too.

Both are very good programs, though, they didn't pray my gay away, I'm still quite happy but now, instead of beer, I drink vodka, straight, all night long.

And to the ladies, you shouldn't give two poos what a bunch of trolls on Facebook say, hell, I find all three of you very 'Hawt' as the kids on FB say.

If I wasn't already drunk, gay and happly married, I'd ask all three of you out to taste the samples of Golden Corral Buffet and then we could go dancing on the water front.

And yes, bring your boytoys!

To the North Dakota Tourism Board, you guys are stupid too, listening to trolls off Facebook and pulling the ad because of it?

Did they teach you nothing at those fancy tourism colleges you went to?

First rule, don't post nothing that means a thing on Facebook.

You'll get ripped by the trolls.

Or you'll get horny men commenting, "I'd let all three of them models sit on my face all night long!!!" said Tinkerertink69.

But since you seem to need my help, I've made some new ads you can sell to the Canadians(trust me, them Canadians are horny bastards, they want racy to down right perversion after a 11 months of winter!!!!! They want some knee and then some!!!)

So this is for you ----



Nothing says North Dakota like leather masks, nipple rings and cock and ball tortures, and who doesn't love a whip up the old anus?

Yes! Fargo has twenty three dungeons all within walking distance.  Can Y/you feel the love?

I bet a worthless slave can!

Hello!! Racy?

Far from it!

And for you, North Dakota Tourism Board, it's all yours for FREE!!!

07 Look! North Dakota has art, galleries galore, and at each one of them, sex crazed and fancy free citizens will show you 'what art is all about, wink wink, nudge nudge!'

Come to North Dakota for the sunflowers, stay for the free sex, drugs and polka show!


Racy? Not even close!! Bismarck rocks the balls off the yak!!!

Whatever the hell that means, and I think you do! FARGO!!!



Sorry, I get a little over the top when it comes to tourism.

But North Dakota, you're a better state, bring back the girls with the sexy knees and the two guys drinking beer!!



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And Wyoming Tourism Board, you have night life, give me a call, I'll make up some ads for you as well!!

"Steers? I don't see no horns on you boy!" teehee!! You have soooo much more than just Yellowstone.

You also have the Tetons!! ~nodding~ :D
Second! Is there sex in North Dakota? NNNNOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
"FRed(tm) google Nth Dakota please. They're on strike? WOT."
If that's what is considered racy in N.D., remind me never to go to N.D! Who needs to travel to be bored to death?

The night life in North Dakota has to be good, right, since night time last from October to March! Was that the Northern Lights? Up to zero farenheit? Shorts and flip-flops weather!
Pray the gay away? Yes, sign me up. It was the fat sluts of ND that turned me this way.. where's the fucking vodka?

YOU kitty, could me an ad-cat.. Glad you had fun with my linky, tinky. I personally, can say without doubt though that NO AD EVER COULD GET ME TO NORTH DAKOTA.
And, oh, screw facebook
I'm laughing at this Tink. Especially since I went to high school and college in North Dakota.
My biggest problem is that this is just such an amateurish photo and the notion of "arriving a guest and leaving a legend" is doubly amateurish and juvenile.
There is indeed sex in North Dakota--but you often have to get past the "shrinkage" that being outside in 30 below temperatures causes first and then through the layers of long underwear (and that's just on the women).
My favorite all time North Dakota tourism motto (and this is a true one) was a billboard for Fort Lincoln just south of Mandan which said "Fort Lincoln...stay where Custer should have". It was along the interstate just outside Mandan.
So, I don't really see anything overly "racy" about the ad--although it's a lot of ethnic diversity for North Dakota--it's just sophomoric.
Besides, the 2 guys drinking beer are probably sipping one of the more exotic brews in Fargo--either a Grain Belt or Hamm's.
....oh and for years an "unofficial" tourism slogan was "30 below keeps the riff-raff out"
When it snows nine months out of the year and there's not a whole lot to do, babies happen, lots of them -- about nine months after the last blizzard.
To clarify: ND is known for what happens under extremely thick woolen covers. The knees are blantantly skin covered. Therein lies the difference between what is acceptable to members of Scandinavian Conservative Religious Sects vs Scandinavian Sex Lovers and their sites (sights). Covers, Lovers, Livers, Sects, Sex, sites, sights...potato, tomato...let's call the whole thing off and stay in the basement this summer rather than risk the roadtrip to ND. Gotta go...time for my pain meds. Rated...
This is so so weird. "Arrive a guest. Leave a legend." What does that mean? Never mind tawdry. How do you become a legend in North Dakota if you aren't Wild Bill Hickok or Calamity Jane or something? I am completely mystified by this ad, and I think it should be banned as preposterously false advertising. Unless the population of North Dakota is 5, in which case I guess it's okay.
Don't they get cable up there?
It beats the previous slogan -- It's not far to go to Fargo. And, really, overall, is "I'm a legend in North Dakota" going to get you free drinks and sex anywhere else?

