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DECEMBER 21, 2011 12:47PM

Santa Susan

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Let us say—not “Since we know, we love,”
But rather “Since we love, we know enough.”
Robert Browning

Sudden harrowing, quivering, throbbing, stabbing, gnawing, excruciating ass, thigh, and leg pain Edward experiences for the first time. Hearing extreme distress in her father's voice on the phone, Sarah rushes him to the nearest emergency room, and begs the receptionist for help. Edward is a fifty-nine years old ex-marine, an ex-land-owner, and physically in top shape. He possesses the sin of pride and the gift of beauty; he is exceptionally handsome and likeable. Lo and behold, in the less than five minutes, a nurse opens the door, calls Edward's name, and the lucky patient is in. In an hour, Edward gets a shot of morphine and five minutes later, a second reading of his blood pressure shows a substantial drop.

Finally, the Attending physician makes a recommendation for physical therapy and writes a prescription for Tylenol. Sarah informs the doctor that she has never seen her father in such agonizing pain, and pleads for a stronger painkiller enough to last until the underlying cause passes. The Attending responds, "Do you think I'm an idiot? Do you know how many old people like your father come here every day with bullshit stories trying to score drugs?" Sarah sees that terrifyingly angry look in her father's eyes and immediately, in an attempt to save the doctor's life, she takes a few quick steps towards her father, hugs him with both arms and whispers, "Dad! Dad, Look at me! It's OK Dad, we are leaving now!"

Watching the entire scene is the sixty-two years old Dr. Susan A. Stein, a renowned private practice physician checking on a patient of hers across the hall. Susan does not know why, but she cannot stop staring at Edward even if she tries. For, suddenly she feels different. She feels those wonderful old erotic thrills tickling her body again and ecstasy comes to mind. She bites the lure, she’s happily sure: Let love endure, and come what may. Susan stops Edward and his daughter, expresses how sorry she is, hands her card out and offers her professional services if they would like to follow her to her clinic. With grateful eyes, Edward and Sarah accept, and Susan leaves praying, "Thank you, Lord, he's not wearing a wedding band, but when he opens his mouth, please, Lord, let him fuck-up not!"

Few dates later, Susan and Edward fall in love. For the first time in his life, Edward finds what he wants; he's alive. Susan is all female, a heavenly estrogen portrait, a marvel of nature, a pleasant spirit with a unique commanding coyness. When Susan talks, a choir of angels sings, when she walks, the rhythm is divine, and Edward hears Steve Gadd on the drums. Even though Edward is versed in the female ass-classification, Susan's is of the rare BAM (Bubble-Apple-Melon) variety, a wonder he has never seen, the most beautiful ass terrene. Leaving for work after their honeymoon, Susan kisses her husband tenderly and says, "Love of my life, remember now, if you don't want your ass to hurt again, never put your wallet in your back pocket!"

The End

Happy Holidays

Thoth © 2011



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In the spirit of the Holidays, please remember that millions of our older citizens suffer not only from physical pain, but also from continuous humiliation at the hands of ignorant, heartless healthcare guard labor that does the bidding of big pharmaceutical companies by denying patients their necessary narcotics. You do not want to live in a world where an older arthritic woman asks for a stronger painkiller and the "doctor" says, "No can do, tough it out!" Most of migraine pains readily respond to small amounts of cannabis, yet the only choices migraine patients have are "prescription" drugs, most of which are expensive and almost all of them work by constricting cerebral blood vessels thus lowering the blood flow through the brain!

Moreover, when someone uses drugs to "get high," why should that concern you or me? It is usually those who always vote to keep drugs illegal that say things like, "She's high," or "He does not need the drugs, he just want to get high." So what? What is it to you? Why should you or I care if he's high? More importantly, Who am I to tell anyone what and what not to ingest, inhale or absorb rectally for that matter. Happy Holidays everyone.
What a wonderful story of hope and of overcoming pain of many sorts. It makes someone like me think that yes, even in the later stage of life, love may make a call. Good to hear from you again!
Very true, Thoth! A great reminder of what can happen to all of us. And it's good to see you back here!

I love the story and the message it delivers!

