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DECEMBER 7, 2009 6:53PM

Right Wing Jesus: Interview with a FOX News Viewer

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Last night I received an intelligent objective comment on my post “The God Solution.”I agree, Placebostudman, no religion is above scrutiny.

FOX News Viewers and Terrorists

Have you ever noticed how liberals, democrats and those with no political affiliation alike are so different? Each individual has a different opinion. They fight amongst each other; they are all over the ideological spectrum. Right Wing Evangelicals—I make no distinction between present right wing republicans and Evangelicals—on the other hand, not only do they think alike, they all say the EXACT same shit. They give the EXACT same answers and voice the EXACT same slogans. Whether it is a right wing think-tank, any republican congressman, any republican woman at grocery store, or any right wing farmer on a tractor in any state, interviewed at the same time, they will all give the EXACT same answer to the same question. This is so scary. Who else does that? The answer is terrorists. How do they do that? Where does the Big Meeting take place? The answer is simple, on FOX News every day, and in churches everywhere.
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How to Interview a FOX News Viewer

You must follow certain rules when interviewing or merely talking to a FOX News viewer, a right wing Evangelical or a terrorist; they are all the same. They all hide their deep-seated anger behind this constant terrifying smirk—Peggy Noonan, a closet right winger, has the best, although the scariest smirk. They are all trained by the clergy/think-tanks to shut down at the first sign of logic. If you start making sense, you will lose them. To gain their trust, instead, you must sound simplistic. Yet always be alert and aware of the fine line between simplistic and simple, never raise the bar. They will resist simple too. Furthermore, control yourself and hide your disdain. It is a very painstaking task. Also, keep trying to show your admiration for the cause, giving the impression that you want to be “one of them.” Finally, it is always a big plus if the interviewer is one charming motherfucker. This will help drown the “unforced” slips of the tongue, for slip you will.
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The Interview

Megan is a born-again Evangelical and a behind-the-scene right wing think tank, much less venomous than Peggy Noonan is and much prettier and smarter than that ugly witch Ann Coulter. Megan is a winner; she is beautiful, she has great job, nice family and friends, and Megan is not her real name. Megan is a FOX News fan and loyal viewer, and she believes that all the faithful, just like her family and friends should watch FOX News exclusively, and they all do.

Megan and I talked and talked. This is the last and relevant part of our conversation.

I am not asking you why you believe, I want to know what you believe. I admire the strength of your faith, and that is why I want to know exactly what you believe. I want to know how your Jesus is different from mine.

Megan. (Defiantly)
There is only one Jesus.

OK, so we are talking about Jesus of Nazareth, right?

Yes, but when you say it like that, you make it sound like he was one of “those” people over there.

Arabs, Jews, you mean.

Megan (flinches).
Yeah…Jesus was born there only because Columbus was not born yet. Jesus came for the New World; He came for “us.” Jesus is not an Arab Jew, no matter what you Catholics say. He can’t be. (Affirmatively) Jesus is one hundred percent American.

Thoth (desperately).
See, I know Jesus lived as a man until his crucifixion. It is important to me to know that man. I want to know the Jesus you know. What do you believe he looked like? Did he look like those Arabs?

Megan (annoyed).
Of course, not, Jesus was definitely white; that is the whole point. He was tall, handsome…long hair. (Conceding) Though I, myself, believe he had dark hair; he wasn’t blond, but he definitely had blue eyes.

Thoth (pushing).
How did he dress? Did he dress like those Arabs? I mean everyone who lived in this part of the world at that time dressed like Arabs. You know…napkins, towels on their heads.

Megan (frustrated).
You know the answer to that, but we cannot have this image in the minds of the faithful. Jesus must have a European…a Western, uh, an American image. I am not a Mormon, but they got that one right. But, this is neither here nor there. Jesus will smite all of them on his Second Coming. (Hesitating) He will smite all those who do not convert to Christianity…all those who do not take him as their Lord and Savior.

You believe that anyone who does not take Jesus as Lord and Savior is going to hell whether or not Jesus smites them.


Thoth (opportunistically).
That is exactly what Pope Urban the Second thought and he was Catholic. Do you know who that is?

Not really, I heard the name.

He was the one who fired up the Crusades; he told the crusaders it was “God’s will” to kill the infidels. On their way to the Holy land and when they got there, the Crusaders killed everyone, Jews, Muslims and even Christians just because they were Arabs.

I agree that it is God’s will to kill the heathens, especially the Christian Arabs, but I don’t agree with his intentions. He wanted the Holy Land for the Catholic Church; that is not God’s will. God’s will is for the Holy Land to be returned back to the Jews, not the Christians.

Thoth (oopsly).
…So that Jesus comes back and smites the Jews.

Megan (angrily).
I didn’t say that. Jesus will first ask the Jews to convert. He will smite only those who refuse to convert to Christianity!
(Does not that sounds to you like Jesus is going to smite, well…the Jews)

(kissing ass).
You agree then with George Bush on the Iraq war.

Megan (triumphantly).
I was wondering when you were going to bring him up. Yes, I absolutely agree with Bush on the Iraq war. I agree because Bush was appointed by God to do God’s work.


Megan (Interrupts furiously).
Let me finish. Boy, am I glad you brought this up. You think we [Evangelicals] do not know that Bush messed everything up, the economy, health care, education…We know; we are not stupid. But, that is not why God chose him to be president at this crucial moment, right before 9/11. The Holy Spirit inspired the Iraq war, just as it did the Gospel.

Thoth (carefully).
Yet, the Iraq war was a disaster. We did not even win the war. How can God lose a war?

Megan (haughtily).
The Iraq war was never about winning or losing.


Thoth (reassuringly begging for an answer).

Megan (hesitatingly).
Well, the Iraq war is about one thing and one thing only. It is about killing the enemies of Jesus. It is about killing Muslims. There, I said it. You say what you want, but this is God’s will.


This last statement, shocking as it may be, was not news to me. I knew going in that this particular unspoken truth is in the core ideology of the right wing Evangelicals. Yet hearing Megan utter these last words stopped me dead in my tracks. I did not know what to say. We were both stunned. We both looked at each other with thankful eyes—she finally spoke the truth aloud. I will always admire Megan’s courage for voicing such an ugly truth. Before you start judging Megan, remember that she is only one of at least seventy million American FOX News viewers who believe what she believes. Yet only few of them have the courage to admit what they believe.

