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August 25
I love photography! Especially, when I can take photos of Oregon scenery. I am a member of the Portland Image Makers who devote themselves to some of the best photography I have ever experienced.


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APRIL 25, 2012 11:26AM

Clackamette Park

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Clackamette Park-Fishing For Spring Chinook Clackamette Park in Oregon City, Oregon is aptly's located where the Clackamas River runs into the Willamette, thus "Clack" and then "amette". The above fisherman is on his cell trying to persuade a Spring Chinook to come aboard.

It's not a particularly big park but it is a great place to take in the rivers, geese, ducks, sites whatever. It was a sunny day..the first sunny day of the year for those thinking about moving to Oregon.

It is a place for fisherman to put in their boats and park their trailers.  Although, during the hot summers it becomes a mecca for sunbathers and nobody else has a chance.

It also features a first-class skateboarders park and the only one I know of in Oregon City. I took some photos of it but all you see is cement, there were no skateboarders.

Clackamette Park
Clackamette Park
 Clackamette Park Looking Toward Oregon City Clackamette Park-Fish On! Clackamette Park All Rights Reserved My Oregon Photography Blog, Thom Richards, Copyrighted 2011-2012 Please keep this site active by checking out my quality advertisers! Also, please see bottom of page for Product Disclosure and Privacy Disclosure!
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