I know many who cannot get medical attention and it is shocking and appalling to me. My own health insurance is just about to end and I can't imagine how I would deal with my rheumatoid arthritis without medication. Fortunately my husband's insurance will cover me...well, as much as any of it covers anymore. Copays mean nothing like it used to.

I am trying to figure out why the Feds want to close the cannibus clinics here in stupid, so sad. It is the only drug that has NO deaths attributed to it and they want it illegal. They should tax it and close the budget deficit, not arrest users.

The story was fun and your comment is spot on. I couldn't agree more.
Thought provoking as always, you never cease to make me think. Great post and happy holidays.
BAM !! You nailed it my man. I've been battling the health care industry for 20 years over pain medications. I have lay in bed and hurt so bad, I begged for a gun to end it all. The VA, would give small amount of medicine that wouldn't stop an ear ache. Meanwhile, my legs hurt so bad, I wanted to die. I finally found a PA, not a doctor mind you, a Physicians Assistant, who writes me the medicine that gets me out of bed in the morning. Meanwhile, the maggots who get these drugs and sell them for enormous profit, are making it harder and harder on real people, who are in real pain, to get their pain meds. Thanks for bringing this up. I do it from time to time, and it can never be said enough!
wonderful memorable way to spread an important health message.
Third time was a charm for me not in the prime of my life. And for those that suffer from the lack of medical help those who rule the land should be ashamed. If Canada, Britain , France etc can do it so can the US.
Happy Christmas Thoth
Oh, that cagey Susan! Yes, a fine femme specimen - she knew how to land her man! Wallet! I have heard of this. But yes, the dual message is heard loud n' clear. I agree with all these comments, and am relegated to these ranks as well. Good show, and Merry Christmas! R
Nice story. I can't tell you how many times I've stood on the corner of a ssedy LA neighborhood, trying to score some Tylenol. The best I can do is Amoxicillin.
I love a wonderful love story and this is so well told.
I hope you do not think that a 59 year old is an older citizen.
Despite feeling ancient, I loved this post. Hoping to see more of your posts here soon.
rated with love
Seriously! Right on! If more folks around the globe were getting their high on daily, there would be "peace on earth and good will toward men!!!" Frickin' A!!!

Nice blend of sex and healthcare, dear Thoth. If only!

Have a merry olde wicked holiday!
Thoth, you touched a nerve there for me. My mom is elderly and in a lot of pain due to her severe osteoarthritis. Because she is on so many psychotropic meds there is little they can do for her pain besides applying icy hot patches. Seems insufficient, but the nurses have assured me that is all they can do. Thank you for bringing this issue to light and for your enchanting story of love later in life. Rated.
Yep, we "oldsters" (assuming 59 is the new old) don't get treated well
The American police state was kicked off with Reagan, a Bush pistol to his head, making his idiotic war on drugs speech in the rose garden. I still remember that day. The wind was blowing but his hair remained perfectly welded to his head, the only thing that moved was the reptilian dewlap that Ronnie Raygun sported under his neck. America has gotten just what it deserves. There is now a bureaucrat sleeping under every one of their beds, yea “war on drugs”, nice shooting Tex! Maybe if some of the more rabid Christian fundamentalists could read they would have read that little thing Jesus said about removing the beam from your own eye before removing the splinter from your brothers. Then again if more of them would stop eating and watching FOX on the TV set and just try getting a little exercise they wouldn’t be so fat, ugly, and pasty faced. Yea I really need you to tell me how to lead my life you Greek demi god with high blood pressure and cholesterol with a touch of Alzheimers inhibiting your once room temperature IQ. Save me my self appointed overweight and stupid Jesus! Save me!
Your humanity shines through your message, Thoth. A very happy holiday to you and yours.