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Megan is an idot, okay? It is absurd to assume that because one watches fox news and aligns with Evangelical Christianity that we have the same beliefs as Megan. I for one do watch Fox news sometimes, and do consider myself an Evangelical Christian. But maybe in your eyes I am a rare case. Shame on Megan for speaking such blasphemy. I dont agree with one thing she spoke to you. Great article though. Rated.
Great article.

I may steal this for a blog of my own :-)
I watched FOX News for awhile, when it first came on. It seemed to me to be a reasonable alternative to what I perceived as very biased news coverage. Over a couple of years it became a shouting match and I gave up on expecting fair and balanced coverage from any media source. This is one reason I usually make no comment on political commentary, because I think people only want to see the side they believe in, and are rarely open to admit some of each side could be ....right.

Nice piece of writing, and nice to see you open to other viewpoints, one reason I enjoy your posts.


It is then the responsibility of all of us, including you to promote the original peaceful agenda of Christ. Thank you for your objective and gracious comment and visit.
Actually it was your comment that brought this piece back to life. It is yours; its only fair. Thanks man, again.

No argument here. Thank you as always for your support.
You can not talk to these people. Quick, go get disinfected!
You have *way* more patience than I do, Thoth. And for some strange reason after reading this, I keep thinking of Megan Fox.....
There you go again. Projecting a the ills of the world on some imaginary mindless enemy. Who wouldn't hate that. You simpleton. The only religion that I know of that believes anything like this are the Mormons. They aren't even considered Christian by mainstream Christianity because they deny the diety of Jesus.

Find a real tangible enemy. Not some BS broad stroke of ignorance that you have to fabricate.

Also, go read Paul J. O'Roark's OS post from 2 weeks ago on anti-"muslin" groups. It follows the same thread. Equally bitter towards people of faith. This would have been funny if it had been original.
I know of Right Wing Evangelicals who are consumed in misdirected thought, but personal interaction with some Right Wing republicans show me that evangelical-religious thought or social consciousness is not shared by all.
I cringe at how Fox News subverts my mother's generation with false propaganda promoted as news coverage.
I applaud your thought provoking article. ~R~
Hon, I don't know if you intended it but I found parts of this funny (I could actually pictureYOU doing this interview) Anyway, on a serious note, its scary that there are people who think like this.

@ Philo

I am sorry it did not go well for you vomiting demons in your paperbag today. Was it because of the same pig again. I am sorry, but that's love. Don't take it out on me.

You said your genius piece. Do not come back; you are embarrassing me.
I was simply trying to understand, man. Never again, I promise.
You write:
"Right Wing Evangelicals—I make no distinction between present right wing republicans and Evangelicals—on the other hand, not only do they think alike, they all say the EXACT same shit. They give the EXACT same answers and voice the EXACT same slogans."

This is substantially true, and our resident representative of the fringe right displays another aspect of their GroupThink: It's never their obnoxious ignorance and destructive desires that others find objectionable..."we" only "hate" them because they're "Christians."

That is only one example of their many prepackaged deflections of incoming intelligence.

Of course, Philo is absorbed with himself, which is natural for somebody whose shortcomings limit his understanding of the world.

Buck up, ya sniveler. You're not a victim of others, but a victim of the random cruelty of the genetic code. Don't blame us.

Of course, many true Christians don't share this "kill them all" hatred. Christianity is supposed to be the peace religion. You are right, and I blame FOX News for all of it.

Thanks, man.
I used to teach a children's song that carries the chorus "And they'll know we are Christians by our love" I stand by that.

Matthew 7:16: Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?

Christians are known by the kindness they show others.

1 Corinthians 13:1 If I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am become sounding brass, or a clanging cymbal.

Lots of clanging cymbals currently claiming Christianity!

Actually, this interview is real. It happened after I angrily left a church once when the pastor wanted us to pray for Bush and "Megan" wanted to know why I was angry.

Yes, they are scary. Thanks, LadyMiko.
Gave me the willies and the giggles at the same time. (No wonder Jesus got crucified, going around all blue-eyed and wearing a business suit and being American as all hell...spoke only English (U.S. accent) of course...) Gack.
This is an interesting meditation on intolerance.
Paul J. O'Rourke,

I know. When Philo insulted Heather Michon, I actually send him PMs to explain that we do not attack the author's person on OS. I tried; but, FOX News is much stronger that I am, I guess.

Thanks for the visit and comment.

"Christians are known by the kindness they show others." Amen.

This, and only this, is the reason that Jesus is the most admired role model in history.

Thanks for the comment and visit.
@ Myriad,

Yeah, I think it was the "English" that pissed them off.
Thanks for the visit and comment.

@ Caroline Hagwood.

Thank you for your comment and visit.
well hell looks like I am gonna get myself smited...but ya know what, I knew it would happen soon enough.

Rated by a future smited Jew.
or should I say a "once and future Jew"
Jesus was a comedian. People took him to seriously, wich was a sin. Therefore he died for our sins.
As all great comics do.
There's a missing "o" up there somewhere... place it where you will.
This is a fascinating interview. At various points I wasn't sure if it was real or not... that fine line between satire and delusion (hers, not yours). Very good post and good job in keeping your cool, which is the only way that Megan would keep talking to you.
Soooooooo................Jesus is Rupert Murcoch?!!

I have some right wing friends that aren't particularly religious and they can be just as dense. So much to the point that I refuse to even try talking any political sense to them. Others are a little more open to debate, but most just won't listen. And they all Looooove Fox News.

There are some definite differences between Liberals and Conservatives.

A liberal will generally listen to what you have to say and will give ground if a reasonable argument has some validity. A liberal will give you that.
Conservatives are , for the most part, unyielding on almost every topic. They see most everything in black and white. No gray in their spectrum at all.

This is what, IMHO, explains Fox News' high ratings. It's not that they are ever right, though. It's that they have a captive audience. A liberal will check out a dozen different news outlets in a day because they want to know what's going on and can and will read between the lines of almost any story. They are inquisitive by nature.

A conservative watches only Fox News and never wanders too far from the trough of ignorance. After all the world is a very scary place. Their favorite tool isn't Jesus at all. It's fear.

That said, I have no problem with religion of any variety. Religion can be a very good thing.

I DO have many issues with blind ignorance that threatens to bring us all to our knees because some want to hijack religion for their own political uses. Those people are the worst kinds of hypocrites because they use peoples blind faith and ignorance to further their personal (though very well hidden) agendas.

Beware of ignorant people in large groups. Fanatics and extremists are always dangerous.
At one point on the show 'Weeds' the little boy says to the main character his mother Nancy that global warming is just God's will, something he picked up in a fundamentalist summer school. Nancy says, dryly, 'Don't be dumb just because it's in.' I think Megan knows exactly what she's saying. But it's in where she comes from--a culture of pop stupidity. Maybe she'll recover someday and convert to some more interesting form of pop. Rated.
You guys are soooo funny. So the world loves Jesus because He was such a nice guy.

