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DECEMBER 2, 2011 8:39AM


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I've discovered my problems in life just by walking into the living room at just the right moment.

I was going to do a repost of one of my very old posts back from 2009 but first I wanted to refill my glass with some more water.

As I was walking into the kitchen, the TV was on MSNBC Morning Joe and the bottom read:

Newt Gingrich: Poor kids have bad work habits.

I stood there for a moment, my brain thinking back to my own childhood.

"Dumbass, you were poor as a child and ya ain't doing too good in your 'adulthood'!  Newt is right!!"

I ran down the hallway and went to my source of information, Google.com!

Stolen from: The Hill

GOP presidential candidate Newt Gingrich said Thursday that “really poor children” have bad work habits and no knowledge of how to make an income “unless it’s illegal.”

Doubling down on his argument that children in poor neighborhoods should be employed as janitors in schools, Gingrich argued that the best way to teach children in poor neighborhoods good working habits is to put them to work as soon as possible.

“Start with the following two facts,” Gingrich said Thursday at a campaign stop in Iowa.

“Really poor children in really poor neighborhoods have no habits of working and have nobody around them who works, so they literally have no habit of showing up on Monday,” Gingrich said.

“They have no habit of staying all day. They have no habit of ‘I do this and you give me cash’ unless it’s illegal.”

Gingrich said every successful person he knows started working at an early age in explaining his position that schools should hire poor children in their neighborhoods for part-time jobs as assistant librarians or assistant janitors.

Newt is my new hero!

He's right! I never learned right from wrong since I was poor.  I only do illegal things to acquire money, like selling drugs that I get across the border(in Canada!!) to senior citizens who can't afford to buy the drugs they need legit-wise!

They too didn't learn the proper values during their childhood, cause, they were poor too!

Only the rich learn the correct values in life, like cheating on your wife as she dies from cancer or some other kind of icky disease, or stealing from the workers' retirement plans and other 'proper things' to do.

Child labor laws are stupid.

The comments from Gingrich echo the argument he first made in November, when he called child labor laws that might prevent the hiring of school children as janitors as “stupid.”

“This is something that no liberal wants to deal with,” Gingrich said at the time. “Core policies of protecting unionization and bureaucratization against children in the poorest neighborhoods, crippling them by putting them in schools that fail has done more to create income inequality in the United States than any other single policy.

“It is tragic what we do in the poorest neighborhoods, entrapping children in, first of all, child laws, which are truly stupid.”

Damn you Liberals and your ideals of 'protecting the children' with laws that are not only stupid, but are hurting our childrens' futures!

These poor, misguided children do not need school, the education they need can be found in the factories, the steel mills, the coal mines and the nuclear reactors.

They will learn more in an office than at some desk where a teacher is blathering on about how George Washington did stuff or 2 + 2 =22!

They'll learn stuff like 'Washing the Books' and 'Back Stabbing to Move up the Ladder'.

They'll learn how to succeed!

Or they might end up dead.

Either way, we'll have a better America!

A better world.

And again, once these children have been worn out, used up, we can process them into tasty food products!

A win-win situation.

Damn you liberals in the back, stop rolling your eyes, you wouldn't know a good idea if it bit you in the ass, for God-sake, you voted for Obama for President!

Newt Gingrich, you are the hero here, your ideas should be put into place RIGHT NOW!!


Edwards Fartes, CEO of Soylent Green Inc.

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toritto, ain't he the best? I know who I'm voting for President in 2012!!!!

Newt and most ten year olds function at the same maturity level - of course he wants to hire them. He is uncomfortable when he has to deal with adults, which is why he is doing so well alongside the train-wreck that is the GOP primary field.
islandtime, you know, that makes sense!!! Go Newt!!! ~:D
I should warn you, Newt hates cats, too. He's started a spinoff company called Soylent Orange.
If you don't tell us where you're hiding Mary Lin, Tink, I'll I'll I'll...and then there this salamander! r.
I feel bad for real newts, which are beautiful little multicolored amphibians that live in sparkling mountain streams.

They have to put up with the sociopathic biped nicknamed Newt tarnishing their kingdom/phylum/species.

Too formal to be known at Newton? Or does that conjure up images of Big Fig, a brown slimy fruity filling shoved into an assembly line cookie?
Chicken, now that's just wrong!! NEWT IS NO LONGER MY HERO!!!

Jonathan, she's doing well, married a lobster and started a circus!! What? :D
If I ruled the world, Newt would be confined to a small room with a television set playing episodes of The Wire, nonstop. Every now and then, someone would come in with a bowl of Honeynut Cheerios.
Linnnn, but I like fig newtons!! Can't we just call him PFFT, Ain't Worth A...:D
heron, ooooo, good idea!! ~:D
You've convinced me! Now, Newt's my man!
The sound you hear from this direction is the gnashing of teeth...
Linnnn just won the comment of the year (what remains of it) award.
Very funny post Tink and also frightening. Excellent work. Rated
Frank, ain't he a wonder? NEWT! NEWT!! :D

Scarlett, and that's all we need to know!! That and the Earth is flat!! ~nodding~ :D

Myriad, ~nodding~ Newt does that to a lot of people!! NEWT 2012: MAKE THE END OF THE WORLD THAT MUCH BETTER!! :D
mical, thank you!! Just trying to give some love back to Newt. He's giving me much love over the years!! ~:D
Just when I think these Republican candidates can't get any stupider, there's Newt leading the pack!!!