I can't believe how much verve and charm you injected into this short post. Much to enjoy here. Renews my faith in love, too. And, nothing can keep a good woman from getting her man.
Great post and duel story line. With and additional "So happy to see you post I could pee my pants!" ~r
Great story. Great comment. Also, do not put your wallet, overstuffed as it may be, in your back pocket men. You are asking for trouble with your back, leg and sciatic. Always in the front pocket or elsewhere. As to bs emergency room doctors, demand another physician if possible. Some of these hacks don't belong on duty anywhere except a morgue. I have no respect for ignorant people who harass the elderly or ill.
Ron Paul wouldn't go for this at all. But I did! Happy Holidays. R
What a wonderful story and how cleverly you use fiction to make your point; it wouldn't have been nearly as enjoyable if you'd stuck with facts and figures. I especially love the unexpected romance that takes place and also the ages of those involved, That is almost unheard of in today's youth-obsessed culture. And even though I am unfamiliar with the BAM ass classification, it's good to know a 62-year-old woman's still got it going on. Loved it!
I keep my wallet in front. In my jockeys.
I'm high as a fuckin proverbial kite today
Thoth, due to the wonderful hypomanic phase of this
bipolar virus thing in my head. In my, ah, neurotransmitters,
that is where tis at.

I know how mental pain is erased by cannabis & one is
entered through the Gates of eden into an eternal plane of
is the I,
the next thought, feeling or act of will.

I am sure it is good for old geezers like Edward too.
Ah, no grass? Well then sure, morphine will do ya good i guess.
There is the problem of old fellows goin goofy
like my poor old dad did
after his surgery,
(that was hilarious, ha)
but no pain, right?

i'll be back later to get to the story.
Great job, Thoth! There are so many lessons in this short piece. Now, about the rarity of the BAM: while I don't have one of those, they are not rare at all among my peeps! :D

59 = "old people?" Thoth! How could you? ;-| I agree, tho, that our health care system is based on an obsolete model and that insurance companies and the drug industry would just as soon see it stay that way.
What a funny short story. Very festive. Merry Christmas.
My mothers been lucky. She's so charming that every doctor gives her any painkiller she needs. She's in a lot of pain, all the time. A non narcotic pill- Neurontin-- has been a lifesaver. So if any dear old oldster reading this had neuropathy pain, or other pain-- give Neurontin a try. It's cheap and non addictive.

Great way of expressing this depressing reality. Great to see a new post by you , Toth.
Hey FERNSIE I take Neurontin! Off label for Bipolar Virus.
This story only strengthens my strenuous admonition to you for not writing more stuff.
Ha , loved it.
Ok it deals with a serious issue: the prescription of the dreaded Narcotic.
‘Sister morphine’, rolling stones…
Here I lie in my hospital bed
Tell me, Sister Morphine, when are you coming round again?
Oh, I don't think I can wait that long
Oh, you see that I'm not that strong ….

Well but wait. Another power is entering into the picture, the power of whattaya call it, not lust, more than lust, Infatuation, but Mature Infatuation, the most beautiful healing balm on the Earth. Not a drug, no. Tho the Idiot Scientists say, love is but a squirting of chemicals to the Pleasure Center of the brain.

The Brain is the horse, the Rider is the Mind, the Motion of rider and horse is the Soul.

Susan ,
she of not only the BAM, most beautiful ass terrene,(????)
but also
all in all,, a heavenly estrogen portrait,
a marvel of nature,
a pleasant spirit with a unique commanding coyness.
voice of a choir of angels singing,
she a Professional, not a Punk Doc. Living in some nightmare kingdom of Experience.

Old people jonesing for their narcotics. I am not aware of such a phenomenon, in the health care industry as I sort of am, and will be again.
But. When Cannabis is brought through the damn Scientific Scrutiny Machine& gets at least thousands of great published doctors & scientists to clearly point out its benefits for pain management and appetite increase, etc, things
Will be different…

The kingdoms of Experience
In the precious wind they rot

While paupers change possessions
Each one wishing for what the other has got

And the princess and the prince
Discuss what's real and what is not

It doesn't matter inside the Gates of Eden.

Inside, no pain, and it doesn’t matter how. If ya got a soul up & moving, nuff said.

Susan! My sister’s name..ha
Quirky story that I quite enjoyed Thoth. And I'm with you 100% on the drugs aspect. As the saying goes, whatever gets you through the night.
Loved it. Been thru lots of this with my dad -- RIP -- only wish I had read it stoned. Maybe tomorrow...
you have rather captured my own frame of mind
in the unconventionally sexy susan
"She bites the lure,

she’s happily sure:

Let love endure, and come what may"



"Have you found your life distasteful?
My life did and does smack sweet.
Was your youth of pleasure wasteful?
Mine I save and hold complete.
Do your joys with age diminish?
When mine fail me, I'll complain.
Must in death your daylight finish?
My sun sets to rise again.
"At the 'Mermaid'"(1876)
Oh, I've missed your words here. I loved this . . . thank you for the smile.