I guess that whole God becoming man and dwelling among us thing is just an minor detail.

Keep imagining that there are people like this. It makes great fodder for your mutual admiration society.

I can only believe that this is fabricated. There are NO Christian organizations that believe that Jesus was, would have been or could have been American.

For you to use this as an example of the right is intellectual fraud which you and PJ do quite well.

I know your MO, so I expect you to delete this.

This is incredibly scary, but not surprising. Right-wing Christians have patience and a long-term vision for the US. They have been undertaking a stealth takeover of the schools for decades, and the ignorance that this woman exhibits is their ultimate achievement. It's not a fad, it's a well-planned future that was initially mapped out by the Christian Coalition in the 80s. Stupid, unquestioning and totally manipulable, a docile mass congregation, ready and willing to be scammed by a talking head on the tv.
Have you posted this before? I could swear I've read this somewhere. Hmm.....
Hey! At least, I have retention! Still a good one.
Brother. I am not a religious man, but anyone who proscribes to maxims like ", love one another, be good to one another. " I can get on board with that. I believe in a higher power, but I don't always believe in other peoples interpretation of, "said power." I don't need someone to interpret my God for me. It is only natural for me, to have my own relationship with God. It can even exist outside organized religion, . . .OMG. Every man who believes in a higher power, can and should, find his own path to God. To think that someone has to do it for us, is an affront to what the grand architect has blessed us with.
Jesse Mitchel,

Just show up with a paperbag and a Texas snake, they will spare you.
Thank you my friend for your visit.

What hurts the most is after all these years, you still don't know that Megan Fox is too skinny for me.

Thanks professor for the gracious visit.
Andy Heizeler,

This is the first coherent explanation to the questions: 'What are our sins?', 'Why would Jesus die for our sins' and 'What would that do?'

I am going to copyright your comment under your name.
Thanks, buddy.
Roger Fallihee,

Yes, it was a real life conversation, a terrifying experience, but I managed to pull an Oscar performance, to say the least. Thank you so much for your gracious visit and comment.
Besides the fact that they take their marching orders from F*x, you can talk to the GOPsters by playing on their resentment. As a lefty I tell them, "Do you realize that YOU pay more in income taxes than Exxon?" (That is by the way, a somewhat true -- although vastly more complicated than this -- fact).

Talking about the bankers and the screwing of the little people will get you a long way with the tea bag crowd.
Michael Rodgers,

@ Everyone,

Please, read Michael Rodgers comment.
Thank you my friend.

I remember my first Eureka moment on the subject when I read Richard Hofstadter's 'Anti-Intellectualism in American Life' (published in 1963). They are ignorant and dangerous.

Thank you for an informed comment and visit.
Julie Tarp,

Yes, Thanks to Placebostudman I had to bring it back to life. Your comment was appreciated then and and flattering now.
Thank you.
The Wanderer,

This is what Jesus preached. But three, four hundred years later, lo and behold: one emperor, one religion. Later, hierarchy and hoarding, and much later, Jesus is blessing the stock market.

Thanks my friend for your comment.
old new lefty,

They don't care. They believe that Jesus blesses only the rich and wants the poor dead. Have you noticed their fierce opposition to any program that might help the poor?

Thanks for the visit and comment.

I believe Michael Rodger's comment is a perfect response to your comment. Thank you so much for your comment and visit.
I once heard an evangelical say that a concentration camp Nazi (or any Nazy) would be saved as long as he or she asked for Jesus' mercy before they died. The Jews however were going to hell.

I have a History Channel program recorded, 'Hell', where Billy Graham's daughter says almost exactly that.

Thanks, madcelt.
People like Megan are why organised religion is so dangerous. Fanatics of all types bug the hell out of me.

Thanks for this, Thoth. rated of course.

They scare me. Thanks for the comment and visit.
I dont know how anyone thinks that there are only two groups? How come there is no mix-ups and cross overs? How come there are not three or ten opinions on a subject? Why is that one group consistently lines up on one side of the mythical line? I am still trying to figure this.

You have done a good job of laying out your viewpoint on your blog and I take my hat off to your style!Rated indeed!
Your conversation with Megan is simply scary.

I’ve had an exchange with an old friend but our conversation only included his pronouncement that everyone who didn’t share his particular brand of Christianity was going to hell. It wasn’t his pronouncement that sent shivers up and down my spine; it was his apparent euphoria at the prospect, which he knew included my destruction.

I find it interesting that one of the resident whack-jobs here at OS was the first of the paranoid persecuted to show up; and the point he finds unbelievable is that Megan pictures Jesus as American. He seems fully on board with her validation of the slaughter of the Christian Arabs though. I guess he needs some release for his incredible anger. The love thing just doesn’t seem to working for him, apparently.

