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APRIL 26, 2012 1:14AM

Warner Russell: Two Shamelessly Viewed TV Shows

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This guest post comes from Memphis, TN native Warner Russell (@uncle_warny). We are glad he joined us for a post even if we are totally going to judge him for the contents of his post. Enjoy!

I’m just going to throw this statement right out there so you know what you’re working with here.

I watch the following TV shows with no shame:

Pretty Little Liars and The Client List

Whatever thoughts you’re having about me right now are probably negative yet warranted, and that’s OK. I’m not going to change what I do because you think I’m weird.

Yes, I realize these shows are poorly acted, poorly written, and aimed at completely different demographics than ones in which I fit.

But they keep me entertained.

Pretty Little Liars is Gossip Girl meets I Know What You Did Last Summer only a little more ABC Family friendly. How does that not sound good?

The Client List is a Lifetime TV series based on a Lifetime movie about a struggling mom who turns to the world’s oldest profession (read: prostitution) to save her family from financial ruin. Oh, and the star is Jennifer Love Hewitt. Again, how does this not sound good?

the client list jennifer love hewitt Warner Russell: Two Shamelessly Viewed TV Shows

I understand that it is probably not status quo for a 25 year old guy to watch one show designed for 15 year old girls and one show designed for 45 year old housewives. But I love them both. They are mindless entertainment. They don’t require effort or emotion on my part. The episode is over and I turn the TV off, and that is it, nothing more. I have invested between 43 minutes and an hour* of my life to let my mind be, for all practical purposes, empty. And I am just fine with that. Time well spent in my opinion.

So often these days (ages 23 to 30**) we put too much on our plates. I don’t even have kids yet and already my schedule is too busy. There is work, which is not going away. There are weddings and engagement parties. There are church small group meetings and volunteer opportunities. There are groceries to buy and errands to run, yards to cut and flowers to plant. Sometimes I even try to go to the gym. It seems like it’s always something. Very few weeks do I have more than one weeknight where I can just take some time to relax.

Some nights just watching TV becomes too taxing. Cheering on my favorite sports team can really drain me. If my team*** is locked in a close battle while I am watching the game at home, I’m probably yelling at the TV and getting entirely too worked up about it. And when the game is over, whether the result is good or bad, it stays with me for hours, even days most of the time.

Even some TV shows take a toll on me. Try an episode of The Walking Dead and tell me it’s not a nerve wracking experience.

walking dead 2 Warner Russell: Two Shamelessly Viewed TV Shows

So after nights of going, going, going and coming home physically exhausted, or even after nights of NBA drama mixed with zombie apocalypses, and the mental exhaustion that ensues, it’s nice to be able to sit down with my wife, a beer, and Jennifer Love Hewitt hooking to pay the bills.

Give it a shot.

*Depending on whether it is viewed live or on DVR.

**My assumed demographic of readers.

*** The Memphis Grizzlies (All Heart, Grit, Grind)

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