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MAY 11, 2011 5:08AM


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Every so often, as I escape into the thorn bushes that is Real World, I'll grab my camera, or the wife's, if she'll let me have it and take some photos of the world around me.

The other day was such a day. 

The rain had finally stopped long enough to run outside and jump in mud puddles the size of the Great Lakes and laugh like children as we did so.


squirrel Every so often, you have to go outside and feel the grass between your toes, look up at the sky and say,

"Damn, don't like the looks of them clouds!"

The squirrel agreed.

"Looks like rain!"

And rain it did, but not before we were miles from the car or any sort of protection.

But who cared, for now, it was not raining and there were pictures to take.


DSCF4881 The ducks were taking a break from their literal swimming pool on the side walk.

"Tis a grand days to be a duck, water here, there, everywhere! Who doesn't like never ending swimming holes?"

robin1"Well, I don't, really, in particular, " the robin replied, "But, the worms that come up, are much easier to catch and are quite tasty!! Chirp!"

Chirp being the term in bird for 'Nummy nummy!'.

One of the benefits of not having a job, besides not having to put up with stupid people for eight hours a day, is, I can go out and take in the nature porn that the world seems to throw out in bucket loads.

---- NATURE PORN ---- 












Most of the photos, if not all(think the squirrel actually came from a trip to the Louisville Zoo) came from Sam Peden Community Park in New Albany, Indiana.

As stolen from here --- > http://www.nafcparks.org/Sam%20Peden%20Community%20Park.htm

The biggest park in Floyd County, with 104.5 acres, people come from all over Floyd County (and some out of county) to enjoy. Fifteen water acres have also been used in developing the park; citizens may fish, or even take specified boats out on Kiwanis Lake. In addition to the water activities, there are 4 covered shelters with tables, 4 playground areas, 3 restroom facilities, 6 basketball goals, 11 tennis courts, a sand volleyball court, 6 horseshoe pits, and a 3 mile trail for walking, jogging, or biking. The Floyd County Soccer Association also plays most of their games on the several soccer fields available at the park.

Not mentioned was, at one time, the smart thinkers at City Hall almost sold this wonderful place off to Walmart so they could build a super center there.

Better brain cells kicked in(mostly the citizens said, WE'LL KILL YA IF YOU DO!) and Walmart built their store down the street.

Smart thinkers.

Good night and have a better tomorrow!

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Wow this is gorgeous - even if you hadnt taken the troble to type the text it wd have been a lovely post - I esply like the 5th pic from the bottom and the first one of the Nature porn series from the top - seems like half a heart pierced with the Tall Tree - nature porn indeed :) The leaf with dew drops against the ashen ashphalt is also priceless. Rated with a smile.
Rolling, I like those too!! ~nodding~


Thank you very much!! ~takes a bow~ :)
Glad you had a chance to shake off the mildew and enjoy nature's beautiful offerings. Thanks for sharing. I really like the tree trunks...
I like those rare posts when you get outta the thorn bushes and take a long walk and get some photos.
Your first "Nature Porn" photo is some lovely poison ivy (shudder)
*vague itchy feeling*...
Excellent pics Tink - rated (assuming OS lets me)!

I've never been to Sam Peden, even tho I lived in NA for 8-9 years.
Linnnn, ~nodding~ Me too!! So seductive!! :)

Myriad, ~nodding~ Me too! I need to do it more often!! :)

Frank, but it is so seductive, so creepy, it reaches out and grabs you!! ';D

(No touch!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! :D I got itchies but mine are from little 'no-seeums' bites on my left hand and arm. No where else, but there!! WAAAAAAAAA!! WAAAAAA!! :D)
Mark, yeah, it's a nice little park(actually next weekend, the wife's family is having their gathering there --- it's our turn to host it, so we rented a shelter!!! :) ), nice to go there and see the ducks and such(use to be able to feed the ducks and such but well, now, you gotta be sneaky about it!! :D)
ONLY YOU could make holes in tree trunks look naughty!! I am glad you got your bum outside for a romp, and thank you for the nature lesson. I did not know that birds too say "nummy-nummy".
heron, I know, I one perverted cat!! ;D Birds love to say nummy nummy!! ;D At least robins!! :D
i love it when you steal wifey's camera, if she'll let you. ducks enjoying their sidewalk swimming pool - pretty good, tink!
These are splendid photos, Tink.

BTW, I hope you didn't try to climb that poison ivy vine twining around the tree there.
I am having a better today already...Thanks
These are great pictures, Tink. This is a side of you I have not seen before. How many have you got? -R-
This should definitely get an EP. The pictures are beautiful. I really like this blog. I love nature too. Rated
I love that Nature Porn stuff. You have quite an eye. Most of the parks around here are suffering from lack of Government funding and are closing up. You are lucky to have such a big open area to play in. Walmart. Yikes!!
Tink this was lovely.. Who was that lovely squirrel? He looks familiar.. A guest perhaps on your walk?
rated with hugs
You live in a nice neck of the woods and I'm glad you take good pictures and that you shared them.
I can always go fro nature porn in the morning.
Great pictures, Tink. I looooooooove nature - specially with a side of fries. Squirrels is good eatin', y'know? Duckies too! Robins - meh, a bit stringy; but their pretty blue eggs are very sweet.

Good thing I'm not much on 'greens', an ivy salad might be upsetting.

This is close to a Walmart?!
A small world! I actually go jogging in this park twice a week! Maybe one of these days, we'll run into each other! **Giggle**
diana, ducks are people too! What? ;D Thanks! I like stealing her camera, it's nicer than mine. ~nodding~ :D

Matt, sure did, but no itchy! WAAAAAAA!! :D

Algis, hurray!! Me too! Mostly due to nappy time!! :D

Christine, you'd be surprise!! ;D (At last count, 25,000 and growing!! :D)

Sarah, on the EP, I won't be holding my breath on that!! :D But thanks, I liked them too!

zanelle, yeah, it's a nice place to go and hide from the world. And yep, very lucky. Sometimes the peoples' voice is heard by the Man and things do happen for the better. ~nodding~ :)

Linda, that squirrel actually blogs here. ~teeheehee~ ;D I tried to stop him for an interview but he was like, I GOT NUTS TO SORT CAT...and ran off!! :D

toritto, off on vacation. They got a taste of the 90s and humid and were like, "pfffft!!" :D

Chrissie, thank you very much. It's a nice place, I make fun of it but well, you tease the ones you love the most is true for areas too!! :)

another steve, me too!!!!! :D

sky, ~licking lips~ OH my yes.....and the other night, TWO rabbits were on my lawn. Nummy!! What? :D

Megan, sure is, right down the street!! :D I know, awesome right, you can get nature AND cheap sodas!! :D

Ava, maybe!! Except I don't run, more like a waddle, with a swish of my tail. :D
Thanks for the tour. There's no wildlife where I live. Not unless you count the wino with the toothache who keeps yelling for "Sophie," whoever that is.

mrvoulezvous, ~nodding~ Ohh we got them too, I'm still not sure who Sophie is, or Cecila!! ~EEK~ :D
Haha nature porn. I thought you would like cat porn? ;)
A writer, a humorist, a photographer, an asswipe, a great guy. Is there anything you can't do? All National Explorer Caliber photo's!
angel, that's next week!! ;D

scanner, and cute too!! Teeheehee!! ;D
yay! nature porn (and zombies on the last link) booyah....now this is how OS should be all the time ;D
Julie, I know! WINNING!! ;D