DECEMBER 8, 2009 6:31PM

Kitchen Challenge: Our winner -- and first drinks contest

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This past week, we asked you to create a meal celebrating a formative political event from your life. We once again had many delightful entries from Open Salonistas that commemorated everything from 9/11 to Mike Huckabee.

Our winner, however, truly outdid herself by organizing an extraordinary, pun-intensive  5-course feast in honor of Tricky Dick himself -- with some mouth-watering photos. Make sure to check out Rebecca Farwell's elaborate "Nixon resigns dinner party" over at Salon.

And, in case you haven't seen it yet, here's this week's holiday drinks-themed challenge, courtesy of Francis Lam:

"Well, it's holiday party season. It's a lovely time of sharing and gathering and, for hosts, of silent dread. Will I overcook the roast? Will Uncle Arnie tell his six favorite racist jokes again? I love the holidays, but every year, running on fumes halfway through cooking dinner, telling myself I'm a failure for screwing up the duck and for letting Jeremy horrify poor Esther with his unmatched well of raunch, I wonder why I endure this.

Of course, enduring the holidays is as much a tradition as celebrating them. And so this week, your challenge is this: Make a drink for when you need to calm down before the guests get there, or for when you're celebrating their departure

And, of course, bonus points for the best holiday drinking stories.

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Congrats Rebecca! Well deserved!
Congrats to Rebecca. I will have to go find her post and read it. Been off OS for a few days. SO have to catch up..
Great dinner, Rebecca. And very funny. I pretty much grew up in Maine, so that brought back a lot of anti-Republican family food memories. The best kind.
Bravo on a great post, Rebecca! The food... oh, if only I could cook. Still, you inspired my own effort even after the fact.
yum on the menu. Very creative Rebecca!
You are about to get sued if you don't fucking answer me or escalate.

Your actions are appalling, discriminatory, and I can prove it.
You realize of course, as posted in my latest blog that you are now even blocking me from posting, that what you are doing is highly illegal. Specifically, you blocked my whole second part of the investigative series on the break in to the White House, undermining my credibility...and you have also blocked my current "Holiday Drinks Host Story" from the regular blog feed as well...thus also limiting hits from a regular blog audience.

You people are in deep doo doo, folks. I have screen shots. You can check my blog either here on open salon or at other backups to backups you don't know about.

So cut the shit. What the hell is going on. And what the hell is wrong with you people?