Tink, I see a new, lucrative career for you.
lefty, I know!! SEX? Who knew!! ~:D

CreekEnd, but they'll be back tomorrow!! ~:D

L, I know, right? Night life? LOOK!!! :D

Trig, I lubs the Facebook, without it, I'd have no life!! No wait, that's porn sites!! Sorry!! ~:D

North Dakota wants us my friend. We's gotta go!! WE GOING TO BE CREATING NIGHT LIFE THERE!! :D Yes, yes, me, you, a donkey and three strippers, one of them shoots ping pong balls from her va-jay-jay!! Awesome, I know!! ~:D

Walter, I thought of you when I wrote this!! I remember your tales of fun in North Dakota(where if you stay out too long, dicky fall off!! COOOOLDDDD!! :D)

The ad actually reminds me of one that my old employers, The Casino would and have used, it's like, THOSE PEOPLE LOOK LIKE THEY'RE HAVING FUN, WOULDN'T YOU LIKE TO HAVE FUN?

Yeah, just not there!! ~:D

Exotic beer indeed!! Woooo!! :D

Hell, I been through North Dakota a bit, it's lovely state, sun flowers galore(Ed I Tor would love it!! :D) and yeah, Custer should have stayed at the fort, he might not have gotten the prize he was hoping for, but hell, it'd been better than what he got instead!! EEK!!! :D

Bikergirl, see, ND should promote that!! "Come for the blizzards, uh, get knocked up..." :D

Muse, pain meds!! Gotta love them!! ~:D And yeah, knees in ND are like va-jays-jays other places!! SHOCKING!! :D

Mumble, yeah! Well, I left ND a legend!!! IN MY OWN MIND!! :D

jl, yeah they do, but it's all Minnesota channels!! (SHOW KNEES IN THAT STATE, THEY'LL BUST YA...WITH A LEAD PIPE!! :D)

toritto, well duh, nobody brings a bucket to ND, the damn thing will freeze and break!! :D

Ooooh good un!! See Tourism Board, you got all kinds of good ideas!! ~:D
Stim, all I know is saying "I'm a legend in North Dakota" hasn't gotten me any free drinks any place but....gotten some giggles!! ~:D
Gee, I wonder who's going to win their Republican primary?
....and don't even get me started on the "North Dakota song" which must be sung in either a scandanavian or german accent depending on where in the state you're at. Here's a snippet:
"North Dakota, North Dakota;
See the cattle and the wheat,
and the folks that can't be beat...
"the sky is sunny and blue,
the folks are friendly too;
and if you don't believe it
then to hell with all of you...
(and for the big finish)
"yumpin, yimminey,
Yeejus Christ
Norrrrrrrrrrth Dakota"
We actually used to sing this with a great deal of pride--especially at UND hockey games and fraternity keggers.
Walter is cracking me up!
North Dakota's demographics sure have changed since I was there last. It used to be all blonde hairs, blue eyes and last names like Swenson, Andersen, Spens, etc. (especially, etc.). R
Not racy?!!!

Heck all four presidents started to come down from them thar Black Hills!!!

Those complainers ought to evolve! At least to mammalian level...
(*Oh yeah, they're prolly a bunch'a them creationists.*)

Why are they wasting their money advertising Tourism?

They should advertise their unemployment rate of 3.4%

The fast food jobs are paying 15 bucks an hour.

This is the copy for the North Dakota tourism ad. "Drinks, dinner, decisions. Arrive a guest. Leave a legend."

What now? I thought that was the slogan for Open Salon. ;)
john, ME!! :D

Walter, that's beautiful!! ~WEEP~ :D

trig, me too!! ND should hire him as their new Tourist Director!! ~:D

Trudge, now they have night life!! ~:D
Great post TINK! I learned something about North Dakota. They are too well, let me be polite here...oh I can't.
sky, they need to get better Internet out there if that's considered racy!! ~:D

Larry, I know, right? Oil man, oil!! EEK!! :D

Diary, ~nodding~ It is!! ~:D Hell, Open could use the same models, poses and scene for their ads. ;D "DRINK BEER, BLOG, THEN PASS OUT..." :D
Jeez, guys, and no, you know, I never even thought North Dakota EXISTED. I thought it was just somebody's cheap shot against the Wells Street ad "together we'll go........" where? To Kansas? Thanks for the good fun everyone. I'm still snowbound and loving it except it's a bit surreal. You know, Sir? Real? Reducing me to foolishnesses like this comment. John, who do you suppose?