This is insane! I am sitting here with my mouth open going WTF? This may be why I quit watching Fox news in the morning before work.... God must cry alott
Peggie Noonan is on MSNBC and is not a conservative in the least as she too got a thrill when Obama was elected just like her bud Chris Missthews. I suppose the reason you are so rational in you political philosophy, is that you are just better educated and more intelligent than everyone else.
I just wanted to ask was that the person you interviewed Miss South Carolina? Jesus an American....that's funny. I guess it's kind of like when an MSNBC viewer was asked where the money she was receiving in her entitlement check came from....she replied, "Obama's stash."
Thoth, does this remind you of the expression "shooting fish in a barrel?" What Megan said was unashamedly ignorant. She must have such little hope that she puts all her faith in the words with which she's been indoctrinated. This reminds me of the Nazi regime in the 20s and 30s. Very scary indeed.
I do think that there are some differences in Christians and even Fox News viewers. I do know some evangelicals who definitely don't think Jesus is coming back to kill everybody. (Also, I have seen it pointed out that in Revelation, some of each religious group that are basically fake or evil are going to die....that it's not Jews more than other groups, BUT I don't know a lot about Revelation because it reminds me of a bad acid trip...I have long had trouble seeing the Bible as "perfect").
You do make a lot of good points. Though I see some differences in Evangelicals, there aren't enough differences. They do get a lot of their beliefs straight from Fox, not from many sources, at all. I was going to quote a Pew Research Group study that *supposedly* found that Fox news viewers were less aware of current events than, say, viewers of The Daily Show, but I read the study results from Pew's website, and they are much more complex.
"Even after taking into account their overall news gathering habits and their political and demographic characteristics, the audiences for the comedy shows [my note--The Daily Show. The Colbert Report], The O'Reilly Factor, the web sites of national newspapers, and NPR all have significantly higher knowledge scores than the average." Rush Limbaugh listeners were also more aware than the average person, and by aware, I think that what this study did was to make people identify folks, like Scooter Libby. It doesn't mean that they really know what is going on.
I do notice around here that a lot of people who watch Fox are less informed than many of my more liberal friends. If Fox is their one source of news, they tend to be less well-informed. It is frustrating. They seem to lack some critical thinking skills or to enjoy be stirred up and afraid.
Fox also loves to blame everything on Clinton. It all goes back to Clinton. Probably Dick Cheney's hunting accident was Clinton.
This is the Pew study, whose results I skimmed, by the way.
People hiding hate and racist behind religion are hideous. I especially dislike those who publicly parade their religious beliefs in unacceptable places such as in the workplace. In my experience, conversely, they display the coldest contempt for any human being they consider "other". The fear factor is the worse. r
Thoth, my good friend, I've got to ask you to consider this: According to a 2007 report from the Pew Center on Religion, a majority of self-identified Christians do NOT hold supposed evangelical views, i.e., that non-believers will be smitten or will be banished to hell. A majority of news viewers, however, do watch Fox News. Even granting that the number of Christians probably exceeds the number of ALL television news viewers, are you suggesting that a typical Fox viewer holds these views? I ask because, frankly, I don't think it's that simple. Mind you, as a left-leaning, Fox-disliking secularist, I wish it were. But I'm not sure it is. I know too many people who believe Fox is the only balanced station. They're not all uninformed. And underestimating the opposition has always been folly.

Just saying.
As with Placebo's post last night with regards to trying to get a straight answer out of most on the far left, this is a pretty good *aggregate* of attempting to have political discussions with most of those on the far right.

The problem, as I see it, is that the folks on both ends of the spectrum are more vocal than those in the middle are and because they are more vocal they get the press and the headlines while those in the middle, regardless of whether they are slightly to the left or slightly to the right, get tarred with the same brush as those who are "far out". What is sad is that the tarring is usually done by someone who disagrees with something (relatively) minor that the other person has said when silence and time for thought before we open our mouths (or turn our fingers loose on a keyboard) would serve us better.

Do I believe that we should be in Iraq? Nope. I don't believe we should be in Afghanistan either. Oddly enough for the same reason. The United States has the most HORRIBLE record on the planet with regards to treatment of Indigenous People... and it makes little difference whether one is on the right or the left, the treatment from both ends has been abysmal. I have no reasonable belief based on 517 years of US History that the treatment afforded to Indigenous People in either Iraq or Afghanistan is going to be any DIFFERENT than that afforded to the Indigenous People of the US so WHY on earth would I approve?

Allow me to quote a rather intelligent man: "The attempted transformation of the Indian by the white man and the chaos that has resulted are but the fruits of the white man's disobedience of a fundamental and spiritual law.

'Civilization' has been thrust upon me since the days of the reservations, and it has not added one whit to my sense of justice, to my reverence for the rights of life, to my love for truth, honesty, and generosity, or to my faith in Wakan Tanka, God of the Lakotas.

For after all the great religions have been preached and expounded, or have been revealed by brilliant scholars, or have been written in fine books and embellished in fine language with finer covers, man, - all man - is still confronted by the Great Mystery."

Chief Luther Standing Bear - Oglala Sioux

(Just for reference: "Wakan Tanka" and "The Great Mystery" is how the Lakota refer to "God". The "Indians" got it RIGHT... NO MAN can KNOW what God is or is not... He is a Great Mystery. )
I would like to see a video of this interview. Next time you do an interview, videotape it for us...wouldn't that be novel? Do you think Megan or someone EXACTly like her would mind...? Since these kind of people are carbon copy lockstep and legion, if Megan minds, I'm sure you can find someone else who would gladly agree to a candid video interview. Would be cool and different. R
Scary interview! Yikes! I have never known anyone quite like Megan. It's a good example of how some groups of people cling to their ideologies, ferociously...not unlike "others" around the globe cling to the death. All very scary.

Countless attrocities have been committed in the name of religion, faith or belief systems throughout history, as we well know. The entity behind this has deep traditional roots, where various traditions have engorged the minds and hearts of entire nations, groups and people of fanatical faiths. It is passed on from generation to generation as absolute truth.

Your post and interview exemplifies this frightening reality.

You handled this well and with respectful trepidation for her strong feelings/emotions around her beliefs. How deeply did you bite your tongue?!
Starting out in this interview, I wasn't sure if you two were on the same subject. What I got from Megan was that Jesus was tall, dark and handsome with blue eyes and she wanted to take him. Sounded reasonable to me. Of course then it quickly deteriorated when it became evident that her brain was not fully functioning. I wouldn't go so far as to lump all evangelicals in with this fear and hate mongering group but I can certainly see the temptation to do so.

I have to agree with Buffy on the general media. They just are too biased to be fully trusted. I also see that idiocy does not end with politics as the "mainstream" christians claim that mormons are not christian. As a former mormon christian I can see a possible blog rant there, if only I felt it worth arguing about. I don't. Megan does deserve some kind of ribbon or something for actually coming out as saying it but I have heard some others come pretty close to the full admission.

Btw Thoth, what color are your eyes? ;)
Fascinating post. The intersection between Evangelicals, the Right Wing and Fox-News is frightening yet compelling. Mainstream news has become a series of sound bites about celebrities screwing up, wacky mishaps, and tabloid fodder like the conviction of Amanda ? in Perugia. Hardly a hotbed of liberalism as conservatives would have us believe. This indictment is not new. Nixon complained about the "liberal Jewish media" back in the day. Educated thinkers are circumspect Elitists because we don't buy into the God squad mentality. Faith has its place. Fundamentalism is scary.
"they all say the EXACT same shit. They give the EXACT same answers and voice the EXACT same slogans...they will all give the EXACT same answer to the same question. Who else does that?...Where does the Big Meeting take place?"

