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OCTOBER 20, 2009 5:33AM

Poem: Heaven Is You

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Heaven Is You

Does a meadow know whose heart has bled;
What souls have longed, what words were said;
Whose love was just, whose dick was led;
Who kiss’d, who fuck’d, whose tears were shed?

I saw you walk by and I found my gift
I watched your song: a shift then a rift
The beat in the feet and the hips adrift
I prayed the wind your skirt would lift

Without your curves, they’re only seven
By right, the wonders should add eleven
But those who saw were struck by levin
Who wrote your name so high in heaven?

Why wait for death if heaven is you?
Your book, God wrote in ah and ooh
The perfect sphere, She gave you two
And said, “don’t turn, for men would sue.”

Thoth © 2009

This poem is adapted from previous writings as a special tribute, and for those of you who are not familiar with my early work. I dedicate this poem to all maturing women who doubt their femininity or think wrongly—even for a second—that their ass is too big. God bless you all and your beautiful asses.

Levin: Middle English, lightening


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poetry, feminism

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This is how much power women have. Only lucky men see the music. The secret here is that the music gets better with age. Once a woman, always a woman; later, even a better one.
Lets say I am vain for just one moment and ill pretend that some of this is stemmed from my lil musical in response.. MY ASS IS HUGE!! there is no way you could change my mind!! lol

alright got that out of my system.. now.. really that was good.. the beginning a lil sloppy but i like the way it gets pulled together at the end.
Nothing wrong with a little age or some well deserved junk in the trunk! Nice tribute to the Opposite sex with a little mileage on them. I love them all and do believe they deserve far more credit than they get for making the world go 'round. Trust me, without them, we men would be totally lost while still living in caves and poking dead animals with a stick.
What a delightful ode to women...I must have a full concerto going on by now!

Thanks for the beautiful expression.
Cheers to asses of all sizes and classes!
I'm still loving that first stanza.
This is beautiful. A great dedication to the aging women.
Wow Thoth! LOVE it! You just rose even higher in my esteem and you weren't that low to start with! ;)
I hear ya. Curves look good on a woman, and nothing wrong with getting older either. I think women seem more concerned about it than most men do. I said it before and I say it again, you and I think too much alike:) Good one, man.
Thank you Thoth. Although I do not doubt my femininity or think that my ass is too big, it is comforting to know that there are intelligent men out there who appreciate women for their brain waves as well as their shakin-bacon.
Thoth...I went back and looked at your previous poems. By combining them you have created a really beautiful cogent piece.
I can't begin tell you how much we older women love to know men see us in this light! You certainly made my day.
Rated for sensitive and smart.
Barbra Anne,

You are very lucky. At least when a man tells you that he worships your ass, you will know for sure he's NOT lying. As for the first stanza, consonantsandvowels begs to differ.

Thanks for the comment.
Michael Rodgers,

There is nothing I could add to your comment. You get the picture, my man.

Thanks for your support.

Believe me, this "full concerto" is every real man's everlasting hope and dream.

Thank you.

Can add your line to my poem? I know you do, buddy.

I read your work, and I believe you put together some great stuff yourself. Thanks.

This is adapted lines from only 2 poems on OS; part one and part two. Yet I am flattered you read all my 23 poems on all 7 sites.

Thank you.
I take it you are already "blessed."

Let's just say, they get more...delicious. Thank you.

You know what I'm talikg about. Thanks.

Why do I get the feeling that you are one of the blessed?
Thank you so much.
The Wanderer,

We think alike because we're both "real" men; We like the good stuff.
Thanks, man.

The "brain waves" make me love them; the "shakin-bacon" makes me worship them.

Thanks for the comment.
Oh, why can't we rate twice! This is amazing, Thoth. Just wonderful! I love this.

Are you talking to me....? If, so. thank you. From the bottom of myass.
Another Thoth-over-the-TOP. Wonderful linkage, beautiful story. Blessed are those who love and seek Truth and Wisdom and a rocket trip... eh?
How delightful it is to feel appreciated! I have no idea what you consider *maturing*, but I don't consider myself immature so I will count myself in. And the bounce in my stride thanks you, too...
Tayler Bloom,

Oh, we adore curves around here. Thanks.

Oh, we know that hubby is one lucky dude. Thanks a lot.

Absolutely. Thanks for the visual; it's my birthday.
Max Frank,

Why thank you, sir. Happy with your visit.

By "maturing" I mean the moment a woman starts to wrongly question her "growing older" body. This is the exact moment she is becoming sexier, more feminine, and more appreciated by the experts.