Sheila, exactly!! They should be proud of their racy!! They should say it proudly!! ~:D
The most offensive part of the ad is that there are 2 men and 3 women. I say POLYGAMY!!!! Which guy is gonna get 2 babes? RRated for fun.
Oops, Tink; sorry! Traffic is thick, fast (?pun ?no pun?) and heavy here. You'd already answered John's question before I'd finished typing a comment. Have you yet figured out about carpet design in the White House? I understand that's what a lot of D.C. cats are meowing and purring and clawing about these days. Are you READY????! ;-)
White House
podunk, North Dakota is real. We're not sure about South Dakota!!!! :D
north dakota, ironically enough, was where
it all came together for me, sexually.
i was there, once, for an important
assignment , but eschewed it
to chase tail.

donna the north dakotan taught me the true
ways of the Dakotas. she was insistent that i remain
there, in dakota, but i had to flee, due to outstanding
Library fines..i miss dakota..especially the gal on the far left
in the racy ad..her knees were her lure for me, into untold
psycho-sexual development, yet she would not
accompany me back to CT, where sex is
tolerated, or even Califoria, where
it is encouraged . she was
a born and bred Dakota
gal. i miss her.
Well, I think that the ND tourism bureau could be sued for false and misleading advertising. I mean ... finding a nightlife (any life?) there would indeed make you a legend.

And, before I forget, you Damned Cat, we *don't* have 11 months of winter up here. We have exactly two seasons: Six months of winter followed by six months of road reconstruction.
i hear they fuck the grizzlies up there, just for fun.

three bargirls and a couple of frat boys are like little appetizers.

they'd be et alive by march.
James, library fines are what keeps me out of half the states in the Union and most countries outside!! ~:( ~:D

Boaner, damn it, that road construction takes place for like 5 months of winter so....11 months!! ~:D
Monkey, yea!! Chuck Norris, he got eaten alive up there too, and he's so tough, he didn't care!! WOOO! Wait...:D
The Air Force had a punchline for Why Not Minot. They said you'd love to go there because there's a pretty girl behind every tree. That statement didn't do much for me but some people would perk up. The punchline? There ain't no trees. Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!

I didn't get it, either.
Seriously, if those women are considered overweight and ugly in North Dakota, I'm there! And if that's what gay guys look like in North Dakota, I'm there too!
Because of you, I now realize there are places that don't have year-round snow. Of course, that's because they took the photo shoot in the Bahamas.
And you're inviting the ladies to join you on the waterfront? Anyone knows ND doesn't have a waterfront (although they will soon, if this global warming stuff keeps up ... )
Tink, it seems that Google advertising bots have made a decision. For this article on North Dakota, the Google ads are for 'Heavy Equipment Sales', 'Garage Doors' and 'Grand Forks Hotels'.

Google creates its own humor.
Tink. I'm afraid to read the comments.

That last photograph has me spellbound.

I'll call 9-11 and fly her here for garlic soup.

If she is available (hope no?) I'l serve soup.

I'll pour canned black-eye peas into the soup.

Tourist agents in Nova Scotia read the sighs:

Halibut fillet, catfish on a stick, gold guppies,

Tropical fruit (GMO), stick, and deodorants.

Folk stroll beach with Baptist House Wives.

Tink? Dr. Mugger Job needs a gig. Escorts.

He can do body piercing. He phobic? Nope.

He can eat catfish with tourist. Cook soup!

Dr. can rid folks of garlic soup phobia asap!

We need to request breath mints for tourist!
I had no damn idea.. Thank you
Now, in Sunny South Dakota, that would be way too tame for downtown Sioux Falls. They are raging sluts there, which is great!
Is that like, "Get a reputation?"
Ya gotta go ta
North Dakota
Where da prairies
are full of fairies
and da towns are full of clowns.
The city's full of pretties,
Who think you are real witty,
If you hold half a beer
and have two eyes to leer.
Well, hell, it titillated me, so it's probly outré.
phyllis, I think I got it, no trees!! Teehee!! What? :D

cranky, I know, right? TOO SWEET FOR WORDS!! ;D AND BEER!!! :D

L.E. they had a water front a few times, floods, eek!! ~:D

Cat, I'm getting an ad for Scandinavian Designs furniture in the big ad. :D

Art, I think breath mints just plain good idea for EVERYBODY!!:D

Linda, you welcome! ~:D

Bowl, ~nodding~:D

Lonesome, ~nodding~ ~:D

another steve, and that's a winner too!! Gets ya right here!! ~Burp~ :D
What else is there to do in North Dakota for fun anyway?
I looked at the legendaryND website, and noticed this blurb from a happy tourist to the state:

Cheryl Dunning from Winnipeg, Manitoba ... recently wrote us: “I plan on coming back into North Dakota fairly regularly … Grand Forks is a favorite as is Fargo. I’d like to see Bismarck, Jamestown and well a lot of other places. I always find ways to have fun in North Dakota – from finding new places to eat to finding new things to take photos of. I look forward to returning time and time again to North Dakota.”