Sadly (and I know I'll take flame for this) for me, this also described AA fanatics - but then again it has its roots in evangelical Christianity.
Wow, now that's scary.
Very enlightening post, Thoth. Makes my belief that religious zealots are really not much different from each other, be they Christian, Muslim, Jew or anything in between. Their views are so limited to their own and any other idea or possibility sets them off track from their unquestioned beliefs.
I find it also amuzing in a sad way - poor Meagan, she only knows what she will. ~R
I lived in Nacogdoches County, Texas for 31 years. On average, I'd say Miss Megan might be a little over the top, but I've heard much worse. I know some Air Force officers who freely complained that Dubya was a pussy; that we should make a glass table top out of the whole damn place. Twenty five million men, women and children? Was it Cardinal Richelieu said, "Kill them all, God will know his own."
I have the vocabulary of a drunken sailor, but I know some rightwing fundamentalists who can make up words that embarrass me. And they will go off at the drop of a hat, and rave until they have to stop and mop their chin from frothing and drooling.
There are some good Christians, but don't turn to one of them when one of these lunatics gets after you. They just stand there with a bemused grin.
Mostly what I have taken away from such encounters, is that there is a fair percentage of Christians who really like hell best of all. Specifically, they're dreaming of sitting on a cloud watching you writhe and shriek in the fires. And those that are of this group have no trouble coming right to the point.
I can't respond to Megan's Jesus. Never heard that one. Once when I was at UT one of my Baptist friends, responsive to my remark that Jesus drank wine, retorted that his minister told them that in biblical times they didn't put alcohol in wine. When I picked myself up we had a long talk about the facts of life. Starting with the progression from grape juice to wine to vinegar.
So never suggest that the clergy has a problem justifying lying as a means. Where do you think Dubya got the idea that law doesn't apply to him as long as it turns out his way in the end.
Thoth, I would like to talk with Megan. Does she seriously believe the nonsense she spews?
Good post, Thoth, but I find it very frustrating and I want to throttle and choke Megan.
RagMopp: I suspect Dubya is operating on something he once called "moral authority" which, in his view (and unfortunately, many others). is the right to do whatever he's decided is right, or believes is right, or things his God thinks is right -- without question, discussion, or argument from any mere mortals.
Interesting interview. It's certainly an example of something, but I don't know of what it is an example. Her comments are so far over the top that I don't know what to make of them. I don't know of any mainstream conservative Christian group that would agree with her. I know a lot of very conservative Christian individuals, more conservative than most, who would disagree with her.

So what are we supposed to take away from these extreme cases, what are we to learn from them? Does the atheist who thinks that the world would be a better place if all religious people were drowned in the ocean teach us something about atheism? Does the Jew who thinks that all Palestinians should be exterminated tell us something about Judaism? Does the Palestinian who thinks that all Jews should be exterminated teach us something about Islam?

In general, I think that extremists are sui generis, their own class, and that what we learn from them is how extremists think. And that's about it.
Lots of different thoughts, the main one being is that Megan, bless her heart, is *supposed* to be trying to convert you/reporting you to the minister for "lack of faith/questioning".

Makes me wonder how much *she* is questioning if she's willing to stand for you questioning her. She may have her rebuttals ready, but she is allowing you to question her beliefs.

Second thought: Has this lady ever actually read the Bible? By that I mean, gone and bought her *own* copy of The King James and studied it by herself. Different um... "sects" have different translations of the Bible. A good present for her perhaps?

*scratches head*
Boy, that must have been painful, Thoth. Megan is a moron, but not atypical of her breed. And she's wrong about Jesus -- he wore polyester suits and white shoes. That's what the Shroud reveals anyway.
@FusanA: Try Eric Hoffer, 'The True Believer."
@Nikki Stern: Thanks for your thoughts. Yes, "moral atthority," aka mindless dogmatism. Ideology run amok.
@hourglass figure: No! Nobody who has any spark of human sensitivity can read the bible. I've tried several times, always end up gagging on the imagery.
@mishima666: Your handle have some ref. to The Revelations of Saint John the Divine? In fact there are probably psychopaths in ever corner of the world, evil people do evil things. But for good people to do evil things takes religion, and it seems to vary according to the religion. Not too many Buddhists plotting genocide. Not at last report.
@Thoth: Sorry, Man. I felt like I'd run out of room before I got around to acknowledging the the phenomenal quality of your original post. Thank you.
WOW!! Powerful interview and statements.. There are unfortunately many who believe the way Megan does, but most of them won't say it out loud. Great Post!!!
There is some truth to the EXACTness of much of the Evangelical community/right wing stuff. I came from that background, and understand the roots of that connection. It is impossible to express how deep their fear and indoctrination reaches . . . which is what makes it scary to those of us who see the world through different eyes - including those who see the world through the eyes of a completely different Jesus.

I admire your patience, Thoth, and appreciate you bringing this up again. Your approach is exactly right, if you want to know what they really think. And sometimes, gently challenging a person with deeply held beliefs makes them hear their own ugly truths . . . much like therapy. Once in a great while, it can even plant the seeds of independent thought. I hope.

FOX News advocates everything that Megan said 24/7: FACT
FOX News has the highest ratings: FACT
FOX News has many viewers: FACT
Viewers only watch what they like: FACT
Many viewers like what FOX News Spews: FACT
Therefore, these viewers agree with on the wars and the killing and the rest of their inhumane shit.

Is that not intelligent enough for you.

Peggy Noonan is a gift to the right wing extremists: She is one historian who applauds Truman (a democrat) for nuking Japan; she is a Nazi. But your tribe loves this shit.

I am not surprised that you turned down my invitation to my nonpolitical posts, and only showed up twice for personal attacks. Say hi to the smarter guy who sent you.

Thank you so much and as always for such an objective and a thoughtful comment.
Thoughtful, clever and funny. Extremism is fueled by ignorance. Great post, Thoth.
Well, to start? First, I have to agree with Mishima's comment. Extremists are, well, extreme. I'm a christian. I'm not a right wing evangelical but I am a christian. My beliefs are not the product of my parents, nor my environment. My father was an avowed atheist, my mother an agnostic. I came to my faith through my own journey.
Sometimes I am hesitant to speak about my faith. I fear being lumped in with the "Megans" of our world. I have belief. I am not a moron. And I certainly do not think Jesus EVER would have approved of violence in his name. EVER. In fact, one reason I have such a hard time with organized religions of any kind is that so many are drawn into them so they do not have to think for themselves.
Christianity is so simple. People make it complex. As I see my faith it stands as this:
1. Love God above all others.
2. Love your neighbor as you love yourself.
3. Accept Jesus into your heart as your savior.
4. Jesus forgives us, humans, for not being perfect.

There are no perfect humans. Not one. I know only what is in my heart. I also believe that God speaks to all of us in a language we can understand. Christianity works for me. Perhaps Islam works for you. Maybe something else that can't be quantified as religion?It's all a path to enlightenment, love, forgiveness and kindness. My way is not the ONLY way. For me it works. I keep in mind the words, "Judge ye not. Lest ye be judged."