Thanks for the comment.
Very very nice, but help me with the Levin reference. I am not ashamed to admit I missed that one. Carl Levin?
Natalie K. Munden,

(Levin: lightening) No Carl Levin. It's my fault; it's Middle English. Thanks for the reminder. I added it to the post.

Glad you like. Thank you so much.
This is so romantic and raunchy and real, just like good sex poetry should be. Most women of a "certain age, " including me, can appreciate it.
emma peel,

Why thank you, I am so flattered.
Glad you like it. Thanks for the comment.
Thank you for leading me on...............!
Very nicely put I agree. For me who is advanced in age AND from the east, it is still a shock to read some words in poems or hear some turn of phrases in a song. Years and years of repression and inhibition will do that.
Well done!
You can be any age and appreciate the sentiments compiled here. Glad you share your voice, Thoth.
(Sorry I've been so absent, dear friend.)
This is exactly true . . . so much of what makes a woman sexy is her woman-ness - curves add to the beauty, and age gives substance - there is no substitute. The poem itself is a nice balance of the earthy, animalistic sense and the mystical. Well done!
You might just be every woman's dream! Beautiful reflections in this poem. And yes, the curves just keep appearing, growing a bit more as we "mature" in all the soft squishy places!
Thoth-Simply beautiful, and you were right, I like it very much.
It is the duty of every citizen to reverse this wrongful repression and re-establish, as fashionable, the beauty of maturing femininity.

Outside Myself,
Thanks; I am gald you agree.

I couldn't agree more, my friend.
Thanks for the comment.

Just Cathy,
And men DO appreciate the "more" woman they have.

Glad you like. Thanks a bunch.
I too salute all women....big asses are usually male only.

Women with big asses are adored and respected here. What you are talking about are called assholes.

Thanks for the comment.
Rated because women are beautiful, period.
No argument there, nana.
Thanks for the comment.
A little late to this (belated birthday) party but I do so love how you celebrate and are a champion of womanhood. I needed this. Thank you. xoxo

I know you can "teach" a thing or two. Thanks.
This reminds me of Roethke, Thoth. I Knew a Woman. Love likes a gander, and adores a goose. . . Well played.
Funny and I don't think you missed anything! Now I know why men love windy days.
Kathy Riordan,

Why thank you Kathy; I actually recommend the readers to compare. Just google: Roethke I Knew a Woman.

Thanks for the comment.
Just Pamela,

Thank you. If you knew half of what we like...
I am glad you give a nod to the fuller gals! :)
I read this several times since this posted and each time it has touched me more deeply. One of the most beautiful things to discover is something that is written with such respect, heart and love. One of the most difficult parts is realizing that it may never be written for you. You are an invisible knight in shining armor for those of us who have sometimes had tarnished hearts and souls. Thank you for giving me hope that there are more men out there in the world walking around, ready and able to share this with women who deserve these kinds of words. xoxo

Oh, a nod, a wink...admiration and worship.
Thank you for the visit.

Thank you...thank you. I couldn't have said it better. This is why you are who you are. I meant every word of it. Thanks for such mature and intelligent understanding.

I am honored.
Here's a link to the Roethke poem: I Knew a Woman
You have just made yourself prime cougar bait. I hope one comes and gets you because it's a wonderful experience! Oh and just so you know, we're friends now.
Andy Heizeler,

Oh, I know, you're right, again. We've friends since the first time you beat me to the punch. I am glad it is official, buddy.

Thanks, Andy, for the visit and comment.
I'm afraid Barbra anne and I share the same conviction as to the magnitude of our arses (I'm Irish, so I tend to use that word more often than "ass"--but either way, we're talking a big ol'booty, as you Americans say). I have to be wary of it constantly, lest it get away on me and execute its plans to take over the world. Christ, that'd be ugly.

On the bright side, I _do_ have the bosom to balance it off, and a small waist in the middle. Not much compensation, but all I've got.

Thanks, Thoth. You're a lovely man.

"The magnitude of a woman's arse is directly related to the magnitude of arse worship." The First Law of Human Universals.

You are simply blessed; embrace the gifts nature gave you and be proud.

Thank you for such a lovely visual and a nice comment.
Women have influenced my life, they have intoxicated my soul.
I've come to your blog because a beautiful California woman recommended your writings. Sheila is wisdom. ~R~

Thank you so much for the visit and the comment.
Kyle D,

Oh boobs, right or left, I them adore
Never say they sag; they hug the shore

I'm on it, Kyle; thanks for the visit.
OMG! Did I need to read this or what?! I'm glad you sent me a message and brought me over here!