Grand post. Pain is an under treated disease. As a long term veteran of the oxycontin, morphine, opiate war on pain (but never to much lest one become an addict) I can say that your post is spot on. More then one healer has treated me as a rather shabby patient with "drug seeking behavior". Of course it was all true; I was seeking drugs because I was suffering. Even now with a morphine pump implanted in my body (which does not let one get high, a side effect I do often miss) some doctors question my requirement for constant morphine.
Love is also a fine answer to pain.
Excellent in its compactness with stoirs and moral.
What an interesting way to use fiction, to point out a social ill. I'm still wondering...was the pain originally in his leg, or his ass?

Cheers and happy holidays! I'm hoping to see more fiction from you, Thoth!
I'd love to see this illustrated. Hee.

(I have also witnessed the dismissal the elderly often experience in a healthcare environment. )
Thoth, thanks for the great story! When I saw the word BAM prior to reading this post I would think Brooklyn Academy of Music. Now there's a second meaning to the word! A wonderful Holiday and Happy New Year to you and yours!
A fine story with or without the wallet in ones back pocket. Your heart is good your soul is divine.
Great post! It is so great when those in the medical field treat you like a person. My dad came for Christmas last year and went right to the hospital. Thank God they treated him like a 24-year-old not an 84-year-old! I was amazed at the level of his care!
Happy holidays!
BTW - She has a great name. Check out my Christmas post! Hahaha!
Great post. Even though I'm a doctor, I made a decision 25 years ago to only use alternative health providers, owing to insensitivity and frank verbal abuse I received from traditional (mostly male) health providers in my younger years.

As for prescribing painkillers, doctors are closely monitored by federal and state authorities for issuing prescriptions for addictive drugs. I had numerous compassionate doctor friends who lost their medical license because the government disagreed with the way they prescribed benzodiazepines or narcotics. Both the DEA and California have a history of doing sting operations on doctors - sending an undercover agent to entrap them into writing prescriptions controlled drugs.
Thank you, my friends for your gracious visit and beautiful comments. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year.
Wonderful story, enchantingly told...(PS- can't help commenting that it appears you have done quite a bit of derriere research yourself to have created a "classification" system!)

Happy Holidays!

Have we met in person? It's like you were writing about me? ;)

This is brilliant. I think it's your best work ever.

Beautiful read, love makes everything possible.
Good to read you again. I don't come on much anymore. I agree they are too heavy handed on not giving out pain medicines. I now go to a pain clinic and I have a contract with them. They can call me in at anytime to count my pills to make sure I do not use too many of them. I happily signed on the dotted line to be pain free. Some days are better than others. I have multiple problems. And Migraine Syndrome is one of them. I have way more pills than I am suppose to when I go back but they work with me really well and he would rather I have more than I need than not enough. But I have found some rather untraditional ways to help my migraine syndrome such as clearing your Chakras regularly. And some others that I will send you through message when I get the time. RRRated.
Merry Christmas and Happy Winter Solstice!
Great post, Thoth.

I've never done drugs just for fun, I simply never had the inclination, but I do not judge those who choose to do so. Most of my friends smoke and I find it highly amusing when they're stoned. I'm all for the legalization of pot.
wow Thoth, this was quite unexpected and was such a commentary on the corrupt medical system. I saw this first hand as my 87-yr-old grandfather was in obvious pain but was not verbal enough to ask for more meds, due to his condition. My most vocal and assertive auntie had to rip into the staff and threaten a lawsuit before they would give him the meds that he needed. Only then, was he able to pass on...peacefully.

I loved this. Thank-you.
Thank you for this story…Loved the writing and the ending.