All I can say is ANY place looks good to someone from Winnipeg.
This is hilarious, but let's just say, ND needs all they help they can get! Hah! My Irish mother is from Grand Forks and got 'preggers' on her wedding night...with me! That's how they roll there. And the chicks in the photo look anything but North Dakotan! Ya you betcha!
Was that 70's song "I LOVE THE NIGHTLIFE" also banned in ND?
'member that gal wanted some ACTION-
"I want to give it. I want to get some too."

Or would that call for some tar & feathers?

This is obviously a misunderstanding. What makes a young gentleman a legend in North Dakota is the number of beers he can consume and still leave vertically under his own power. The ladies in the ad are just window dressing, due to the other thing that is hard (or too soft ) to keep vertical after nights of consuming legendary quantities of beer.

North Dakota isn't all that different from rural Ohio, though usually a bit colder. - Which is why sexual prowess is not considered legendary, there just really isn't anything else to do besides screw and drink. Usually the one that's done in public is the basis of legends. (not sure if "in front of the sheep" counts as "public"- -( the "other" sheep?) )-

Which reminds me of a Fargo joke
First Fargo Legendary Stud:" My girlfriend's mother caught us having sex the other night"
Second Fargo Legendary Stud:- Oh, Wow!, What'd she say?
First Fargo Legendary Stud:" Baaaaaa"
Which reminds me- the "Fighting Sioux" of the University of North Dakota are fighting with the NCAA about their nickname, which they soon may be forced to change to something less offensive to liberal ears.

Chuck Norris heard about this and decided he wanted to join the "Fighting Sioux" old boys association before they were forced to retire the name. The association was agreeable, so they set a test to prove himself a true "Fighting Sioux" by becoming an adoptive member of the Sioux tribe.

The tribal elders were consulted and it was decided that he would be admitted to the tribe if he could endure the manhood rite of passage given to all Sioux warriors.

First, he must spend a day from first light to dusk drinking firewater and smoking and making medicine with the elders of the tribe. Then, he must spend dusk to dawn making love to an Indian maiden. and finally, he must go with the elders on a hunt and kill a grizzly bear with a bow and arrow.

The day of the test came and Chuck became gloriously drunk, and with the evening, went off merrily into the darkness to complete the next part of the test.

The next morning he arrived at the Tipi of the elders, badly torn and bitten, bleeding from many scratches and bites.

The elders looked at him in awe, as he asked," Ok, where's that Indian woman you want me to shoot?"

True story.

PS- The Law School goes by "The Fighting Sue"
What is really offensive is the quality and bad composition of the photo.
Trying to entice tourists to North Dakota for the nightlife? This is one well thought out campaign. What next? Come to Honolulu for the cross-country skiing? Savor your spiritual retreat in Paris? Riyadh - a Pride Festival like no other!
♥╚═══╝╚╝╚╝╚═══╩═══╝─╚╝Who would have know if it was not for you...
You will always be blighted by the Bible Belt.
Campaign for decent Pole Dancing CLubs on each street, that's the ticket - wot wot.
Sheepie, there's cow tipping!! ~:D

Myriad, she didn't mention cow tipping!! But I'm guessing, up North, that's just a giving!! ~:D

Cathy, yeah, those girls are definitely Minnesotans!! Wild chicks from Minnesota(my mom's home state!! :D)

AJ, ~nodding~ Tar, feather and send into the sun!! ~:D

Token, ~nodding~ All true!! Here in Indiana, if you survive the night of making love to one of their "maidens" then the grizzly bear will be cake(and the bear will LOVE the flowers you brought for first date too!! ~:D)

Miguela, then you'd LOVE the photos my old casino use to use!! ~:D (Same comp, different scene!! :D)

Though the models were from Hollywood!! :D They tried to say, OH WE USE ACTUAL EMPLOYEES...yeah....sure...:D

Abrawang, ~nodding~ And it works too!! I'm heading to Paris for the rodeos!! ~:D

Algis, ahhhh, thanks!! :)

CreekEnd, done!! ;D