We are all on a journey. The sooner we can have compassion for our fellow men, the better. And, yes, that includes Megan. Poor Megan. She obviously has not been taught to think for herself. To consider the hypocrisy of her "logic."

"It is then the responsibility of all of us, including you to promote the original peaceful agenda of Christ." Ya know, Thoth, that's how I see it too.

Those who support the wars, on Iraq for example; those who support killing Muslims; those who support killing abortion doctors; those who despise the poor; those who oppose free services for the poor; those who believe that Jesus loves only the rich and the strong; those who believe in the Rapture and what Jesus is going to do to the Jews when he comes back...are not a few. They are 5, 7 or a 100 people. They are millions.

Those who believe what Pat Robertson says and what FOX News are saying 24/7 are millions.

(and I don't mean you)

Pat Robertson and FOX news confirm EVERYTHING that "Megan" said in the interview, every fucking day. I did not pull this out of ass; it is on fucking TV and in churches. Tell me you don't know about the Prosperity Churches.

Whether you yourself agree with them is not the point of this post. All I'm saying is these beliefs are simply dangerous and evil. And I am so sorry, mishima666, I wish these extremists were just a few, but they are not.

I do appreciate the objectivity in your comment. Thanks for the visit.

Those who support the wars, on Iraq for example; those who support killing Muslims; those who support killing abortion doctors; those who despise the poor; those who oppose free services for the poor; those who believe that Jesus loves only the rich and the strong; those who believe in the Rapture and what Jesus is going to do to the Jews when he comes back...are not a few. They are 5, 7 or a 100 people. They are millions.

Those who believe what Pat Robertson says and what FOX News are saying 24/7 are millions.

(and I don't mean you)

Pat Robertson and FOX news confirm EVERYTHING that "Megan" said in the interview, every fucking day. I did not pull this out of ass; it is on fucking TV and in churches. Tell me you don't know about the Prosperity Churches.

Whether you yourself agree with them is not the point of this post. All I'm saying is these beliefs are simply dangerous and evil. And I am so sorry, mishima666, I wish these extremists were just a few, but they are not.

I do appreciate the objectivity in your comment. Thanks for the visit.

There are more than a few on OS who try so hard to hide their right wing corrupt agenda. Yet posts like this make them lose it, because they are faced by their terrifying ugliness. Rather than arguing facts they start cussing, just like a 5th grader bully. Others try so hard to be subtle and not cuss, not knowing that other readers can detect illiteracy and ignorance.

And yes, aside from weak threats in comments and PMs, these fucknuts said that I believe in a weak and idiot Jesus who likes the poor. And that the Jesus they believe in is the strong and mighty Jesus who smites the weak (see The Family, a book by Jeff Sharlet).

Thank you so much for your gracious comment and visit.
Lunchlady 2,

Or God may be laughing so hard; I wish I knew which.
Thank you for your comment and visit.

I know, I know, and it saddens me so much.
Thank you so much for your visit and comment.

Nations are determined by the priorities and attitudes of their peoples. Having people believing in killing others of different religions and nationalities because Pat Robertson and FOX LIES to them and tell them that a fake mighty Jesus wants them to kill, is very dangerous and unbecoming of a civilized nation, especially in the year 2010. These people are laughing stock of the Western World and most despised on the planet.

Like many said in their comments, there is no talking to these people; they simple won't listen; they lash out like bullies.

The intellectual Founding Fathers warned us about this shit. In recent history, Richard Hofstadter, George Carlin, Amy Goodman, Noam Chomsky, Jon Stewart and many others cried the hearts out to no avail.

The only answer you will ever get after you pour your heart out to any of these militants is: "...whether the apocalypse comes in six months or seven months..." American Dad.

Thank you so much for your insight and visit.
rita shibr,

Fear is what diverts them from humanity first, and what keeps them from being human the rest of their lives.

Great insight. Thank you.
Nikki Stern,

You surely do not expect a right wing religious nut who believes that you are going to Hell to come up to you and tell you you are going to Hell, do you?

Have you ever heard what Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh say? They don't only promote wars and killing; they flat out say evil and insane shit...all the time. They are too big to hide or ignore.

This is my question: Why do they have such high ratings? Who are their fans? Why do these fans watch these shows? You must at least admit that these fans agree with what these fucknuts spew.

I actually admire the courage of O'Reilly, Robertson and Ann Coulter because they say their evil out loud. What I really hate is those sneaky cowards--you've read one or two of their comments here--who will not tell you to your face that you are going to hell. These subhuman, anti-rational, anti-intellectual ignorant insects scare me, and they should scare you too.

Thank God, there much more millions of Americans of all religions who are still human, kind and sane.

Thanks, Nikki, for such an objective insight.

I am truly impressed, so much so, I have nothing to add to your classy and humane comment.
Leonde Delmare,

I wish. Aside from big wigs like O'Reilly, very few instances were caught on Camera, like the woman who said that Obama was a Muslim, and some other West Virgina geniuses. They are warned never to profess what they really believe in public, let alone on video.

Thanks for the comment.
Just Cathy,

"Countless atrocities have been committed in the name of religion, faith or belief systems throughout history, as we well know. The entity behind this has deep traditional roots, where various traditions have engorged the minds and hearts of entire nations, groups and people of fanatical faiths. It is passed on from generation to generation as absolute truth."

Another hit argument, Cathy. I can only express my admiration. Yet I have a question: How can one be both a great cook and an intellectual philosopher? I'm having a hard time mastering only one.

Thank you so much for your wisdom as always.

What a wonderful comment, I agree and agree. In fact, I have much respect for all the Mormons I know.

To answer your question: I met Megan in Dallas; she now resides in LA. She is a blond, sky blue-eyed beautiful woman; a true flag raiser, if you get my drift. She is still a good friend and I admire her courage and honesty.

Thank you so much for your beautiful comment and visit.
Thanks for such a generous response and compliment! Now I must live up to your expectations and keep the exceptional recipes coming with a side of humble pie. And my philosophy is simple.
Live an authentic life and be grateful for every breathing moment.
And you, dear Thoth, wrote a very brave and frank post here, riding a wave of certain dissent along with positive, strong agreement. You inspired a stimulating conversation with this interview and account of Megan's staunch belief system...the stuff great posts are made of...
Ah, but you didn't answer my question at all! My question was what color are YOUR eyes? ;)

Guess I better practice my flirting skills! haha
Beth Cone Kramer,

Yep, since the Founding Fathers we have been warned frequently against anti-intellectualism, anti-rationalism and RF, but the faith of ignorance is so strong.

