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MAY 13, 2012 7:20PM

Something in the Way Upstairs

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What was she thinking. Was this the cookie talking? Fanny wondered.

She pulled the last batch from the oven and transferred the hot cookies to the cooling rack. Something about the way she moved him made her decide to pop the last broken one into her mouth. She licked the chocolate from her fingers and took off her apron.

I don't know, oh I don't know. Ran through her head as she hung the denim bib on the hook next to the back door.

The sun was beginning to set past the tree line and the cicadas had already begun their evening chorus.

The house was empty and quiet except for the constant refrain Fanny hummed over and over.

An unusual warmth crept into her soul before she realized the kitchen was spotless.

 Tim was waiting for her up in Jon's room.

 Oh yea, she thought, leave a note. In case one of the boys happened upon the cookies. They were too hot to put away. But too dangerous to leave alone.


Touch these and you're dead! Mom


Fanny scribbled across the blue note pad. Somewhere in her smile, she giggled.

 He could hear her foot steps coming down the hall carpet. His excitement grew. He wasn't sure but he felt something. Something in the way she moved.

He leaned on the door and slipped off his shoes.

The soft knock scared him. Tim jumped as though the door had just sent an electric shock through his body.

"Fanny?" He said turning red in the face.

"May I come in, Tim" She said quietly, then slipped into her sons' room.

Before he could answer she was there, in front of him. Beautiful.

The comfortable room was dark only Dusk peeked in at them through the open windows.

Tim stepped forward. "Are you scared?" She put her finger to his lips to shush him and moved into kiss him.

He kissed it and pulled her fingers down to his stomach as he over took her mouth with his own.

Scooping her up, he stepped backwards and the two stumbled onto the bed.

Stick around now it may show.

She pulled off his T shirt and kissed his nipple. He gasped and went for hers. Filling his mouth with her bra covered flesh almost made him prematurely cum.

He reached for the closure of her bindings and undid them, releasing her to his whim.

Fanny straddled Tims stomach and let his mouth and tongue explore her soft breasts.

Her skirt hid his lust but she could feel his warm large fingers probe there.

Something in the way she woo wooes me.

They soon found a way around each others clothes and got down to the quiet business of flesh.

You're asking me will my love grow.

"You know I believe in how."

"What? What did you say?" Fanny stoped herself and rolled over on her back. "Tim what was that you just said?" She smiled up at him.

"You know that Beatles song Something. Something in the way she moves, attracts me like no other lover..." He sang the beginning of it.

Fanny broke into a hysterrical laugh and rolled over towards the window. She parted the canvas curtians and peered out across the lawn.

Down the hill the cabin lights were on. The view had always been blocked by the well house before the fire but now she could see the pond and the cabin clearly. They boys must be playing cribbage, she thought.

Her artistic son had always liked his bed by the window. Not being old enough to go off to camp like his older brothers, Jon had wanted to sleep in a tent. So for his fifth birthday she decided to surprise him. The ceiling trusses provided the perfect beam to hang the large canvas panels down from. The simple gathered stich made from leather shoe laces ran up the edges of the curtains giving them an authentic Indian touch. They fashioned the quilt from a couple of old plaid sleeping bags. Jon was so careful to follow the lines, cutting perfect strips. Upon their return, JJ, Jerry and Jed hadn't even missed the donation of their old bags.

Laying there now, Fanny understood why Jon could be awake for hours up here in his tent. His fascination with the insects on the window screens was clear to her. His priceless drawings of many a winged insect flanked the window. Each summer night providing a magical array for his little still life pictures. He had created his own artist camp without even leaving.

"What?" Tim stopped singing and rolled on top of her. "Is my singing that bad?"

"No silly, it's just that song. I've been singing it in my head this whole time." She pulled her hair back around to expose her beautiful neck to him.

"Something in the way she woo wooes me." He sang the words softly up her neck and held her by her breast. Gently he thumbed her right nipple.

She backed in to him and spooned, pushing herself hard against his lap.

"You like that, huh." He continued softly. " Somewhere in her smile she knows... that I don't... need no... other lover...don't want to leave her know...I how." His rhythm hastened then slowed. "And all... I have... to do... is think..."

She let the strong intern comingle his bold pleasure with her own. Only after their "talk" had ended did Tim notice the view from out the window.

"Looks like the boys had the same idea." Tim watched Grant close the blinds down in the cabin window, but it was the other bedroom window blinds, not his own. And he was naked.

"You stick around now it may show..." he giggled.

"What... is Grant doing in Jon's room, Naked?!" Fanny couldn't believe her euphoric eyes.










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Right on down to the last drop!!
Uh oh, the plot thickens. Turns and surprises. Good song too.
I was a bit confused, but I had fun, thanks !
got me hooked...nice...R.
Full of erotic;not clear who with whom.
The,well developed sequences.
Different layers of perspective.Interesting...suspense.
The plot?
TG.Thank you.I'll be here again,for more.
Great, now I'm going to have that song stuck in my head all day. They certainly all had an interesting and revealing internship, that's for sure.
Save a cookie for me, will ya! Nice continuation, glad to see you are still running with it.
I like the continuation of your story. Looking forward on how it will end.
Sexiness and cookies. Nice....
Succulent story in so many ways. Now I can't politely stand up and go to the copier. What will my coworkers think I'm doing in here? I liked the insect drawings. The setting took me back to the attic bedroom at my Grandma's in Maine. Of course, only the humidity and the insects were there...