I think it is awful that folks who are in pain have to feel they must justify their worthiness for appropriate medication. About a year ago I was in terrible pain from facial cellulitis…as the infection spread throughout the left side of my face and antibiotics (that I could take, I'm allergic to most) couldn't stop it. It was awful. I ended up writing a 5-part series on pain on my blog (it should show up in my back issues here, Jan-Feb 2011). Anyway, I did a lot of reading and writing on the subject and it touched a nerve (forgive the pun) with others. So many people are in pain and struggling to find some relief or hang on until they can heal. My heart aches for them.
:) thanks Thoth. This made my day and I shall go to sleep in peace knowing even if all may not be right with the world, theres still so much one can look forward to and feel ok with. You have a heart in the right place and a brain to match, dont stop now that yu started posting again. And hope you have a year that you can look back at with pleasure and satisfaction.
and I have always wanted to write this way :)
Hi Thoth,
You own this, wouldn't it be nice if things could happen just like that, yes it can and it could. There are prouably many people that are sitting in bad relationships and just aren't sure what to do. But when the situation it is hard to look aside, I am glad that man was single and that the nurse was a willing patient waiting for what she knew would be a good dose of love, and her warning to her new hubby about his wallet, was also dead on. Loved this Thoth
The "hospitalist" system whereby a hospital's staff doctors treat all patients, instead of their doctors treating them as in the old days, is totally nuts. I don't know how people without family members in medicine get through the health care system without either dying or ending up in a mental institution. Your story covers many emotions, but I love the happy note it ends on. Happy New Year!
Thank you so much my friends for your kind words and gracious visit. Happy 2011!
Thank you, Lord, he's not wearing a wedding band, but when he opens his mouth, please, Lord, let him fuck-up not!"

a woman's soul, laid bare?? how easy to please.
i never f-up.
and thoth,
that is the curse.
Thoth! I love this love story and its basis in truth. Wallet/butt syndrome is real. An chronic pain is real, especially in older people with arthritis. Unfortunately everyones quick to label them as druggies, or drug seekers. I have gotten into screaming matches with some really mean nurses who refuse to medicate people. Call me crazy, but if someone has a med ordered every four hours for pain as needed, I am in their room asking How is your pain, do you need your pain med? This is a common occurance in the US medical system. I have found that if the patient has a lawyer in the family and the staff knows it, they get better care. So most of my patients end up with a "lawyer in the family who is very concerned about the pain"
this was brilliant!

Lovely story. I got all clinical, thinking DVT! OMG he has a blood clot.

Then I reread the story for what it is. Thanks for the invite.

Often times, I find myself getting distracted and unable to stay focused when reading short stories etc. Yet your story had me hanging on every word.
What a beautiful story, and even more so amazingly written.
Superb. We (still FRed(tm) daBrit Siamese and I) wish you a Happy and Prosperous 2012.

"Press send please FRed(tm)."
Just read your post Thot -- and it's funny that I just also finished reading a book that in a longer format says the same thing. It's by Anne Fadiman, "The Spirit Catches You And You Fall Down." She talks about how the case of a Hmong American girls who had epilepsy and whose parents who migrated from Laos, who could barely speak English, and could not trust the American doctors because they felt the doctors did not love and care for their child the way they did. Fadiman takes on the dehumanization of western medicine, and there is this one page that's really funny. A certain William Zinn had written an article published in the Journal of American Medical Association, where he says that doctors get disassociated with their feelings and need to recognize them. So he explains to doctors and medical students how to recognize that they are having 'feelings!' He writes, "Most emotions have physical counterparts. Anxiety may be associated with a tightness of the abdomen...anger with the clenching of the jaws...sadness with a heaviness of the chest..." This was all written in seriousness.
Late to the party Thoth but not only did I LOVE your story, i also loved the comments.

Myself I'm allergic to liquor, all and every type, and all pain killers make me throw up. However in every city there is at least one truly compassionate doctor who gets how important are the best pain killers. And give them freely to those in need. The horrifying doctor in this story should be struck with a really painful disease so he gets it. love to you Thoth, Wendy
"the rare BAM (Bubble-Apple-Melon) variety" ? Oh my! LOL Don't even get me started on the big pharmaceutical companies! Cannabis is used for pain relief for people with MS which my son has. He does have the pain issues presently and does not need to use cannabis, however. Did you know that people with MS and other diseases are not affected by marijuana in the same way as the average person? (see: It is ridiculous, as you point out, that we are still having to fight the gov't and ignorant, small-minded people on these issues.

