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August 25
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MAY 5, 2012 11:10AM

Ceramic Showcase Portland 2012

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Ceramic Showcase May 4th through the 6th is the Ceramic Showcase in Portland, Oregon. The event is major, huge and you can get into it for free at the Portland Convention Center.

Although it's labeled "Ceramic Showcase", there are works from woodworking, glass and textile guilds that are on display as well.  If I had to say anything about it I would say "Very Impressive"!

In general, Oregon is a readers' paradise and an artists' paradise.  My wife and I religiously watch Oregon Art Beat on Public Television and are always "in ahh" over the fact that, for such a small State, we have such a huge base of talented artists.

This post is the first of many to come.  I took an old Point and Shoot camera and had at it. When I could, I asked the artist's permission to photograph...I have a thing about that and respect their work.

If you live in the area, I encourage you to go and see the "Showcase". If you don't live in the area, I encourage you to go and see the "Showcase".

I will start out with the "Glass Guild"!

Ceramic Showcase
Ceramic Showcase

Ceramic Showcase
Ceramic Showcase One of the first exhibitions we ran into at the show was this neat lady from Lake Oswego who does stained just have to see here work to appreciate it...Nachtrab Glass Studio. Check her site out!

 Nachtrab Glass Studio
Nachtrab Glass Studio
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