Thank you for the visit. Glad you like it.

What a lovely tribute. Thank you so much.
Ha! Love that last line. Very clever. And by the looks of things, you have a huge female following. Well deserved. Can I call you if I'm ever in a Cyrano situation?

Thanks man. You can call any time
Thanks for the visit and comment.
Yes! To all the mature girls: "God bless you all and your beautiful asses!" ...and all your other attributes. I would be lost with out you!

That is right. Thank you for the visit and comment.
so tell me how you really feel? ;o)

wow...absolutely loved this poem and I look forward to reading more of your work.
manchu's sis,

This is how I truely feel.
Thank you for the kind words.
What a gorgeous poem and intent. Thank you Thoth.

Thank you. I am glad you like it.
I am sure all women will thank you for this.
I guess I'm really late to this. I love this poem. The message is fabulous, and the construction is smart and fun.
"Your book, God wrote in ah and ooh" and so many other great lines. Thanks for the smile!
Caroline Hagood,

I love them too. Thanks for the visit and comment.

I am glad you like it. Thanks for the kind words.
Huge TYPO:

Sorry, everyone. I had the word "levin" written/spelled with a capital L. I could see why it would throw off anyone. I fixed it...finally.
This is beautiful, Thoth. As a mature woman, I thank you for celebrating the beauty of real women.

"Real" is the key word. God, do I love real women.
Thank you for the visit.
Oooh. You're my kind of man -- eyes wide open and seeing clearly when shut. Thanks for introducing yourself to me so I could read this. Awestruck. (Makes me want to take off my genes for you. See my comment on your comment.) (-_-)
Joan Wilder,

Why, thank you. It's my pleasure and an honor.
Welcome to OS.
Well, Thoth, this is sweet. I have not read backwards in your blogs, so you may already answered this, but may I ask why do you write in middle English as opposed to modern English? Is it a particular style, something that you have studied, just for fun, or something else? Just curious.
Shannon Moon,

Oh, no, just this one word. First for the rhyme; second, it seemed appropriate to go as old as I can since we're talking about God and creation. In fact, a stanza with "lightening" or "thunder" would have been much easier to construct.

Thank you so much for the visit.
My husband once told me, "Men loves curves. We don't care how they got there or why they got there, we just love them." This is a wonderful poem.

Your husband belongs to the Real Men Club.
Thank you so much for your visit.
Awesome. Thank you for posting!
I'm glad you like; thank you.
I never doubted my femininity for a minute or thought my ass was too big but I definitely have curves. Lifting of the skirt I'd have to leave to you if the wind didn't cooperate!
For Your Eyes Only,

Good for you. Thank you; I'm flattered.
Welcome to OS.
Thumbs up! I was lucky enough to have brothers who expressed to my sister and I that we were way off on how men viewed women's bodies.
Sarah McGrath,

You are very lucky. Thank you so much for your visit.
I have enjoyed reading your writing, and this poem is a beautiful tribute to the curvy amongst us. It is still hard for me to wrap my head around men loving and lusting after luscious women of all sizes. The first husband never made me feel lusty or lusted after. Then I found men who really appreciated the comfort of a larger lass. I'm trying to find a balance between longing to be smaller and just abandoning the struggle with joy and embracing me. At times I try to focus my vision on learning from women like Dawn French or other women who fully embrace their size and don't use it as a weapon against themselves. I do feel that it all (the self-image, confidence, sensuality, etc.), only gets better as we age. As I journey, I hope to become healthier...if somewhat smaller but not invisible. I envision myself to be one of those gloriously curvy women that's a cut above (or below), a Sophia Loren body-type; perhaps a Ms. Loren who eats a few more garlic knots. Thanks for the encouragement. It helps.
A Muse,

This is not encouragement. This is pure unadultrated admiration for the female curves.

Thank you so much for your beautiful comment and gracious visit.
I love this poem.

Why, thank you, Kim, I am glad you like it.
Thanks for the visit and comment.
Hi Thoth!
As a maturing woman who still feels pretty hot, I thank you for this poem!
Oh, and by the way...I (we) WOULD like to know "half of what [you] like."
I have never been able to see understand...believe??...when younger men say I look great. This has made me a believer. Thank you again. This poem will change the way many women feel about themselves and the world will reap the benefits. I feel suddenly free to be me...
ha! I went from smiling at your poem to a full giggle at your comment. :)
ha! I went from smiling at your poem to a full giggle at your comment. :)
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