Excellent Thoth and rated! xo
kekenutikeke (15 hours ago)
♥▬▬●▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬●▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬●▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ ஜ▬▬●▬​▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬●▬▬♥
* BEAUTIFUL SOUL AWARD!**** Once you have been given this award, you are supposed to paste it on the wall of AT LEAST 5 women/ men who deserve it. If you receive more than 3, you know you are truly special....You rock!! Its just to appreciate each other. It is always sweet to know that someone thinks you're a wonderful and special Person ♥♥♥ you are dont ever forget.
@ Algis,

Thank you so much, my dear friend. I humbly appreciate your support and wonderful friendship.
Hi, Thoth! I had this happen to me when I was in the hospital with a resistant ear infection. My head was swelled up like a soccer ball, and the inside of my ear was poking all the way out from the infection, but the hospitalist on duty would not give me pain medication, because she "thought I was a junkie." I had to have my regular doctor call her at the hospital to get some pain relief. I don't think the doctors really think we're junkies. It is so easy to see when someone is in terrible pain. I think they just enjoy playing God and punishing the weak.
Love the way you wove the themes in this one. Yes, I laughed at the end...just the right threads neatly tied. Nice allusions to the fact that the whole situation is a pain in the ass.Everyone has or knows someone who has hideous healthcare stories...Too bad it has become about lawyers, politicians, government, insurance companies and the drug industry rather than individual doctors and patients. Many effective drugs have been taken off the market for capricious reasons that have nothing to do with their efficacy. Enjoyed this post...and these conversations. Thanks for the invite.
Hi Wren,
Oh, definitely that too, just that you would think they should have some mercy. Glad to have made your acquaintance. Thanks your for the graious visit
A Persistent Muse,
Thank you so much; it is so good to see you again.
Glad I came here to read. I'll will tell my husband not to put his wallet in his back pocket. :)
Thank you Ande, glad to have made your acquaintance.
"For the first time in his life, Edward finds what he wants; he's alive. Susan is all female, a heavenly estrogen portrait, a marvel of nature, a pleasant spirit with a unique commanding coyness." Is this not what all women want in a way is for a man to look at them in wonder and with desire in their eyes?
Thank you, Laura,
I would think so too. Glad to have made your acquaintance.
Still waiting for murses to catch on in this country. R
Thank you, CatholicGirl, for your visit. Glad to have made your acquaintance.
Dear Thoth, good story. I didn't know men had a grading system for women's posteriors. Sadly, I don't have the much desired shape. You learn something new every day!
@ ccdarling,
First, thank you so much for your gracious visit and comment. Second, aside from the caricature-system, the key to the "shape" is proportionality.
Late at night I answered a small voice that said I should go to OS in spite of the hour. Then Fusun led me to this post, which I read while first thinking you could be telling the story of someone who has me quite worried these days. My head was titled in concern, my heart filled with compassion. It was so nice to encounter the humor and joy at the end as it were. R
Wonderful story - so vivid. I felt the pain and the anger, and heard the terrible words of the Attending Physician like fingernails down a chalkboard.
What a nice way for Edward to heal....I also love the sparkling poetic gem tucked into this story: "She bites the lure, she's happily sure: Let love endure..." Magnificent. R
Glad to make your acquaintance and thank you for a thothful post. ;)
@ Natalie
It is so good to see you again. Thank you for the kind words.

@ Michelle,
Thank you so much for your nice comment and gracious visit.