He's right!

And - Those kids that used to get caught in the bailing machines had bad work ethics too. Think of all the lost production hours.

Newt has made the best of himself through hard work, lobbying, and taking payouts under the table.

God bless him!
Sometimes I look at the political machinations in your country and mine and think "Man, this is GREAT satire. Swift would be beside himself". Then the iron bar of reality crashes into the fragile crystal of belief, and I realise I've again hit the nail squarely on the side: These idiots mean what they say.
Notice how Newt isn't decrying the work habits of the kids at Suburban Ridge Middle School? Or at South Burb High School? Those kids who have iPhones in their pockets, braces on their teeth, and a backpack full of SAT prep books? He's not decrying their video game habits and saying they need to learn to work by scrubbing floors or shelving library books?


You know your country is in deep doo-doo when items like this move from the comedy hour to the 6:00 o'clock news......

Well, I suppose if we have child labor here, we can finally compete with the sweat shops abroad, so does that qualify as bringing jobs back to America?
As a staff member of a union, knowing that many actual adult janitors/custodians are unionized, I think they might have a problem with their jobs being taken away by children.

As stupid as Newt is, it's hard to believe that so many people hear this kind of thing and go, "Yeah, that's a great idea!"
Is the newt worth another comment or post? i refuse to be outraged by this media whore / govcorp jaw bone.
Nothing, and I do mean nothing, says Civil War now than the tea partiers willingness to vote for an obscene animal like newt Gingrich!
If poor kids even do finally get to school on Monday they just sit there all day looking out the window thinking about food.

I think Newt can win.
Perhaps now that Herman Cain has tumbled so low, the very large pro-adultery faction will come out in support of Newt who is highly qualified to carry their banner.
But of course they've been secretly supporting Newt behind the pizza man's back for quite some time already.
Thank goodness for Newt. Poor people are sickening, what with their shitty food and thrift store clothes and bad work ethic and, especially, all that icky poverty. I feel like vomiting a little just talking about it.
I'm with scarlett...Let's turn it inot a bad word!

Go Newt yourself!
Newt you and the horse you rode in on.
Shut the Newt up!
That is so very Newted!
Newt me dead!

and so on.
To paraphrase H.L. Menkin: "No one ever went broke overestimating how much they could abuse the powerless and disenfranchised (American or other public) with the power of determining whether or not they could feed themselves."

And some people, have a good time at Tiffany's with the payments they got from whoring to those who made it that way.
@Linnnn: Even better - go "newt" your "santorum."
Greenheron has it right. They worked them kids on The Wire.
I wonder if Newt's been reading Jonathan Swift's, A Modest Proposal.
My comment is too long. So I wrote a post.
Someone needs to tell Newt that the program already exists in Ohio, and has for 45 years. It's called Career Based Intervention, and it operates within the confines of Federal and State labor laws. He's a dipstick.
I heard this on the radio and almost ran off the road laughing until I realized I run an apprenticeship program for youth 14-18 years old to teach them job skills through the arts. But while most of the kids in the program are from low income families, not all are. I've discovered middle class (and higher) kids have no clue about work commitment either. They think they should be excused from work when it's their best friend's birthday. They think it is a hardship to only text on a ten minute break. One of them took a call while interviewing without apologizing for the interruption.

So maybe Newt is secretly a liberal and wants to give poor kids an advantage without the Tea Party realizing what he is doing. He could be a genius in disguise.
I'm still in disbelief over that quote. Great piece of writing. R
I agree entirely. Rich kids in the 1% have much better work habits -- like abusing the illegal aliens and polo ponies in the field, and being mean to their manservants.
Don't lie, Tink!

You know you've forcing Mary Lin to make conservative pen movies with the likes of "Wrong Dong" Romney, Herman "The Wad" Cain, Rick "Frothy" Santorum, "Hedgehog" Perry and Newt "That's not a salamander, I'm just happy to see ya" Gingrich!

Hell, if your wife would let you get away with it you'd prolly be working making Kitty porn with you! (see how I got back on subject????)

