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NOVEMBER 15, 2008 3:37AM

Arguments for Gay Marriage

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First, a shout out to Dan Savage: You are a great reporter and we enjoy your work.

The only argument for gay marriage should be the constitutional argument. The constitution protects the rights of minorities. Gays: this is your best argument, work with it and get some lawyers.

Use the following arguments:

1. Marriage between a man and a woman is not a sacred institution in the US.

2. Adultery is legal in the US. How sacred is marriage? Use this one on religious assholes. In interviews (on TV, for example), whatever the religious guest says, you come back with, “Adultery is legal.”

We are waiting for American studies that determine the percentage of children who do not belong to their fathers. Similar studies done in Britain were embarrassing. I am sure the results of our studies will be scandalous.

3. Way over 50% of US marriages end in divorce, leaving devastated children.

4. The US has the highest suicide rate in teenagers of divorced parents in the world. That is, we have the highest rate of parenting failure in the world.

5. Marriage in the US is about property (the church lost that income long time ago). Over 40% (guesstimate) of young women prior to marriage plan on getting a divorce within the first two years.

6. Family Law in the US is designed for divorce, not marriage.


Marriage between a man and a woman in the US has proven to be a failed institution with grave effects on children
. Gays cannot do worse.

Gay activists must remember that they are fighting bigotry. That is, if you are a gay activist and against legalizing sex workers, you are a bigot, a coward and an asshole. The fight is about the civil rights of minorities.


This post is about the argument for gay marriage. It is NOT about single parenting. Divorced women/single mothers are the bestest people everest, and their ex-husbands are assholes that deserved everything they got. Divorced men: you are considered second-class undesirable citizens in America. I do not care what you think.

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You're forgetting, there are people who, while a minority, are a vocal and wealthy, and therefore politically influencial minority who believe that The Bible trumps The Constitution. These folks would be perfectly happy living under The 10 Commandments and abolishing The Constitution all together, and until you can rid them of their power and influence, they are what we are up against
No argument from me there, my friend.
Thanks you much for being the first comment. It will go down in history for you as my first supporter.

Happy Holidays, my friend.
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