@ d white
Back at you, my friend. Thank you for your visit.
What a love story this was, and I can't believe I missed it. Nicely done. I agree with you on pain relief. Those of us do not know, first hand, what so many people suffer with all day long. I also believe 'weed' should be used for relieving medical problems. I have avoided, and will avoid meds for as long as possible, as I see them as toxins we too readily take into our bodies, when there is another choice for healing. Not a health nut, but we are what we eat, and I may write a post on that. We should not judge others and the choices they make for their health. People are so busy passing judgement on others, that they don't really take a very good at themselves.PS. wrote you a Happy Birthday message on Funsun's site. Enjoyed this and the compassion you emanate.
@ Cindy
Exactly! Always wondered why people can be so harsh even if they experienced the pain. We are also a nation of busy bodies! LOL. Thank you so much for your gracious visit and kind words.
Ain't love grand? I love happy endings. (Funny too.) :)
@ Brianna,
It is! Thank you so much for your gracious visit.
So true it oughta be an emblem or at least a goddamn
bumper sticker:

"For the first time in his life, Edward finds what he wants; he's alive"

The shock of being alive is what i kinda live for.
it takes alot of self-forgetting.
purging the ego.
becoming a person
without a head! ha!
Why thank you James,
It is always a pleasure to share your insight, my philosopher friend.
Thank you for this lovely, humorous story with an important issue woven into it, Thoth.

My father had hip surgery in his 80’s. The nurse tried to get him out of bed almost right away. He kept saying he was in so much pain, but she said “no pain, no gain.” His hip became dislocated and he had to have the surgery all over again. He got lots of morphine after that, and was treated better, but it was the beginning of the end for my beloved father.

On a happier note, my best friend is getting married in June the second time around. She found the love of her life.

Thank you again, and happy Spring!
@ Joanne Harper,
Thank you so much for your kind words; it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance.
stopped by to see if you had a new one up - PM me when you do!
What a wonderful story! There's nothing left to say after reading your excellent comment. I completely agree.
You have a great holiday too!
@ Fay Paxton,
Heeeey stranger! It is always good to see you. Thank you for your gracious visit.
let me know when you have a new one up! great to see your bazillion comments man!
Great story...with underlying messages for sure. Why is it that those UNDER a certain age think love doesn't happen anymore ABOVE a certain age? One day they will wake up and GET IT!
@ Heidi Banerjee
Thank you so much for your gracious visit.

@ Sassy2
Even worse, most of those UNDER a certain age have no clue what mature adult romantic pair-bond is about; they have it all twisted; they mostly delusional. If you have the love of an ABOVE a certain age woman you are a very lucky man. Thank you so much for your visit and fine comment.
"When Susan talks, a choir of angels sings, when she walks, the rhythm is divine, and Edward hears Steve Gadd on the drums." Blessings on you, for giving a satisfying, well-written narrative!
@ Brazen Princess
Thank you so much for your kind words and gracious visit.
"Susan is all female a heavenly estrogen portrait, a marvel of nature, a pleasant spirit with a unique commanding coyness. When Susan talks, a choir of angels sings, when she walks, the rhythm is divine, and Edward hears Steve Gadd on the drums"

Wow Thoth.. great work, especially this part.
I see I echoed Brazen Princesses' sentiments almost exactly...however, it matters not : )
@ Brianne Calypso
Thank you so much for your gracious visit and kind words. Glad to have made your acquaintance.
That's quite a story. And I love that you started with a Browning quote!
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What an absorbing story. I'd love to know how much of it is based on real events. Write again soon (if you want to). You seem to have a distinctive voice and a great audience.
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A modern fairy tale that covers it all in a few sweeping paragraphs - a crisis, tenderness, a man to swoon over, better yet - to rescue - drugs, a villain (character and institution), a modern woman with the right initials before her name and the power to RX, a healthy dose of ass, and a very happy ending we can put behind us. It's taken me quite a long while to get here and I'm just glad I finally made it. Thanks for the good laugh, Thoth!
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Now that is a goof...
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I spent a year in Vietnam. I can't tell you what it has been like since the fall of Saigon, but before that the Vietnamese had a very straightforward view on drug use and abuse.
You could buy anything in a drug store without a prescription. The local doctors gave patients a script, but it was just a list for the druggist, not a legal thing.
Elderly men sat around smoking opium without judgement. Women young and old chewed betal nut.
There was one requirement regarding drug use. You must be retired with someone else responsible for your well being. Young men who used drugs were outcasts because the young were expected to support and care for their elderly parents. Taking habit forming drugs endangered the caregiver's ability to do that. R
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Amen! I so wish our healthcare system was better. I also wish pharmaceutical companies cared more about the people than about lining their pockets.
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