(I did like the threesome movie with her and Michelle "Skellator" Bachman & Sarah "I can see Ur Anus from my front porch" Palin though!)
Soylent feline! aiiiee.
Victoria, ~nodding~ And we love him!!! :D

Spumey, AGREED!! Stupid kids should know better than to get their arms ripped off in the loomers!!! ~shaking head~ Builds character too!! ~nods~

Boaner, ~nodding~ It truely scares me sometimes!!! It would be great satire if it wasn't true!! EEK!!! ~nods~

Linda, he is!!! He likes hugs too!! ~;D

froggy, that's because them kids can buy work ethics!!! ~:D

sky, ~nodding~ I know, you'd think this should be playing on Saturday Night Live!!! ~shaking head~

Owl, EXACTLY!! Stupid labor laws!! GET RID OF THEM, BRING OLD WORK HABITS BACK!! I could use some 8 year olds in my mine!!!!!! ~nodding~ ~L~

Jeanette, see, that's the problem (in Newt's and others minds) unions are bad, child labor laws bad too, they hurt America, we need to go back to the days of children working in the factories for like for pennies a day, or the coal mines(they small, can fit in tight spaces!!!!) ~shaking head~

Snowden, nope, he doesn't really, but, it's nice to get the stuff out there, at the very least so people who are undecided can see the man in a real light, not some 'Spin Doctor's' rose colored glasses world!! (NEWT 2012!!!!!! :D)

Jack, agreed!!!!!

alsoknownas, ~nodding~ Newt will get the nomination and the Presidency, life will be grand!! You'll see!! Once we get the Tea Partiers in higher power, these '99 Percenters' will be shot like the good lord intended!! ~nodding even more~ (Anyone reading my post and comments from outside, I'm being sarcastic!! Please no PMs stating YOU BETCHA!!!! BUT WE NEED MICHELE BACHMANN IN OFFICE FOR THAT, NOT NEWT!!! :D)

Drew, poor people should be shot!!! ~nodding~

Linnnn, Newt loves you!!! How I know? Cause the Book of Gingrich tells me so!!! ~:D

jane, yeah, it still has some hurdles to jump through, President Obama says he'll veto it, but I'm hoping it goes through, I have so many 'terrorists' to report about!! ~EVIL GRIN~ :D

Samasiam, ~nodding~ Some people have made great wealth standing on the backs of the poor!!! ~nodding even more~

~Washes Cranky's mouth out with soap~ I'll have none of that dirty talk in my clean house!! ~:D


nerd, Heron is always right!! ~nodding~ All birds are, even when they wrong, they right!! :D

Sarah, I think he may be reading like Oliver Twist more than anything!! ~:D

pauline, thanks!

keri, I got your post finally loaded, I'll comment there. I don't disagree that children nowadays need some work ethic, but it's not all poor kids, nor do the rich kids have it either just because they're rich, children should have chores, allowance based on those chores, etc. Newt's thing is 'Poor kids have bad work habits' and 'Child labor laws are stupid' EEK!!!!! ~shaking head~

Actually, that's my comment to yours!! ~:D

TMH, yes he is! Oops, I mean, NEWT 2012!! :D

Mime, exactly!! That's what he's doing!!! (I'd love to believe that!! But...:D)

Rita, thanks! Politicians make for great blogs!! :D

Justin, two rats for us each!!! ~:D

lefty, I like being mean to my manservants, we call that 'Bonus Time' :D

Amy, how I've missed you!! Don't go away ever again(by the way, how was making 'movies' with Long Dong Sandy and her 'Posse'? :D)

Jacqueline, with both hammers!! ~:D

Zuma, it taste like kitty litter!! ~:D
I have no words for this, in large part because my middle-class work habits have left me living in a mouse-nest-filled house I can't afford to heat. And yet I remember so many nights staying up until dawn to finish drawings and specs. Where did I go wrong with these so-called work habits?

And just what was Mr. Gingrich doing at age eight? He'd better have been threshing wheat or herding goats.
you get the idea he is speaking to an audience of one: the very rich man who is going to contribute to newt's retirement fund.
I know, only in America. Other countries have rich people (including billionaires too), but no politician of any nationality has ever said anything remotely insensitive toward the poor, let alone against the poor, except in these United States. Regardless of how corrupt any government is, no foreign official would dare say what Newt, Limbaugh and Coulter say about the poor. If Newt were British or French or any other national and said what he said, he would be too scared to leave his house. What is really fascinating to me is the lack of a severely angry response from, well, everybody. Clever as always, Tink. R
Fire the poor parents from their jobs and hire their kids for half the money. It's the pro-family way to do things.
Herman Cain is announcing tomorrow that he's had a 16-year affair with Newt. John Huntsman smiling.
PS- Is it bad to eat a whole sleeve of double-stuff cookies at 12:30 am while watching Flying Wild Alaska?
Geez, I always took the simple view that poor kids had poor parents. Though I'm sure that Newt could find fault with them too. Because after all it's a just world, no? The poor are poor because of their own wayward habits while the rich are rich because of their diligence and industriousness. And lucky us that that diligence and industriousness have so vastly amplified over the past three decades.
Mumble, at 8, he was killing Vampire Nazis!! ~:D

al, but he's actually talking to at least 10 rich men who have already contributed to his retirement plan!! ~:D

Thoth, yeah, we should be angry, but if we did get angry and did stuff, they'd call us terrorists, send the military to our homes and drag us offshore with no trial in sight!! :( THAT'S AMERICA!!! :'(

Stim, that's the spirit!! ~:D

grif, to answer your question, NO, NO IT'S NOT!! :D

Abrawang, YOU GOT IT!! Poor people are icky!! ~:D
I think it's a win for the entertainment political media everywhere that Gingrich is on top.....

oh the stupid things he will have the opportunity to say....