Thank you so much for your insight and visit.
Such a painful read--her words like television static or that horrible end-of-broadcast beep. I can't decide. Rated.
@ noah tall,

Unfortunately, you are right my friend. Thanks for the comment and visit.

@ Tin Man,

Yep, it is, very. Thanks for the visit.

@ FusunA,

It is amusing, tragic with no end in sight. Thanks as always for your insight and visit.

@ Karin Greenberg,

RF is ugly in any color, I agree. Thanks for your input and visit.
@ noah tall,

Unfortunately, you are right my friend. Thanks for the comment and visit.

@ Tin Man,

Yep, it is, very. Thanks for the visit.

@ FusunA,

It is amusing, tragic with no end in sight. Thanks as always for your insight and visit.

@ Karin Greenberg,

RF is ugly in any color, I agree. Thanks for your input and visit.

@ fireeyes,

Thank you for recognizing how wide the problem extends. Thanks for you comment and visit.

The tragedy lies in people denying that such evil hatred and profound ignorance exist as they watch opinion shows spewing it all day long. It is beyond insanity to deny such a dangerous social attitude.

The best example to how powerful these fanatics are is the "The Family," a book by Jeff Sharlet. He had to go undercover to expose these fucknuts.

Thank you so much for your informed comment and visit.

@ Everyone, Please read Owl's comment.

Thanks man as always for your gracious input and visit.

This is the evil that pisses me off: They have the audacity to twist and spin the altruism, love and compassion that all peoples of all religions admit that Jesus represented. They do not recognize that Jesus came to spread love and help the weak and the poor. They do not want peace and love; they want war, in the name of their new fabricated Jesus.

Christian scholars of all denominations are going blue in the face trying to shows these people the light to no avail. And that, my good friend, is very sad and dangerous.

Thank you as always for your visit and humane insight.
That patronizing smirk is ubiquitous on the talk shows. Whenever Chris Matthews would ask one of those Bush neocons pointed questions about the war, they would invariably give him the smirk.

All of the conservatives who are disowning Megan really aren't paying getting that the new face of American conservatism is Megan's.
I've been thinking about this post a lot... and you know... if you replace all of the "them", "they" etc... with some other ethnic/religious group (i.e. Muslims during the Crusades, Japanese during WWII, Vietnamese during Vietnam, Native Americans between the Civil War and WWI, etc... ) you discover that the insanity hasn't CHANGED in thousands of years. The only thing that has really changed is that there are now more people who think like that than ever before.

One can hope that they are doomed to disappointment.
Kyle D,

If you watch opinion shows on FOX--O'Reilly, Hannity, etc--not only promote wars, preemptive killing of other nationals and dismiss the poor, they SAY THIS EVIL OUT LOUD, every day. These opinion shows have very high ratings. I can understand watching the news for the news, but no one watches O'Reilly--an opinion show--unless they agree with him.

Any good and real Christian--one who believes that Jesus came to help the poor and promote justice and truth--will never agree with poor-hating, war mongers.

You have to at least agree that what they say on these opinion shows is not just way over the top; it is flat out evil...and very dangerous.

Thanks KyleD, you know I love you too. It is just when the entire airtime on FOX for weeks was devoted to proving that Obama is a Muslim, and that socialized medicine is evil; it makes one wonder about their motives.

No human being of any religion would prefer a system where only those with money have access to medicine. This is just pure evil.

On the other hand, I had no answer when a right wing Evangelical friend of mine asked me if I thought it was fair for him--an law abiding, tax paying, American citizen-- to wait seven hours in an emergency room because all the people before him were non-English speaking illegal immigrants.

So again, how can a poor Christian with no health care support the big money that brings in all the cheap labor for profit? What religion is that?

Thank you so much for your valuable opinion and gracious visit.
Rich Banks,

"All of the conservatives who are disowning Megan really aren't getting that the new face of American conservatism is Megan's."

Amen. Thank you for this bull's eye informed statement, comment and visit.
@ Just Cathy,

Let's just say that I enjoy learning from you. Thanks again and back at you.

@ zashin

As much as I would like to think otherwise, you will always win in that department. Thanks again.

@ MrsRaptor,

Unfortunately, the insanity has not changed, despite the many good and wise men who warned us against it. If anything, it is probably much worse now. Thanks again for the insight.
Okay, I grew up with and was a right wing Republican Christian and I've never heard such idiotic answers. At least we were taught that Jesus was a Jew, born in the Middle East. Of course, back then we were against the Communist Russians instead of the Arabs.

Megan is a complete idiot.
@ hourglass figure,

Sorry I'm late with my response.
Of course they did not read the Bible; they heard the evil interpretation. The very "learned" of them read the judicious footnotes.
Thank you so much for your comment and visit.

@ john blumenthal,

Sorry for the late response.
They wouldn't know what the Shroud of Turin is; but you forgot, he also drove a BMW. Thanks man.
@ Gwendolyn Glover

"All of the conservatives who are disowning Megan really aren't getting that the new face of American conservatism is Megan's."
Rich Banks

You surely know that I don't mean you personally. Thank you so much for your comment and visit.

@ Kyle D

On behalf of myself and almost everyone here--I'm sure you read the comments--we respect your opinion. Thanks again.
An interesting interview. Like you and Megan I sit stunned at her answer and her complete and utter belief that this is true. Having said that I understand that it takes all kinds to make the world go round but somehow Megan's views about killing Muslims as the enemies of Jesus quite reminds me of Hitler's view of killing Jews, niether sets well with me.

Exactly: this is the bottom line.
Thank you so much for your insight and comment.
Sharona Selby,

No way, but thank you for forgiving me, I won't do it again.
Thanks, Sharona.

Sorry, I'm late. Actually, aside from her ideology, "Megan" is otherwise likable and cool. Thank you so much for your comment and visit.
The ads on your blog are hilarious...and tell their own story...let's see...we have....The Real Story of Jesus, Vote for Bush in 2008 (write him in), and Bank of America....woohoooo!
And you are so right about Ann Coulter...goodgod! xox
Robin Sneed,

I know, I'm dying laughing here. Talk about false advertisement; those ad guys don't read shit, do they. And yes, there are no words to describe how much I dislike that creature.

Thank you Robin for your visit and comment.
Ohhhh, Thoth, you're going to hate this comment, but believe me, it's not a cop-out but utterly sincere...
"What Buffy said."
(Because she said it better than I could and I agree 100%.)
Holy crap (literally!).

