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September 23
I have been an activist for many years. I believe in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. In the year 2001 I was on the committee for the first protest against Mr. Bush in Denver, and have been on many protests/rallies/marches against Mr. Bush and his policies that have stood shred the Constitution and Bill of Rights. It will be up to the people to regain our common decency and humanity through the reimposition of "the rule of law" and "justice" for those perpetrators of torture, injustice, and corruption.


JUNE 23, 2010 12:27AM

A million gallons of Corexit and counting

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Well isn't this comforting:

"Adding a dispersant - specifically Corexit 9500 - made the oil more poisonous. A lot more poisonous.

The "dispersed" oil had an LC50 of 317.7 ppm, making it more than 11 times more lethal in its effects. The study found a similar worsening for white shrimp, although not quite as dramatic. "Dispersed oils were more toxic than crude oils," noted the report...."



My guess is that smaller droplets in the water column means that organisms can more easily ingest the toxic combination of petroleum/Corexit.  

As has been noted before that dispersed oil stays in the water column much longer than large droplets or "tar balls" would do so.

BP was ordered to stop using Corexit but refused to do so.  

So we, the human race, are geo engineering the planet to become the mirror image of Venus.  Venus which some planetary scientists have speculated is the end result of runaway "global warming".


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