I do hope you're wrong on one point, and that this is not the mindset of all Republicans. There used to be intelligent and decent people in that party, too. I'd hate to think they were all dead and gone.

But they're certainly not visible these days...
Outside Myself,

Your opinion, whatever it may be, is always appreciated.
Thanks for the visit.

Holy crap, indeed.
No, not all republicans are idiots. This is about those who believe that Jesus was a greedy genocidal maniac. You know, your shit-hole variety anti-intellectual, anti-rational RFs who vomit demons in paper bags.

Thank you so much for your comment and visit.
As someone who was involved in evangelical Christianity for 15 years, I would say that it would have been rare for me to meet someone as narrow, and quite frankly, stupid as Megan. If everyone was as stupid as Megan, I don't think we would be in the mess we are. Unfortunately, I met many reasonable intelligent Christians who I believe were misguided by their personal beliefs by bringing them into the political area. The idea of separation between church and state will not make sense to the typical evangelical Christian. We were taught to spread God's word to all nations all the time. That, for me, is the relentless and insanity producing tenant of many Christians and their beliefs. Rated Thoth.

Now this is a solid argument and an intelligent analogy. I wish all right wingers would read your comment and learn something.
Thank you for the subtle comment and gracious visit.
Oh yes, they do all repeat the same SHIT! While Bush was still the President, I was working at a local water company as a temporary cashier. There were all Republicans working there. I didn't know this at first. But soon I could hear their stupid slogans and jargon and knew I was among fools. One woman said in a rigid rote tone that I'm sure she's heard others say, and so thought it sounded patriotic and clever, "he's the right man, for the right job, at the right time." What the hell does that mean? I said nothing.
Cindy Ross,

The comments are my favorite part of the whole process.
Thank you for your comment.

We all are bombarded with similar experiences on a daily basis. Thank you so much for sharing such a sad experience. Thanks for the visit and comment and, welcome.
Dear reader I married him,

Yes it is really scary. Thank you so much for the comment and visit.
Amazing, as usual, and very true. I liked Kyle's point in that there are still a few, like O'Reilly on Fox (not Beck in my view), who try to keep news about the news and at least bring both sides to the issue. The fact is, news has devolved into nothing but sound bites purchased by corporate dollars so it has all become shotty - on all networks. It is the baiting I don't like about Fox isn't "fair and accurate" which is standard for journalistic integrity. I only go to the internet for news any longer and cross reference. Plus I read, a lot, from people who have been there and actually experienced the various news of the world so I am getting first hand experience (much like your piece here - speaking with someone directly).

I don't think Megan represents all Christians or all Fox news viewers, but I do think it is a majority. I have no doubt there are free thinkers out there (like Kyle and, even T.S. for example) who can see beyond the herd just like "liberals" can. That is why I think many liberals don't like the label "liberal" - we don't feel easily pegged. I actually have a lot of respect for some conservatives in terms of their fiscal policies at a local level - they have great ideas for keeping costs down and managing risk. They are not against social programs, more about "timing". They looked into a YMCA in our area and found an alternative way to run the community center and it was much more cost-effective. This was incredibly well done. But, I digress...

Back on point, Megan is more the representation. I have gone to Amarillo, TX, every year for a decade. I feel like I go into a time warp and have the life force sucked out of me. If Mimisha or Philos don't think this is mainstream think, I would be happy to introduce them to my family-by-marriage. It is how they were raised to believe and rarely have any of them had any sort of outside stimulus to broaden their scope of the world. Why would they see it any differently? Everything around them supports this world view?

Needless to say, I keep my mouth shut. A lot. I won't even tell you how the "Buddha" conversation went with my sister-n-law. I am still plucking the daggers out...
Kate Bishop,

As always, your comment stands alone and speaks for itself. It is always a pleasure to see your name on my comments; you always have something to give.
Thanks for the informative, intelligent comment and gracious visit.
Wow, Thoth! Love your humor! Your style! Your talent! You are an encyclopedia of information -- a Thothopedia. And love your Thothology. We're on the same page. I'm relieved you wrote about what I've wondered -- about the rights' identical answers. I have been impressed with some intelligent, bright, humanitarian women who are republicans and am curious to understand what they get out of a right wing party. And then the same, banal answers -- rote without thought. And I'm shocked. Naive I suppose. You are exceptionally clever. Highly rated!
Joan Wilder,

Why, Thank you so much, Joan; coming from you, this is very flattering. Back at you. I appreciate your input and gracious visit.
I'm reminded of my older brother many decades ago. He owned two rental houses, worked in advertising and was raising two kids. His wife was a lawyer. He got interested in politics so he could get "connections" in the city he lived in. In other words, it was about the money.
He went to the Republicans first but they weren't impressed so he went with the Democrats.
He really didn't care what either of them stood for.
You have the patience of Job. I would have abandoned Megan after her first utterance. You're right about the homogeneity of speech and thought that comes from the Right. I like the saying: Democrats fall in love, Republicans fall in line. There are, of course, advantages to falling in line. It's a great way to hinder progress, as we are currently seeing. Nice post.
noah tall,

Thanks for sharing the experience. I never judge anyone, but at least your brother is intelligent enough to know that they are both full of shit.

Thank you as always for your comment and visit.
Steve Belvins,

I would quote your entire comment if I could. Thank you so much for a brilliant comment and gracious visit.
There is an article that might still be around called 'Through a glass, darkly. How the christian right is reimagining U.S. history'. If that doesn't curl your toes then nothing will. It was written by Jeff Sharlet.

There is also the speech by Douglas Adams called 'Is there an artificial god' and 'God's debris' by Scott Adams. Wow, two Adams's...

I am of the camp that views 'religion' as a construct to control people and am not surprised that many of histories most heinous leaders have shrouded themselves at least partially in either religion or patriotism or both. The GOP of Bush/Cheney practically turned patriotism into a religion.

Noting that Hitler, and many of his followers, considered him a 'man of god' is lost on people with blinders on but them I must confess that perhaps I have blinders on too.

And Yes, Philos and I have had words as well. It's rather interesting to see him in the petri dish of Open. You have to give them/it a small amount of credit for venturing from 'free republic' and 'little green footballs'...

One day only the true message--love and compassion for the poor--of Jesus will will matter.

Thank you so much for your comment and visit.
Onward Christian soldiers!
Eric Lightborn,

You're right, God should do that.
Thank you for your pleasant comment and gracious visit.
Black Bart,

Thank you for the comment and visit.
How did you manage to stay calm? Kudos for that and brilliant interview.
views across the pond,

I had to. thank you for your gracious visit and comment.